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Homosexuality, Islam and Christianity

Jun 15, 2016

Homosexuality is condemned in all three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. While there are some similarities found on this issue in all three, there are also some major differences. Here I wish to focus on just one aspect of

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When Sexuality Goes Feral

Oct 15, 2013

The sexual revolution is in full flight, and has been so for some decades now. Voices of sanity back in the 60s warned that this would not be good – and they sure were right. The disastrous consequences of the

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Taking Back Sexual Wholeness

Jul 29, 2013

Anyone except porn lovers and radical civil libertarians knows what a destructive tsunami the porn plague has been. It has devastated relationships, marriages, families and countless individuals in a downward spiral of degrading addiction.

And for some of course it

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Hate Crimes and Lefty Double Standards

Aug 16, 2012

Take the loony left, a biased media, and a baloney legal concept such as hate crimes, and you have a recipe for real trouble. I have written before about the dangers of hate crime legislation. Not only is the very

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More Fake Hate Crimes

Jul 5, 2012

The homosexual militants are notorious for agitating for “hate crime” laws all over the Western world. In their attempt to stifle all dissent and silence all opponents, they are urging lawmakers to enact totalitarian legislation which makes any criticism of

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Sweden, Sheep, and Sexual Suicide

May 23, 2011

Examples of moral inversion abound. What once was called bad is now called good. What once was frowned upon is now celebrated. What once was seen as deviant behaviour is now regarded as just another lifestyle choice. What once was

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Hate Crimes and the Religious Left

May 12, 2009

Christians know that in this world they will suffer persecution and tribulation. Jesus promised this would happen to all true followers of his. But one of the more ominous warnings that Jesus gave was that this persecution would often be

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IslamOnline: Should beheading be the penalty for homosexuals?

Jun 13, 2008
This article was originally posted on June 12, 2008 at but has since been deleted, and is reproduced here for archival purposes.

by Mohamed El-Moctar El-Shinqiti

Friday, June 13, 2008

RECENTLY, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh threatened to behead

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Leftwing Crimes and Misdemeanours

May 19, 2007

The left is not the only group capable of propaganda, bias, distortion of facts, and misleading messages. But it gets a pretty good run at all this. Numerous instances of such bias come to mind, but two recent examples especially

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Fake Hate Crimes

May 3, 2007

There are two general truths about so-called hate crime legislation, regardless of where they appear around the world. One, they are largely the work of homosexual activists and their allies, seeking to gain ever greater acceptance of their lifestyle, and

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Attacking Our Children – In Schools

Nov 28, 2012

Society at large is becoming a quite unsafe place for children. Indeed, one could argue that Western societies have basically declared war on our children. Instead of protecting them, nurturing them, and carefully guiding them, we have effectively tossed them

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Our Sleaze-Soaked Society

Nov 12, 2011

All over the Western world sexual crimes are sky-rocketing, and all over the Western world we live in a sex-soaked society. Is there a connection? Anyone but a libertarian ideologue would of course know there is. You simply cannot pump

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The Mainstreaming of Sleaze

Jun 27, 2007

The mainstreaming of sleaze and porn has been going on for some time now. As is often the case, it involves little, gradual, and often unnoticed changes. But there is a cumulative effect. It is just like the familiar story

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Bathroom Wars

Feb 17, 2017

Until recently no one had any good reason to write an article about bathrooms. Why would they have? Sadly however, bathrooms have now become a hot topic, all because of the radical gender bender wars which are raging all around

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