Targeting the Toddlers

I suppose it is something that we should have expected. It had to come sooner or later. Now our day care centres are being used as hunting grounds for the social engineers. The political radicals are now targeting our toddlers, and the culture wars have entered a new and alarming phase.

Homosexual activists have long made it plain that they seek nothing less than complete social acceptance and endorsement. They have never hidden this over-riding goal. Indeed, the homosexual activist manuals spell it out quite clearly.

For example, in one of the leading handbooks of the homosexual activists, After the Ball, by Kirk and Madsen, this aim is made loud and clear: the bottom line of all homosexual activism is ultimately complete social acceptance and approval. As Kirk and Madsen put it back in 1989, “to gain straight tolerance and acceptance is not just a legitimate goal of gay activism, it must be the principal goal” (Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen, After the Ball: How America Will Conquer its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s, Plume Printing, 1989, p. 165).

However, most people are not so willing to embrace the radical agenda of this high-risk lifestyle. Thus the activists have to resort to other means to achieve their objectives. Bypassing adults and directly targeting children is one effective measure, and homosexuals have made good use of it.

For example, homosexual activists have long used the school system to reach children, thereby avoiding the concerns of their parents. Now a new tactic has been advanced. Homosexual activists are also targeting day care centres. As an alarming case in point, the council-funded childcare centres in a Sydney suburb are teaching a “homosexual-friendly” curriculum to the toddlers there. The centres are teaching the very young children that gay, lesbian, transgender and inter-sex parents are normal in a bid to “challenge the perception” of young children about sexuality.

The Mayor of Marrickville, Sam Byrne, who is a member of the Greens, is fully behind the idea, as is Green MP Lee Rhiannon. She said, “these programs create healthy attitudes among pre-schoolers”. Really? Brainwashing toddlers is going to make them healthy? I don’t think so.

And if such indoctrination is so important, one wonders if there will be other changes to the teaching done at day care centres, to further let the toddlers learn about the “real world”. Will the tax-payer funded councils also teach about how some parents are heroin addicts? Maybe the little kiddies need to know that some parents are spending time in prison. And shouldn’t we tell little Becky that some parents are welfare cheats?

Or perhaps little Johnny should know that some parents are addicted to gambling. And of course mustn’t we inform them about all the arsonists, terrorists and bank robbers of the world, many of whom happen to be parents? After all, we do want to be inclusive and reflect all of the social realities out there, don’t we? We can’t let the little kiddies be ignorant of the real world.

Of course all this is just plain nonsense, and political correctness has gone overboard big time in the Sydney suburbs. The day care centres have kids as young as 6 weeks. Who really believes children so young are fit for such adult themes? And even if they are up to it, they should not be. Children should be allowed to be children, and not used as guinea pigs in the grand social experiments of the political radicals.

It is bad enough to use propaganda and indoctrination to try to beguile adults. But it is unconscionable when used on innocent children. The social engineers in Sydney should be ashamed of themselves.

And tax dollars should not be used to turn day care centres into indoctrination camps, where the youngest are brainwashed into believing the radical agendas of the social engineers. We expect such activities in North Korea perhaps, but not in Australia.

But such is the world of the political activists. They will sink to any level to push their agenda, even if it means targeting toddlers. But most parents will have none of it. It is time the PC mongers in the Sydney suburbs learned this lesson. Our children are far too valuable to be turned into pawns of the social revolutionaries. Day care must not be turned into gay care.

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  1. Good article. However, let’s avoid the term politically correct. What they are doing is not correct! They have just redefined the term correct, and those who defind the terms win the debate. I think Bill’s term ‘political radicals’ is better, but we need something that graphically paints it as it is. PD, politically destructive; PI politically incorrect, or politically insane; PO politically oppressive?

    Tas Walker, Brisbane

  2. Here here Bill, well said. I share your opinion.
    Thanks for standing up for the higher moral standards, I am sure that your words help play a role in saving the lives of these innocent toddlers from being indoctrinated with the unnatural and immoral practices of homosexuals in our community.

    Michael Dawson, Melbourne 

  3. Did you know that 6 separate studies done in different countries regarding the number of sexual partners per lifetime for homosexual men shows a range from 60 to 1230? We all have to subsidise this wicked lifestyle with our taxes, including the fight against AIDS. Should this lifestyle be promoted in our daycare centres, or anywhere else for that matter?

    Ian Brearley, Canberra

  4. Thanks Michael and Ian

    Yes the many health risks alone should give us all pause for concern. Of course many studies over the years have demonstrated the high rate of unhealthy practices, the numerous sexual partners, and so on. One older classic study is Alan Bell and Martin Weinberg, Homosexualities: A Study of Diversity Among Men and Women (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1978).

    Indeed, leading medical journals such as The Lancet, The Journal of the American Medical Association, and The British Medical Journal (to name but a few) have all documented just how unhealthy and dangerous homosexual practices can be.

    For up to date Australian studies on this matter, the National Centre in HIV Social Reseach has many reports from the leading capital cities in Australia as to sexual practices, number of partners, dangerous behaviours, and so on.

    Given the very real health risks this lifestyle is associated with, it is certainly irresponsible to be promoting it to our children (and adults as well for that matter). Should we tell our toddlers about the validity of smoking as an alternative lifestyle as well?

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  5. The Greens masquarade as conservationists. However one could be forgiven for thinking that their primary agenda is social engineering . The life style of Greens promote “healthy attitudes to homosexuality”‘. which are in reality a sickness unto death. For instance note the suicide and depression levels of homosexuals as well as the sexually transmitted disease rates.
    Support the promotion of homosexual families in preschools and become part of the loopy lesbian left.
    Stan Fishley, Melbourne 

  6. It is a sorry state of affairs to see the so-called Greens that supposedly promote healthy lifestyles and the environment be so misguided. Sam Bryne and Lee Rhiannon need to ask themselves where are their morals and responsibilities for future generations. Imagine a whole generation of kids with two mums or two dads in defacto relationships promoting same-sex relationships. These kids will be utterly confused with no identity and inability to adjust in life. No wonder dpression and suicide is on the rise because they have lost their sense of direction when their parents are misguided. Thanks Bill for your voice.

    Jessie Ho

  7. I was a child carer from 1998-2004, and I have become increasingly dismayed by the way the child care industry attempts to “foster” children’s beliefs and values in child care / pre-school settings with the aim of becoming
    all inclusive to every minority group in Australia.
    In Tafes and Universities across this country child carers and early childhood professionals are being sent out in to the work-force with the message to children that the Australia we live in doesn’t believe in boys being boys and girls being girls. Families consisting of mum, dad and children are increasingly undervalued for the more “trendy, modern lifestyles” of homosexual couples with children, and that Christianity deserves less regard than celebrating Ramadan or teaching children to make a spell and ride a broomstick!
    We are giving way too many choices to children who are under 5 years old – they are being given methods and tools to “have dominion on this earth” in totally immoral and unnatural ways. I totally agree with you Bill, our children are becoming pawns in a war for social relevancy and political correctness.

    Jessica Magno, Narre Warren, Victoria 

  8. Hi Bill,
    I was wondering if you could point out a list of articles about reparative therapy – actual, verified studies that show that homosexuals can change their orientation. Beacuse as a psychology student who has done a number of courses in research methods, i’ve been told that you can never trust studies which just rely on self-reports by ‘ex-gays’, and more objective measures are needed before any claim can be made in regards to whether gay people can change.
    Also, as a result of reading your articles in the Australian Family Association website, i have developed a bit of sadness and depression because i am gay and dont feel that i can change. Could you suggest any counselling for me to help me not be so depressed about the claims that you make.
    Thank you

    Matt Page

  9. Thanks Matt
    If you are indeed serious, and not just asking a rhetorical question, then yes, it is quite easy to steer you in the right direction. Websites are probably easiest. So here are just two of many around. They contain studies as well as stories. You will find much here if you are genuine in your search.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  10. Thanks Bill
    I read Robert Spitzer’s most recent study conducted on ex-gays and it looks like it has been designed much better than previous ones.
    But, I still am only convinced that SOME homosexuals are able to change their sexual orientation, and the finding that 200 people (who were primarily Protestant, and many already married to women at the time of the study) self-reported that they were able to change doesnt really convince, nor should it convince, such a substantial amount of people, that all homosexual people are able to change their sexual orientation.
    Best wishes from one of those gays who has never engaged in the promiscuous party gay lifestyle, and never wants to end his already 2 1/2 year relationship with his boyfriend.
    Matt Page, Eltham, Victoria

  11. Thanks Matt

    First, I am glad you are part of the minority of homosexuals who are not promiscuous. But you make the exception, not the rule.

    Second, I am glad to hear you admit that some homosexuals can and do change. That is just my point. I never said it was easy to do so, or that all people can readily do it. And many simply do not want to change. But the fact that you and I agree that some can change gives lie to the falsehood so often presented by your side: “once gay, always gay”. The fact that some do change (and I personally know of many men and women who are former homosexuals and lesbians) is a telling point, and helps undo the spurious homosexual argument that they deserve special treatment because they are born that way and cannot help it.

    Change can be very difficult indeed, as with any unhealthy sexual addiction. It is a very hard process indeed, and many give up in the struggle. But real change is possible, and I am glad you admit to that. We would never expect to hear the claim that some blacks have become non-blacks, or ex-blacks. That is because blacks (or whites, or any racial characteristic) is innate, inborn and unchangeable. Once black, always black.

    But it is just false when homosexual activists try to compare their sexual preference with that of race. Homosexuality involves a fair degree of choice, as many of the more honest homosexuals admit. Sure there may be a combination of nature/nurture, but nurture plays a large, if not dominant, role.

    I hear so often from my homosexual contacts how an absent or weak father was part of their upbringing. Or an abusive home life. Environment plays a real part in how people go on to experience their sexuality. It is not the only factor, but an important one.

    So thank you for making your concession. It clears up a lot of ground. It is one thing for blacks who cannot help their skin colour to complain about past discrimination and injustices. It is quite another thing when people embrace a sexual lifestyle, and then complain about discrimination.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  12. The gay activists also justify this brainwashing by claiming that it will stop violence against gays. But gays are far more at risk from other gays! Even the homosexual activists David Island and Patrick Letellier noted in their book Men Who Beat The Men Who Love Them:

    The probability of violence occurring in a gay couple is mathematically double the probability of that in a heterosexual couple … we believe as many as 650,000 gay men may be victims of domestic violence each year in the United States.

    Also, the Leader Messenger (South Australia), 4 June 1997, p. 1, gave figures indicating that a massive 28 out of 168 reports of domestic violence involved homosexual couples, while only around 1 in 1,000 of all couples were homosexual.

    Jonathan Sarfati, Brisbane

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