On the New Zealand Massacre

Two mosques in Christchurch were targeted by gunmen with multiple fatalities. As I write it seems that around 50 people may have been killed and many injured. This is a horrible day for New Zealand and we need to keep all the victims and their families in our prayers.

One 28-year-old man, who has been identified as Brenton Tarrant from NSW, Australia, seems to have videoed the attack. Sadly it is making the rounds on the social media. It is claimed he did this in protest against Islam, Western immigration policies, and related grievances. We will learn much more about him and any others involved in this in due course. It is still early days yet as to who exactly was involved, and why.

I and all people of good will fully and unequivocally condemn this attack. Without question those who are responsible for this should face the full force of the law. There is no place for such violence and there is absolutely no justification for this attack. I take it that New Zealand does not have the death penalty, but if it did, these individuals would fully deserve it.

Those responsible for this were fully given over to evil, and it is appalling that they could get away with such reprehensible acts. If anyone who is a friend or colleague of mine in any way supports this, applauds this, or cheers this on, they are NOT my friends and colleagues. If I find anyone on the social media who is a friend of mine who supports this, they will be swiftly unfriended.

I have never condoned a tit-for-tat response here, nor advocated for violence and murder, and will keep working to share my concerns about some of these things in a peaceful manner. Legitimate concerns about runaway immigration, creeping sharia and the like are fully fair and need to be heard. But resorting to what the jihadists do daily is not the way to proceed.

Indeed, it is at this point that we need to be reminded of some home truths. It is perfectly clear that this sort of violence and terrorism is perpetrated on a daily basis against Christians, Westerners and others by Muslim attackers all around the world.

As one example, a new report notes that 11 Christians are killed every day for their beliefs, mostly by Muslims. It looks at the ten most dangerous nations for Christians, and finds eight of them are Islamic nations.

But because such killings and attacks are so utterly common and routine, there is next to no media coverage of them, nor much outrage about them. Moroever, every time another Islamic jihad attack occurs, especially in the West, everyone seems to bend over backwards and claim this has nothing to do with Islam and we should not even speak about Islam. They say the Muslim religion should not be tarred and feathered because of the actions of these terrorists.

Invariably we are told that these killers were lone wolves, that they had no connection with others, and that they have nothing to do with any ideology or religion. Invariably we are also told that they were mentally ill. Invariably we are told that Western culture in some way was the cause of such attacks.

Yet even in these early stages, we can see how the leftist media will be operating: they will put this attack down to right wing views, to Christianity, to anti-immigration groups, to the conservative alternative media, and so on. It will be open season on anyone and anything even remotely resembling a conservative, a Christian, or those who have expressed legitimate concern about border policies, unchecked multiculturalism, stealth jihad and the like.

Already I have heard journalists at New Zealand press conferences asking, “Have we been paying too much attention to Muslim terrorism?” Incredible. Anywhere from 200 to 600 million people have been murdered in the past 1400 years in the name of Islam.

So now we get an evil fool doing this at some mosques, and we are now just supposed to forget all about the other terrorism, and pretend that Islam is a religion of peace? Yes non-Muslims can and do commit acts of horrible violence and terror, but not even bloodthirsty ideologies like godless communism came close to killing as many people in terms of sheer numbers.

Again, the media, most political leaders and most experts are already speaking of how Muslims are living in fear, and are talking as if they experience such fear every day. Um, they have NOT been the main victims of terrorism acts. They have been the main perpetrators.

And as mentioned the blame game is already happening. As just one example, one social media post said this was directly due to the words and policies of people like Pauline Hanson and Fraser Anning. Already we have talk about stricter gun control. Already we have those wanting to clamp down further on conservative sites, and so on.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has already referred to the assailant as “an extremist, right-wing, violent terrorist.” Already there are those who are speaking of Christians and conservatives and white supremacists, etc., and how they are part of the blame here. Never mind that it seems that on Brenton Tarrant’s social media pages he spoke of being into paganism and Odin worship, etc.

One person on the social media has reminded us how a tragedy like the 1933 Reichstag Fire in Germany helped prepare the way for the Nazis to consolidate their power even further. The arson attack happened four weeks after Hitler was sworn in as the German Chancellor, and he swiftly used it to clamp down on his ideological foes.

Sadly we have enough examples of this happening with the left whenever something like this happens. They are ever ready to demonise their political opponents and become opportunists to push their agendas. Watch for more of it to happen in this case. And in the meantime, most folks will continue to wonder why we seem to have so many double standards here.

For example, we have just learned on the media that one apparent Muslim terrorist who had planned to bomb an entire plane might be given a free pass: “An Australian-Lebanese man in custody on terrorism charges in Lebanon will be freed on bail this week, after the Australian Government agreed to hand over crucial documents. Amer Khayat, 41, is accused of plotting to blow up an Etihad plane on a flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi in July 2017 using two bombs — one hidden in a meat grinder and another hidden in a Barbie doll.”

All such killing and attempted killing must be fully and soundly condemned. But the actual historical record here is all one-way traffic. Most acts of terrorism conducted around the world are Islamic attacks. Since 9/11 alone there have been nearly 35,000 deadly Islamic terror attacks. These hard truths also need to be kept in mind as we mourn with our overseas neighbours.

I close where I began. We need to keep in prayer all those so terribly impacted by all this. No person should have to experience this sort of horror. I for one will pray for the victims and their families, and I hope you will join in with me.

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  1. You could see at once which way the story was going to be presented.
    “…New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the shootings were an ‘unprecedented act of violence’…”

    Unprecedented?? Hardly. Unprecedented only among non-muslims.

  2. Horrific situation and many people are calling him a Christian extremist while others are mentioning some sort of possible payback.

  3. I, too, noted Scott Morrison’s immediate response that this was a right wing extremist, my immediate response was to say, “NO, Scott, he is leftist.”

    However, with a few things noted in the report (which I can not identify at the moment), if he is right wing, he has indeed drifted into anarchy where he makes his own law, tries and convicts on his law, and is thus extreme right wing. That is not to agree with Morrison, it is just an observation as we await further information.

    Thanks, Bill, for your quick response and call to prayer for the afflicted. We must also pray for right minded thought and response on the part of our officials: in New Zealand, here and around the world.

  4. Brenton Tarrant is a very confused individual. He describes himself as an eco-fascist. He is concerned about white genocide, over population, climate change and environmentalism. His views are scarily like Hitler’s. He doesn’t describe himself as a Nazi but the Nazis had a strong green/environmental movement and preferred blue eyed blonds. We will hear strong denunciations of him as a right wing extremist however Dinesh D’Souza (read Death of a Nation) clearly shows that the Nazis were on the left – national socialist workers party. I have copied the manifesto (unable to find the link now) but it is too long for this site.

  5. Thanks Gail. I suppose I will have to read through his “manifesto”. In the meantime, a friend that I trust said this:

    I read his manifesto this afternoon. It maps out in depth the motivations behind this horrific attack.
    As much as we like to condemn these people as “madmen”, “cowards” etc. this guy has managed to articulate a well thought out and presented argument. His motives are very clearly stated.
    That being said, he does say (among many other things): that he is anti-Trump, an eco-fascist (he’s a greenie extremist who believes in climate change), is anti-conservative, and intentionally used firearms so that law abiding gun owners would be further demonised, hoping that would push some to also join his cause (civil war).
    I don’t want to post a link, or have the document on any of my devices, but plenty of people have posted links. I actually recommend people read it if you want to know his motives.

  6. So well said, Bill. The Left will not hesitate to get every bit of mileage out of this that they can, yet when something happens that will not back up their narrative, you can be sure that it will be downplayed. While journalists are loud and proud about the nationality of this killer, when the killer is a Muslim, you often have to search very hard to find out the background. Once again, it boils down to the hypocrisy of the world we live in. And as always, we believers have to remind ourselves to be on guard to seek and guard truth because those who love the truth are getting scarcer out there in the world.

  7. He seems to have made a number of them and I do not think I have seen them all, so it is hard to properly comment. I did just do a quick search – it seems he has called down the wrath of many on himself. If his main point is we have a problem with Islamic immigration, that much I concur with. If he worded some other things less than wisely, well, that is another matter.

  8. Yes, absolutely very sad.
    Wow, Bill, I see why you put up the fence, that you clarified your position.
    The ABC right now (Greg Barton) are talking about how the ordinary discussion about the problems with Islam, can top someone over into violence.
    Hint Hint, don’t criticize Islam, it’s racist.
    Such things as this can easily escalate.
    Morrison is backing away from the I and My words, and taking Fraser Anning’s comments.

  9. Spot on article, but is the lack of coverage of atrocities perpetuated by muslims due to the fact that it is so common, or is it because the media has a love affair with Islam?

  10. I cant say I’m a fan of the way Anning has responded. There needs to be love and compassion offered by the Christian community as well as a reviling of the sin of murder. But I won’t pile on to him for the simple reason that there are those like Waleed Aly who want to blame this incident on anyone who criticises Islam or open slather immigration and try and twist the narrative into one where its white western culture that is waging war on innocent peaceful Muslims. Where is the condemnation of this Orwellian evil?

  11. Excellent article Bill. Both points are extremely well stated as I have come to expect from you.
    This man is not a Christian.
    Christians do not murder.
    It is totally against our faith.
    There are “faiths” which proscribe murder as a good thing.
    We must not allow the media to have a free shot at distorting the two facts.

  12. Thank you Bill for the article. This ghastly attack killed and injured an awful lot of people who most likely would harm no one no matter what the Koran says. The shooting is to be condemned in no uncertain terms and Christians should in charity pray for the victims no matter how much they disagree with Islam and the Koran.

    A practising, believing and sincere Christian cannot do anything else but condemn it because Our Lord Jesus told His followers to ”turn the other cheek” or shake the dust from their sandals and move on to the next village” if people tried to harm them. He also told St Peter to ‘put up his sword’ when St Peter went to defend Him against the Roman soldiers. He said ”those who live by the sword will die by it.”

    However, I have got to admit to being a bit apprehensive that this attack on two mosques will provoke revenge attacks on Christian Churches by militant Islamists. There seems to be no shortage of them taking into consideration the Islamic inspired terror attacks Australia has already had and that Muslims make up only a very small percentage of the Australian population.

    Islamic militants have targeted Coptic churches in Egypt and Catholic churches in the Philippines before. They also killed a priest while was saying Mass in a French Church. Therefore, Brenton Tarrant has not done churchgoing white people any favours.

    It is also very doubtful by the sound of it whether he really is a so called ‘right wing’ extremist but for the left it will be very convenient to lump him in with Christians, conservatives, white supremacists etc. We are all the same to them.

  13. It was, perhaps, a planned door opener for societal changes made impossible to be ignored. Those lives lost were a reasonable cost in eggs for a social surgery omelet. Big thinkers, like Jihadi supremacists, would likely recognize the rationale. To them, it is an historically proven cookie-cutter stratagem, like standard opening chess moves. Not personal, only business, using Mario Puso’s The Godfather as a refence.

    We in the US should expect a torrent of gleeful calls for a roll back of personal freedom. A sad day all around.

  14. Hi, Mr M, I have found the link to the shooter’s manifesto which is apparently being distorted by the MSM.
    The shooter was not Christian or conservative, in fact, he was a socialist. I haven’t read much of it yet but the bit I have read he sounds weird, well, plainly he was.


    You do not have to publish this on the thread if you think it’s not necessary.

    Sarah xx.

  15. It will be noted that anti semetic rep. Omar’s Legislative CAIR mentor, Rehad Nevad (spelling?) immediately came to the media mike to condemn anti Muslim sentiment as he upped the anti that Muslims live in constant fear of such attacks. Yep, and of course no reference to the fact that the Islamic terrorist propaganda group, CAIR, is active and well in America….no doubt promoting further election of Muslims who swear allegiance on their Koran vs the Bible. Also just as worrisome is the constant visual headgarb of the subjugating symbol of Sharia’s, hijab. Oh yes Omar is always portrayed beautifully attired in her various headdresses. But how often does she condemn Sharia Law in America which actively promotes secret female mutilation and forced familial marriages, even between relatives as close as brother sisters and often first cousins. As far as the orchestrated, well planned massacres in New Zealand, this is not the first time tyrannical rulers have used Orwellian principals of chaos and hateful racism to inflame civil war. The Nazis used it at the beginning of WWII in Palestine and no doubt pagan white Odin worshipers are being used today in this anti gun anti immigration propaganda massacre. Divide and conquer, it’s the oldest use of hate and fear to control the masses. Dear friends and neighbors of liberty, prepare your families and communities for more of this rhetoric and violent outbreaks. Great legions if evil are at full battle mode, they are at the very doorsteps of free loving humanity. Let us hope that by Gods Grace a miracle of determined American will, and since of emergency, we the people get our Southern wall built. How many months do we have, even if private patriots along with the Army Corps Of engineers built it around the clock? How close is a ted wave of communism under the guise of mass immigration to our heartland? How close is that threat when we have lost our free press to outright traitors with constant false news narratives that inflame the populace? If our borders are faced with more European – like hordes of in controlled masses of wave after wave of humans, it would only take one week of intermingled active Ebola “martyrs” to completely shut down commerce, bring immediate Marshall law and wed experience a massive psychological breakdown of the general populace… all conveniently blamed on Americans and our President Trump who simply believe in borders, language and culture as essential to the preservation of liberty.

  16. The demonic tactics can be seen here. I have already seen so called expert, university types mentioning Christianity in relation to this attack whereas it plainly has almost nothing to do with Christianity whatsoever.

  17. Hoping many take on your prayerful and considered points and especially the ones in this post that are especially pertinent at this time.

  18. Bill, I am so thankful for your spot on article. I was actually dreading coming on the internet today because I knew there’d be so much inaccurate reporting and blaming of Christians, guns, Prez Trump, et al. But I knew God would guide you in writing a clear, true, concise, and accurate account, as well as, calling for prayer for the victims. Thanks for this. There’s no way to add to what you’ve written, but I would like to give “props,” as it’s called in the USA, to so many of your folks who’ve commented here. Lots of great ideas, links, and a clear understanding of this situation on their part(s). I pray doggone FB won’t put you in their jail for telling the truth.

  19. Very well expressed Bill. I also read Fraser Anning’s media release in which he commenced by saying, “I utterly opposed to any form of violence within our community, and I totally condemn the actions of the gunman.” So far I haven’t seen any articles acknowledging that. He also made the point, “As always, left-wing politicians and the media will rush to claim that the causes of today’s shootings lie with gun laws or those who hold nationalist views but this is all clichéd nonsense.” I won’t quote any more, as do think he can be unwise in his timing and expression, which opens him to dismissal, but in time, I think historical perspective will be favour him more than his critics.

  20. I agree with Robert Carrillo that terrorism is a global problem. Today there was discussion on American television about the influence of the American President’s comments and the way his words have inspired terrorism. Your article does not mention Mr. Trump, but many in the U.S, public and news media believe his slogan “Make America Great Again” means “Make America WHITE Again” to many of his followers. This promotion of white supremacy has stirred up certain insecure and fearful white people to hate non-white people and to use violence against them. I know of many who blindly follow Mr. Trump because they believe he is protecting their little, lily-white corner of America. Just as Charles Manson stirred up his followers to murder the LaBiancas and Sharon Tate and her houseguests, Mr. Trump’s words give a certain signal to the intolerant individuals in American society, and they are emboldened by what they perceive as the “message” from a President who comes across as a white supremacist. I realize your viewpoint in Australia may be a bit different, but I firmly believe what I have stated is what is going on in the United States.

  21. Oh good grief Sheila, what silliness. First of all, I am an American citizen, so I too know a little bit about what is happening in America. Just as nutters have already come to my site and said that I am in fact to blame for the NZ killings, so too there are nutjobs trying to blame Trump and all conservatives. I do not buy that baloney for a moment. Are there white extremism groups out there? Sure. Have some of them tried to implicate Trump in their beliefs? Sure. But so what? It is foolish in the extreme to in any way, shape or form even suggest that somehow what Trump is saying and doing in America in any way has something to do with this diabolical Australian killer. And if you read my newest article you will see exactly where he is coming from. He even said this:

    Were/are you a supporter of Donald Trump?
    As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure. As a policy maker and leader? Dear god no.

    See more on what his actual beliefs are (instead of what the lamestream media is trying to tell you) here:


  22. David Wood… been across his video blog for years, great insight and a brilliant mind. May God protect him and his family.

  23. Civil war is the worst type of war – all citizens lose here but that is being encouraged by radical elements in our society including our main stream media, whether they agree or not.

  24. Mohammed seems to have hijacked parts of the story of God, and minimized, and denied Jesus as “the word”, “the I am”, the only – to suit political, anarchist ideology. In Omaha Ne we now have a Tri-Faith Initiative (and campus) where we are admonished that “we all worship the same god!” – NOT! We do not minimize God, or Abraham,… and use evil to practice evil and spread it world wide! God tells us of this false ….! And, if you do not recognize him, honor only him, get on the boat or train or plane – when he calls – you will not be recognized by him. So there!

  25. I find it interesting that his manifesto is banned online. Yet the koran, the basis for muslim atrocities, is still readily available. Also our silly PM refusing to mention his name now begins to smack of actively blanking the reality of his crime in order to reinvent it as they see fit. Don’t forget, Ardern is only in power because the Greens support her Labour Party. I will ppst a further comment about NZ gun laws

  26. As for the gun law debate in NZ, we do not have a right to bear arms. Owning a gun is privilege and you must prove you are suitable (although the license test is a joke).
    Since the Aramaona shootings, the max capacity for an A category license is a 7-shot magazine. However, while that makes it illegal to sell a gun to an A-cat holder (as Brenton was) it is legal to sell a 30-shot mag to anyone without a licence! Ie, I can buy an Ar15 tomorrow with a 7 shot mag, put that in my car, walk back in to the same shop and buy a 30-shot mag without being asked for my license. In fact I could send a 10yo kid in to buy it for me!
    250,000 license holder in NZ, none of us slaughtered people. 1 aussie comes in and shoots up a building and all of us law abiding guys get hammered.
    Not to mention there is no gun registration here so although they know who has a license they have no idea how many guns they own. I know guys with over 30 guns.

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