The Three Easy Steps to Dictatorship

We still see politicians exploiting corona to serve their grab for more power:

If the past 10 or 11 months have taught us anything, it is this: If you ever wondered how tyranny could come to the West; if you ever wondered how our basic human rights and freedoms could be stolen away from us; if you ever wondered how the state could take total control; well, now we know.

We know full well how it works. We have lived through it. We have seen it happening with our own eyes. It is upon us as we speak. The corona crisis has provided the perfect excuse for all this to happen – and it has happened with incredible ease. Here is the quick and easy three-step process that we have been witnessing:

One. The state manufactures or exploits a crisis or emergency.
Two. The state and the media hyper-inflate the fear, magnify the alarmism, and peddle the panic-porn.
Three. The masses fully buy the panic and succumb to the fear, and readily – even happily – do whatever they are told with no questions asked.

And there you go. This is your perfect storm for instant tyranny. This is how you willingly and gladly give away all your freedoms and basic human rights. This is indeed how it ends. Instead of learning to live with a virus which may have at worst a one per cent fatality rate, we have become a nation of sheeple in full-blown panic and terror.

We see this happening week after week in Australia. Indeed, almost every day we encounter a new indication of this madness from our power-drunk leaders – and a willingness to go along with it by the masses. Here are just a few recent examples of this:

-One case – just one case – of corona is found in Perth, and the entire state is sent into lockdown with the compulsory mask-wearing and so on, and other states such as Victoria yet again restrict travel to WA.

-Victoria has not had any cases for a month, yet the dictator running things there, Dan Andrews, tells us that we must live in the state of emergency for at least another four weeks.

-The panic-pushing Premier of Queensland absolutely wrecked her state economically – and in other ways – with her idiotic and senseless border closures, and now she is begging taxpayers and the federal government to bail her out.

-We have just learned that the hotel quarantine staff in Melbourne were paid nearly $80 million of our tax dollars to do absolutely nothing over a 5-month period last year!

-The Andrews government spent $8 million of our tax dollars on legal fees at the hotel quarantine inquiry, $2 million more than the inquiry itself!

-Instead of being one nation, Australia has become a bunch of competing nations, a bunch of petty fiefdoms, with each premier trying to outdo the other in acting like a mini-Hitler.

The list goes on and on. We have clearly seen how most Australian political leaders – as in much of the rest of the West – are nothing more than wannabe tyrants and dictators who are absolutely drunk on power and control. They utterly love being able to lord it over everyone else.

And of course the lessons of history are perfectly clear on all this. When control-freak rulers take away our liberties and infringe upon our basic rights, they are loath to undo what they have done. The more power they have, and the more freedoms they strip away from the citizenry, the more they want.

The lust for power is a drug, and it is never satisfied. The more control these would-be dictators have, the more they crave. But just as bad is the brainless panic and fear of the masses. I have never seen so much madness in my life. I have heard so many sheeple fully defending this crackdown of freedom and this attack on human rights.

With all this going on, I for one despair greatly for where we are headed. But some others care as well – not many, sadly, but they do exist. Various voices have been speaking out strongly here and overseas about the way governments have been overreacting to things, throwing us all into draconian lockdowns, and not even caring that our freedoms are being taken away from us.

In the UK for example one thinks of people like Brendan O’Neill and Peter Hitchens who have been speaking out on this madness all along. I have quoted both of them often over the past year. And thankfully here in Australia a number of voices have been heard, warning where all this is headed.

And we now have a number of these voices brought together in one volume. Perth law professor Augusto Zimmermann has edited a collection of extremely important articles entitled Fundamental Rights in the Age of COVID-19 (Connor Court, 2020).

Let me offer the contents to this very important volume:

  1. Introduction – Fundamental Rights in the Age of Covid-19 – Augusto Zimmermann & Joshua Forrester 
  2. Reflecting upon the Costs of Lockdown – Rex Ahdar 
  3. Politicians, the Press and “Skin in the Game” – James Allan 
  4. An Analysis of Victoria’s Public Health Emergency Laws – Morgan Begg 
  5. Only the Australian People Can Clean up the Mess: A Call for People’s Constitutional Review – David Flint AM
  6. Covid-19, Border Restrictions and Section 92 of the Australian Constitution – Anthony Gray
  7. Blurred Lines Between Freedom of Religion and Protection of Public Health in Covid-19 Era – Italy and Poland in Comparative Perspective – Weronika Kudla & Grzegorz Jan Blicharz 
  8. The Dictatorship of the Health Bureaucracy: Governments Must Stop Telling Us What Is for Our Own Good – Rocco Loiacono 
  9. The Role of the State in the Protection of Public Health: The Covid-19 Pandemic – Gabriël A. Moens AM 
  10. Corona, Culture, Caesar and Christ – Bill Muehlenberg 
  11. The Age of Covid-19: Protecting Rights Matter – Monika Nagel 
  12. Molinism, Covid-19 and Human Responsibility – Johnny M. Sakr 
  13. Interposition: Magistrates as Shields against Tyranny – Steven Alan Samson 
  14. Destroying Liberty: Government by Decree – William Wagner 
  15. The Virus of Governmental Oppression: How the Australian Ruling Elites are Jeopardising both Democracy and our Health – Augusto Zimmermann 
Image of Fundamental Rights in the Age of COVID-19
Fundamental Rights in the Age of COVID-19 by Zimmermann, Augusto (Editor), Forrester, Joshua (Editor) Amazon logo

Each of the authors could be discussed and cited here, but let me concentrate on Dr Zimmermann’s chapter, and offer three quotes from it:

Since March 2020 Australia’s governments, both federal and state, are using their powers to excessively coerce, obstruct or otherwise unreasonably interfere with the life, liberty and property of the citizen. What these governments are doing is nothing but profoundly arbitrary and unconstitutional. They are using their newly acquired emergency powers to oppress the people and undermine basic principles of democratic government – including equality before the law and the right of citizens to be protected from unpredictable and arbitrary interference with their vital interests….

There was never an emergency that could justify the imposition of these emergency measures. Politicians have justified the incredible harm they are causing to the Australian people by getting completely drunk on their own sense of self-righteousness. Full of themselves, they proudly warned that we face a great threat but their policies have saved us from the spread of a deadly virus. The privileged members of our political class are therefore able to block our peaceful protests because they think they know better what needs to be done, and even if we are eventually oppressed, silenced and destitute as a result.

A reasonable concern for our well-being is one thing, but the actions taken by politicians during this pandemic have gone well beyond the extreme. What is happening is simply disgraceful and it gives new meaning to the phrase, ‘The cure is worse than the disease’. Of course, some of the worst crimes against humanity have been committed by individuals who believed they were simply doing a ‘great good’…. 

So many people have developed an utterly distorted view of government, or what a government can do for them. Such individuals now expect almost everything to come from government. They blindly worship at the altar of their all-mighty government, expecting their “benevolent” rulers to act as their almighty saviours, believing in government basically as the ultimate provider for all good things. Perhaps this is the result of society’s lost faith in the God of Christianity. Be as it may, the undeniable truth is that far too many Australians have acquired a disturbingly unshakeable faith in their ruling political masters. Call it a form of idolatry if you will.

Fortunately, the only discernible benefit of this ongoing pandemic has been to expose the authoritarian behaviour of the ruling elites led by the Australian Prime Minister and State Premiers. It has now become clear that such privileged individuals are developing a real taste for power and unlawful control over the population. The Prime Minister, Premiers, senior advisors and politicians have never had such an energising time as this. They are so full of importance and power that one can only expect them to continue running the country in such a heavy handed manner.

As should be clear from those words, Professor Zimmermann and I are on the same page here. As would be the other authors found in the book. I urge you all to get a copy or two. The volume is really that important, and we must pay careful heed to what is found therein.

To conclude, if you think my three-point recipe for tyranny offered above is still too long, a meme making the rounds on the social media has shortened things up a bit, but is just as true: “If you allow the government to break the law because of an emergency, they will always create an emergency to break the law.”

(The book is found here:–Edited-by-Augusto-Zimmermann-Joshua-Forrester-_p_414.html )

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13 Replies to “The Three Easy Steps to Dictatorship”

  1. Thank you for writing this excellent review of “Fundamental Rights in the Age of Covid-19”. Thank you also for your outstanding contribution to the collection. I deeply enjoyed reading your chapter. — Augusto Zimmermann

  2. Thank you Bill for your review of Professor Zimmermann’s book. God bless you both.

  3. Just to fill out the figure you quoted of those dying of COVID 19. Wikipedia reports that to date 2.23m people in the world have died. Given a global population of 7, 800m, this represents a percentage of 0.03 %. You may also be interested in knowing that the percentage of CO2, said to be causing global warming in the atmosphere, is 0.04%. The parallels between these two scams are obvious.

  4. Another great article that hits the nail right on the head !
    Keep up the great work and keep shining that lantern Bill……

  5. I don’t know if this is the case down in Australia, but the source point of the scam is in the testing protocols. It was seen early on that they were jacking up the cycles used in the test sample processing to manufacture high ‘case’ numbers, hence the mythical asymptomatic cases. This may have been, I have seen reports of, coupled with some kinds of compensation to testing doctors and hospitals based on positive cases. Not surprising, the testing protocols were tuned down on the biden inauguration day 1/20 by the WHO due to the high number of false positives. So not only was the media hyping it, the medical complex was forging the data used in the hyping. We have been played, seriously played. And it is huge spiritual matter for us. Are we to fight, flee, hide, or go along with it and keep on witnessing? God’s judging the western church, in my view, and repentance is the beginning. But I see little realization of that at this time. Again, down in Australia, perhaps its different from the country formally known as the United States of America 7/4/1776 – 1/20/2021.

  6. Thanks Bill.
    As you know, Professor Zimmermann writes often in Quadrant as does Stuart Lindsay, another wise man who is well worth reading.

    The church, it seems, has lost it’s savour. Lost it’s will to fight in the face of tyranny and congregations and pastors are confused and lacking direction, even refusing to hear Godly, scriptural, counsel. The trumpet has been sounding for years to no avail.

    There is so much to be done. But where to start, and what might a new Christian do, or a lone voice say, while the Christian congregation finds it’s direction and courage again?

    I think we could start with one issue – to be abolitionist about abortions.

    Prayer, repentance, supporting every mother and protecting every baby (without exception) from the horror of abortion is essential before we can expect to make any gains in the culture war or find relief from statist tyranny. True Christians put the least among us first.

    With this in mind, may I recommend reading Stuart Lindsay’s heart-felt articles in Quadrant?
    Start here

  7. Dear Bill.
    Thank you for the article. I live in WA and am experiencing the BRUTAL lockdown that the MC Gowan government has introduced. I feel sure he has done this to some extent to make himself more popular because there is an election coming up in March. A previous survey showed that he had a 90percent approval rating about the way he had handled the pandemic so he thinks this lockdown will also get the peoples approval but I think it will backfire. I say the restrictions are BRUTAL and this is not an exaggeration because I am 84 years of age and am finding it extremely difficult to walk because of my sciatica. On top of that the weather is in the mid thirties so the expectation of wearing a mask when I go shopping is distressing me very much as I have enough discomfort to suffer.

    The police commissioner and the Premier come on television arrogantly threatening people with heavy fines for not wearing masks further worrying people and all this for ONE MAN. I am also sickened at the obvious unquestioning capitulation which is obvious in the population to these regulations.

    I went to the supermarket with my 26year old autistic grandson who has autism and epilepsy. I took him to keep him occupied for an hour because the centre he goes to has closed. He was agitated because he didn’t understand why his carer hadn’t come for him. Autistic sufferers get agitated when their normal routine is disrupted. My daughter put a sticker on his shirt which said he had a medical condition and because he LOOKS normal and healthy I got plenty of hostile looks from the mask wearing public.

    My point is no government has the right to put its handicapped and vulnerable citizens through such harsh regulations as compulsory mask wearing. There has been no advice or help on it. The disabled and elderly have been totally ignored.

  8. “When fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jack-boots. It will be Nike sneakers and Smiley shirts. Germany lost the Second World War. Fascism won it. Believe me, my friend.”
    — George Carlin

    You could replace America with The West and it wouldn’t lose any meaning.

    As Captain Picard said “villains who twirl their moustaches are easy to spot those who clothe themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged ….. Spreading fear in the name of righteousness.”

  9. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for your hard work and biblical voice regarding this issue. I recently read an article by Professor Zimmerman and Professor Moens regarding the constitutional issues of mandatory vaccines. Do you know if they and many other constitutional lawyers are quite busy right now with regards to Mandatory Vaccinations?
    I know this article was written earlier this year but it is scary reading it again now along with the comments and seeing where we are mnny months later.



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