Celebrating Murder – ‘Look What It Did For My Career!’

You know that we have come to the end of civilisation as we know it when we routinely call good evil and evil good, and celebrate and promote that which is wicked. And when the mainstream media fully gets on board, then you know things have spiralled out of control. Consider this true story cheerily being promoted in today’s media.

The headline is this: “Choosing murder is a woman’s right, I don’t regret exercising mine.” And this jarring paragraph is the main takeaway from the article:

The procedure itself was relatively painless. I pointed the gun, pulled the trigger, and that was it. When it was over, I was offered a cup of tea and a biscuit by my supporters, and then my mum took me home. Ten years later, I think about that murder with sadness, but not regret. I will never regret my decision. I have done so many things and had so many opportunities that I may not have been able to do with my husband. I have run a business, lived on four continents and am studying a Master’s degree, and I intend to keep studying.

OK, so I changed just a few words – otherwise it is a perfectly true story. Here is the actual version of events as promoted and endorsed by the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age. The real title says this: “Reproductive choice is a woman’s right, I don’t regret exercising mine.” And the actual quote is this:

The procedure itself was relatively painless. I was given a short-acting anaesthetic, that kept me awake, but unable to remember exactly what had happened. The last thing I remember is going into a surgical theatre style room, and wearing a special gown. When I woke up, I was offered a cup of tea and a biscuit, and then my mum took me home.

Ten years later, I think about my abortion with sadness, but not regret. I will never regret my decision. I have done so many things and had so many opportunities that I may not have been able to do with a child. I have run a business, lived on four continents and am studying a Master’s degree, and I intend to keep studying. Since it happened, I have had to live with fear and guilt for doing something that was, and still is, against the law in NSW. This should not have been the case. I did nothing wrong.

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I may be a simple man, but please explain to me the difference between the two accounts. Let’s say a married woman has a controlling and/or paranoid husband. He refuses to let her into the paid workplace, and he insists that she stay home and be a good homemaker, depriving her of all her dreams to make it big as a career woman.

She is at her wit’s end and does not know what to do. Finally, it occurs to her: if I can just get rid of this burdensome and parasitical man, I will be free to do my thing. So she goes out, buys a gun, and the rest is history. In both cases a human life was viewed as an impediment and an obstacle to making it big time as an adult student and career woman.

Come on, who can deny this woman the right to ‘run a business, live on four continents and study for a Master’s degree, and to keep on studying’? Hey, sounds peachy to me. How dare this clingy and burdensome man impede her progress and cramp her style. Killing him has so wonderfully freed up her life.

OK, some of you might think that this is being a bit selfish. It is of course, but the excuses just keep on coming. How does killing an unborn baby because of concerns about the world being “overpopulated” differ from eugenicists who kills thousands for the same reason?

Indeed, isn’t that a good reason as well? Doesn’t the end justify the means anyway? Or what about poverty? So many people will suffer in a world of scarcity, so the loving thing to do is bump them off in the womb. And again, why not take it to the logical conclusion?

Suppose you live in a run-down tenement with 11 other people, and you are doing it real rough trying to pay the rent and feed everyone. Maybe the best course here is to murder a few of these people. Hey, it’s for their good you know – no more starvation and suffering!

And one more example: Suppose I am running late for an important appointment, and a slow-moving old lady is crossing the street in front of me. She is preventing me from getting to this key meeting which may result in a big advance in my career. By Sarah’s “logic” I should have the right to step on the accelerator and run her over.

Sorry Sarah, but forget all this Orwellian Doublespeak about “choice”. It is nothing of the sort. Where was the choice for the unborn baby? How did he or she benefit? This was all about one thing and one thing only: your own selfish choice to make it big in the world, to travel, to study, to get a nifty job.

While those may all be good things in themselves, since when do we ever justify them by murdering someone else? And as mentioned, this happens often: a fellow worker is killed so that someone else can get that promotion; a person is bumped off because they stand in the way of you getting that desired new car; etc. As American prolife activist Scott Klusendorf rightly put it:

I am vigorously ‘pro-choice’ when it comes to women choosing a number of moral goods. I support a woman’s right to choose her own doctor, to choose her own school, to choose her own husband, and choose her own career—to name just a few. But some choices are wrong, like intentionally killing innocent human beings simply because they are in the way and cannot defend themselves. We shouldn’t be pro-choice about that.

Exactly. Here we have a seemingly intelligent and progressive young woman celebrating the fact that she is really making it big because she was willing to kill her very own baby to achieve it. But the answer is surely never to kill the baby. Adoption is always an option.

Indeed, there are far more families wanting to adopt babies than there are babies available. So just because the mother does not want the baby does not mean it is unwanted by everyone else. Many would desperately love to be able to raise, nurture and care for the baby.

But it seems selfishness reigns supreme here. And just as bad, these newspapers happily run with her story like she is some sort of Mother Teresa. No she is not. She is simply a selfish woman who thinks it is OK to do anything – even murder your own child – to make it to the top in the world of careers, wealth and fame. But there is nothing virtuous about that. It is in fact the height of selfishness, callousness and hard-heartedness.

We pity you Sarah, and we can only pray for you, hoping that one day the scales will fall from your eyes. You should not have to wait until you are on your deathbed and reflecting on your life, realising that a career and fame and fortune really did not mean a hill of beans, but taking your own flesh and blood certainly did.

The real choice that we all must make is between self and others. Killing babies has nothing to do with love – love is always concerned about the other person. Selfishness is always concerned with self. As Fr. Frank Pavone once said, “Love says, ‘I sacrifice myself for the good of the other person.’ Abortion says, ‘I sacrifice the other person for the good of myself’.”

Since I already mentioned Mother Teresa of Calcutta, let me close with an important quote of hers: “It’s another expression of poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.”

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  1. One of my neighbours is 99 years old. Her son and his wife visit every week. They do shopping for her and look after her. They live in the country and drive a long way to visit her. They are a nice family. Sarah had an abortion. She is pro-choice but it is a poor choice and a wrong choice. What about when Sarah is old? Who will help her in her old age? She will not have any children to help her. Of course not all children are helpful but Sarah will not have any that might help her. Sometimes people with dementia do not realise that something is wrong. Sarah may need help but not be aware of it. She may be able to go to an aged care home. But elderly people usually need their children to organise this and help her move. They may be services to help her move but they would be very expensive. Sometimes all someone needs is their children to just check on them to see that they are alright. Sarah may not have anyone who can help her in her old age. Aged care homes are expensive. Places will be scarce especially if most people are aborting their children. I suppose people in powerful positions will push euthanasia because there will not be enough aged care places. Wouldn’t it be easier to keep our children and not abort them?

  2. This was so sad to read 🙁

    I am 16 weeks along with baby blessing number six. This last week I have started to feel movement and it amazes me how precious, exciting and special it is to be a bearer of life.
    Such tiny flutterings.

    I cannot imagine the disconnect necessary for a mother to have her child killed. It is very saddening, and I am also very sad that the new laws make it so hard for women to be reached with the good news that a baby is a blessing! When they are so vulnerable to the deceit of the infant-murder-profiteers.

    Not that it’s a competition, but I have had so many opportunities through the last 11 years of embracing life through the womb. I won’t make a list, because that would seem silly.
    But I have been blessed and stretched and enlarged (pun not intended, ha) beyond measure and I have also travelled and studied before having children and there is no comparison.

    When I think of her list of important things that this woman was able to do once she had procured the murder of her baby, I can only shudder that our culture is so entrenched in love of vain things.

    I often inwardly cringe when people see the trail of little children that I take everywhere and say “What a handful you have!” and I can only ever think to myself, better full than empty!!

  3. It is murder Bill. God knows it, you know it and I am sure she knows it. After all, she could have had the child adopted. As such, no excuse to murder the child and thus it is murder which is a breach of the sixth commandment – Thou shalt do no murder.
    John Abbott

  4. As she said ..she did nothing wrong! what a terrible endictment upon this women who is brazen about the death of her child! Those whose lives were quenched will be given voice on that last day, and it wont be a cheer squad BUT, “well done mum, you got to live a life with less of a burden but took from me any opportunity of breathing the very air you denied me!”..such truth will cut like a knife!

  5. Dear Bill,

    Hoping sincerely that you or any of your readers may have an answer to our question (we have asked pro-life organizations, but have not yet found an answer):

    Q: How may it be possible to rescue babies that survive being aborted, each of whom is just put aside in the hospital and left to die?

  6. To Suzanna, I would love the government and the legal system to act on this. It would be a miracle. I wish the media would report about abortion survivors more. I have also heard that in some European countries they have a thing like a hole in the wall. Anyone can put a baby in there and they won’t get in trouble. We need to have a system for children who are born and are not wanted BY THEIR PARENTS.

  7. It’s a sombre scenario when a woman has her baby aborted from her womb and is sent home from the clinic after a cup of tea and a biscuit simply because she was not ready for her child, compared with the tears of joy and wonder of a mother and father when their baby is born. Once the window of childbearing age passes it becomes more difficult socially to meet and mate with a life long partner, though not impossible. In the UK we hear reports of an epidemic of loneliness and broken families which is not a sustainable situation. We need more unselfish love in the world.

  8. How very sad! “And how do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul in the process? Is anything worth more than your soul” (Matthew 26:16). I pray that this woman will seek forgiveness from the Lord one day before its too late, as I don’t believe she will ever have true peace until she does.

  9. We are a wicked & perverse generation. I can no longer ask the Lord for mercy on myself & the church that has allowed this evil. Christians could have stopped this massacre as quickly as it started 50 years ago but we chose to look the other way — except for a few Catholic Christians. I’m sure there are some protestants who fight for the unborn it’s just I’ve have not known any.

    There’s an extremely important court case just as awful as abortion in Texas “Save James” where a six year old twin boy’s parents divorced, mother a pediatrition, father not sure, the mother thinks her twin son James is a girl and there’s a huge battle between mom & Dad. Mom wants James castrated because she keeps telling him he’s a girl. James had a coming out birthday part for his 6th year & hid in his bedroom ashamed because his Mom made him wear a dress. If the mom wins this case it will make a terrible presidence for this to spread & grow just like the abortion cancer. And we will lose millions of precious boys & girl to this diabolical surgery. There is a fund me program started to help the Dad fight this for his attorneys. Praying & decreeing “His Victory” over this.

    Thanks Bill for letting me share this modern day Frankenstein horror story.

  10. Thank you Helen. What can we – you, me and others who care a lot – do in this situation? For sure there is plenty more love to give in our home, just as one example.

    Bill, could you please guide us in this?

  11. Thanks Suzanna. Well, as more and more abortion mills have exclusion zones around them to keep the baby savers away, the only way ahead is by breaking the law and being willing to face the consequences. One other option however is for some wealthy pro-lifers to band together and buy out an abortion mill, ending its evil practice. Pushing to have legislation changed in this regard is another. So too is praying that the abortionists get saved, etc.

  12. Another practical thing to do is to be alert to those people in your life who might be contemplating abortion and put it out there that you would happily take their baby for them, rather than have them abort. and keep on saying it. I did this with someone I know who had received the standard medical report that there was something wrong with the baby so they should abort…and I kept doing it over a period of a couple of weeks until I was told to back off as they had made up their mind to go ahead and abort. Fortunately this did end up with a good outcome – after firmly insisting they were going to abort, for some reason they changed their mind. They ended up with a perfectly baby by the way, now in his 20s. I believe nothing but divine intervention changed their minds.

  13. The ultimate REJECTION
    Oh how horrible to be rejected.
    I often wonder how those people who have survived abortion ie attempted murder feel. I would like to know how they handle that type of rejection from their own mum.
    I believe that The Lord Jesus Christ would be a great help, as He was/is rejected every day, He knows what it is like.
    The photo at the top of the article says it all, just dump “it” in the rubbish.
    Just typing this upsets me.

  14. Christians can help in many practical ways but some solutions will take significant sacrifice on our part and are we willing to do that? We have taken on two young girls that were not wanted (from 3 weeks old, now nine tears old and 6 months old now six years old) and it has not been an easy journey. They came with trauma issues and drug/alcohol related damage, some being permanent intellectual challenges, but I love them as my own (I also have biological boys 19 and 20). I could argue that my Christian life was comfortable and that disturbed me greatly, so our family sought to help some of the ‘least of these’ on a long-term basis. The needs were high and it has required more sacrifice than I expected, but God is good! No dinner dates with my wife, limited holidays, sleepless nights, endless medical and specialist appointments, all sorts of challenges. But we are a people (Christians) of deferred gratification, our reward is ahead and I know one day when I stand before the Lord I will have two beautiful, fully whole girls (who both love Jesus), standing with me and hopefully I will hear ‘well done’. We aren’t anyone special, just available! Will Christians be ‘available’ for the long-term, sacrificial haul? That is one solution to this problem, to put our hands up and say I will be a Dad or a Mum for as long as it takes (and I’m almost 51 years old)! Consider this, we have been adopted into Christ’s family and we are privileged to call Jesus brother (undeserving as we are), are we willing to walk in those footsteps and emulate our Saviour? I trust we can. When I hear those words ‘I love you Dad’ it makes it all worthwhile. For those contemplating something similar, be encouraged, be bold, be sacrificial and know that Jesus is cheering you on as you reflect him – as imperfect as we may be. Blessings.
    Love your work Bill, keep pressing on!

  15. You make many great points Bill..
    I also do not understand why a “fetus” is only deemed important when it is wanted..
    There are cases when someone committed a crime against a pregnant woman who unfortunately miscarried.. and they were charged with the death of her child.. or cases of double murder ect.. You can be licensed to murder with consent and the number of babies that have been left to die or torn apart in barbaric ways is heartbreaking.. The truth about abortion procedures, especially late term are suppressed.. Anyone seeking an abortion should know the truth before making that decision..
    Their blood cries out from the ground and the fear of God has left the land..
    I am a bigot for feeling a woman should place a child for adoption.. 9 short months of your life could give 99 years..

  16. Thanks Darcy, but that foolishness just does not cut it. If the baby was the woman’s body, then when she has an abortion, she would be killing herself. If the baby were the woman’s body, then she would have 2 heads, 2 hearts, 20 fingers, and so on. Sorry, the baby is NOT the woman’s body, and since the taking of innocent life is a human rights concern, of course men have as much reason to speak up about this killing as women do. To say that men should just butt out here is as stupid as saying that women have no right to condemn a rapist since they have no idea of what it is like to be a man.

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