Further Fallout from Christchurch

So predictable has been the fallout from the horrible New Zealand massacre that I could have penned this piece a week ago, or a month ago, or a year ago. Details may have changed, but the same underlying narrative remains. More on all this in a moment.

But here is another thing you can bank on: it does not matter how clearly, precisely and repeatedly you say certain things – the left will NOT read or comprehend what you said, but will instead just misrepresent you, emote a lot, and get triggered – big time.

Case in point: In my first two articles I said repeatedly that we must pray for the Christchurch victims and loved ones, and I spent a full third of my first article utterly denouncing and condemning this evil killer. Yet I still have plenty of lefties – including clueless and Pharisaic Christians – denouncing me, claiming I am justifying the killings, etc. Good grief.

So let me say it one more time – even though I realise it will do zero good for my legion of leftist haters: This was a diabolical and evil massacre that can NEVER be justified; it was pure evil and it came from the pits of hell. The killer was evil personified, and he deserves to rot in prison for life. Or as I said earlier, he should be a prime candidate for the death penalty.

But let me look in a bit more detail at the rather predictable fallout from this horrific massacre. The left has certainly used this horrible event to push its agenda. The biggest loser is of course free speech itself. Let me remind you how things now work – and you can bank on this as well:

-When a devout Muslim shouting Allahu Akbar kills many innocents in the name of Islam, almost every politician, media outlet and “expert” will insist that this had absolutely nothing to do with Islam, he was a lone wolf, and he was mentally ill. We should do nothing about the political ideology that routinely produces such killers.

-When an evil white supremacist who says he intensely dislikes conservatism and Trump, praises communist China, and calls himself an eco-fascist goes on a killing spree, just about every politician, media outlet and “expert” will insist that basically all conservatives and Christians share in the responsibility for this massacre. We should do all we can to restrict and shut down these sorts of folks.

This is now standard operating procedure. But let me look at some of the specific bits of fallout from this tragedy. You might have seen on the news last night that Australian mosques had an ‘open day’ in which non-Muslims could pay a visit. That’s nice, but what routinely goes on in many mosques was likely NOT what was on display then, but a rather sanitised and Western-friendly version of events.

For example, there were likely no sermons in Arabic calling for the death of infidels as can often be the case. Um, why are such special open days even needed? If everything is sweetness and light in Western mosques, then why not have them open to the public all the time?

That is what we find with Christian churches of course. Any Muslim, any atheist, and anyone else can walk into a church service any time they want. No changes are made, no special arrangements take place. What you see is what you get, all the time.

Indeed, did you know that one of the mosques attacked did in fact produce jihadists? The Al Noor mosque which appears to be a relatively small congregation gave us Christopher Havard and al-Qaida recruit Daryl Jones.

Did I just say this justified the massacre? No I did not! I am simply pointing out a few inconvenient truths that the left, the MSM, and duped dhimmies refuse to countenance. One American who pointed these facts out has already paid the price. Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from coming to Australia, then allowed, and now banned again.

One may not always agree with Milo – I often do not agree with him – but this is but one indication of the predictable crackdown of differing opinions. Only acceptable PC views will be allowed. The move to get rid of Fraser Anning from Parliament is another prime example of this.

And one more: Judge Jeanine Pirro was unceremoniously dumped from Fox News for daring to share some vital truths about Islam in the US. Once again, one need not agree with all that these folks say to see the ominous moves going on here. To speak critically of Islam in any way WILL cost you.

But wait, there’s more. We are now learning that the authorities in various Australian states have ‘right-wing’ watch lists. Both Victoria and NSW have them, it has been reported. Both focus on ‘right-wing terrorism’. I note that nothing was said about keeping an eye on radical left-wing groups however. As to Victoria, see this:

Dozens of Victorians with alt-right beliefs are being monitored by counter-terrorism authorities in the wake of Friday’s attack in Christchurch but police confirm there is no current threat they are aware of. Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said “dozens” of Victorians were currently being monitored. “We have a range of people within Victoria that we monitor in relation to politically motivated extremism and potential for violence and we will continue to do that,” he said. “Certainly after Friday night we have intensified monitoring of the alt-right within Victoria, because of events from Friday.

And concerning NSW, we have this:

The NSW Police Commissioner says he is looking at boosting resources into the anti-terrorism squad focused on right-wing extremists in the wake of yesterday’s Christchurch shooting. Speaking this morning following revelations accused shooter Brenton Harrison Tarrant spent time in the NSW city of Grafton, Commissioner Michael Fuller said the threat of lone-wolf actors was “an emerging risk”, and an area police were looking at closely. “We do monitor them,” Commissioner Fuller said. “We have arrested right-wing extremists in this state. We have criminal orders against right-wing extremists. We take it seriously. We know that in some western countries it is an emerging risk and we’re certainly looking at it closely, but we are also taking action against those in NSW and we will continue [to do so], and if I need to continue to build our capability in the right-wing extremist area, we will do that.”

Hmm, one wonders who exactly are on such lists. Would Andrew Bolt be on such a list? Would Fred Nile be on such a list? Would I be on it? As we get more and more concerned about defending Islam at all costs, and as we get more and more censorious of anyone accused of “Islamophobia,” we have to wonder who will be targeted next.

Let me finish by talking a bit about what the responses have been to my first two articles on this. Four main camps can be noted. First, and predictably, many leftists have come here utterly irate, accusing me of all sorts of things, including being personally responsible for this terrible massacre.

Second, some folks have actually sought to defend this mass killer. As I said in my first article, I want nothing to do with such folks. Third, some clueless Christians have gone all self-righteous on me, denouncing me, claiming I am not a real Christian. Some even believe that Muslims are more peaceful and Christlike than I am! I kid you not.

Fourth, many folks seem to have agreed with the general drift of what I have written. My first two articles on the massacre appear to have generated a bit of a response. For what it is worth, the first piece I wrote on this matter has been shared over 1300 times on Facebook: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2019/03/15/on-the-new-zealand-massacre/

And the second piece has been shared over 13,000 times: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2019/03/16/some-inconvenient-truths-about-the-christchurch-massacre/

I guess many folks are concerned about these matters. But let me conclude in the same way I did my two previous pieces: we must pray for all the victims and their families and their loved ones. This was a despicable act, and there is now so much suffering and grief.

And if anything will land me on a “rightwing” watchlist, it might be this: Every time that I pray for these folks, I do not pray that they will find comfort, hope and assurance from Allah. I pray they will find real and lasting peace and hope through the one true living God, and find eternal life through his son Jesus Christ.

Yes I know: to say this about Jesus is blasphemous to the Muslim. But it is what they desperately need to hear. I will not shy away from saying such things, even if it does eventually result in this site being shut down, or me thrown into the slammer.

Here I stand. I can do no other.

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  1. Well Bill, it will be an honour to share a prison cell with you when they come to take us away for daring to speak of the saving Grace found in Christ Jesus alone.

  2. Well done again Bill,
    Keep up the great and valuable work.
    God bless,

  3. Your ending here good sir whom I have never encountered before and only do so now because my good, good net friend Carolyn just shared your column here, on her Facebook page: your ending, I say, your last 3 paragraphs, does my heart much good. Thank you for penning them!

  4. Thank you Bill for once again putting “pen to paper” !!
    I quote from Proverbs 10….”He who walks with integrity walks securely…”and then from vs. 14 ” wise people store up knowledge, but the mouth of the foolish is near destruction “.These verses came to mind as I pondered your post. ?

  5. Thank you Bill for speaking the truth of God’s saving grace in Jesus Christ! Truth that has its foundations grounded on the love of Jesus can and will transform minds and lives.
    By His grace,

  6. Thanks Bill for another thoughtful and well balanced article, it is a breath of fresh air to my sanity after all the predictable rhetoric I have seen and heard on main stream and social media, even from Christians. I was astounded to read on social media the ”egg boy” who assaulted Senator Fanning being applauded as some sort of hero and future prime minister! One person’s response was ”egg boy today – gunman tomorrow?” A frightening thought, because notoriety is one of the things that drives these people to commit unspeakable acts.

  7. Every person in the history of the world who spoke out against evil especially Jesus Christ was hated. So, Bill you are in good company with the greatest men & women.

    As Graham said a few replies above, “it would be an honour to share a cell with you.” You help to strengthen my walk with the Lord and help me become more brave and speak out against evil. You always speak my heart because you carry Him in yours. Thank you. “Out of the presses of pain cometh forth the best wine.” [author unknown] Ohhhhh, the rewards that await you, Servant to the Most High God.

    “God’s Not Silent” prayer partner

  8. Clarification: The above comment referring to the two Al-Qaeda recruits from the Christchurch Al-Noor Mosque, in no way provides any justification for support of the actions of this cold-blooded killer.

    The Christchurch murderer is a despicable person. What he has done is beyond evil. Those impacted have my deepest sympathy.

    We need to pray for all those impacted.

  9. Thanks Bill great work, the hypocrisy of this world is stunning and it is such a shame to see the foolishness of so called “christians”Isaiah 5-20 comes to mind more frequently now days. Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
    God bless

  10. This is from my Priest:


    It is the start of the Left’s exploitation of Christchurch to launch their next stage of persecution. The internet is going to be the next battlefield. They and their agents in government and law enforcement are going to use the new “metadata” laws to create lists of everyone who visits right wing websites like Cauldron Pool, Christian Lives Matter, Bill Muehlenberg, Bernard Gaynor, Voice Of Europe, Pickering Post, XYZ, etc.

    This is an attempt to intimidate us. My Priest says even if we have broken no laws we should be ready for our internet history and postings to be “leaked” to people in the community and employers in order to embarrass us, and then to silence others. His advice is to use a “proxy server” to avoid being tracked.

    All of this is happening under a “conservative Christian” Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister. Just imagine what the Left will do with these laws when they get into government.

    Folks this is only the start and it is going to get worse.

  11. I have no doubt whatsoever Bill that you are on the watch list, as probably am I, as is anyone who doesn’t toe the accepted mantra and politically correct line these days – beware 🙁

  12. All this is very disturbing. To think I could be classified and tracked as an extreme right-wing activist all because I dare to post the occasional comment on Bill Muehlenberg’s blog! Sorry Bill, I hope that does not implicate you too. I was brought up to think the Nazi party was extreme right-wing, but it seems they are really left-wing after all, just like the leninists and marxists. Bill, have you written a blog listing, in point-form, the true differences between real “extreme right-wing” and what is claimed by the MSM and politicians? It would be good to have a clear set of parameters to judge these crazy killers and terrorist by without having to accept what the authorities would have us believe.

  13. A left wing, Muslim-hating, eco-fascist who was obviously a lone wolf, horrifically hunts down and kills people in a mosque like they were rabbits who were destroying the farm.
    Conservative philosophy by virtue of its doctrinal beliefs, oppose violent coercion by both parliamentarians and their state and federal militia, as well as they violence perpetrated by or promoted by the communists in our midst, eg, the fascist neo-Marxist Antifa, the southern poverty law centre, Sarah Hanson young who is a spruiker for the killing of Jews in Israel by the displaced Egyptians who call themselves “palestians”, Tanya Plibersek who on an exposed of Q&A eagerly blamed the writers of Charlie Hebdo who were blown up by Muslim terrorists brining this upon themselves by drawing cartoons, and of course the Victorian police and police minister who encourage violent protestors by fining those attacked but not arresting and then charging those people hating communists who should be arrested and charged for their violent crimes. Etc
    If conservative means “right wing” then neither this guy nor Nazi’s are actually right wing. Their desire to control the means of producition whilst allowing private markets is identical to the Communis Party in China’s current legal situation

  14. I’m afraid the view from Britain is somewhat cynical. We’ve had so many of our folk murdered by Muslims ….and it continues today in London and elsewhere…that hearts are now cold. Many of us have noted how opportunistic this Christchurch event has been, for a government to step up gun controls and other restrictions on freedom. We already have plenty of that here…and not surprisingly since we are about to descend into civil war in the coming weeks. The people I really sympathise with are the native NZ-ers, having to put up with what we’ve been having for years.

  15. Dear Chris, F.Y.I. The “native NZ-ers” are the Maoris, and they are some of the most devout Christians in NZ.

  16. An article titled Aussie church leaders respond to Christchurch massacre published by mainstream Christian websiteEternity News is full of Christian leaders tripping over each other trying to get to a mosque to “show solidarity with the Muslim community”:

    “I feel like those of us who have tried to stand with our Muslim neighbours throughout these last years of the fear-mongering and vilification have tried to suggest that this is where it ends when we are unwelcoming and teach each other to fear our neighbour,” (Brad) Chilcott tells Eternity.

    “I would hope that this gives pause for reflection from those of us in the Christian Church to consider how we’ve contributed over the last number of years to the tension, the fear and the Islamophobia that has really taken hold in Australia – how we have often been complicit in that and not been showing solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters as they’ve been attacked in the media and by our political leaders.

    “I would encourage Christian leaders to reconsider the language that they’ve often used about Islam and its role in our country, and to really think deeply about any way that they’ve added to that climate of distrust and suspicion of our neighbours.”

    Chilcott continues: “I hope that this results in a new day for all us in Australia of recognising that our words don’t just happen in isolation in our churches or in our newspapers, or in parliament, but they have real-world consequences for our neighbours and our fellow humans. When we continue to tell the story of people who are different to us – ruining our way of life or being somehow complicit in evil acts overseas, or things like opposing halal certification – all of those things add to a climate where hate and distrust become overt acts of violence.

    “I feel like we’ve often been silent when our political leaders and our media have encouraged prejudice and suspicion. We’ve allowed so much subtle racism and relational violence to take place in our country without speaking out. And now that that has spilled over into this terrorist massacre, then we finally find our voice and finally find our compassion. In many ways, it’s far too late. But I guess the silver lining is that potentially some of us will reflect on our role in this and start to change.”

    In a tweet today, March 18, Chilcott urged the Australian public to begin this change in the upcoming federal election, saying, “In May, let’s rid ourselves of all those who’ve been peddling this racism, amplifying hatred and turning Australians against their Muslim, African, refugee and asylum seeker neighbour as a political strategy. We’d be so much better off without them. Now – surely – we can see.”

  17. I contacted the ABC tonight, regarding the ABC’s use of the provocative word ‘Islamophobia’. My complaint:

    Watching 730 tonight a number of ABC presenters rightly condemned ‘hate-speech’.

    But those same presenters repeatedly used the deliberately insulting term, ‘islamophobia’.

    Pease do not insult people – using this defamatory term. People who have legitimate concerns regarding aspects of Islam – otherwise the ABC is contributing to hate-speech.

    I have asked the ABC for a response.

  18. Thanks Michael,
    Don’t always agree with everything you write but both posts good.

    Post 1 excellent. Your Priest is wise.
    In short, Satan and the Globalists are working overtime on many fronts as Bill tells us regularly.
    Destruction of the family, Conformity of thought and language, (hate speech) Disarming the population so resistance is futile, One world religion, One World Financial system (mark of the beast systems), Identity cards and CCTV control across cities, Transport, Vehicle and phone tracking.
    If we see another tragic terror event in the USA soon, there will undoubtedly be significant pressure to disarm the US population. I expect this may occur over the next few years in stages. Whether the Christchurch tragedy was a staged false flag I’m not sure, but it’s certainly had the desired affect to disarm the public. I found the grovelling Dhimmitude behaviour of both Shorten and Morrison over the last few days disturbing, as was Morrison’s attitude to Queensland Senator Fraser Anning who was assaulted from behind. Anning is careless with his words but an physical assault is a serious event. How can PM Morrison seriously assert Anning is at fault when he has a right to defend himself.

    Use extreme care when posting comments on facebook. In terms of personal finances I recommend care. Spread your eggs. Do not expect the banks to be 100% solid and to provide cash if you ask. If you Withdraw cash do it in small amounts. Do not expect SUPER FUNDS to ever pay you out in full. I think in a financial meltdown they will restrict withdrawals.

    Phil Browne

  19. “Yes I know: to say this about Jesus is blasphemous to the Muslim. But it is what they desperately need to hear. I will not shy away from saying such things, even if it does eventually result in this site being shut down, or me thrown into the slammer.

    Here I stand. I can do no other”- Bill Muehlenberg

    Sitting in another continent, in the Indo-Myanmar border state of Nagaland what you (Bill Muehlenberg) reiterate above resonates as the truth.
    We have been touched by the shared grief, acts of concern love and care by the New Zealander towards the families of the victims. It is a Christlike response. I believe families of the victims have been touched by these acts.
    I believe that the people of ‘Christchurch’ just showed us Christians how to respond to EVIL in the world. And yes, we continue to pray for the families of the victims and wisdom for your leaders to respond to the unfolding situation.
    I pray there will be a search for the Truth in the hearts of all children men and women of who Christ is after Christchurch.

  20. Is it worth mentioning that regressives seem committed to the course that the shooter laid out for them? That they are using the atrocity to further their own agenda and in doing so sowing the seeds for the next such attack? The MSM and others can’t even seem to tell the truth about who the shooter actually was – he claimed to be an ecofascist who favoured Communist China yet the MSM and others are insisting he is right-wing, without giving a rational basis for such a claim.

    Alternatively, and given the shooter’s points about the invasion of the West, and the corruption of it’s culture, what signal does it send when New Zealand’s female national leader adopts the hijab – symbol of female oppression in Islam, when meeting with Muslims? Had she worn a hat like the Queen or elderly Brethren ladies do, or if she regularly wore a scarf over her hair, then it wouldn’t be significant, but adopting that attire just sends the wrong signal to all parties.

    The shooting was an atrocity no doubt about it, but so many people seem committed to making a bad situation so much worse than it should. The only thing I can conclude is that far too many people are cheerfully and willingly doing their dark master’s bidding whether they know it or not.

  21. Of course, had this exact atrocity transpired in Yemen or Iraq perpetrated by believers from the opposing feuding sect, the world would take no notice. Why should it when internecine violence and gratuitous murder specifically, is normal and incessant within the Muslim world?

    Such is the state of existence within the Civilization that has rejected the Golden Rule.

  22. I contacted the ABC today, regarding the lack of balance in the Media Watch program. My complaint:

    Absolutely nothing justifies the actions of the beyond-evil person in Christchurch.

    Much of Media Watch (Ep 07 – Christchurch terror) was devoted to hate-speech AGAINST Islam.

    However, there was a distinct lack of balance, with no MW mention of hate-speech FROM Islam.

    The ‘infallible’ Qur’an and Hadiths contain much “hate-speech” in the form of commands. (I can supply references, if required). Most of this is aimed at particular groups. (Is that not, “tribalism that divides” – PM Morrison ?)

    The Qur’an is not some recent social media ranting, rather it has, and continues to, provide the self-identified motivation for Islamic terrorists over the last 1,400 years, resulting in uncountable thousands of deaths.

    MW needs to be fair about this reality.

    Further, Paul Barry’s use of the provocative word, “Islamophobic” is an insult for thoughtful Australians who are justifiably concerned about these aspects of Islam.

    Finally from the MW website, it apparently requires 9 persons to produce the weekly 10 minutes of Media Watch. Seems excessive. As a struggling taxpayer I ask, Why is that so?

    I await your response.

  23. The eternal, heavenly heroes of Hebrews, chapter 11, would definitely NOT be the heroes the court of worldly wisdom would pick. It is to be expected, Bill, that the words you write would be misinterpreted and used against you by the world and the phoney church. (I think sometimes the condemnation by those who call themselves Christians, but are not, is the most painful and devastating of all. The unbelieving world thrives on their compliant condemnation and uses it to justify their absolute hatred toward true believers and He who truly IS the way, the Truth, and the life). God bless you, Bill, for standing against this persecution and deliberate misinterpretation and misrepresentation both of what you are writing and He whom you are standing faithfully behind.

  24. It is interesting Bill that the website Religion of Peace documents from media reports the number of people killed in attacks by Islamic extremists.
    From 9/11 to the end of 2018, some 235,842 people have been killed by Islamic extremists and 315,492 have been injured (and these are conservative numbers as they do not follow up on possible later deaths).
    The really interesting thing is that of that only 1.6% have been westerners.
    The overwhelming majority of people killed by Islamic extremists are in predominantly in Islamic countries. There may be Christians and other religions in these countries but it is difficult to extract these figures.
    The four western countries that have felt the brunt of the attacks are: USA, Spain, France and England.

  25. Over a year ago the NZ parliament removed Jesus from opening prayers.

    Today, the same parliament opened it’s session with Islamic prayers. This will normalise Islam and Islamic customs in the eyes of millions of Kiwi’s.

  26. Thanks Mark. He had connections with IS, but the “authorities said the attacker’s motive was unclear”. Hmm, we seem to know ALL about the NZ attacker, but nothing about the Utrecht attacker. Really?


    But see more here:


  27. You are a remarkably rational man, Bill, and I greatly admire your writings, even tho’ I do disagree with you on some topics. I am sorry to learn that you have been attacked by unthinking and irrational people, of whatever political persuasion they may be. And isn’t it extraordinary that the president of Turkey, Erdogan, is making use of the video transmitted by that terrorist in Christchurch as propaganda for his own re-election?!

  28. Good article Bill, it is essential now (in my opinion) we keep abreast of such situations which are vastly, fastly, coming QUICKER. On the Flip side “the Master is Close”.

  29. I applaud you for referring to Islam as a political ideology. I would also add violent, totalitarian and supremacist. I oppose Islam because I abhor all of these essential characteristics of Islam. I object to Tarrant being described as right wing. Since when do right wingers love China?

    As a conservative who opposes all totalitarian ideologies including Islam I would no doubt be labelled as right wing if I was ever allowed to enter Australia. In the interests of accuracy I am A-VC. Anti-Violence Conservative

  30. Yes Bill,
    And the whole thing is heart wrenching and sickening.
    At least all are publicly condemning (particularly our leaders) this sad, deranged act.
    Which is far different from other episodes of terror in the recent past.
    Terry McDonnell

  31. I feel more and more that the chaotic left (progressive implies movement forward) is cultish in their thinking and actions.

  32. I can guess Bill.
    We will now see much public appeasement and concessions for and sort by the dear victims organization (i.e. Islam Australia).
    Demands that will be given because of our (Australia’s) terrible feelings of guilt.
    Guilt bought upon us through the deadly acts of some poor insane lost individual.
    Terrence McDonnell,
    Ps Our just desert I suppose…in recognition of our Godlessness.

  33. AND NOW.. The Muslim call to prayer will be broadcast over NZ media on Friday!
    I won’t mention the other things mentioned on the 5pm news because it is inflamatory.

  34. I have been most disturbed two people are in prison. I thought criminals go prison. No, this is a NZ, 23 yr old shared a freely available video of that horrific NZ shooting that parts of was on all main news. And they happened to find a crossbow on his property wow! The other more worrying a teen in Adelaide for having downloaded and viewed video then made comments. I have teenage children and they devour info from internet as taught at school and all are tech savvy, it’s the internet world. So, if one of them inadvertently seen a link to shooting and they watched it, they locked up and get 10-14 years prison yet a murderer who killed his non- rent payer gets 9 years. This is most ridiculous and State sponsored terror to frighten and is akin to Nazis, Stalin, Mao etc who burned books and tortured and imprisoned those who had wrong reading materials. Come on everyone please wake up. When your told what you can or cannot watch – by threat, yes like Gestapo banged on doors – that police are doing at least twice now, this must be shown for what it is. Dictating. Horrific times we live in. But, you can watch poor people and young girls in Morrocco being murdered and heads cut off. In this case the Govt is wrong and you can watch what you like or read what you like. So, when conspiracy theories start well Govt threats of viewing what they say uou shouldn’t watch will be the blame. Leave the people alone on internet as nobody can rely on MSM anymore. In the meantime FB and others should not be posting murders. They are for courtrooms. Then you won’t get people being upset by graphic content. If people do want to independently view for research, or truth, then they can find this onrivate webdites. I’m reading in UK police have arrested dozens for mean tweets. Oh! I wonder if one of those has been ‘not white’. Remember many scores were settled in Russia and Germany just by reporting a person said something. What a rapidly disintegrating PC terrified world we are becoming.

  35. Hi Bill,
    Don’t know of the accuracy of this report?
    You may have the means of confirmation
    “Church leaders in Nigeria have said that Christians are experiencing “pure genocide” as 6,000 people, mostly women and children, have been murdered by Fulani radicals since January.”

    “What is happening in Plateau state and other select states in Nigeria is pure genocide and must be stopped immediately,” said the Christian Association of Nigeria and church denominational heads in Plateau State in a press release last week.  The church leaders said that “over 6,000 persons, mostly children, women and the aged have been maimed and killed in night raids by armed Fulani herdsmen,” which is prompting their cry to the government of Nigeria “to stop this senseless and blood shedding in the land and avoid a state of complete anarchy where the people are forced to defend themselves.”

  36. Bill,
    Found this online.

    Who are the Fulani?
    The Fula people, often described as the Fulani, are regarded as the world’s largest nomadic group: about 20 million people dispersed across Western Africa. They reside mostly in Nigeria, Mali, Guinea, Cameroon, Senegal, and Niger. They also can be found in Central African Republic and Egypt.

    In Nigeria, the Fulani comprise “the most populous and politically influential” of more than 250 ethnic groups in the country. They speak Fula languages as well as Hausa, English, French and Arabic. Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, is ethnic Fulani.

    The centuries-old Fulani heritage is pastoral, organized primarily around nomadic herding of cattle, sheep and goats, though segments of the Fulani farm crops or live in urban areas.

    The Fulani were early adopters of Islam, participating in holy wars, or jihads, in the 16th Century that established them as a dominant social and economic force in Western Africa.

    Roots of conflict
    As the frontier of the Sahara Desert has moved southward, Fulani herds have gradually been pushed southward toward Nigeria’s “Middle Belt,” a handful of states straddling the pre-colonial line dividing Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim north from its Christian south. The Middle Belt is a farming region, and the advancing Fulani-owned herds have increasingly encroached on croplands.

    The resulting conflicts over land have taken on an ethnic and religious character, as many of the farmers of Nigeria’s Middle Belt are ethnic Berom, an indigenous people who are predominantly Christian.

    Especially in the shadow of Boko Haram’s campaign, which began in 2009, to impose Islamic law across Nigeria, Fulani conflicts with farming villages have become more sinister than simple land disputes that boil over into violence. Instead, armed Fulani have planned and executed operations that have killed and chased away thousands of Christians.

    Militants “descend on the villages in the night or in the day and carry out cruel attacks against innocent people, including women and children,” according to an assessment of Nigeria by Open Doors, a charity that provides aid to Christians who live under pressure because of their faith. “There are moves by the governments of Benue, Kaduna, Nasarawa and Taraba States to establish and reserve grazing fields for Hausa-Fulani Muslim herdsmen. This means that swathes of land from indigenous Christian communities are taken away for that purpose, depriving Christians of their farming fields and livelihood.”

    A campaign to Islamize Nigeria
    The 2015 Global Terrorism Index, published by the Institute for Economics and Peace, characterized Fulani militants as one of the five deadliest terrorist organizations in the world. Unlike Boko Haram’s goal to create an Islamic government, “Fulani militants have very localised goals, mainly greater access to grazing lands for livestock,” according to the index.

    Open Doors says this view is too limited. Two 2015 reports commissioned by Open Doors concluded the Fulani are engaged in a campaign that can be described as ethnic cleansing of the Middle Belt. In Taraba state specifically, Fulani militants are waging “a massive campaign to displace indigenous Christian farmers.”

    For example, in the aftermath of the March 2016 massacre in the village of Agatu in Benue state in central Nigeria, survivors quoted by Christian-rights advocates said the attackers specifically targeted Christians and churches and spared Muslims and mosques.

    Said Arne Mulders, Open Doors’ West Africa research expert:

    “These herders have historically played a role in jihad, and they have grown increasingly radical in recent times due to the influx of radical Islamist preaching by missionaries from Saudi Arabia and Iran. The radicalization in the Fulani has also kept pace with the Boko Haram radicalization. The Fulanis’ actions are also shaped by concept of Darul Islam, where everything belongs to Allah directly and to his followers indirectly–including the land where they want to let their cattle craze. They believe it is right for them to take those resources by force from infidels and apostates.”

    Between these two interpretations, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, an advisory body to the US government, walks a middle line. In Nigeria, “fears of ethnic and religious domination are long-standing,” the commission said in its 2016 annual report. “Given that religious identity frequently falls along regional, ethnic, political, and socio-economic lines, it routinely provides flashpoints for violence.”

    Following the Agatu massacre, the Nigerian Senate went on record connecting Fulani attacks to Boko Haram. The Agatu attackers included Boko Haram gunmen, according to the Senate resolution. In the face of the “tremendous success” of the Nigerian Army’s campaign against Boko Haram, its members are blending themselves among the Fulani, Sen. Emmanuel Bwacha told the Pulse news organization.

    “There is a change of tactics by insurgents who now parade as herdsmen to make it difficult for the public to identify them,” Pulse quoted Bwacha as saying

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    Long time lurker!

    Particularly liked your comment:
    I do not pray that they will find comfort, hope and assurance from Allah. I pray they will find real and lasting peace and hope through the one true living God, and find eternal life through his son Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for you contribution to public discourse,

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