Homosexual Haters Against the Salvation Army

There is nothing and no one the homosexual hate lobby will not take on in their effort to cram their radical agenda down the throats of every man, woman and child on the planet. They have declared war on any organisation or individual which dares to oppose its hate-filled agenda.

No matter how wonderful and charitable and philanthropic and helpful a group or person may be, if they do not fully grovel before the homosexual militants, they will be targeted and treated with utter contempt and disgust by the bullies at the “tolerance” brigade.

These thugs excel in intimidation, harassment, bullying and hate. And even such enormously dedicated charity groups like the Salvation Army will be treated like dirt if they do not bow the knee to the new homosexual tyranny. Consider two recent shocking cases of this.

In November of last year the gaystapo declared war on the Salvos for daring to say marriage was between a man and a woman. For that grotesque transgression the militants turned their wrath on the world famous charity. Here is how one report covered the story back then:

“Gay rights activists who object to the Salvation Army’s biblical stance on homosexuality are launching their annual call to shut down the organization’s Christmas fundraiser. The red kettle campaign, which is now in its 120th year, is a familiar sight to Christmas shoppers. The organization’s simple method of begging for shoppers’ loose change as they exit stores has raised millions of dollars to benefit needy families, seniors, and the homeless.

“The Salvation Army’s humble method of raising funds during the Christmas season has brought in millions to provide food, shelter and clothing for the poor. But if the author of a recent blog post on bilerico.com, one of the internet’s most prominent homosexual blogs, has his way, that would be brought to an end. ‘As the holidays approach, the Salvation Army bell ringers are out in front of stores dunning shoppers for donations. If you care about gay rights, you’ll skip their bucket in favor of a charity that doesn’t actively discriminate against the LGBT community,’ wrote Bil Browning, in a post that appeared last week.

“Browning authored a shorter post last year on the same theme that he says garnered 14,000 Facebook shares. His longer post this year quotes from the Salvation Army’s website as evidence of its offensive stance on gay rights, such as the statement that ‘sexual intimacy is understood as a gift of God to be enjoyed within the context of heterosexual marriage.’ That statement goes on to say that ‘there is no scriptural support for demeaning or mistreating anyone for reason of his or her sexual orientation,’ although Browning does not quote this portion.

“Browning claims that the organization discriminates against gays and lesbians in its services, and seems to imply that the money raised by the red kettle campaign helps to fund Salvation Army lobbying efforts, such as supporting a UK law to prohibit the government from actively promoting the homosexual lifestyle in public schools.

“Major George Hood, the Salvation Army’s National Community Relations Secretary, told LifeSiteNews that both claims were untrue. ‘The position of the Salvation Army is very clear that we preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and we meet human needs without discrimination,’ he said in an interview. ‘We know that there are people who come to us from the gay community and they are served the same as anyone else because sexual orientation is not a question we would ever ask’.”

But not to be outdone, the pink mafia are at it again. For daring to stand up for traditional marriage and the biblical view on human sexuality, the lavender storm troopers are at it again. Consider this report in today’s press:

“The Salvation Army’s declaration that homosexuality is an unacceptable urge has provoked outrage in the gay community. Gay pop star Darren Hayes called for a boycott of the high-profile charity, a call backed by pro-gay lobbyists. The Salvos responded last night by pointing out they helped some of Australia’s most marginalised and needy people, including gay and transgender ones.

“After the Salvos’ online statement on homosexuality, Hayes tweeted to his 60,748 followers: ‘Important for gay people to know the true position of the Salvation Army when considering who to donate to. Sad.’ He said asking people to control their sexuality was like asking someone to change their eye colour.

“Salvation Army spokesman Maj Bruce Harmer said most of Australia’s faith-based charities would be excluded from donations if judged on Hayes’ criteria. ‘TSA (the Salvos) would suggest a more appropriate measure for people to use is to look at how an organisation treats and deals with members of the community who are marginalised, vulnerable, experiencing disadvantage or oppression,’ he said. ‘On that measure, TSA is one of the most compassionate and non-discriminatory in the way it works with people who are marginalised in our community, including many who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.’

“He said gay people could be officers of the church if they vowed to be celibate. The same rule applied to unmarried heterosexuals. The statement, which described homosexuality as ‘unacceptable’ to God and that it should be ‘restrained’ with willpower, was its current position.

“Anna Brown, convener of the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby, said the charity had also opposed gay marriage at a House of Representatives inquiry. ‘Actively campaigning against marriage equality is counter to the principles of compassion and humanity, and these are the very values that motivate most Australians to donate to the Salvation Army,’ she said.”

Well there you have it folks. The homosexual jackboots want to see the Salvation Army closed down for its crimes against humanity. Yep, dare to say that marriage is about a man and a woman only, and you face the blast furnace of homosexual intolerance and bigotry.

I am now fully convinced that you can tell just how hate-filled, intolerant and bigoted a group will be by the amount of times they claim to reject such values. Indeed, there is an inverse relationship going on here: the more these guys talk about love, acceptance and tolerance, the more unloving, un-accepting and intolerant they in fact are.

And here we have yet two more perfect examples of this. What a miserable hate-filled bunch they really are.


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23 Replies to “Homosexual Haters Against the Salvation Army”

  1. Hi Bill.
    Thanks for elaborating on this news story. Its so sad, it doesn’t seem like they know what they are doing. The homosexual “juggernaut” just seems to be a tool of the devil to destroy anything and everything that is good.
    What business do they have in trying to shut down all the good work of the salvo’s just because they disagree? Its absolutely nuts!
    Bill, keep up the good work. I appreciate what you do.
    God bless
    “Father, forgive them, and rescue them from themselves, because they don’t know what they are doing.”
    David Sampson

  2. Gay demagogues love to castigate the Church for inhibiting “social equality”, while ignoring the thousands of schools, hospitals, and soup kitchens the Church has established throughout the ages precisely to bring true equality to the disadvantaged, and fulfil Christ’s commands to clothe the naked and feed the hungry.

    “Marriage equality” is a deceitful phrase designed to obscure the fact that marriage is equality between man and woman. Homosexuality denies this equality, replacing it with sexual apartheid. Such a forceful rejection of the other half of humanity is the antithesis of compassion.

    Michael Watts

  3. Actually, I think this is great. Let them continue on in this campaign. The general community respect for the Salvos is very high and one politician had this astute response:

    “I see the Rainbow Fascists are after the Salvos now. Just as a matter of interest, how many needy people did our friends from the fringes of the loony Left feed, clothe and house last night??”

    If they continue, and the Salvos stay true (for which they will need support), this will almost certainly be a publicity disaster for the gaystapo. Worth praying about.

    Mark Rabich

  4. Quite right Mark. They keep overstepping the mark, and they are getting more and more obnoxious and hate-filled. Hopefully soon enough the masses will wake up to their real agenda and reject them big time.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  5. All excellent points made above. I particularly agree with “homosexuality denies this equality replacing it with sexual apartheid”. To me that is the stumbling block of their argument, or the elephant in the room.
    Rachel Smith

  6. Ironically, I would have to agree in part with the Rainbow-Shirts but for different reasons! Not because the Australian Salvation Army church is rightly standing up for true marriage, but because it is condemning unborn babies to death who happen to be the product of rape or incest! See this statement

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria

  7. Yes I was thinking the same thing Mark – I think their hatred will shine forth taking on such a respected group like that.
    Nathan Keen

  8. Praise God for the Salvation Army! At least one group that is brave enough not to back down in the face of intimidation, may they continue with God’s help until this fight is over.
    And yes, they will continue to give aid to those who by their own wrong and rebellious choices have wrecked their health, their relationships and their financial support structures. Maybe though due to their boycott they might have to be put to the end of the queue to be attended to after those whose illness and poverty have not been caused by wrong choices. But would that be “discrimination”? No, God’s grace and resources are vaster than that, so it probably won’t happen. God bless them!
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  9. I think it is time to make known the huge difference between ‘agape’ love and ‘eros’ love. Self-giving, or self-getting.

    The Salvation Army members honour, agape-love, serve, proclaim, minister and represent Jesus Christ. Their ministry of mercy in giving to others freely, is consistent with the meek ‘agape’ love of the cross of Christ Jesus. This is the true serving, self-denying, agape love which lays down one’s life, for the benefit—now and eternally—of another.

    Jesus said to ‘agape’ love your enemies and do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who persecute you.

    The gay-agenda talk of love is of mere ‘eros’ love. Not the same thing at all. Tricky thing is, it parades itself as noble.

    “The crowd”, as they demand ‘rights’ and bully organisations at the expense of true community, and of personal lives, know nothing of this true agape love—saving love!

    Trevor Faggotter

  10. It seems to me that the very rights the homosexual community (or the most radical thereof) demand for themselves they deny others who disagree with their demands. When the Salvos are attacked it shows just how lacking in respect these lobbyist have for the Christian values which these wonderful men and women have dedicated their lives to uphold while caring for the most vulnerable in society.

    Patti Smith

  11. Dear Bill, a certain old pop star must be desperate for publicity. He is certainly giving the Salvation Army some publicity. They do their work partly because they love Jesus and the Holy Bible. That pop star may have shot himself in the foot.
    Regards, Franklin Wood

  12. I notice a certain Senator making overtones that it is nothing to be scared of the tactics by the LG’s.

    With her record in Parliament I would not take her words as gospel, especially with what has happened in the last 20 years with the vitriol and vicious attacks on anyone who disagrees with them.

    Rob Bath

  13. “the more these guys talk about love, acceptance and tolerance, the more unloving, un-accepting and intolerant they in fact are.”

    Very true, Bill. In his recent series entitled “Civilisation: The West and the Rest”, Niall Ferguson notes that the sexual revolution of the 60’s was supposedly all about ‘free love’ yet it unleashed a torrent of violent and destructive human activity. As he quotes, “A revolution devours its own children!”

    Paul McCormack

  14. I think we need to be careful that we are not guilty of double standards here. In a previous post (https://billmuehlenberg.com/2012/06/16/do-you-know-where-your-money-is-going/) Bill quite rightly pointed out how we need to be very cautious and knowledgeable about which organisations we give to financially, and only support those organisations whose actions and priorities are consistent with our own beliefs, morals and worldview.

    However haven’t Darren Hayes and others done exactly the same thing? That is, they are encouraging people not to support an organization (ie. the Salvation Army) that has publicly gone against their own worldview (ie. by saying gay marriage is not ok). In no way do I agree with the content of these comments by Darren Hayes, but isn’t he merely being consistent with his own belief and worldview?

    I noticed that one of the commentators to Bill ‘s previous post called for a boycott for the Breast Cancer Research organization because they didn’t promote a still controversial and not entirely clear link between breast cancer and abortion. (BTW a quick search on http://www.pubmed.com suggests the relationship is far from being a “fact”, but that is aother matter).

    After accounting for the different world views, are these calls for a boycott any different in principle to that of Hayes?

    If we criticize other people for defending what they believe is the truth, then we could be rightly criticized for condemning the very thing we are doing ourselves?

    Can we be guilty sometimes of focusing on the symptoms of people’s beliefs, rather than highlighting the lies and hidden agendas underpinning their beliefs? Hopefully, as Mark Rabich has pointed out, this campaign against the Salvation Army will draw attention to the lies underpinning their beliefs.

    Peter Baade

  15. Thanks Peter

    But there are no double standards here at all, and you seem to be missing the point. We are all free of course to choose whom we buy from or don’t buy from. That is something in a democracy we can all choose to do. I am not begrudging that. But perhaps you did not read my article carefully enough. We are not talking about mere boycotts here, but in effect shutting down and shouting down any opposition, and any organisation which stands in the way of the homosexual agenda. That especially comes through in the first example I use. Note the words used: “their annual call to shut down”.

    That of course is an altogether different matter than merely voting with your feet in terms of purchasing preferences. Go back and read some of my previous posts if you still don’t get this. The other side wants us totally brow-beaten into submission. See here for example:

    And see my most recent post, which should scare the socks off of every single one of us: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2012/06/19/this-is-exactly-where-all-this-is-heading/

    This is not a mere boycott – this is militant homosexual tyranny aided and abetted by the heavy hand of the law to fully and finally eliminate all dissenting voices. We need to wise up here, and real quick, or we will lose it all.

    And this of course has absolutely nothing to do with being careful about what organisations we give money to as we seek to be good stewards and faithful users of what God has entrusted us with. And you seem to be far too dismissive of the great mass of evidence which now exists linking abortion and breast cancer. But you are right – that is another matter.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  16. Hi Bill – I think you are generalising my comments too much, further than I intended anyway. Maybe I made the incorrect assumption that you agreed with a commentator in the previous post (referenced above) who said “Christian churches need to stop raising money and holding events for such a fraudulent organisation.” That sounds like a boycott to me.

    I was in no way referring to the aggressive tactics of the homosexual lobby. I would be hoping there was no reason to suggest there was any double standards in terms of aggression and hate on the part of Christians.

    Peter Baade

  17. Thanks Peter

    But as I said, I don’t mind who does a boycott. Either side is welcome to. This is a democracy. What I am saying – and you may be missing this – is that in so many instances the other side is calling for a heck of a lot more than mere boycotts. They want to close down all opposition. That is an altogether different matter. We need to wake up to these truths. There is no moral equivalence here whatsoever in this regard.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  18. Ok. I guess I just picked up on David Hayes who was quoted above as calling for a boycott, which sounded very much like what I referred to above. So it was almost like David Hayes is criticised here for suggesting a boycott, while it is ok for “us” to suggest a boycott of another organisation.

    I agree totally though, when it goes beyond a boycott (which I agree it often does), it becomes a different matter entirely, and I was in no way referring to those situations.

    Peter Baade

  19. If there is any double standard here it is that Christians seem happy to support the Salvos in spite of the fact that it supports certain types of abortion as documented in Damien Wyld’s recent article in Newsweekly. If we are to be discerning regarding where our money is going, then I suggest we should be joining the rainbow-shirts in their boycott of the Salvos!

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria.

  20. Why is it when any Christian Leaders or organisations are mentioned as being soft (ie the Salvos),or involved with making money out of the abortion industry (ie SteriHealth), Christians run for cover and don’t bother to check out the truth, and to hold those involved to account?
    Robyn Grace

  21. Is there any organisation that gets it absolutely right on all points? Sure, if the salvation army supports abortion in certain circumstance, given their otherwise scriptural position, this anomaly may have resulted from insufficient understanding of scripture and might be eagerly corrected by this group themselves, should someone take the time it takes to point it out to them without immediately considering withdrawal of support.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVznV4O4sto The testimony 7 minutes into this is really impacting. I pray everyone will hear and know the Truth, Gods will is that all will be saved and none will perish. I pray all those lost in sin will accept and experience the new life offered through Christ. Amen
    Linda Jefferson

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