It Is Time We Start Resisting

When you find offensive and deplorable content on the media, do you do anything about it? You should!

Those who despise our pro-faith, pro-family and pro-life values are ever at work. They are relentless in pushing ungodly and immoral agendas. And for the most part they keep on winning. Why? Mainly because we are doing nothing about it. We just sit back and watch the carnage all around us.

As long as we remain silent, the other side will keep on winning. It is time we start fighting back. And by that I mean getting off our backsides and actually doing something. That does not mean throwing bricks, blockading buildings, or attacking and shouting down others – as the militant left routinely does – but getting active.

In other words, don’t just get angry – do something! And there are plenty of things we can do. I am often asked what one person can do, and I tell them there is heaps they can do. Consider these five articles for a number of practical pointers:

So there is a wide array of things that anyone can do. We can all pray of course. But we can also share information, alert others, write letters to newspapers, contact politicians, get on talk-back radio, etc. Sometimes we may need to spend a few minutes in composing a letter or formulating a petition.

And it may take a bit of internet searching if you want to send in a complaint to a company, or share your concerns with a business or political leader. Sending an email or making a phone call will also take a small bit of your time. But it is all worth the effort. Let me offer a few practical examples here.

Most of you have televisions, and most of you watch them. Have you ever viewed an ad or a program that really upset you? Well, what did you do about it? Anything? Did you just get angry but then go back to business as usual? Getting ticked off by stuff on TV but doing nothing about it helps no one, and simply makes the problems get worse.

There are currently two TV ads running that really have bothered me. In both cases I sought to make a stink about it to the companies involved. One I was able to track down some contact details for, so I sent them an email letting them know what I thought of their appalling ad. The other did not seem to have an easily discoverable means to contact them.

As to the first: it seems that every second TV ad shown nowadays features homosexuals and even trans characters. While in real life they make up around 1-2 per cent of the population, based on these ads (and shows) you would think they are in the overwhelming majority.

Thankfully most of the ads with homosexual characters have not resorted to ramming images of them kissing down our throats. But I just recently saw a new McCain’s ad which does. You can see it here:

It pushes the ‘families are anything you want them to be’ baloney, and features two men kissing. I mentioned this on the social media and urged folks to do two things: One, please stop buying their products, and Two, take the time to complain to them. Their contact page is here:

Sadly it seems the progressive secular lefties at McCain have been pushing the radical homosexual agenda for a while now:

Some of the folks on the social media did follow up on my plea, and a number of them did send in a complaint. And many said they will boycott their products. Well done! I suspect that if we can get enough people to make a stink, the powers that be just might get the message. If enough folks complain, and tell them they have stopped buying their products, the head honchos will feel the pinch – in the pocketbook.

They hate it when they are not making juicy profits, so just maybe they will reconsider offending folks with their terrible ads that are pushing radical and harmful agendas, and turning off so many people. But that won’t happen unless many of us are willing to act, and to actually do something.

Belong mobile also has a new set of ads out, celebrating – wait for it – diversity and difference! Um yeah, just what we need. So one of their more revolting ads features some guy with a beard wearing some frilly lingerie top. He waxes eloquent about how great diversity is, etc. You can see the lousy ad here:

Sadly there seems to be no direct means to contact them to complain. Here is a generic page however:

The truth is, these folks will continue to get away with these bad ads and all this activist social engineering because very few people will speak up and make a complaint. That has got to change. We have to get proactive here. Otherwise we will only have ourselves to blame as things in the media go down the sewer even further.

Let me finish with two further points. Often when I raise the issue of all the garbage that is being shown on television – whether on programs or on ads – various folks will say something like this: ‘Just don’t watch it,’ or, ‘Well, it doesn’t bother me – we got rid of our TV years ago.’

I always remind them that while that may be good for them, it is not seeing the bigger picture. Indeed, it is a bit self-centred. Yes, great, you are not getting exposed to all the filth and propaganda, but your neighbours are. In fact, it is likely your children are as well when they go to their friends’ houses, etc.

With moral and spiritual rot pouring into our homes 24/7, we all have a responsibility to see it cleaned up – at least somewhat. The community as a whole which we live in is being contaminated by all this stuff, so it does – at least indirectly – impact all of us. ‘Out of sight out of mind’ is just not sufficient here.

And one last point: if you do boycott a product or a service – great. But it is important that you tell them. Let them know why you are refusing to patronise them. Let them know that as long as they are pushing anti-faith, anti-family or anti-life values, you will NOT be doing business with them. If enough folks do this they may start to get the message and perhaps change their ways.

In sum, it is not enough to just get upset with all the rubbish that we encounter on the media and elsewhere. We need to start standing up and acting on this. If we don’t, things will just continue to get worse. I for one will keep fighting this stuff, if for no other reason than because I care about the sort of world my children are growing up in, and the world their kids will have to deal with.

So who will join me in the resistance?

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34 Replies to “It Is Time We Start Resisting”

  1. Good one Bill. I so agree… currently collecting signatures for Concetta’s Religious freedom act petition…. have you seen it… spread the word.

  2. Yes Bill, right with you and it is time we told these ungodly and corrupt minority groups that we are offended whenever they become an affront to God and ridicule his edicts and commandments for they also are an affront to all Christians and God loving people.
    Its time we sent these individuals back to where they come from. we owe this allegiance to God and his many Martyrs (including his begotten son) who sacrificed to turn pagan Rome into Christian Rome and fought back against the waves of forces who threatened Christianity in the past – we owe it to our children who will inherit what we give them and what we preserve for them.
    John Abbott

  3. I was encouraged by reports that Nivea, when hit by a pitch from their advertising agency to do an ad which had two men holding hands, they said “We don’t do gay at Nivea.” The ad agency sacked their client! I presume they now have an agency willing to do the ads that Nivea want and not the ads the agency wants.
    As well as complaining about the “woke” stuff we need also to encourage companies that refuse to go along with the rubbish.

  4. Bravo Bill and thank you for this vitally important rallying call!
    We will read and re-read and follow your lead – for the sake of all kids and frankly for all people, so very many of whom have lost their way, seemingly anaesthetized to the descending darkness, with tragic implications eternally.
    Again thank you for this passionate call to take a stand for goodness and for our King.

  5. Thanks Bill. A group of us have tackled McCain this week. Got the usual microwave re-heated soft spongy responses.
    Here is my new tag line for them: “Oh McCain – never again”

    But there are many others to deal with, such as:
    * AAMI will not see my money at renewal time, I don’t care which creek they find themselves up. (I will tell them why they may stay there).
    * Boating Camping and Fishing will never see me. Its not BC*ing fun at all.

    Anybody got any others to share?

  6. Yes, please let us know which companies to take a stand against (we don’t see the TV ads). Btw, Peter, what’s the issue with AAMI?
    Also, Pearl, where can we find Concetta’s religious freedom act petition?
    Many thanks.

  7. Hi Suzanna,
    Using a play on one word, the name of a fictitious place (ship creek) is used a number of times throughout one particular AAMI ad. Not to mention the fake women in drag in another ad.
    I can send you the petition but not from my fone. You should be able to find it at flight to the future if you dont have it yet.

  8. No good leaving comments on their Facebook pages as I’ve found from experience, they get deleted. Target were especially quick with deleting. They had a catalogue for Father’s Day with two dads. However a poster at southern cross station of gay men in their undies got removed. I sent a message to transport Victoria who gave me the advertisers details and wished me the best. I believe lots of people complained about that one.

  9. Disney, which over the years has produced many marvellous children’s books, movies, cartoons and TV programmes, has now begun promoting a same-sex outlook.
    They held a Gay Pride parade at their Paris Theme Park.
    The first “boy-princess” appeared on the Disney XD channel.
    They included an LGBT reference in Toy Story 4.
    Details of these can be found at CitizenGo.
    As part of its resistance, CitizenGo has a petition addressed to Disney’s CEO.

  10. Dear Peter,
    Yes, we would be grateful please if you would provide a link to the petition as we haven’t been able to find it.
    Sincere thanks!

  11. I saw another on TV tonight for the first time. It is very subtle, actually, from Nescafe (Nestle). Fellow is walking down the street in his bathrobe, waving to neighbors and carrying two cups of coffee. Ends up at porch with another guy sitting outside with a baby. He give coffee to the other guy. It takes a minute to sink in that this is a “normal family” of gays – or maybe it doesn’t sink in at all.

  12. Marc Clayton and Bill, I didn’t see that Nestles/Nescafe in that light. I saw it as one father supporting a new father neighbour. The father holding the baby is giving the mother a break to sleep, and the other man from down the street sees him, and having had the same experience when his kids were little, gets him a cup of coffee. He wouldn’t be coming from down the street if they were a “family”, he’d be coming out of the house.

  13. On boycotts, one would have to go out of the world (1 Corinthians 5: 10) – unless they were collective. I believe a push-back is developing, e.g. parents in Birmingham (UK), events in Poland, and Mass Resistance in the USA.

  14. Thanks again Bill
    Not sure if you saw Australia’s Got Talent last Sunday 7:30pm on Channel 7 there were some wonderful acts especially a blind guy but the last act was atrocious – Pricasso who came out in a pink g string and proceeded to paint one of the panelist – it’s hard to describe but he threw away his g string (with back turned to audience) and and painted the last part of the painting using his” as his name describes”.
    The audience thought it was funny and the panelists all gave him a tick to return – so he will be returning.
    How could the producers even let him get into the initial group of performers.
    I rang Channel 7 and voiced my disgust but to get a response one has to write to I will not be watching A.G.Talent again.
    Can your readers also action this one as well – I emailed friends and family to complain.

  15. I’m just beginning to realize what I’m (not) missing out on. My TV broke down around three years ago and I was reluctant to fork out on a new one. And I haven’t missed it one iota! I choose to watch good programs on YouTube or other online sources. But it sounds like I’m not missing out on much when it comes to free-to-air TV! However, in spite of this, I’ve voiced quite a few complaints against what I see online.

  16. Dear Bill,
    I received a request from the Australian Christian Lobby to sign the petition.
    To receive ACL’s news, prayer requests and vitally important petitions, go to:
    Hoping many will see this link and come on board!

  17. Hi Bill, so agree that we need to speak out against evil. I sent a email to your McCain link politely complaining how I felt homosexuality was wrong — quoting the 3 sins that caused the Roman Empire to fall:


    I also send 100’s of emails a week out asking people to take 30 sec. and sign petitions against the LGBTQ and cross sex curriculum in our public schools. Recently phoned the Bend, Oregon library to see if they are promoting transgender story hour. So far they aren’t. Also passed out 100’s of pro life flyers to the point one time got a death threat. And will be doing that again when it comes up on the ballot again. A few years ago a small group of people which included myself and a lot of Catholics were able to stop the ‘After School Satan clubs’ in the U.S.

    Sorry if it sounds like I’m beating my own drum. Just wanted to share with you and thank you for encouraging us all to continue the battle against evil and how much your articles help those of us like you who are in the midst of this battle for our Nations soul.

    His Mightiest Blessings 2 U, Louise : )

  18. Bill, re the Nescafe ad, after watching it again a number of times on the link you posted, I still stand by my view. Why? This is what I saw: man comes out of HIS house with two cups of home made coffee, wearing dressing gown and pyjamas; walks down the street, greeting various neighbours, including a rather chubby, black woman with an afro type hairstyle (not a drag queen – they look completely different). He finally comes to a house where there is a man and a baby sitting on the porch. The father is outside the house, so the baby’s crying won’t disturb the mother who is sleeping inside. He gives the father one of the cups, and sits down beside him. The father with the baby gives him a grateful look (thanks for being understanding look), then they talk. Theme of the ad for me, is Fathers Helping fathers – with of course a cup of Nescafe.

    I know ads try to push all sorts of trendy things, but many do not. We have to be careful as well, not become one of those people “who could read something into a cookbook”.

  19. Bill, Thank you.
    Yours is a voice in the moral wilderness!
    A point that is made all through the article perhaps deserves some applause. That is the necessity for personal action.
    While I appreciate the concerted actions of groups, boycotts and petitions, I suspect that a hundred individually composed letters with personal reasons for leaving a company’s customer base will have impact magnitudes beyond one letter with a hundred signatures.
    Understand that I am not opposed to group action, I am just convinced that a rising storm of individual indignation has a more forceful impact!

  20. Thanks Charles. Yes you are quite right: things like personal letters will generally carry much more weight with politicians and others than mere petitions. (Unless of course the petition manages to get, say, 100,000 names! But most have far, far fewer names.)

  21. Bill; I just contacted Belong on another matter and told them in “feedback response” thing that I was not impressed with their Youtube cross dressing video. Anyway I am not going with Belong because of this + another technical matter unrelated to the dumb Youtube video.

  22. Giving up on McCain might be a challenge given I’ve enjoyed several of their product lines over the years. On another note just stumbled over this:

    Honestly it’s hard to keep track of which companies are jumping on the perversion bandwagon. Has anyone or any organisation sat down and spreadsheeted\listed out all the companies we should rethink our support for?

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