The Sexual Revolutionaries Spewing Hate Again

The continued persecution of the great Margaret Court shows just how far the sexual militants have progressed:

So just who are the most bigoted, intolerant and hate-filled folks around? Well I can tell you this: they sure are not those from our side. The radical sexual revolutionaries and those fully intent on committing gender genocide certainly take the honours here.

They are routinely the most reactionary and divisive haters around. And the sexual militants have combined with the secular state to drive their radical agendas, despite the masses not wishing to be force-fed these activist programs and ideologies.

That these activists and their statist supporters are among the most destructive coercive utopians around is something I have documented countless times now in numerous articles and books. All the frightening things warned about in dystopian novels such as Brave New World and 1984 seem to be coalescing in the ugly marriage of the sexual tyrants and the activist State.

Ordinary people are the ones who suffer from this nasty alliance of haters and bigots. Even not so ordinary people are suffering. Simply think of the ongoing saga with the world’s greatest female tennis player, Margaret Court. Someone who should be feted as one of our elite champions has instead endured years of abuse, persecution and hatred.

How can a superlative tennis player warrant such a reaction? Simple: she has dared to stand up for marriage as a union of a man and a woman, and for saying that in public, the wrath of the militants has come down on her like a ton of bricks. For daring to affirm what 99 per cent of humanity has always affirmed makes her public enemy number one.

She is now pastoring a church in Perth, and she has been quite outspoken when it comes to marriage and family. For having the courage to do this, she is seen as someone who must be utterly rejected and ripped into. I have written about her a dozen times now. See for example this piece:

But her haters continue to declare war on her. She has committed unforgivable thought crimes it seems, and she must be punished severely. Recently she asked why she cannot be honoured in the same way that male tennis greats such as Rod Laver have been honoured. One news item puts it this way:

The Australian tennis summer is again facing controversy over all-time great Margaret Court after she called on Tennis Australia to celebrate her grand slam 50th anniversary. Court wants the same recognition that was afforded to Rod Laver’s 1969 grand slam anniversary at the Australian Open earlier this year, and says she won’t return to Melbourne Park unless she is formally welcomed back.

Court, who holds the all-time record of 24 grand slam singles titles, has not attended the Australian Open since 2017, when she was heavily criticised after voicing her opposition to same-sex marriage. That led to calls for her name to be removed from Margaret Court Arena at Melbourne Park. “I think Tennis Australia should sit and talk with me (about the anniversary),” Court told Nine.

“They have never phoned me. Nobody has spoken to me directly about it. I think they would rather not confront it. They brought Rod in from America. If they think I’m just going to turn up, I don’t think that is right. I think I should be invited. I would hope they would pay my way to come like they paid for his, and honour me. If they are not going to do that, I don’t really want to come.”

I had actually missed some of this news because I was in Africa for a week. But returning recently, and still jetlagged, I did something I don’t usually do: flicked through some television channels early one morning. And on one of them I saw something that further proved to me just how dedicated the haters really are to clamping down on our freedoms.

On one morning talk show there was some guy going on and on about how “abhorrent” Court’s views were, and trying to tell us that ‘homophobia is illegal’. It turns out this anti-Christian bigot is some comedian I have never heard of before. As one recent news item reports:

Australian comedian and host of Triple M Sydney’s breakfast program Lawrence Mooney said Court’s attitude towards gay people has no place in society. “You can’t use ‘her views are popular’ and ‘she has a right to use them’ to be homophobic, you just can’t be,” Mooney told Channel 9’s Today program.

“And if you’re homophobic there’s no space for you in public life. Discriminating about sexuality is a crime, so it is legislated against. Margaret Court’s opinions on same sex marriage and sexuality are abhorrent and she should be hounded out of the sport until she falls into line. It’s absolutely abhorrent. Margie, catch up to 2019. Margaret Court needs to stop discriminating against people.”

Good grief. Sieg Heil to you too Moons. So for daring to say what the world has always said, she is now an enemy of the state and a dastardly thought criminal who must be banished to some desert isle for life? And where exactly do we have a law saying ‘homophobia’ is against the law?

The term itself is meaningless, and I am not aware of any legislation which says what a person thinks about the nature of marriage is now a crime against the state. This guy is your perfect example of bigoted haters in action. He does not want a free flow of ideas. He does not want free speech. He does not want debate.

Image of The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives and Why the Church Was Right All Along
The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives and Why the Church Was Right All Along by Roback Morse PhD, Jennifer (Author) Amazon logo

He wants to ban all debate and free speech, and criminalise every single person who dares to think differently than he does. As a comedian, he is a joke all right. The trouble is, when bigots like this get into power, they are real dangers to any democracy.

Sexual fascists like this want to turn our country into a homocracy, if I can coin a phrase. They are just as much theocrats as anyone else. But in this case, their god is the god of the sexual revolution. Everyone must bow down and worship before these sexual gods, and all those who refuse to do so must be fully punished.

Welcome to the gender genocide brave new world. Recall that nearly 5 million people voted “No” to homosexual marriage a few years ago. Will brownshirts like Mooney consign all of them to the gulag as well for daring to think differently than the way he does?

Thought crimes were par for the course in Orwell’s 1984. Haters like Mooney are working overtime to ensure that such things are fully implemented in Australia in 2019. He wants to turn all free and democratic nations into gender gulags where only those who think the correct thoughts are allowed to live freely.

The rest will be enchained in re-education camps until such a time as they have proven to be compliant and non-thinking wards of the PC state. We can also refer to this as the ‘Sexual State’ as Jennifer Roback Morse does in her recent book.

While I will speak to this important volume much more in the near future, let me close this article with just one quote from it. She nails just what we are up against. She tells us that the radical sexual revolution needs and depends upon the state:

The Sexual Revolution has never been a grassroots movement. It is and always has been a movement of the elites justifying their preferred lifestyles, imposing their new morality, and, in the process, allowing them unprecedented control over others. The Sexual Revolution came about because the elites captured the coercive power of the State and used it for their personal and ideological interests. The state, together with elite institutions of society, support the Sexual Revolution with a continual flow of propaganda.

Exactly, that is certainly what we see here. Imagine the world’s greatest female sporting champion being vilified and hated on simply for affirming what all of human society has basically believed throughout history. Imagine turning a champion like Margaret Court into an ideological outlaw and a conceptual criminal for daring to affirm the truth about marriage.

We live in very scary times indeed my friends.

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25 Replies to “The Sexual Revolutionaries Spewing Hate Again”

  1. Thanks Bill. We’ve lost a lot of ground in some ways. It may yet backfire.
    There is a huge chunk of the general public are fed-up with the attack on Margaret Court, too. They support her holding to her biblical views.

  2. Where is the #METOO feminista brigade?

    Where is the decent Australian sports public?

    Is this snubbing not the most outrageous form of gender bias?

    C’mon Australia we can do better than this, and Australia’s tennis governs body should be ashamed!

    Thank you Magret for standing up for your Christian belief and conviction, you’re still a champion, now for Jesus Christ(:

    Cheers & blessings

    Eric Hansen

  3. Dear Bill,
    Disturbing, disgraceful and offensive treatment of Margaret Court by many in the MSM.
    All power to her, she is not intimidated by pagans.

  4. Thanks Bill. I think perhaps they hope that if they can silence all human dissent their conscience will no longer be troubled. I fear they will be like Mr ‘Tick Tock’ who couldn’t stand rhythmic sound and finally punctured his ear drums only to become more acutely aware of his own heart beat.

  5. Thank you Bill.
    Margaret has only ever expressed love for the homosexually inclined person.
    She simply and quietly lives by God’s Word stating what so many in our society also do believe, that marriage is between a man and a woman. Many do not agree with this – that is not the point now.
    There are those who can only get traction for forcefully imposing their false agenda on everyone else (openly championing the practise of homosexuality etc.) by imputing ‘hate’ to anyone who does not agree with them. In this way they represent themselves as having the moral ‘high ground’. They falsely identify as ‘haters’ those they declare as their vicious opponents – the ones who quietly speak the truth that they themselves deny.
    They spew ‘hate’ from their own being.
    It is so sad that in this challenging situation there is such division among the people.
    Truth is divisive in this way.

  6. And on a related topic, since someone mentioned “metoo”, last Monday’s (5th November) Q&A was utterly abysmal and indescribable. Most of the panel agreed with some freak called Mona who openly and persistently advocated for violence and mayhem against “the patriarchy.”

    ALL references and links to that program have now been removed from the ABC by order of Ita Buttrose, Chair-person. Soon it will be regarded as “fake news” that never happened.

    Here is the link to News Ltd reports (subscription required to read in full).

    It is as if the elites have been exposed in all their fury but they can’t bear to be held accountable for their disgusting views.

    The same applies to the topic above – so-called comedians like Mooney can say the most outrageous things but refuse to be held accountable for them.

  7. Bill how can we help Margaret? This is so wrong. Something MUST be DONE. I hate this feeling of helplessness when a good Christian is being persecuted in this manner. I’m not young and able bodied anymore so I can’t go and physically protest to Tennis Australia (perhaps there are those who can), but what do you think about a Petition to Tennis Australia to “bring back our Champion”?
    As previously stated, Margaret is now also a Champion for Christ and she is certainly carrying her Cross.
    God bless Margaret.

  8. Thanks Bill – I just emailed Tennis Australia and asked them to practice the Equality they claim they stand for and give Margaret the same honour they gave Rod Laver!

  9. Thanks Bill, I just emailed Tennis Australia and let them know how I feel about the disgraceful treatment of our Aussie Champion Margaret Court. I would like to encourage others to do so also to actually bombard them and let them know that Margaret has support from Aussie’s and that her opinions on other matters should have nothing to do with how we recognise her Outstanding Tennis Career. Although I strongly agree with Margaret’s opinions I still cannot see that they should have any influence on how she is treated in her Tennis Achievements. God bless you Bill for bringing this insult to our attention.

  10. Hi Bill, these militants, read maggots are both progressing and regressing if you get my drift.
    So hard to pray for them!
    Should we pray destruction on them as David has concerning his enemies in the psalms, or love them as Christ would.
    I understand Christ’s love was not a love that condoned sinful behaviour rather it sought to warn and offer forgiveness for repentance.
    Maybe an article to help this dilemma.
    Blessing to you.

  11. I appreciate Julyan Sumner’s comment. There is a Bible verse that describes these and other people who promote sin, hatred, and dissent with the words, “The ways of peace they have not known.”

  12. I love your term “homocracy”. This is brilliant! The main purpose of traditional marriage is to produce and protect children. Homosexuals can not have children without adoption or artificial reproduction. I think that the real reason they wanted marriage was so that they could have legal custody of children. They complained about hospital visitors. They said that their relatives were stopping their gay partners from visiting them. The government can pass laws for hospital visiting. Hospitals can implement policies for hospital visiting. They did not need gay marriage to have hospital visitors of their choice. There was a TV program called The New Normal. It was quite bizarre. There was a pregnant “man”. It showed a male couple holding a baby with great excitement. Can you please do an article about “The New Normal”?

  13. Thanks for your thoughts. I just wonder if it would also be helpful to explain why the bible says what it does about marriage, homosexuality and what it means to be human? We need to be clear on this as christians.

  14. The 21.5% that didn’t vote at all (and therefore did not support YES & / or No, equated to 3,440,000)

    The non voters combined with the No Vote, it surpasses the Yes Vote. Food for thought?

    Why do people not vote? Fear? Apathy? Laziness?

  15. Lately, I find it almost impossible to scroll through an article. I got here by chance. I don’t know what article I am commenting on because I can’t scroll up.

  16. Thanks Des. But this may be where you ask the kids or grand kids for help. it is likely a fault on your end, or the device you are using (smart phone, laptop, etc). Things are working fine on my site, so you may need to explore options (or get some help) as to why they are not working on your end. Hope it gets resolved soon!

  17. Hi Bill, just updating you that I have had NO REPLY from Tennis Australia regarding my email to them about Margaret Court. I hope all those who have commented here on Margaret’s behalf have also emailed Tennis Australia, numbers talk!!! I emailed them on the 8th Nov. it’s now the 19th Nov. so we’ll see what they come up with. Please everyone get behind this.

  18. Dear Bill,
    I have finally received a reply to my email sent to Tennis Australia via the link that you supplied to me on the 8th Nov. 2019 regarding Margaret Court.
    Their reply is below: FYI My name is Marie Louise but I usually go by Louise.

    Dear Marie,

    Thank you for getting in touch.

    Recently we announced some of our plans to recognise the 50th anniversary of Margaret’s Grand Slam at next year’s Australian Open.

    Margaret Court, along with her family and friends, has been invited to Australian Open 2020 as a special guest, and to participate in a significant program of events throughout the tournament.

    Included in our plans is the release of a mini-documentary on her achievements, and a feature in the AO Program. Further plans will be revealed during the tournament.

    Margaret has said that she is looking forward to celebrating the 50th anniversary of winning the Grand Slam with family and friends at the Australian Open and is grateful to Tennis Australia.

    We hope that you continue to show your support for Australian tennis and are looking forward, like us, to the upcoming summer.

    Best regards,

    ——————- Original Message ——————-
    From: Tennis Australia Website
    Received: 8/11/2019
    To: Customer Support; Customer Support
    Subject: Tennis Australia Website: ‘General’ inquiry submitted by Marie Bayley (

    Best Wishes from

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