The End of Covid and the Ongoing Hypocrisy of Our Leaders

The mass protests make a mockery of the entire corona narrative:

This is my 60th piece on the coronavirus, and perhaps my last. Why? Because it seems our enlightened and fearless leaders think it is over. Have they said that? No, not quite, but actions speak far louder than words. With one leader after another allowing mass protests over the weekend, they made it clear by their actions that they believe corona is a sham.

Hmm, some of us have more or less been suggesting this all along. We have been asking hard questions for many months now, questioning the dodgy numbers, the rubbery figures, the baseless projections, the reckless modelling, the hyper-draconian lockdown measures, and the overreliance on iffy experts.

It seems that all of our doubts, concerns and questions may have been justified. And the disgusting double standards of our leaders has been just appalling, especially over the past week. For months they have told us that we are all going to die if we do not fully do everything we are told.

They claimed millions would die and it would be the end of the world as we know it if we all did not completely and fully obey everything they said. They demanded of us that we be servile sheeple, asking no questions and offering no resistance.

So they imposed upon us masses the most austere and draconian of restrictions and lockdown measures, resulting in destroyed economies around the world, and probably far more deaths from mental health problems, depression and suicide in the long run than from the virus itself.

And they insisted that all this was for our own good. To enforce their coercive utopianism on the rest of us, they turned free nations into police states. They arrested countless people and raised many millions of dollars in fines because of these sorts of horrendous evils of their recalcitrant citizens:

-sitting alone on a bench in a deserted park
-swimming or surfing alone in a vast ocean
-walking alone on a totally deserted beach
-playing golf on an empty course
-going to a granddaughter’s birthday party
-daring to attend church services
-daring to attend a wedding or go to the funeral of a loved one
-seeking to reopen a business so that one’s family could be fed and bills could be paid
-seeking to celebrate Mother’s Day
-seeking to celebrate Anzac Day

The list is endless, and I documented so many of these cases over the past few months. This was a hysterical and mad overreaction by governments, by leaders, by the authorities, by the police and by anyone who got a little whiff of their newfound powers. These folks became quite drunk on power and control.

They loved it. All these tinpot dictators sprang to life overnight. We all had to put up with these petty tyrants. I even had firsthand encounters with these mini-Hitlers who so relished their newly discovered powers that they were treating people like dirt as they dared to get a few staples at grocery stores.

But then came along a new cause for the media to divert our attention with. All of a sudden it is as if Covid disappeared because now the media wanted us to find a new cause to panic over and emote about. The new narrative – really an old one resurrected – is that all whites are evil, all cops are bad, and all blacks are fully innocent.

And of course the media and many of our politicians and leaders fully jumped on board this cause as well. So we had all the protests, which for so many was just another excuse to riot, to loot, and to burn down cities. And as I mentioned before, how convenient that these twin crises have emerged in an American election year.

Hmm, what better way to seek to bring down a sitting President that the left, the media, and our elites utterly hate, than to destroy the economy and destroy our cities. How convenient indeed. Any crisis will do. Any excuse will do to further wallow in Trump Derangement Syndrome.

So Covid was quickly and easily forgotten about as mass protests were not only allowed but often encouraged by leftist leaders around the globe. Be they Labor Premiers in Australia or Democrat governors and mayors in America, almost all of them did absolutely nothing to stop these mobs protesting. They could have done something, but most refused to do anything.

So now we are left with two main possible outcomes. And either one tells us what a bunch of hacks and crooks we have for leaders. Either outcome should enrage the real citizens of the world to consider getting rid of these leaders pronto.

One, we will see a massive spike in new corona cases because of all these mass protests, with countless selfish folks totally ignoring any social distancing and stay at home advice. If this happens, all the power-hungry politicians who allowed these marches should be sacked immediately.

Two, we will see no massive spike in new corona cases. In which case, we can question all the gloom and doom alarmism and baloney our leaders have been force-feeding us all these months. If this happens, all the power-hungry politicians who destroyed our economies and our nations should be sacked immediately.

Either way, they will have been found out to be the frauds they are. They are either the greatest hypocrites we have seen in a long time, and deserve to be treated like the useless wonders that they are, or they will have been shown to be tyrants who love power and will find any cheap excuse to lord it over the masses. Both scenarios tell us just how bad so many of them are.

I of course am not alone in all these concerns. I am not the only one utterly outraged and incensed at all the double standards we keep seeing here. Plenty of others have been saying exactly the same thing. Let me finish with comments by four others – two from the US and two from Australia. Dinesh D’souza just said this online:

What suckers we turned out to be!
No weddings!
No funerals!
No graduation!
Let’s remember all this the next time they try to play on our fears to promote a transparently political agenda.

He was referring to this new article:

For months, public health experts have urged Americans to take every precaution to stop the spread of Covid-19—stay at home, steer clear of friends and extended family, and absolutely avoid large gatherings. Now some of those experts are broadcasting a new message: It’s time to get out of the house and join the mass protests against racism.

“We should always evaluate the risks and benefits of efforts to control the virus,” Jennifer Nuzzo, a Johns Hopkins epidemiologist, tweeted on Tuesday. “In this moment the public health risks of not protesting to demand an end to systemic racism greatly exceed the harms of the virus.”

But their messages are also confounding to many who spent the spring strictly isolated on the advice of health officials, only to hear that the need might not be so absolute after all. It’s particularly nettlesome to conservative skeptics of the all-or-nothing approach to lockdown, who point out that many of those same public health experts—a group that tends to skew liberal—widely criticized activists who held largely outdoor protests against lockdowns in April and May, accusing demonstrators of posing a public health danger. Conservatives, who felt their own concerns about long-term economic damage or even mental health costs of lockdown were brushed aside just days or weeks ago, are increasingly asking whether these public health experts are letting their politics sway their health care recommendations.

Down under, Australian Spectator editor Rowan Dean let rip on the absurdity of all this. He said:

We have been thoroughly, comprehensively and disgustingly betrayed – all of us…

Either there is a pandemic or there isn’t. Either our governments had the right to lock us down or they didn’t. Yesterday the premiers made a mockery of this nation and the loyalty of its people. Of you and of me… If the pandemic is real then our most vulnerable Indigenous Australians now have a potential death sentence hanging over them. So much for ‘Black Lives Matter.’ Clearly not to the people who marched in our cities yesterday, endangering Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians alike at the very moment restrictions were being lifted, shame on you!

Or was it all just a con? Were the states denying us our constitutional rights and had no authority to shut down our businesses and shut down our lives? If so, premiers, and police chiefs, and those chief medical officers lied and they must go!

You can see his impassioned 3-minute video here – please watch and share:

My last witness is a good friend from NSW who gives a very personal – and very sad – look at all this diabolical duplicity:

One person was sent home from my mother in law’s funeral at the door because they forgot to count the cameraman in the room out the back who never put his head out the door – so only 8 people allowed or we would have been fined. Carl – her only grandchild and me her only daughter-in-law couldn’t go because Carl who lives in the same house as me and has Autism couldn’t sit next to me. My husband couldn’t have the support of his wife and child at his own Mum’s funeral. He said the funeral was pretty bad – a travesty of a send-off for a life loved and a life well lived. It still feels surreal. And then of course we haven’t been able to see my father or anyone for support in grieving afterwards over the last few weeks. This is like rubbing excrement in our faces for good measure after what we have had to give up, after the great sacrifice we made.

Yes sister, we feel for you. Our politicians really do have a lot to answer for. In so many ways, they have blood on their hands.

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24 Replies to “The End of Covid and the Ongoing Hypocrisy of Our Leaders”

  1. Good comments. There are other agendas at work when the healthy are Quarantined and the largely asymptomatic or not at all at risk are relentlessly referred to as “cases”!
    Sweden and Germany are “the big winners” and Australia, Israel and the UK (with their lockdowns) “the big losers” according to Nobel Prize chemist Levitt of Stanford.
    We have been conned. Medicine should not guide public policy without adequate interrogation from political, legal, sociological, historical and philosophical advisors.
    Next time medicine must not be allowed to run wild with its crazy models.

  2. We could only have 10 people at my mum’s funeral recently and no wake. We were ordered to disperse as soon as my mum’s coffin was lowered. My mum had 5 children and lots of grandchildren and we had to choose 10 people in total. One brother missed out on his mum’s funeral. They should not have been allowed to have the protest, sorry. The whole COVID restrictions have severely impacted on our family in more ways than just my mum’s funeral.

  3. Powerful Bill. We must all share your post widely for accountability of our country’s society and economy wreckers!

  4. It appears that the only way to have all your friends around for a barbie, a wedding or funeral is to call it a demonstration of which, it appears, our so called leaders have no authority to stop. Then there is the notion that we must all march in unison to BLACK LIVES MATTER propaganda fired up by an incident involving the police and a George Floyd in the US.
    Firstly, ALL LIVES MATTER and the notion or chant that BLACK LIVES MATTER is a racist chant because the chant BLACK LIVES MATTER connotes that white, yellow and red lives do not matter.
    Secondly, Mr. George Floyd has a Police history which includes:-

    Year Time served Crime convicted
    1998 10 months Theft with a firearm
    2002 8 months Cocaine offence
    2004 10 months Cocaine offence
    2005 10 months less than one gram of cocaine
    2007 5 years Home invasion with a group; pointed a gun at the abdomen of a pregnant woman while ransacking the home looking for money and drugs and this is what our teenagers hail as a hero? God help us.
    John Abbott

  5. Having endured the restrictions and now the insult of arrogant marches being allowed by the very people that have shut us down, I have not felt so angry in years. But in a back to front way the protesters have exposed themselves for the frauds they are. We have also accepted the argument of a disproportionate number of aboriginals being gaoled. Hang on, some of those imprisoned have abused, or even killed, a black life that matters, even a member of their own family. There are so many black deaths in custody; no actually there are far more white deaths in Australian custody. The whole concept of black lives matter is a total furphy, a racist slogan designed to stir up trouble.

  6. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for your wisdom and common sense.
    It is so important in times like this.
    Now the protesters want to defund the police – during a riot!
    Can things get any worse?
    regards, Kyle

  7. Many thanks again, Bill. Always you are able to say what we would like to. Keep it up, we’re with you. God’s blessings Dave

  8. Yet not a peep out of our church leadership. Do churches still exist?
    The silence is deafening.
    Sounds like they might be afraid of being shut down…………

  9. Troy most churches have long since been neutered. They burned their pinch of incense a long time ago.

  10. Well said, Bill!!
    Our little country church has 23 regular attendees, plus one speaker, which fits perfectly inside our 8x12m church. 1 person per 4m. For months we have not been allowed to meet, even though we could do so ‘safely’. Yet they allow thousands in the streets, in the biggest population centres in the country. Someone in the church had their mother die during the pandemic, and had to make do with only 10 people at the funeral. The rest watched on Zoom. Many Australians have had grandchildren born that they are unable to see and hold.
    As of Sunday we are allowed to meet again as a church, but I have even heard some “authorities” pushing for ‘no singing’ in church to ‘stay safe’.
    You are right, and Rowan Dean is right. They have made a mockery of everything that the good people of Australia have done. They steam-roll the quiet ones but roll out the red carpet for the protests – but only the “correct” protests. Shame on them!!

  11. Well said, Bill. The profound hypocrisy of the state leaders and their medical advisors is deeply offensive to me. To throttle our religious, social and economic freedoms throttled and then allow protests about one particular cause is a disgrace. It would be a tragic irony if black people caught the virus and died as a result of community transmission following the protests.

  12. In NSW the demonstrations were seen to be organized by the Greens party. What is on very obvious show here is the standard socialist fare of one rule for the socialist elite and their cronies and another rule for the rest of us.

    I watched the Four Corners documentary on North Korea recently and was enraged, as is usual when watching the ABC these days, when they attempted to spin the facts and claim that Kim Jong Il is not just the standard corrupt socialist dictator that we have seen time and time again when socialism is allowed to take its natural course, but is apparently evil because he is a capitalist. Go figure.

    How obvious does the corruption within the obviously hypocritical left wing of politics (including the public broadcaster) have to get before people wake up? Why do we have to put up with the constant left-wing propaganda and misrepresentation from our publicly funded broadcasters?

    The fact is that bureaucracies (including police departments and broadcasters), whether left to their own devices within a capitalist democracy or given a free rein under socialism, invariably become corrupt unless proper democratic controls and authority are put in place to constantly correct matters. The big problem I see is the public broadcasters are now allowed to get away with undermining everything people in the West have fought and died for and are allowed to constantly manipulate public opinion through what is a complete and obvious misrepresentation and blatant abuse of power. They promote every sort of wickedness and perversion and the only thing that is routinely and deliberately omitted is any true Christian input. That is not only a blasphemy against God and an obvious abuse of their authority but is a very basic abuse of standard secularist principles. They are wicked and corrupted on so many levels and yet nothing is done about it.

  13. Hmm… I noticed that one person protesting in Melbourne had a sign saying “All lives matter”. It was knocked out of his hands by an Aboriginal man. The man with the placard was arrested, but not the Aboriginal!

  14. Bill, I have sent a link to this article to the Pressy Church Clerk and the head of the Church & Nation Committee

  15. While my microbiology graduate university studies are 50 yrs old, I have been working with the most dangerous micro flora mediums for all those years .
    I too got no decent answers to my questions about the actual rate of spread , asymptomatic assessments and the unproductive spread assessment methods .
    Because we are obliged to obey in risk situations. I did not argue but posted my concerns here at the very start
    If you have been fined for acting in what you consider a reasonable manner I encourage you to got to court ( which is your right and may help stop leaders from doing their own thing next time )

  16. If CoVid-19 is real, then there will be just desserts of a second wave traced back to these demonstrators.
    Then let us see how the Lamestream Meeja Idjuts will try to spin their way out of that one!

  17. Dear Bill, An outstanding piece telling it like it is. The account of your friend’s family funeral and what they had to endure brought a lump to my throat. At least my family did not have to put up with that heartbreak.

    It really shows what a cowardly bunch of leaders we have. None of them had the backbone to stop the demonstrations when the majority of Australians have been doing the right thing.

    A friend sent me a u Tube video of a brave young black woman called Candace Owens who is absolutely furious about the way George Floyd is being presented which is well worth watching. She says he shouldn’t have died like he did but he was certainly no martyr.

  18. The bad news is that there is worse to come for we Christians and Conservatives. Are we ready? Let’s not be complacent. Let’s fight back.

  19. The phenomenon of leaders running ahead of reality and missing the mark with real risk questions is very familiar to those of us who work and plan to manage it in high risk areas .
    In my case , landslides, seed , death and regeneration , bushfires, floods and drought .
    The only way, I know, that we can reduce the waste and misdirection, these attention seekers largely. create, is to remind them of their and our simple obligations to LISTEN more carefully to each other – Romans 12 and 13
    I am presenting a paper next month at COSAC ( ISCAST) with the aim of inspiring our young people to get back on the wild horse of nature and ride it again . Too many smart arses on seats .
    Unless we all follow again Our Lord’s leading to be on the Jericho road , we too will speculate too wildly and miss out on the specific risk challenges God wants us to face and win in , as individuals

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