Jordan Peterson To the Rescue

Canadian psychologist, media sensation, and conservative intellectual Jordan Peterson is in Australia at the moment. He has already spoken to a number of sold-out audiences around the country, and tonight he takes on what may be his greatest challenge yet.

He will go into that diabolical lion’s den known as Q&A, the weekly ABC torture chamber of leftist demagoguery, bigotry, and conservative/Christian bashing. I have documented plenty of cases of just how awful this show is – all paid for by our tax dollars.

Most of us now refuse to watch this despicable program but having Peterson on changes everything. The author of the best-selling 12 Rules For Life has demolished many a progressive media personality and leftist academic. So let me speak to all this before and after the show goes on.

Part One – Before

We already know what a hatchet job and stacked deck this will be. As well as facing mostly hostile leftist opponents on the panel, including the leftist host and a leftist audience, he has yet another hurdle to climb: he has to take on a trans guy put on the show to try to make life miserable for Peterson: Catherine McGregor.

Talk about a set-up. Talk about a cheap trap. Peterson is of course well-known for not bowing to the trans madness. So this is as predictable as it is appalling. And Peterson was well aware of this before the show even started. As he said in The Australian:

“It’s so predictable. It was a set-up, an attempted set-up. It’s another reason why mainstream media is failing, and why people are turning to YouTube and other channels.” But the ABC always stacks the deck while pretending to be “balanced”. It has NEVER had a genuinely balanced program, and even a remotely balanced show is an utter rarity.

The lamestream media ALWAYS operates this way, whatever the issue. They will pit a talking head against a personal, emotive sob story. I had to do this countless times when I was a regular on the media. I – a talking head – would be pitted against one or more real life stories – be it some emotional homosexual giving us a sob story, or a single mum, or woman who had an abortion, etc.

In a medium such as television such contests are always unfair and unbalanced: a personal sob story – especially with some ‘oppression’ and victim status to run with – will always trump some guy voicing facts, statistics, and evidence based on reasonable commentary.

The personal victim will always win, and the calm, rational opponent will always be seen as the bad guy. A genuine debate would pit one talking head against another talking head. Or one emotive story against another emotive story. Thus some pro-trans academic might line up against Peterson. That would be fair.

Or someone with sex-change regret who has detransitioned could line up against McGregor. That would be fair. Or a homosexual parent telling his or her story versus a guy or girl who has suffered by being raised in a homosexual household. That would be fair.

Or a woman who had abortions with no regrets versus a woman who has had abortions and does regret them and still grieves. That would be fair. But guess what? The leftwing media in general and the ABC in particular NEVER play fair. They do NOT believe in fairness.

And one more point: notice how the ABC website pejoratively labels Peterson: “Controversial Canadian Psychologist and Author”. Um, just why is he “controversial” while the radical leftist and feminist Van Badham is simply called a “Writer and commentator”? And Catherine McGregor is simply a “Freelance writer, broadcaster and author”?! I would have thought that as a trans activist he is especially controversial.

While awaiting tonight’s show, let me close this section by quoting from my good friend and fellow Christian culture warrior Warwick Marsh and his new article, “Seven reasons why I like Jordan Peterson.” He writes:

Well whatever the mainstream media establishment think about Jordan Peterson I like him.

1. He has humility and integrity and promotes integrous living. The fact that Jordan Peterson closed his Patreon account at his own cost because of their duplicity towards Sargon of Akkad, a fellow Youtuber, says it all. Albert Einstein said, “Try not to become men of success but men of value”. Jordan would echo to this, “What you aim at determines what you see”.
2. Jordan believes in personal responsibility: make your bed before you change the world. Jesus said, “Pull the log out of your own eye before you try to pull the speck out of your brother’s.”
3. Dr Peterson is taking a stand for truth as foundational and inarguable, and won’t back down. George Orwell said, “In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
4. I believe Jordan Peterson is truly compassionate towards people. He has helped a lot of people take charge of their lives and that is his goal.
5. Dr Peterson has taken a stand against political correctness and cultural Marxism. Jacques Barzun said, “Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred.”
6. Jordan is a family man. He supports mothers and fathers and is a great advocate for children. He is also passionate to turn the tide of fatherlessness. Andy Mineo said, “I think in today’s society we are dealing with an epidemic of fatherless homes.”
7. Dr Peterson supports the Judeo-Christian value system that is the underpinning of western civilization. He does not run from topics such as the reality of ‘Good and Evil’. Sydney Smith said, “It is the calling of great men, not so much to preach new truths, as to rescue from oblivion those old truths which it is our wisdom to remember and our weakness to forget.”

Part Two – After

OK, the show has just finished, and as expected we had the obvious taking place:

-Jones and most of the others were giving us all the usual leftwing baloney.
-Peterson handled himself superbly, as always.
-The gender bender debate became a big part of the evening.

But let me look at a few details of the show. Simply having McGregor sitting right next to Peterson was bad enough of course. The trans debate certainly did arise, and Peterson was once again falsely stereotyped as to what he believes on the whole trans issue, including by a young lefty in the audience.

And one of the more bizarre things heard during the night was when McGregor said he was ‘a bloke seven years ago’. Um, he still is a bloke. He at times tried to paint himself as a victim here, although as one with some latent conservative tendencies he did not go too ballistic on the matter.

Peterson had plenty of loony leftism thrown at him – from panellists and audience members alike – and he did a superb job of dealing with it. At one point the brainless Terri Butler said the notion of “toxic masculinity” was just a straw man. Peterson quickly and soundly put her and that nonsense in its place.

And then Butler insulted Peterson, to which he quickly challenged her. She and the other lefties there were basically just smug and smart-arse hacks who had no arguments but preferred sneering and condescending remarks. They showed their true colours, once again.

And of interest they even had Milo Yiannopoulos linked in with a video comment, mainly being quite critical of Peterson. He also dealt with that quite well. Peterson managed to get in a few of his core themes, including the curse of identity politics and the importance of personal responsibility.

Religion arose, and McGregor claimed to be a Christian, and worse yet, Badham waxed eloquent about being a full-on Marxist and a full-on Christian! Butler said she is an agnostic while Hawke said he is a Christian. Peterson admitted he was not in fact comfortable with the question, but intimated that he believes in a God to some extent: “I act as if God exists.”

In sum, please pray for Jordan Peterson. As to his public wars, he has to take this abuse, bigotry and hatred on a regular basis. Tonight’s Q&A was just another example of this. He needs prayer cover as he stands up for so many important values and beliefs that the left routinely hammer.

And as mentioned, he is not a Christian, although he likely has more Christian values, principles and instincts than many Christians do. So pray for his salvation please. It would be wonderful to see him coming into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

But as another fellow and I agreed on while I was in NSW over the weekend, he may even be of more use to the culture wars at least if he remains a non-believer. But for his sake let’s pray he turns to Christ soon.

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  1. Hi Bill, living in WA we have the unfortunate problem that , as it is 8:10pm here atm, we haven’t had the opportunity to view Q&A. . abc keeps us waiting till 9:30 pm to view this show . Is it worth my staying up to view it ?

  2. Van Badham the feminist appears to suffer some sort of intellectual or cognitive dissonance as Marxism and Christianity by definition do exclude each other. Marxism believes that man by man (without God) can create a just and fair society on earth, whilst God said this will never happen, as God has planned for Christians to live eternally with Him on a new earth and a new heaven

  3. Jordan Peterson was obviously invited to be a speaker on Q&A.
    One thing you may have missed,Bill, was at the beginning of the show Tony Jones clearly said each person could speak for one minute. Tony then proceeded to cut Jordan off after one minute,…. Jordan seems quite compliant about this.
    This was complete rudeness from Tony Jones.

  4. Thanks Josie. Actually I did notice it, and I also noticed how he was happy to cut short the conservative voices but he tended to allow the leftists a longer run.

  5. I watched Q&A last night (first time in 10 years). I have read the reports in the media this morning.
    Bill. You have provided the clearest and most accurate summary of what transpired last night.
    As you say, we must pray for Jordan Peterson.

  6. I observered Tony Jones asked Peterson a number of times, “What about climate change?”. Seems the ABC is fixated on this subject and Jones (who was the moderator, not a panelist) must have thought this is my ‘Gotcha Moment’ against Peterson.
    Peterson handled this arrogance superbly.

  7. There is something undeniable about Christianity. We see:
    * Marxists who profess they are Christians (Van Badham)
    * Transgenders who profess they are Christians (McGregor)
    * Lesbians who profess they are Christians (Wong)
    * Even agnostic Butler can’t say, there is no God.
    Rather than saying, “I am an atheist”, they are all trying to have ‘two-bob each way’. Christianity does not work like that.

  8. Vicky, replace “Christian” with his belief that he is a “good person” and you will see where he is coming from.

  9. It seems to me that as the church regresses into ‘Christian Marxism’ aka Gnosticism, monism, paganism that those of the calibre of Jordan Peterson are telling the truths that many in the church have lost. Those on the looney left are also trying to prevent the UK’s Tommy Robinson from entering Australia, the brave man who stood up for the victims of the Muslim rape gangs. It would be good to pray for both of these men and others like them.

  10. What is more than just sad is the persecution and opposition true Christians have to suffer at the hands of the continuing propagandist, publicly funded ABC to the point that we have to rely on an agnostic to speak for us. The ABC continues to flout the law and their legal requirement to show balance and apparently without the slightest consequence. We now see Scott Morison, who I believe is probably the best Prime Minister we have seen since John Howard, despite this actually canvassing the possibility of Isa Buttrose as chairperson. The last thing we need in the ABC is another homosexual activist. I am already not preferencing Liberal in my electorate because they have put up another non-Christian and if Ita Buttrose is made the ABC’s chairperson I will almost certainly not be preferencing them in the Senate either. If it takes us being taken over by Babylon before we come to our senses then so be it.

  11. Most people don’t really understand Peterson. He comes from a Kantian and phenomenological position, also drawing on philosophers like Martin Heidegger. This is why he never appeals to traditional arguments for God’s existence. And why as proof he will point to religious experience from psychedelic etc.

    Hence the reason why he said “I act as if God exists” which is classic Kantianism that posits God as the ground of morality but one we cannot have evidence for since God inhabits the noumenal realm outside of the phenomenal realm of our experience. God is integral to Peterson’s existentialism but not one that can be the conclusion of a syllogism.

  12. Catherine McGregor was actually very pleasant.
    Van Badham appears to not understand Marxism at all.
    Alex Hawke seems to have some sense.
    Jordan Peterson was great as always.
    Tony Jones was Tony Jones.
    Terri Butler – no comment.

  13. Bill, I like the way Jordan Peterson only says what he wants to and means to say. In this respect he reminds me of Jesus, Dylan and Kerouac. We’re not obliged to answer every question, especially ‘loaded’ ones..(‘but Jesus answered them not a word’). Actually I thought the video question at the end was perfectly placed and timed (by God maybe?) It was ‘Do you believe in God? If not, what do you base your belief in human dignity on?’ Richard Dawkins might likely have answered that there’s no such thing; David Attenborough, that he doesn’t really know; and Christopher Hitchens was a clever literary showman who, it seems had a Baptist pastor as close friend and confidante. Where exactly does a progressive-thinking secular humanist find logical support to argue for human dignity?

  14. For a change, I felt that Q&A was reasonably balanced, if only because Jordan Peterson came across so strongly on the basics of family life and personal responsibility. I was surprised to hear Catherine McGregor speak about her faith in God but obviously doesn’t know the Bible’s position on sexuality. She/he used humour to get the audience on side.
    Alex Hawke came across as being genuine in his faith although not being very advanced in it.
    There were times when I wished that all questions were briefer and clearer and that panellists would give simpler answers to the questions. The viewers are not all academics.
    One questioner rightly pointed out the actions of radical leftists in trying to silence overseas speakers invited to our country.

  15. Having the Prof. on the panel seemed to me to influence the others for the better. Because he understands conflict and doesn’t fear it, his yes is yes & no, no. The level of communication all round was courteous and seemed less childish than it often is.. Even Tony’s behaviour was a bit more like a moderator. The Prof. needs to study his Bible tho. ‘I think the O.T. says…’ (Matt. 6:5).

  16. I agree, it may well be that God has raised up this man for the purpose of strengthening the morale of mainstream conservatives. I was amused by Vans comment concerning her Marxist ‘christianity’. Does she even know what Karl Marx stood for or is she in blatant denial that Marxist ideology involves murdering the opponent. Maybe she’s ok with murder, but don’t call that Christianity.

  17. Just finished watching it. It wasn’t too paintful. JP was terrific. Even Hawke was quite good.

    The only part where JP disappointed me was the last question. Its undeniable that political violence has come almost entirely from the Left. Marxist speakers on campus don’t need security and body guards. Conservatives do. Family members that wont speak to others because of their politics comes almost entirely from Trump haters. He should have pointed out these realities.

    But otherwise he was wonderful

  18. Love Jordan Peterson!! Feel a bit sorry for Catherine Mcregor, he killed his own persona, what makes a person do that. ‘Abomination’ a twisting of God’s image, who is doing the twisting?
    And the young Marxist, annoying but is probably compassionate, sharing with the poor. At the time Marx wrote his thesis, what was society like? God hates injustice and is concerned for the poor, that probably resonates with her. Now more than ever Christians need to stand their ground, we need the Holy Spirit more than ever to enlighten the way, Jesus, the true light of the world who helps us against the Devil’s schemes. Only the healing from the Holy Spirit can help

  19. I watched Q&A for the first time for years, after previously having to fight the urge to destroy my TV, over the exposure and flagship program, from the ABC paying customers! My Question is; If we are so outraged over this biased taxpayer sponsored program, why do we not address this + other urgent issues with our local and Federal politicians? We are losing the war against the “Clicktivism” mob around the world, unless we divorce ourselves from emotional worldly issues and see them from God’s point of view, as per scriptures.
    Back to Jordan…He will never be our “savior”…firstly he’s not a born again Christian, and as Bill mentioned earlier, we need to pray him into the Kingdom of Christ, before he through the redemptive power, will make his mark in this upside/down world…Let’s glean from JP, but let’s emerge ourselves in the redemptive power of Jesus Christ! “I Am the way, the Truth and the Life…” John 14:6 Cheers & blessings Eric.

  20. Peterson at 10.05 : “I read the American Psychological Association Guidelines for the treatment of boys and men, and I know perfectly well that this is no strong…straw man, and it’s not only devoted towards what you might describe as the more aggressive ends of masculine behaviour – it’s aimed at masculinity in a much broader… in a much broader range of… There’s a much broader range of accusations that are underlying… that are under the surface than that. And so I don’t see in what way at all that it’s a straw man.”

    Terri Butler: “We’ll agree to disagree, I think, on that one.”
    Typical leftist tactic … Peterson gives concrete evidence for his position. Butler’s has nothing evidential to offer in reply but implies her position (that Peterson is wrong) is just as reasonable.

    “Two plus six is eight. Look, watch me count on my fingers. Two. Six more. How many fingers am I holding up? Eight! ”

    “Oh well, we’ll agree to disagree on that!”


  21. Q & A. All the typical setup, bullying and ruses of a leftist politically correct media trying to stage the “rightness” of inane, mindless beliefs as a social good. Stacking the deck, cutting conservatives off mid-speech, raising an issue then inserting a “conservative” with an opposing view.

    With all of those loonies claiming to be Christians no wonder Peterson doesn’t identify as a Christian. Yet he fears God, which is more than any of these others do.

  22. Did someone do a time check? I’m seeing 2.5 minute rants against the tight 1 minute given to Peterson…. Fact check that one for us RMIT…
    I love the pretend “we are having a civilised discussion” … said by the same person who just interrupted! Hilarious!
    1. A biased MC
    2. A stacked panel – 4 against 2
    3. Timings allocations imbalanced by 250%
    4. Personal attacks by the socialists
    5. Interruptions by the socialists

    And this is when the lefties are on their best behaviour – trying their best to act like grown ups.

  23. I’m another who gave up in sheer frustration from watching Q&A. Tony does not know the meaning of the position of “Facilitator”, but consistently interrupts with comments, questions and leading participants. There never appears to be a balance in the audience either, the whole show is so blatantly biased to be a shamefully poor representative of the Australian ABC. I am disgusted that it has and can continue in this vein for so long now. Are there more sheeples in this country now than reasonably sane thinking persons?

  24. Michael Weeks:
    “despite this actually canvassing the possibility of Isa Buttrose as chairperson. The last thing we need in the ABC is another homosexual activist.”

    Michael, what evidence do you have for that assertion?

  25. Aside from Jordan Peterson, the highlight of the night was the last question from a member of the studio audience. He was the American guy. I know him, and count him as a personal friend. It was a pleasant surprise to see him on TV, and inspiring to see God-given boldness in action. He took a stand for Christ in front of a mostly anti-Christian, irreligious Q&A audience.

  26. Is there a problem with people being non religious? The panel all apart from Jordan were committed to religion. Terri butler advised she was agnostic. Given what has been revealed in the child abuse royal commission no church has been without blame. This blanket condemnation of people who are not religious without knowing their values or life story is not what is in the bible and shows nothing of Christ’s acceptance of everyone

  27. Thanks Helen. But where did I say there a problem with people being non-religious? And where am I offering blanket condemnation of people? You may need to read things a bit more carefully here. Indeed, given that I have praised Peterson throughout my article, even though he is non-religious, shows that you may need to work on your comprehension skills, and perhaps deal with the rather irrational bee in your bonnet. Moreover, it might be you who needs to actually read the Bible a bit more carefully. Jesus of course did NOT accept everyone, but made it perfectly clear that unless the conditions of faith and repentance are met, folks are not in his fold and a far different eternal destiny awaits them.

  28. Thanks Bill. I was responding to others in the thread where being non Christian appears to be not acceptable. As to teachings of Jesus he certainly accepted prostitutes and other societal outcasts, suggesting those without sin should cast the first stone. His anger was directed to the powerful not the powerless eg the merchants in the temple. I believe Jesus would be horrified to see what religious organisations today have done in his name and the shameful hating that many Christians espouse daily.

  29. Thanks again Helen. But I must once more beg to differ. Actually Jesus did NOT accept everyone, including prostitutes. What he did do was love sinners enough to insist that they abandon their sin and repent of it so that they could get right with God. So you need to offer us the entirety of John 8, including his words to her in verse 11: “go, and sin no more”. But I discuss this in much more detail here:

    As to the anger of Jesus, it is of course directed toward ALL sinners – rich and poor – who continue in their sin and refuse to bow the knee. Simply read the book of Revelation to see the wrath of the Lamb in action against all unrepentant sinners. See here eg.:

    And there are always some folks who misrepresent our Lord. But what a lot of people call hate the Bible would simply call speaking the truth. Recall that the most loving man on earth caused so much anger, division and outrage that he was eventually crucified. So we are to speak the truth in love. That includes warning the sinner that he or she is heading to a lost eternity if they do not repent and turn to Christ. So we must get the biblical balance right here. But thanks again.

  30. The media ran the story about Dr Peterson going into rehab for weaning off anti-anxiety meds he was taking for his stress. The story was basically according to his daughter’s account on a youtube video where she says he went on them when he became stressed during his wife’s struggle with cancer. However his stress goes back beyond that to his treatment by the media. However far worse has been a vicious attack from right wing nationsalist bloggers who want to destroy him psychologically and spiritually. Their assessment of him is that he is a weak pathetic excuse for a man who misleads his audience and on that account has no right to be putting himself forward as an advisor on how to live life. They have broken him with their cyber bullying, as they knew would happen, and are triumphant for having done so. He needs prayer more than ever both for dealing with his own issues but also for protection from this demonic attack on him and his family.

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