Some Inconvenient Truths About the Christchurch Massacre

The horrific shooting in Christchurch has left a nation numb, and has forced many people to ask plenty of questions. And lots of questions do indeed remain, although we are now learning much more about the main (sole?) gunman, Brenton Harrison Tarrant.

But so many predictable responses are already upon us. As usual, the lamestream media already stands condemned here. While the New Zealand attack was terrible in the extreme, every single day we have massacres of infidels by devout Muslims taking place.

Yet it is almost always crickets chirping from the media. For example, what about the recent Muslim attacks on Christians in a church in Nigeria with 32 deaths; or in Egypt, leaving 9 dead; or the Philippines church attack that killed 20; or the 8 dead in a Somalia market attack, etc. The list is endless.

As one group that monitors all this points out, in the month of February 2019 alone there were 150 deadly Islamic terror attacks in 22 different countries. These resulted in 883 deaths and 547 people being injured. This is routine stuff, yet when was the last time the MSM ran with any of it?

And we have had some rather fuzzy thinking by many. Catholic commentator Greg Sheridan, writing in the Australian, said that ‘we are all Muslims’. Um, no. We are all human beings made in the image of God, and we certainly should pray for those in Christchurch right now. But making rather foolish statements like this helps no one.

And hyper leftist American politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez immediately sought to politicise this tragedy, writing on Twitter: “At 1st I thought of saying, ‘Imagine being told your house of faith isn’t safe anymore.’ But I couldn’t say ‘imagine.’ Because of Charleston. Pittsburgh. Sutherland Springs. What good are your thoughts & prayers when they don’t even keep the pews safe?”

Thankfully there was an immediate and powerful reaction to her inanity. Plenty of people castigated her for saying such stupid things, and rightly so. Here are just two of countless tweets offered in response. One person tweeted, “She also uses this to attack people who pray for others. AOC is an opportunistic scumbag.” Said another, “She reacts to a Mass Shooting in a Foreign Country with ‘Yeah, but like, the NRA is totally bad right?'”

And of course absolutely no one is surprised that the left-wing Prime Minister of New Zealand is already demanding a crackdown on firearms. Jacinda Ardern said this: “Our gun laws will change. Now is the time for change.” Yep, happens every time.

Of real interest in this regard is the following headline (assuming it is true): “Man Who Stopped New Zealand Mosque Rampage Turns Out to Be ‘Good Guy With a Gun’.” The article begins:

One of the shootings at New Zealand mosques Friday reportedly ended when an armed prayer-goer returned fire, causing the attackers to flee. The man was a worshipper at the Linwood Mosque, which was targeted along with the Al Noors Mosque in a pair of attacks in central Christchurch that left 49 people dead, local media reported. At least 10 people were killed in the Linwood shooting. According to the New Zealand Herald, the “well known Muslim local” chased the shooters with a rifle or shotgun, and fired two shots at them as they sped off in a car.

Consider another inconvenient truth. Often when an Islamic jihad attack takes place – be it 9/11 or something else – we will see some Muslims celebrating in the streets over the death of the infidels. In marked contrast, consider the Israeli response to the Christchurch massacre:

Israel’s president and prime minister on Friday joined with world leaders to express condolences and condemnation following the deadly attacks on mosques in New Zealand. “I condemn the terrorist attack on the mosques in Christchurch in the strongest possible terms and send my condolences on behalf of the people of Israel to the families of the victims, the injured, the government and the people of New Zealand,” said President Reuven Rivlin.

As to the gunman himself, we do have his rather rambling 74-page manifesto, “The Great Replacement,” which is already being pulled from some websites but can still be found here and there. In it he describes himself in various ways. Consider this list of questions and answers:

Were/are you a conservative?
No, conservatism is corporatism in disguise. I want no part of it.

Were/are you a Christian?
That is complicated. When I know I will tell you….

Were/are you “right wing”?
Depending on the definition, sure.

Were/are you “left wing?”
Depending on the definition, sure.

Were/are you socialist?
Depending on the definition. Worker ownership of the means of production? It depends on who those workers are, their intents, who currently owns the means of production, their intents, and who currently owns the state, and its intents.

Were/are you a supporter of Donald Trump?
As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure. As a policy maker and leader? Dear god no….

Did you always hold these views?
No, when I was young I was a communist, then an anarchist and finally a libertarian before coming to be an eco-fascist.

Later he wrote, “Conservatism is dead. Thank God.” And he said there is “no democratic solution” to our problems. Hmm, hardly a card-carrying conservative or a born-again, Bible-based Christian. He is all over the place here. We could say he is another nut-job, but even if he is, he has caused so much pain and suffering for so many.

But again, many of our elites will use this to further condemn all so-called Islamophobia. They will likely further crack down on conservatives and Christians and use this tragedy as another excuse to further implement stifling statism and further reduce individual rights.

Srdja Trifkovic has just penned an article on all this which is worth quoting from. He begins:

Terrorist attacks against Muslims in the Western world are extremely rare. This morning’s carnage in two mosques in New Zealand, with the death toll currently at 50, is the first major event of its kind since the Quebec City mosque shooting—over two years ago – which killed six persons. (As for the alleged “Islamophobic incidents” in general, overwhelmingly they are either unverifiable or too trivial to be taken seriously.)

While 56 dead in two years is 56 too many, this regrettable incident will dominate the headlines infinitely more than any comparable carnage involving Christians, notably the 2017 Palm Sunday church bombings in Alexandria; it killed 45 people, and was all but ignored by the Western media and politicians. The developing frenzy of compassion with the victims of Christchurch will result in a number of mathematically predictable consequences:

The ruling elites and their media cohorts all over the Western world will have a field day equating “violent extremism” (which has nothing to do with “true Islam,” of course) with the neo-nazi, right-wing, white, Christian-inspired racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and all other traits of the deplorables; and yes, it will be Trump’s fault to boot.

Various Islamic activists in the West, such as the sharia-promoting CAIR in the U.S. and its fellow-conspirators elsewhere, will clamor for ever more stringent laws criminalizing “Islamophobia,” effectively defined as any form of meaningful debate of Islam, its scriptural message, historical practice, and current ambitions.

He then offers this list of Muslim-induced fatalities in just one country – France – from a very short period of time:

7-9 January 2015: Charlie Hebdo attacks kill 22 people.
26 June 2015: In Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, a Muslim decapitated a Frenchman and rammed a van into cylinders at a gas factory trying to start an explosion.
13-14 November 2015: The horrendous Paris attacks killed 137 people in the single deadliest terrorist outrage in French history
13 June 2016: At Magnanville, a policeman and his wife were murdered by a jihadist.
14 July 2016: A truck was driven into crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice. The driver, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, killed 86 people.
26 July 2016: In Normandy two jihadists attacked a church during mass, killing an 86-year-old priest.
1 October 2017: A Muslim stabbed to death two young women at a Marseille train station. Before he was shot dead he shouted Allahu Akbar.
23 March 2018: A Muslim stole a car in Carcassonne, killing the passenger, went to Trèbes, attacked a supermarket, killed three people and injured several others.
12 May 2018: A Chechen-born “Frenchman” stabbed to death one pedestrian and injured several others near the Garnier Opera in Paris.
11 December 2018: In Strasbourg a gunman opened fire just outside the Christmas Market, killing 5 and injuring 11.

That makes 261 dead and many more injured, in attacks by Muslims on non-Muslims, in less than four years, in only one country, France (pop. 66 million). With 66 dead a year on average, Frenchmen are exactly ten times more likely to be murdered by a Muslim than a Muslim being killed by a non-Muslim terrorist anywhere in the Western world.

I said in my earlier piece that we need to keep all those impacted by this massacre in our prayers. I still urge us to do just that. But at the same time, we must be aware of how so many on the left will use this as part of their ongoing assault on conservatives and Christians.

We need to be very wise and cautious here as the days grow ever darker.

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52 Replies to “Some Inconvenient Truths About the Christchurch Massacre”

  1. An Excellent piece Bill as we have come to expect.
    Sadly a revenge attack is now possible, possibly on U.K. Or Australian soil.When the uk Muslim mayor is asking / demanding police protection at U.K. Mosques and yet Christian churches may well be unprotected it shows clearly how out of balance society is in Britain.
    God bless,

  2. Well there you go again, Bill, presenting facts and reason. I pray your factual information will sink in with those who intend to use this as an excuse for more unreasonable gun control, i.e., missing the point entirely…and blaming so-called white supremacists/Bible-believing Christians for this evil slaughter. Many hearts are hardened today, refusing to hear the truth. These are creepy perilous times. We all need to stick together, pray for each other, and that God will open the eyes and hearts of those who are blind.

  3. Thanks Bill. Spot on words.
    However, despite the gloom and seriousness that surrounds us, let’s rejoice that our King Jesus is ‘reigning until he puts all his enemies under his feet’. With faith and certainty let’s proclaim and declare that His ‘is an everlasting kingdom that endures throughout all ages’ and never stops increasing all the time.

  4. Bill, you always wind up saying what I want to say but don’t have the intellect to see it the way you do and then put into words that knock me over with God’s truth, wisdom and intellect. Surely, your IQ must be a genius.

    I thank God for you and the way He is using you in an insane world that refuses to listen to common sense.

    Blessings to you, Servant to our Most High God.

  5. Hi Bill. I’m pleased that on this occasion a “good guy with a gun” prevented deaths.On the other hand I wouldn’t want to use that to justify more “good guys with guns”, because they may not be well-trained and they may mis-identify the shooter and deliberately or accidentally shoot the wrong person. I want the good guys with guns to be well-trained but the situation doesn’t justify having them everywhere.

  6. Whilst this incident in New Zealand is a tragic and unnecessary event, and my sympathies go out to the victims and their families. And by the outrage shown by all Western country leaders and condemnation shown by everyone. I ask where is the same feelings shown by Muslim leaders to Jewish, Christian and all those innocent people that are slaughtered by Muslim extremists. Is it only terrible if Muslims are attacked. Let us all be consistent with our comments. It is terrible if anyone is attacked in this way.

  7. This is a terrible situation. Our prayers go out to all those impacted by this despicable atrocity. World-wide, Christians condemn this terrorist.

    There is a vast gulf separating the theology of Islam and of Christianity. The Religion of Peace website, to which Bill refers above, has a summary of the worldviews of the two leaders – the role models – of those religions.

    Brenton Tarrant is not a Christian – he is beyond evil.

  8. Dear Bill thank you for your very reasonable article. Only an irrational bigot could disagree with your point of view.

    Yesterday on the same day as the Christchurch shooting two women suicide bombers sent by the militant Islamic group Boko Haram approached a Catholic Church in Nigeria with the intention of killing and injuring as many of the worshippers inside as possible. However, they were apprehended outside by men patrolling the building and hurt no one but themselves. Apparently patrolling outside the Christian churches is necessary now in Nigeria because the attacks on Christian churches is so common.Did we hear any of this on the MSM? Of course not we never do.

    As for Jacinda Ardern she would be better occupied looking after her young baby than making ridiculous statements to the media.

  9. Not only do we need to keep them in our prayers, but if there’s something practical that we can do to help and express our love for them we should do that too.

  10. I’ve managed to read parts of Brenton’s manifesto. He claims to be an ‘ethno-nationalist eco-fascist’, he can’t make up his mind about Christianity, he hates conservatism as a failure and a form of corporatism and, get this, says the People’s Republic of China (that is Communist China) has the closest political and social values to his own. He also does say that the numerous terror attacks by Islamists, particularly on young 11 year old Swedish girl Ebba Akerlund by an ISIS supporter, was the main motivation for his assault.
    If you can stomach it, here’s his manifesto:
    I linked it not to promote his views but so other people know exactly what he stands for.

    By the way, as a reminder that Islam has its own issues:

  11. Dear Mark,

    He is not a Christian. He says in his manifesto he is a White European ethno-nationalist.

    To be a Christian is to be a follower of a man who was born in the Middle East, lived in the Middle East, ate Middle Eastern food and conformed to Middle Eastern culture.

    You can be a Christian from a European culture or from an Asian Culture but you follow a man who lived and thrived in a culture that is different to yours, the Middle Eastern culture.

    This means you cannot say you are a White Supremacist Christian, an Asian Supremacist Christian, or an African Supremacist Christian. To claim Supremacy of your culture over Jesus’ is to deny our Lord and how He lived His life.

    Brenton Tarrant talks about “white genocide”. He doesn’t say anything about Christian Genocide like the killing of the Copts. He care about Christians if they are not white.

    He is not one of us.

  12. Great piece Bill, many thanks. This is why I spend as much time as I do seeking out real journalism. I gave up on mainstream media a long time ago. I will share this link wherever I can, and also David Woods video, which again is excellent.
    Nick, UK.

  13. Tech companies scramble to remove New Zealand shooting video
    Keep in mind. Many Australian children spend hours playing violent video games.

    The livestream video was reminiscent of violent first-person shooter video games such as “Counter-Strike” or “Doom” as the gunman went around corners and calmly entered rooms firing at helpless victims. Many shooting games allow players to toggle between close-range and long-range weapons, and the gunman switched from a shotgun to a rifle during the video, reloading as he moved around.

  14. Supposedly four ‘arrested’ but no word on three of them except one scant article about an armed person inside the mosque. Is this a ‘lone wolf’ shooter? Why is the whole story seemingly being covered up?

  15. It would be a grave sin not to read Brendan O’Neill’s fine article on all this;

    “The identitarian impulse has catastrophically divided society. It has nurtured cultural and racial conflict. It has given rise to a grotesque game of competitive grievance. It has had an inexorably fragmentary impact, ripping the social fabric. We are now actively invited to think racially, behave racially, conceive of ourselves as little more than white men or black women or whatever, and to engage with people through a racially and culturally heightened perspective: check your white privilege, watch your microaggressions, stay in your cultural lane, etc. It would be remarkable if such a depraved culture did not help to nurture new forms of violence. New Zealand confirms that identitarianism is now a scourge of the violent right as well as the woke left.”

  16. The media all over look 2 extremely signifcant points.
    1) New Zealanders will now basically be disarmed like we were (Australia).
    2) Governments are going to take Carte-blanche to instigate legislation to erode free speech even further to the point that it fails to exist. I have never been one for conspiracy theories but I am starting to wonder if there is some sort of master plan for reaction to events such as this.

  17. Thanks Michael. I hope I am not disappointing you too much, but simply putting up a FB post about an enjoyable hymn does not make one a Catholic. Ben is actually the senior pastor of Life Centre International –

    I should know – I have been there. So he is a good Protestant, just like me! But yes, he is certainly well worth supporting in the NSW election!

  18. Already following the Christchurch Massacre, there are Muslim Leaders and groups seeking to shut down Free Speech – stifle any criticism of Islam – links below:
    ” Don’t Just Condemn the New Zealand Attacks — Politicians and Pundits Must Stop Their Anti-Muslim Rhetoric”
    “Hamas-linked CAIR exploits New Zealand massacre to try to shut down opposition to jihad terror”
    Also this:
    “Saudi King calls for “combating hate speech and terrorism that is not condoned by religions”
    “Apparently terrorism that is condoned by religions is fine with him, as in “strike terror in the enemies of Allah” (Qur’an 8:60). – JihadWatch
    To stop creeping sharia we could all email our MP’s and demand they “Condemn ALL acts of terrorism CONDONED by any Political ideology, Religious ideology, Secular ideolgy or Tyrannical ideology”
    Thanks for your article Bill

  19. Dear Barbara,

    Murderous Islamic theology must be called out but we as Christians have to take care we don’t engage in cultural or racial vilification of those from the Middle East.

    Like I wrote above our Lord was born in the Middle East, not as a stranger but as a native. He spoke Aramaic, and read Hebrew which are both “Semitic languages”, but did you know Arabic (also spoken by millions of Christians like Copts and Maronites) is also a Semitic language?

    It was really sad many Christian men fleeing war in Syria were not given refugee resettlement in Australia because of a prejudice against “single Middle Eastern males”. Well our Lord was a single Middle Eastern male who traveled around with 12 more single Middle Eastern males.

    I hope you now see how perverse it is to judge someone on their place of origin, race, colour, language or culture, especially if they are a Christian from the living communities descended directly from the Jerusalem church founded by Christ Jesus Himself and led by His Brother James for many years.

    We must remain vigilant against Islamic extremists but we must leave no doubt that Christianity is in no way associated with ideas like white supremacy, white separateness, or European cultural supremacy.

    Australia is defined by it’s Christian ethos, not by it’s whiteness.

  20. Bill, you forgot the murders of Jews in Toulouse and Kosher supermarket and two Jewish women in Paris one of whom was a Holocaust surviver.

  21. Bill, Thank you for your comments, and also for the statistics that I trust. But we are being confronted by the MSM with contradictory statistics such as the following from ABC online news article of today titled “Christchurch attacks are a stark warning of toxic political environment that allows hate to flourish“

    Quoting “In America, it is conservatively estimated that there were 50 deaths due to terrorist attacks in 2018, almost all linked to right-wing extremism. In 2017, it is calculated that there were 950 attacks on Muslims and mosques in Germany alone. Many of last year’s attacks in America involved a common right-wing extremist hatred of Islam, and a targeting of Muslims, joining a long-standing enmity towards Jews.”

    Where do they get their statistics?

    Obviously all terrorism is evil and we must stand and pray against it and for the victims, and have protections but not to squash public debate and discussion as you say.

    Please keep us informed. Thank you.

  22. Thank you Bill I could have written that myself as they are my thoughts. I cannot believing how naive people can be when this is going on around the world. I know this incident was terrible but how many terrible things have these people done to the world in the name of Muslim (I hate that word) and cheered when it has been broadcast. I am old now but I clearly remember being told by an immigrant that Australia will be theirs one day and I was just a teenager then. The have an agenda.

  23. Dear Bill,

    I’m not disappointed, all Christians are welcome to worship our Saviour at St. Mary’s Cathedral!

    I have been mentioning Ben going to St. Mary’s so people who are Catholic know there is no reason to be suspicious of him or not vote for him. I think we need more men of God in the Parliament. There are some aggressive anti-Catholic Protestants out there and he’s not one of them.

    Ben is a smart man. Like Paul, he goes as a Catholic to the Catholics. He goes as a Protestant to the Protestants. Nothing wrong with that. The only thing that matters is he’s a Christian.

  24. Hi Bill. This is a very interesting situation as it unfolds. There seems to be a real surreal air around it. Like we are hearing and seeing what occurred, but not the truth! I’m not really sure how to explain this.
    For instance, we hear about this Muslim hero, who comes out of the Mosque with a gun and chases out the attacker(s). Of course, this is the mosque that the main suspect did NOT attack, yet somehow the two are linked in the minds of the media?
    And yet, no-one questions why this Muslim man is armed in a mosque? Why not?
    And then the other thing I have noticed, is that every picture of the suspect, Brenton Tarrant, is shown with his face pixelated! I even saw one picture stating that he was smiling, but of course, you couldn’t see that with the pixelated image!
    And what of the other attackers? I mean two mosques were attacked , with each causing death, and yet the media is only focusing on one man, Tarrant?
    There appears to be something perversely sinister going on in the background here.
    I am not totally convinced on the story as it plays out. There is something else going on in the background here, to which we are not privvy.
    Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, but IMHO, something here is not kosher!

  25. Thanks Rob. I am not a fan of conspiracy theories, but there sure seem to be a heap of unanswered questions here. Very much like the 2017 Las Vegas shooting – it seems we still have no idea what actually took place then, who exactly did it, why it happened, why it took so long to stop the guy, etc., etc. All very disturbing.

  26. Even ‘climate change’ is to blame for the Mohammedans killing 200 Christians mourners at a funeral in Nigeria in a 4-day Muslim ‘Killing Spree’ in Nigeria
    As Breitbart News reported earlier this week 26 Jun 2018, heavily armed gunmen recognized as Fulani herdsmen opened fire on Christians in a number of villages in Plateau State of central Nigeria last weekend, killing scores and injuring hundreds more, as well as burning some 50 homes to the ground. Most of the victims were returning home from the funeral of the father of a local Christian minister.
    The pastor in charge of Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN), Pam Chollom, said that majority of those killed in the attack were Christian mourners.
    Despite the evidently religious nature of the slaughter, mainstream media chose to downplay the militant Islamism behind the attacks, preferring to attribute the violence to “ethnic tensions,” CNN “battle for land and resources,” Agence France Press (AFP) or even “climate change.”

  27. Christchurch=Port Arthur=Gun Control. Happened once before, why not again!!

  28. Excellent piece. I live in Las Vegas. I honestly don’t think anyone was outraged by our recent mass shooting. All you can see these days are ” Vegas Strong” signs everywhere you go.

  29. Dear Bill, thank you for bringing a great deal of sense to this horrible time in which we live and the more recent events in New Zealand.
    I find it so refreshing to read, as sad as it all is.
    Thank you – we all must remember the Glorious Victory of Our Risen Saviour The Lord Jesus Christ.

  30. I still do not understand the media ignoring Islamic attacks. Are they not supposed to report the news any more?
    Are they hedging their bets in the event that Islam eventually takes over the world?
    By ignoring such attacks they are tending to legitimise them and ergo, support them.
    We would all be better informed if we relied on Facebook for our newsfeed!

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