Fred Schwarz, RIP

Jesus once said that a prophet is without honour, except in his own country. One of the greatest Australian prophets of the past century has just passed away, and nothing that I am aware of about his passing can be found in the Australian mainstream media.

While Australia has many heroes – especially sporting figures and movie stars – perhaps the greatest hero to arise from Australia in recent times has been totally overlooked by our secular, leftist media. I refer to Dr Fred Schwarz, who died earlier this week at age 96.

Schwarz was a well-respected medical doctor originally from Brisbane. He left a successful medical practice in Sydney, although with a young family, to devote his whole attention to warning people about the dangers of atheistic Communism.

Born in 1913, he accepted Christ as his personal saviour in 1934. In the mid 1940s he began his medical work. He combined this with active Christian work, and also became aware of the threat of Communism during this period. He soon was reading everything he could find on the topic, especially the source materials.

Each night he devoured the works of the founders of Communism. Thus his wife Lillian would quip that she often found four men in her bed: Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Fred. He soon was debating leading Australian Communists.

He became aware that most Christians were clueless as to the menace of totalitarian Marxism, and he dedicated his life to educating the public, and the church, about these dangers. He was invited to speak in America in 1950. He was urged to form an organisation dedicated to instructing people about the Communist threat, and how it is the polar opposite of Biblical Christianity.

In 1953 he established the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade (CACC). He closed his Sydney medical practice in 1955 and devoted the rest of his life to this project, moving to America to fully engage in the work. In 1960 his best-selling book was published, You Can Trust The Communists (to be Communists).

I picked up a secondhand copy of this book in Madison, Wisconsin in the mid-80s. He said this in the book, “In the battle against Communism, there is no substitute for accurate, specific knowledge. Ignorance is evil and paralytic.”

This book and this ministry were profoundly influential. They influenced a generation of Americans who would do battle against the Communist foe. These include such luminaries as Ronald Reagan, William F. Buckley, Jack Kemp, James Jobson and James Kennedy.

Schwarz had countless debates with Communists, gave countless speeches and talks on the subject, and wrote countless articles, booklets and books on the topic. His life was energetic, passionate, and committed to standing up for biblical Christianity, and warning against the Marxist evils.

When asked which was more dangerous, the external or internal threat of Communism, Fred would reply, “If you were on a ship that was sinking, which would be the greatest danger, the water outside or the water inside? I was illustrating that the external and internal forces were manifestations of the same danger.”

And the dangers were very real indeed. In one of his first pamphlets Schwarz argued that Communism is a disease: “Communism has already killed many millions of people and proposes to kill many millions more. Therefore, by definition, it is a disease. It is a threefold disease. It is a disease of the body, because it kills; it is a disease of the mind, because it is associated with systemized delusions not susceptible to rational argument; and it is a disease of the spirit, because it denies God, materializes man, robs him of spirit and soul, and, in the last analysis, even of the mind itself, and reduces him to the level of a beast of the field.”

And even though atheistic, Schwarz could clearly see that it was a religion, albeit a false religion, and the main contender against Christianity. He noted that many ex-Communists have spoken of the religious nature of Communism.

When people charged Schwarz with bias, he confessed: “I plead guilty. We are biased in favour of truth, freedom, and life; we are against deceit, slavery, and unnecessary death. We believe that Communism leads to classicide through the liquidation of the bourgeoisie, that it leads to the justification and practice of mass murder.”

But, critics will complain, what about the good of Communism? “In rebuttal I explained that a pathologist is a specialist in the characteristics of a disease, not health, and that a mixture of good and evil is often more deadly than an undiluted evil.”

The complete and incredible story of this modern prophet is told in his autobiography, Beating the Unbeatable Foe (Regnery, 1996). This 600-page story is an inspiring read, and shows us the dedication, zeal and perseverance of this one amazing individual.

It tells of the waves of opposition, not just from the Communists and the Soviet Union, but from leftist, liberal allies and “useful idiots,” to use Lenin’s phrase. The lies, deceit, slander, and malicious attacks on Dr Schwarz were relentless and are mind-boggling to read about. Yet despite all this incessant opposition and attack, he remained steadfast to his calling.

The book also speaks about how the Christian churches were especially targeted by the Communists. Internal subversion was an important tactic of the Communists. And many churchmen of course were completely taken in by the Communist propaganda.

One notable thing that struck me as I read this book was that a very similar battle is being waged today, and there is a similar need for accurate information to withstand a vicious enemy. I refer to militant Islam, and the war it is waging against the free West. The parallels between its internal and external attacks are so close to what we found in the Communist offensive.

And in the same way today many Christians are completely ignorant of the threat to the Christian church, or are being duped by various “peace” initiatives and interfaith endeavours. In the same way that many believers were hoodwinked by the Communists last century, many believers today are being deceived by the Islamists and their interfaith supporters.

Dr Schwarz eventually returned to Sydney where he has now finally received his eternal reward. This man was a modern-day saint, a genuine prophet, and a tireless worker for Christ and his Kingdom. He achieved more in his lifetime than most people ever will.

Yet incredibly I still cannot find any news of his death, or any obituaries or eulogies about this remarkable man. Like Jesus, he was certainly a prophet without honour in his own land. But his life and work deserve to be widely heralded. And if no one else will, I most certainly will. God bless you richly Fred Schwarz.

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  1. I never heard of him, except I think an uncle of mine may have been an acquitance of his. We need to challenge Islamists wherever they are but also the ‘soft’ apologists for Islam such as Waheed Aly, who makes comment about Muslims in Australia being targetted for their beliefs, but he seems to have a blindspot when it comes to the rights of Christians in his native Egypt.
    Wayne Pelling

  2. His autobiography, Beating the Unbeatable Foe, was inspirational as was the film of his interview on TV. Thanks for writing about Fred. I agree he is a Christian hero. I heard him speak at our church in the early 1960s.

    Here is another interesting example of how the godless work at infiltrating the churches. Atheists Zimmerman and PZ Myers have set up the Clergy Letter Project where they want Christian clergy sign that they support evolution. They are also promoting an Evolution Weekend among the churches asking clergy to run programs to get Christians to accept evolution. Aren’t the atheists brazen? Amazingly, thousands of clergy have signed.

    Tas Walker

  3. Bill,
    Where was he fellowshipping? Is there any hope of recognition there?

    His name looks somewhat Germanic, could he have been Lutheran?

    I haven’t heard of him before, although the title you quoted is an occasional “bon mot” in Phyllis Schlaffley’s insert in Endeavour Forum news.

    John Angelico

  4. Fred Schwarz – one of God’s great soldiers. Absent from the body but present with the Lord. His book should be read by every christian who desires to strengthen a Christian Worldview. “Beating the Unbeatable Foe”. Check it out at Koorong or Amazon.

    I wish to convey to Fred’s family who are carrying on the Lord’s work, my condolences in their loss. What comfort it is to know he is safe in the arms of the one he served so long and so faithfully.

    Dawn McGregor

  5. Thanks John
    In his earlier days he attended a Baptist church. He father was from Austria. Yes, he is not a household name, although those involved in the fight against Communism would certainly know of him.
    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  6. Ephesians 6:11ff: “Put on the full armour of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.”

    Paul’s message was not meant just for exceptional circumstances but for every day and. like those living in present day Israel, we need to be constantly living in a readiness for war.

    Not realising that we are in a constant spiritual battle with all those around us, we leave our armour off and only wear it ceremonially, on Sundays. It is only when we are prepared to confront our non-Christian family, friends and colleagues, with the evil, taking place all around us, that we suddenly realise that we are in war zone, where deceit, denial, delusion, distraction and finally death are the enemy. I have had seminal moments of attempting to stand up for righteousness with people who are normally the very model of 21st century civility, rationality, self-control and enlightenment, only for them to be suddenly consumed by a volcanic spirit of rage and hatred. Where on earth did that come from, if not but from a spiritual dimension?

    Yes Dawn McGregor, who would have guessed only a few years ago that we would entering into such a nightmarish world of unadulterated evil? Lisa Miller may face loss of custody to lesbian Janet Jenkins, as well as jail time

    David Skinner, UK

  7. Bill,

    Much of the Communist have suffered the same fate from the main stream media. Young never here of the deaths of significant members of the Aarons family. The Aarons were (and are) a communist dynasty.

    In Perth, the former Annette Aarons died late year. Her involvement in Western Australian politics dates back to World War 2. I could give you a biography but …

    She never got an obitary anywhere I saw.

    As for Communism being a religion, I suggest you chase up a book by John A Alexander called ‘A Challenging Faith’. It was published by the Fremantle Art Cenntre Press in 1993.

    Micheal Boswell

  8. Biil,

    Another great Australian Christian soldier and anti-Communist of the same era was B.A. (Bob) Santamaria and no doubt their paths crossed at times. Does Fred’s work continue in any form? I would hope so as a legacy such as his should not be allowed to fade and crumble. Mr Santamaria’s work continues in many organizations including the National Civic Council etc.

    John FG McMahon, Kolonga, Qld

  9. The Schwarz Family Medical centre is well known in the Camden NSW district as a Christian, missionary practice. Thank God for the life and role model of this great grandfather. The memorial service was on 29th January 2009.
    Judith Bond

  10. I read Fred’s book “You Can Trust The Communists (to be Communists)” when I was a young man back in the late sixties & although it did not point me towards Christ, I think it did alert me to the threat one of the alternatives -atheistic Communism, and their basis in evolution.
    Communism has largely gone but now new threats to the proclamation of Christ’s message awake & re-emerge –
    Western government control of freedom of speech.

    Phil Manley

  11. My wife and are are fortunate enought to know the Schwarz family and both attended the funeral yesterday. Fred Schwarz was trully inspirational. The one thing that struck me the most is that during the many many years he and his wife Lillian devoted themselves to their work they still managed to gain and maintain the love and respect of their family. This is very evident in the way they all speak of them both and recall stories of years gone bye. THIS IS NO TALL EFFORT ! Acts 13:36a speaks of King David and that he served God’s purpose in his own generation – the same could be said of Fred Schwarz. We only get one shot at this great challenge of life, will we finish as well as Fred Schwarz? Thank God for the grace He extends to us!
    Andrew Key

  12. Dear Bill,

    Thanks for honouring Fred. He worked in America because he believed he could benefit Australia more through that approach.

    In your comments you take the time to note the current threat of Islam. However I don’t think the threat of Communism is Australia is by any means over. Just Google Fabian Communism or look at the Fabian Societies web site,, which starts with “Active since 1947, the Australian Fabian Society is Australia’s oldest left-leaning political think tank. For more than half a century, we have been at the forefront of research and debate into progressive political ideas and public policy reform.”

    Or how about their events, “Fabian First Wednesday Forum, in conjunction with Friends of the ABC, presented ‘The State of the Fourth Estate’ on Wednesday 3 December 2008, with the topic ‘ Australia’s media – where we are, where we might be and where we should be.” The are influential at the highest levels.

    All our universities, media and politics have been hugely effected by the efforts of such organisations.

    Andrew Snowdon

  13. Thank you Bill for your very complimentary remarks about my Grandfather. I know I speak for all of us in the extended Schwarz clan when I say how proud we are of him. His passion for his work was rivaled only by his love of family, and especially for my Grandmother Lillian. I will miss him, but I am thankful for every single moment that I had with him.

    Best wishes and thanks,

    Ben Schwarz Esler.

  14. Thank you Bill for honouring this great man. As I read your obituary article, RIP Dr Fred Schwarz, I thought we are facing the same dilemma today….and reading on, I see you mentioned it, describing the insidious rise of Islam. Its alarming. I certainly think that our Australians’ “she’ll be right mate” attitude is dangerous. We need to wake up.
    And of course as Tas Walker certainly knows, a great deal of our troubles can be put down to the tremendous indoctrination of evolution “religion’ which is theory, taught as an established fact! To Dr Schwarz’s loved ones, I too send condolences. Thanks Bill for your work with words.
    Helen Curtis

  15. Thanks for that essay on Dr. Fred’s life, Bill. I was directed to ‘Culture Watch’ by Jim Wallace’s newsletter and I am grateful for that. I will keep in touch.
    As an ardent Christian who has walked through the halls of academia and resisted being captured by the many atheistic cultural movements, I am blessed and grateful to have Christian Children. In the next ten years my grandchildren will be exposed to those anti-Christ cultures and all I can do is pray for them. Not to belittle that path, I just hope I can have an active influence in my writing because my legs don’t work anymore. On my website, I have included philosophical writing and invite your readers to look-in. How do I get the kids to read it? I have a plan!
    John Bede Donelly

  16. Dear Bill, I read your comments in the Family World News each month and find them very enlightening.
    I guess if you really didn’t know by now what a corrupt and Leftist media we have in this Country then you must have your head in the sand.
    The only thing that seems to make news in regards to a man’s death is Heath Ledger.
    If you are Dr Fred Schwarz, or for that matter any great Australian, and don’t measure up to the what our media considers ” good aussies “, then you won’t rate a mention.
    I no doubt believe that when Billy Graham dies, then our media won’t even give such a story half a column of news?
    Keep up the good work Bill, and don’t be put off by the world’s lack of interest or their outright hatred of all things Godly.
    Jesus said, they hated me , so they are sure to hate you.

    Tony Evans

  17. Bill,
    My wife was tutored in Maths (I think) by Fred about 1944 & has fond memories of ‘assisting’ him & many others in helping troops find a way to Church support in Brisbane.
    Life was tough for married medical students in those days & Fred earned his medical degree the hard way.
    Anecdotally, he was appalled at the miserly salary paid by Qld Health to first year Resident medicos; so joined a Union & took the Govt. of the day to Court- & won.
    His emphasis was always he was against ‘communism’ rather than being anti-communist. The latter too, as we all are, are sons & daughters of the Most High, however much ‘common sense’ has deserted us.
    Such differentiation is currently politically incorrect; but should be kept in mind when considering Islamists, Communists & all others of dictatorial bent. It is all too easy to excuse evil because of claimed high ideals & minimal ill effect. All of which means today we need be ‘as wise as serpents & harmless as doves’.
    “Well done Fred, good & faithful servant. May you indeed rest in Peace”.
    Arthur Hartwig

  18. We too have been saddened to hear of Fred Scwarz passing. His was a courageous and generous man who we will always honour and remember.
    His catchy phrase ‘You can trust a Communist — to be a Communist’ was spot on in the 1970’s when we first heard him speak and is still unfortunately only too true today .
    May this failthful servant of our Lord rest in God’s love and his legacy live on. Our sympathy is with his family we will always remember him. Vale Fred Scwarz.
    Thanks Bill.
    Marion & John Minty

  19. In the late 50’s, Fred Schwarz spoke at Youth for Christ rallies in Adelaide Town Hall to 1000 people. Often 100 received the Lord. Fred was a faithful teacher of the Lord – was understood for his exposing Communism as a spiritual opponent to Christ. Then he disappeared to the States, apparently forgotten. Bless the Lord for his persistence in Christ and the eulogies of this dear servant of our Lord.
    Abiding, Harrold Steward

  20. Greetings from Australia. Thank you, sir, for your perceptive and generous comments about my beloved Uncle Fred. I had the honour to know him for my nearly 56 years, and to copy-edit his autobiography. It is absolutely extraordinary that the media and blogs have mostly been silent on the life and death of one of the 20th century’s most important writers and public educators. However, perhaps time will change this. His grandson and I have been working on a Wikipedia article, Fred Schwarz.
    Pip Wilson

  21. It seems that the last time Dr Schwarz was referred to in the mainstream secular Australian media was on 1 August 2000 when he figured in an article in the Canberra Times. The article stressed his unrecognised importance.
    Stephen Holt

  22. I had the honor to meet Dr. Swartz in 1973, if I recall correctly. Due to our incomparable newsmedia, I just found this blog today and learned of his death. To my knowledge, it was not reported in the USA news media. My condolences to his family and the entire Church. A great warrior and intellect has gone home to our Lord. I can only thank him for his gift to me.
    Frances Drake, USA

  23. Hello Mr. Muehlenberg

    (Great blog!)
    My name is Hubert Villeneuve, and I am a PhD student in history from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

    I would be strongly interested in having an exchange with you, as I am currently writing a doctoral dissertation on the life and work of the late Dr. Fred Schwarz and an Australian perspective on this topic would be more than welcomed.

    I can be reached on the institutionnal email address which I left on this website.

    Thank you so much !

    Hubert VIlleneuve, Canada

  24. Hi Bill,
    I would also like to extend my thanks for publicising the noble deeds of my grandfather, Dr Fred Schwarz. I know I speak for the entire familly when I say he was well loved and greatly missed by us all.
    I agree, the threat of militant Islam is as real as was the global threat from communism. I live in hope that one day soon will imerge a man of Fred’s intelligence and moral standing who will bring this threat to light, and arm us with the knowledge to combat it.
    Regards and many thanks,
    Josh Schwarz

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