To Protect Our Culture We Must Protect Our Children

Some 2000 years ago the Roman scholar Pliny the Elder very wisely said this: “What we do to our children, they will do to society.” In a very similar vein Karl Menninger much more recently put it this way: “What’s done to children, they will do to society.”

The simple truth is, our children are our future. When we harm or disadvantage our children, society gets weakened. What we do to our children we end up doing to all of society. So it is imperative that we treat children as best we can, and shield them from that which would harm them, abuse them, or threaten them.

Some folks have offered comparative lists of how things were for children some decades ago and how they are now. I am not sure if they are completely accurate, but they seem fairly realistic. It is said that back in the 1940s teachers claimed that these were their top disciplinary problems:

Talking out of turn
Chewing gum
Making Noise
Running in the Halls
Cutting in Line
Dress Code Infractions

But today it seems most teachers would need to run with a list such as this:

Drug Abuse
Alcohol Abuse

As I say, how precisely true all this is may be a matter of debate. But it seems the general drift is accurate. Children who grow up today face all sorts of issues that children a generation or two ago never seemed to face. Most of the things kids are exposed to today I certainly did not face when I was growing up – and I happened to be a bit of a wild child!

Sadly there are all sorts of things today which are working against our children. Indeed, we may live in one of the most child-unfriendly cultures there has ever been. The forces arrayed against our kids seem everywhere and overwhelming. Consider just a few of the issues our children are dealing with today:

-Fragmenting families and parental absence. We know from many decades of social science research that children do best, all things considered, when raised in an intact two-parent family, preferably cemented by heterosexual marriage. The amount of social science research on this is now voluminous.

By every social indicator, we know that in the overwhelming majority of cases, children flourish when raised in these two-parent homes. But with deliberate single-parenthood, cohabitation, blended families, step-families, and now homosexual “families,” we have more and more children who will never know what it is like to be raised by their own biological mother and father.

And this is not just the stuff of right-wing demagoguery. Recall the words of Barack Obama in 2008:

We know the statistics – that children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime; nine times more likely to drop out of schools and twenty times more likely to end up in prison. They are more likely to have behavioral problems, or run away from home, or become teenage parents themselves. And the foundations of our community are weaker because of it.

The rights and wellbeing of children should be at the top of the list here, but sadly this is not the case. The whims, lusts and desires of adults are trumping the needs of children, and they are paying a big price as a result. And as a consequence, society is paying a big price as well.

-Closely related to this is how more and more children have things like the state, pop culture, and MTV, as their parents. As fewer kids grow up with their own mum and dad, others are becoming surrogate parents. Certainly popular culture is giving real parents a good run for their money.

But the ever-expanding welfare state is also becoming the main parent for ever more children. And plenty of anti-family agitprop is to be found, with radical feminist, homosexual and androgynous ideologies moulding our children’s minds and values. As Dale O’Leary put it in her 1997 book The Gender Agenda:

A perfect example of this kind of deception is Hillary Clinton’s book, It Takes a Village, which is full of wonderful, apparently profamily wisdom. Underneath, however, one finds the gender feminist ideology. The book should be titled It Takes a Federal Bureaucracy because the village Mrs. Clinton envisions isn’t a close-knit community where neighbors share common values and support one another, but a place where families are dependent on government programs.

-Another obvious area in which our children are being assaulted prematurely by adult concerns is with comprehensive sex education courses, often starting in kindergarten. Indeed, the sexperts have long said that the more such sex ed our young children get, and at ever younger ages, the better. Never mind that our young children are not at all in a place to be able to handle such hyper-sexualised content, mentally, psychologically, physically or emotionally.

A big part of this in Australia includes the various versions of the so-called Safe Schools programs. They are supposed to be about bullying but they are nothing of the sort. They are all about pushing radical sexual ideology onto young and impressionable children.

And a major push in these programs is the radical gender bender ideology. Our young children are being told that there is no such thing as biological reality, and that they can decide to be whatever sex or gender they want to be. And with this constant barrage of trans propaganda and indoctrination, we are seeing a sudden and massive uptake in the number of young children who want to transition out of their natal sex.

Even though all this is still fairly recent – no one was really talking about this just a decade ago – there are already some adverse reactions starting to crop up. Now a major growth area for both adults and children is sex-change regret. Detransitioning is now all the rage, as people realise that trying to change outward physical traits does nothing to deal with the inward mental and emotional issues that really need to be addressed.

-Speaking of education, more and more parents are concerned by how the public school system is failing our children by way of not coming through with the basics – the three Rs for example. But our schools seem adept at pushing every new and radical secular left agenda item onto our kids.

Children may now leave school illiterate and innumerate, but they seem to know all about the latest radical causes, be it radical sexuality, climate alarmism, anti-capitalism, pro-Islam, and general anti-Western sentiments. No wonder so many worried parents are pulling their children out of state schools and putting them in private or independent schools – or home-schooling them.

-And then we can speak of the ultimate form of child abuse: abortion. With anywhere from 80,000 to 100,000 abortions a year here in Australia, along with around 45 million a year globally, more and more children never even get a chance to see the light of day.

In most places in the West it is illegal to spank a child, but it is perfectly lawful to kill a child while in his or her mother’s womb. How can we as a society claim to be concerned about children when we are quite happy to kill millions of them before they are even born?

-Another obvious place in which we are letting children down big time is with the pornification of society. Porn is now ubiquitous, and it is not just freely available for adults. Children everywhere can easily get access to it – and they are. Whether on computers or smart phones or other gadgets, our children are being inundated with a flood of porn. And sadly we hear more and more about children acting out on other children what they have seen on their screens.

In so much of this we are forcing vulnerable children to grow up way too fast. We are exposing them to all the dangers and all the risks of an adult world, and expecting them to just embrace it all and become a part of it – well before they are ready to do so. We are creating a generation of “The Hurried Child” as sociologist David Elkind put it in his important 1981 book by that title.

All in all our kids are in a bad way. And much of that is because of the deliberate actions and ideas of adults. As mentioned, if you want to bring down a society, target its children. The activists have long known this. As Vladimir Lenin once said, “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”

I and many others are totally committed to seeing children protected from all the radical onslaughts they are now experiencing. We stand with children first and foremost. When it comes to adult schemes versus the wellbeing of children, we will always stand with the latter.

And there is much wisdom in this. As Frederick Douglass once put it, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” For the sake of our children we must do better. We HAVE to do better. If not, we will lose it all.

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  1. Tremendous post, Mr M. I will plainly want to comment further on this article Sir, however, I just wanted to mark your masterpiece with an, A*. An “A” star is the best mark one can get Mr M. I should also give you a smiley face too really but I do not want you to get too big headed.

  2. Another obvious place in which we are letting children down big time is with the pornification of society. Porn is now ubiquitous, and it is not just freely available for adults. Children everywhere can easily get access to it – and they are. Whether on computers or smart phones of other gadgets, our children are being inundated with a flood of porn. And sadly we hear more and more about children taking out on other children what they have seen on their screens.

    “Sexting” (sending explicit pictures of yourself) is a massive problem and some Christian youths even do it. It doesn’t get talked about enough in families and in church. Parents, don’t just assume your children would never do something like this.

  3. You touched on all the evils of this day Parents must fight this evil for their children and all children in order to ensure a bright future for all. If not, the future looks dark and scary.
    Thank you for this great article. I, too, would give you an A+++!

  4. You value and want to protect your children? Home
    school them!
    Every teacher in the school system including private and Christian schools has to consciously or unconsciously learn Blooms Taxonomies which first came out in 1956. It underlies all teacher training! In Victoria it is called the 5 E’s
    BT is a psychological classification system, and like the other movers and shakers in education he was a Marxist. His process of approaching education is what each teacher checks of as they start each school day I just discussed this with a teacher this week!
    BT is based on Hegel’s dialectical thinking process amalgamated with Freuds evil theory of mankind!
    It is designed to unfreeze the child from lower order thinking skills ie from the parents values, truth and knowledge, and move them through the (brainwashing) process to higher order thinking skills (HOTS) sometimes called critical thinking, where they are refrozen on the new level!
    In this process there is no absolute truths. Bloom himself said in his next book “under this process there becomes no right or wrong”).
    School children are put in groups to discuss (dialog) with each other (there is tension in the group because of differing views and no one is allowed to insist on their view! Under this process a child is led to compromise their view for the sake of the relationships in the group! “You all have to get along for the sake of the village!!! Note Bill mentioned, “it takes a village to raise a child” In this case the meaning of village is “soviet village and how it works ! or also could be said to be a public private partnership. dialogging as a group
    The object of this council/group in the class is to come to “a consensus” Consensus means by the senses. That is the group makes a decision on the basis of feelings (what I think and what I feel and my opinion is) not on the basis of facts absolute truths etc! By the way Consensus science was directly responsible for the Challenger space shuttle disaster. The real scientists said the O rings would fail at a certain temperature but because of other interests they had a group meeting then a vote to reach consensus which said Go! The two real scientists who said no go the O rings ‘will”fail were sacked.
    This very process of reasoning is the basis for modern education, yes they learn lots of good stuff at school that might please parents but the object is to induct the child into a new way of thinking.
    By the way principals are really “facilitators” these days, a facilitator is a trained change agent whose job it is to “make change easy” I know of principals who quit rather than accept the new ways of education! The teacher I spoke with this week said no matter what any teacher says in her school meetings the principal “ALWAYS” Has his way!
    Now by now on the chance you have read this far you may be thinking this is a little far fetched, sounds like some secret conspiracy Theory. No it is not, it is not hidden, it is found throughout all Victorian education department literature and any one can find it! All they have to do is figure out what the terms they use really mean because they often change them (constant change) I give you just one link It is the chart used certainly by every public school in Victoria! Other states are the same though the words may be a little different, and let me conclude by mentioning two terms. 1.”No child left behind”. That means no child is to be left out of this great psychological experiment! That’s why governments hate home schooling parents! they are outside the system, well they used to be, now they are controlling home school curricular, a forced public private partnership! 2. “Life Long learning”.That means the child has been inducted into the new process of thinking and will practice and promote it until the day they die!
    This process is why now a child can start off with their parents value, male and female and end up with the child believing you can be any gender you feel like, and any sexual deviancy you want to practice!!!!!

    Victorian Teaching and Learning Model. Try unpack it! Note 8, the goal to foster “global citizens” whats that mean. Seems innocent? No it is diabolical,

    The original Taxonomys.

    A real expert and great brother in this area.

  5. Regarding the 1940’s v modern era disciplinary problems, I’d suggest that it depends on the schools in question. The schools I attended over the years – admittedly not quite so recently as some 🙂 generally suffered 1940’s style problems. By contrast an ex-classmate who did a teaching practical at a local state school commented on her culture shock – something along the lines of the battle being to get kids to turn up and not be pregnant. That’s a yawning chasm!

    Given both sets of disciplinary problems can exist at the same time it seems to me that it’s a cultural issue, a clear case of garbage in, garbage out.

  6. Serious concern is being raised by the ‘gay’ commuity, re transgendering:

    “If you abandon biology in the matter of sex and gender altogether, you may help trans people live fuller, less conflicted lives; but you also undermine the very meaning of homosexuality. If you follow the current ideology of gender as entirely fluid, you actually subvert and undermine core arguments in defense of gay rights.”

    Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any crazier:

    “A man’s penis becomes a female penis once a man declares himself to be transgender.”

  7. The Pedophile Project: Your 7-Year-Old Is Next On The Sexual Revolution Hit Parade

    Activists for normalizing pedophilia are on the move. Public acceptance of adult sex with children is the next domino poised to fall in identity politics. It’s being sustained, among other things, by the rapid sexualization of children in the media and in K-12 education.

    We cannot dismiss the campaign to legalize pedophilia as fringy stuff that will get nowhere. It’s real and it’s here and it’s gaining strength. It’s a very logical outgrowth of the nihilism inherent in the sexual revolution.

  8. Certainly a terrific article, thanks Bill; comprehensive, accurate and objective.
    One wonders how many of our teachers could write such an informative, common sense piece.

    If only the general public could see articles such as this, they may start asking themselves what the hell is happening to their kids. If ignorance is bliss, then the majority must be blissfully happy.

    Please keep up the great work spreading the word.

  9. Thank you Bill for these very true observations. I am very concerned for my children and grandchildren. To add to the woes, it seems to me that most churches teach a significant amount of lefty nonsense, so there is little counter balance to these ideas. I was at school in the 1960s and though we had assemblies with hymns, prayers and the national anthem, we were not taught about our constitution and Christian history. We were taught about those who corrected social evils like William Wilberforce without their Christian beliefs being mentioned. In Biology years 11 and 12 we were given a 5 minute talk on creationism and 2 years indoctrination on evolution. The 5 minute creation talk still makes more sense to me!
    On a constructive note the new Superbook video series is a wonderful resource for children. It is like an animated cartoon and beautifully done. My grand daughters were mesmerised when I showed them 2 episodes. It really brings the bible to life. Go to: ://

  10. I’ll often get little flashback memories of my public school indoctrination. Last night was on such occasion. When flicking through the channels, I noticed the movie “The Birdcage” was on. I immediately flicked through not wishing to subject myself to it. It then occurred to me when was the one time I had seen it. During class time in high school we were made to watch it.

    That was in the late 90s. I’d hate to think what kids are subjected to these days.

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