The Tolerance Police Are At It Again

It’s a good thing the tolerance brigade are tolerant; just imagine if they were not tolerant! But I jest of course. The tragic truth is, there is a no more intolerant lot on earth than those who ramble on the most about tolerance. In the name of tolerance they have become the most intolerant, censorious, narrow-minded and bigoted bunch around.

As I document on almost a daily basis, the tolerance police are ever on the prowl, always looking to impose their coercive utopian agendas on anyone who dares not embrace their radical agenda. Anyone who not only dares to act differently, but think differently as well, will be in the crosshairs of the PC police.

Consider one of the latest examples. An Englishman was demoted and had his pay docked by 40 per cent. How come? Did he steal from the company? Cheat in his work? Run off with the office secretary? Nope, far worse: he simply said he thought homosexual marriage was just not on.

Here is how the press covers this episode: “A housing manager has been demoted, and his salary slashed, after he criticised a controversial new gay rights law. Adrian Smith, a Christian, was found guilty of gross misconduct by his publicly funded housing association for saying that allowing gay weddings in churches was ‘an equality too far’.

“He posted the comment in his own time, on his personal page on the Facebook website, which could not be read by the general public. But after a disciplinary hearing, he was downgraded from his £35,000-a-year managerial job to a much less senior £21,000 post – and avoided the sack only because of his long service. Mr Smith, 54, is now taking the association to court, arguing that his punishment was out of proportion and his right to free speech was ignored.

“Friends said last night the father of two had been ‘shocked and distressed’ by his treatment and would now face financial hardship. Campaigners attacked the housing association’s decision – the latest in a series of cases in which Christians have clashed with employers – as a ‘complete over-reaction’ by an organisation ‘drenched in political correctness’.”

Have you noticed how in the great majority of cases here Christians are the ones being targeted? It seems Christianity is the number one object of the PC thought police, and an unofficial war has been declared against any Christian who dares to act on his faith in the public arena.

The tolerance police have declared open season on Christianity, and a full-fledged purge now seems to be underway all over the western world. Communist Russia had the KGB and East Germany had the dreaded Stasi, and now in the once free West we have the PC thought police, imposing their totalitarian version of tolerance upon the rest of us.

Indeed, this is nothing other than a new witch hunt as one English expert has warned: “British government officials and employees have become the new witchfinders general, ‘obsessively’ searching for the slightest deviation from the doctrines of political correctness, a legal expert has told ‘The obsession with hate crime and hate speech has created a new generation of publicly paid heresy-hunters,’ said Neil Addison, an expert in religious discrimination law.”

Indeed, he and others have roundly – and rightly – condemned this latest case of “tolerance”: “Addison, a practicing barrister and the author of a textbook on hate crimes legislation, said, ‘When I was a child, people in England used to say “I can say what I like, it’s a free country”. That is certainly no longer the case in Britain today. The Adrian Smith case is only the latest and possibly the most extreme example of the fact that British public bodies have ceased to have any respect whatsoever for the principle of freedom of speech.’

“On November 15th an employment tribunal in London will begin to hear the case of Margaret Forrester, who was sacked from her job as a mental health worker because she had shown a pro-life booklet that said women suffer from mental health consequences after abortions to colleagues.

“Addison is representing Forrester in his capacity as Director of Thomas More Legal Centre, an organization that assists Christians suffering from officially endorsed religious discrimination. ‘She, like Mr. Smith,’ Addison said, ‘was disciplined and ultimately sacked simply for expressing an opinion. I think Stalin would feel quite at home here.’

“The Smith case has generated outrage among some media commentators, even some on the left, who have said the trust’s action is a case of political correctness gone too far. Ally Fogg, writing on the far-left Guardian’s website, said that Trafford Housing Trust ‘couldn’t have got things more badly wrong.’ An editorial in the Daily Mail accused the trust of ‘despotic behavior.’

“Cristina Odone, a novelist and columnist for the Daily Telegraph, noted that in today’s Britain, dominated by secularists, it is the ‘brave soul’ who admits publicly to being a Christian. Expressing a dissenting opinion based on religion, she noted, ‘can ruin your professional life even when it is expressed in private.’

“‘Nonconformists [Puritans] more than 400 years ago found that they could not express their beliefs in a country where the established Church brooked no argument. Today, the Establishment is made up of secular individualists ready to run nonconformists out of the public space, if not yet out of the country,’ Odone wrote. ‘Being taken for a cretin, a creationist and a chauvinist is not much better than a spell in the stocks’.”

Yes quite right. This is at bottom a diabolical assault on everything Christian and decent. The PC tyrants are determined to wipe out every last vestige of Christian thought and influence in the Western world. And one of the greatest driving forces of this is the militant jackboot brigade, the homosexual lobby.

They will stop at nothing to push their agenda, and silence anyone who dares to offer a contrary voice. These new champions of “tolerance” are the most intolerant and Stalinesque group of thought police around. The case of Adrian Smith is simply one of the latest examples of this.

Many, many more such cases will emerge, unless the rest of us start getting a bit of backbone, start speaking out, and refuse to be intimidated by the PC police.

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  1. To add to it they never have an intelligent arguement to support their claims it is just like the false witnesses used to crucify Jesus.
    Aaron Downs

  2. How has it come to this? I remember a few decades ago in Britain that to admit to having a homosexual in the family would bring disgrace upon that entire family, and rightly so. These people and their depraved lives were kept quiet about and hidden from decent society.

    These days there are homosexuals openly parading everywhere. In shops, in bars, in restaurants: even in schools and universities, as well as in politics. The militant lobby has deliberately infiltrated every corner of public life solely to push their agendas on children and young people who are too young to know better. Their aim is to make everyone pat them on the back and say, “It’s OK to be gay.” Have they read their bibles? Wait until they die (young from AIDS or abuse), then they’ll find out who’s right.

    Too late then, of course.

    Barbara Murray Leach.

  3. ‘Totalitarian tolerance’ I love it! What an apt description of these tolerance preaching hypocrites!

    Damien Spillane

  4. I am working my way through a biography of Dietrich Bonhoffer, and the parallels with Nazi Germany in the 1930’s make for chilling comparisons. Then, there were the approved Christians in the German Christian Church, and the non-approved Christians in the Confessing Church. The rest is history.
    Steve Swartz

  5. I really don’t know what to say to that. I can hardly believe I read it.
    Kerry Letheby

  6. I was referring to your link, Bill, not your excellent article!
    Kerry Letheby

  7. What a pack of losers! I cannot believe that the British people are taking this crap lying down, I just cannot believe it, what has happened to the British spine between now and the Second World War where they stood their ground and could not be uprooted? Having said that however, I am of the opinion that the tolerance level of people has a breaking point and I am willing to bet that give Britain 5 years carrying on like this and you will see a civil war, then it will be God help Britain not God Bless Britain!
    Steve Davis

  8. In view of the latest victim, Adrian Smith, to fall under the juggernaut of the homosexual lobby, Stonewall, driven by its chief executive Ben Summerskill , wielding the Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs), I believe it is time to expose this oppressive swaggering, privileged gay minority who with impunity are free to bully ordinary, decent and hardworking people with public humiliation, fines, loss of job, deprivation of livelihood, threats of prison, removal of their children and denial of freedom of conscience and speech and justice .

    Earlier this year, Peter and Hazelmary Bull, an elderly Christian couple, who run a bed and breakfast business in their own home, in Cornwall, discovered that they had contravened the Sexual Orientation Regulations through refusing two gay men, Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall, a double bed. In addition to having to pay damages of £3600 to them, homosexuals then besieged their guesthouse with demands for double rooms, seemingly in a bid to destroy the business. Mrs Bull, 66, also received abusive and menacing phone calls, whilst her 71-year-old husband lay critically ill in hospital. Preddy and Hall’s defence were the Equality and Human Rights Commission, paid for out of the public purse and presumably out that of Mr and Mrs Bull.

    Christian foster parents, Eunice and Owen Johns, were rejected by Derby City Council for fostering any more children because of their refusal to promote homosexuality. And how were Stonewall implicated in all this? Well it was Angela Mason CBE, ex-wife, lesbian, anarchist, ex-member of the Marxist Angry Brigade and IVF mother who left her post as first chief executive of Stonewall in 2003 in order to take charge of the Government’s Women and Equality Unit of the Department of Trade and Industry. It was there that she oversaw the Sexual Orientation Regulations in 2006/7. From there she moved to create the Equality and Human Rights Commission, (ECHR), the same outfit that dragged Mr and Mrs Bull into court. Indeed she is one of its commissioners. Referring to the Johns, the ECHR – and presumably she – likened Christianity to an “infection.”

    One could go on and on cataloguing individuals and organisations who, even before the Sexual Orientation Regulations were introduced in 2007, have suffered bullying and persecution from the gay lobby, such the outrageous physical attack on the elderly street preacher, Harry Hammond, in 2001, who subsequently died after being dragged through the courts and fined for creating a public disorder in Vanity Fair ( Bournemouth). May we never forget Harry Hammond.

    Meanwhile Stonewall are celebrating their victories at the sixth annual Stonewall Awards that will take place on Thursday 3 November at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. These will begin at 7pm with a champagne and canapé reception before moving to the Raphael Gallery for the presentation. Winners in ten categories will include Politician of the Year and Entertainer of the Year. Judges include such glitterarti as Gok Wan, John Partridge, Maureen Chadwick, Hope Powell CBE and Eddie Mair. The evening continues until 10.30pm with more champagne, food and musical entertainment. Tickets only £180.

    From here Stonewall showers awards on all the movers and shakers in British life: politicians, media presenters, sports personalities and other celebrities, whilst somewhere to the rear of this triumphal parade Stonewall would, if they had their way, have exhibited, for public display and humiliation, those whom they have awarded bigot of the year, those who do not sign up to homosexual diversity and equality; those who in one way or another attempt to uphold family values and a concern for our children. Indeed a concern for the next generation.
    Since the first Stonewall Awards were held in 2006,those chosen or nominated for bigot of the year award have included Lord Devon, the 18th Earl of Devon, who refused to permit civil partnership celebrations as well as weddings at Powderham Castle, his ancestral sea; Lillian Ladele, the Islington registrar who refused to perform civil partnerships and Bishop of Motherwell, the Roman Catholic bishop, who stated that the gays had insinuated themselves into the Holocaust week.

    In 2007 the nominations were: Archbishop of Birmingham who spoke out against treating children needing adoption as goods and services for gays; the Bishop of Hereford, who withdrew a job offer to a youth worker because he was gay; Patricia McKeever, editor of the Catholic Truth website and newsletter, who outed Catholic priests; Ian Paisley Jnr – minister in the new Northern Ireland Executive, who said he was ‘repulsed’ by homosexuality.

    In 2009, the Bishop of Winchester was nominated as ‘Bigot of the Year’ by a gay charity after he said people should be free to question whether homosexuality is a fixed trait. Would our Queen who in her Coronation Oath swore to defend the Christian faith and the ministers of Church, like the Bishops of Hereford and Winchester of whom she is the head, also be nominated and perhaps selected for showing less than affirmation for the homosexual act? It seems that there is no one who is so high that they cannot be summoned to be interrogated and publicly humiliated for criticising homosexuality.
    The Shortlist for Bigot of the Year 2011 are described by Stonewall as individuals who “have gone out of their way to harm, hurt or snub lesbian, gay and bisexual people in the last year.” This year those nominated for the bigot of the year award are: Stephen Green – Christian Voice leader; Melanie Phillips; Rat Rev Arthur Roche; Brian Souter and Bill Walker MSP;
    How soon before those nominated will be forced to attend such ceremonies and made to wear a placard around their necks saying “I am a filthy homophobic swine?” How soon before such humiliations are conducted in the many gay pride marches, such as London Pride and Manchester Pride, where already there are public manifestations of hatred directed towards those who disagree with gay marriage. Just google Manchester Pride 2009 and you will see for yourself.

    Stonewall has an annual turnover of nearly £4,000,000 and, seems to have been able to requisition some of London’s most revered buildings, in terms of symbolising our cultural past, such as the V&A, Albert Hall, British Museum and British Reading Room etc., in order to further its gay propaganda and agenda.
    What other minority group such as those who are identified by their age, race, religion, gender , disability, being ginger haired or left handed, have become so rapidly privileged above the rest of society?

    Julian Grove homosexual partner of Matthew Paris, one of the founder members of Stonewall, is David Cameron’s chief speechwriter. Gordon Brown also had, as his right hand man, out proud Spencer Livermore who it was claimed had power that most MPs could only dream of.

    And then we had a few months back we Teresa May, the Home Secretary, speaking to Stonewall, incredibly proud that she and the Home Office came top of this year’s Stonewall Workplace Equality Index:
    “I think that shows how far we, as a society, have come;”…. “As a country we have come a long way;” and “as a party, my own party, the Conservatives have come a long way. We now have more openly gay MPs and openly gay ministers than ever before.”
    And yet again:
    “We’ve come a long way. I said at the start of my speech that as a nation we have come a long way, and we have.” (but) “despite the real progress we have seen in recent years, there is much still to do.

    Ladies and gentlemen, did you get that? Still so much more to do.
    My question is what happens when a government declares war on its own people?

    David Skinner, UK

  9. Tragic stuff, accurately described as diabolical. “This kind only come out by prayer and fasting.”
    Anna Cook

  10. First of all beware seeking and trusting that your MP will stand up to the Diversity-Equalities aggressive secularists not only the Stonewallites.

    The state school system and rapidly even catholic voluntary system has been laid prostrate before manifestations of Equalities i.e., intolerance rackets.

    I refused offer of returning to teaching as the government agency TDA syllabus promotes homo and variants thereof and makes clear that heterosexism is unacceptable.

    Most parents and teachers have no idea of the the power of groups like Stonewall to influence and control local and central government policy and law-making. stonewall is replete with funding from government and big business —just check it out if interested.

    John Bannon, London

  11. C.S.Lewis said:

    ‘Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.’

    The first time I read that I didn’t quite understand what he meant but now I think I do. When Teresa May says that” there is still much to do,” one realises that there is no end to the gay agenda, no matter how far out into outer space they go; there will be so much more to do. Their appetite for sex and the will to power is never satiated and she is Britain’s Home Secretary and minister for women and equality. She has overall responsibility for all Home Office business including security and terrorism, the legislative programme and expenditure issues.

    David Skinner, UK

  12. This is very disturbing to read but what sprang to my mind was Matthew 5 11-12. “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad,because great is your reward in heaven,for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you”
    We need not be afraid “Perfect love casteth out fear” 1 John 4-18
    Dawn Millsteed

  13. You would think what’s happening in Britain would be a good example of what not to follow, and yet now we see in Australia similar such cases. The courts are complicit, refusing to protect free speech. Totalitarian tolerance is an apt description.

    Peter, Adelaide

  14. Steve Davis could it not be the case that civil war is precisely what the coalition of marxists/fascists who presently control government want? For it is only when there is a complete breakdown in law and order as we saw in parts of UK cities this summer, that people will be crying out for the strong man, the tyrant, to bring order out of chaos. People will be begging him to rule with a rod of iron. Who will this be?

    David Skinner, UK

  15. My 8 year old daughter was approached at her school the other day by an 12 year old boy. He said to her, with his head held high and proudly announced, I’M GAY. She had the good sense to do what is right. She ran away from him.
    Daniel Kempton

  16. David, you could well be right mate, But the direction I was coming from was that people do get to a stage when they say “enough is enough” and then the pot explodes. In this case it could go either way, people could stand back and see what their complacency led to or, as you rightly suggest in your post, they could be clamouring for the type of person you allude to. Let’s hope that it will be a revival and that the people of Britain will come back to their Judeo Christian foundation.
    Steve Davis

  17. While I agree totally with the many comments that have been posted, I’m wondering if there is anything practical that we in far-away Australia can do to assist Adrian Smith. Is the Thomas More Legal Centre assisting him to appeal this wrongful decision? Does the Centre act pro bono? While expressions of concern are helpful, practical support may prove to be of even greater help to Mr Smith in this time of crisis for him and his family.
    Graeme Mitchell

  18. “Being taken for a cretin,…..” is an interesting quote.

    According to some etymologists the word Cretin actually derives from Christian.

    “Crestin” [Christian] was a word used in Alpine dialects. Crestin became “crétin” in French, and cretin in English.

    Calling these feeble-minded people “Christians” emphasised that they were human beings who were to be treated in a Christian manner.

    Redmond McDonagh

  19. Do what we did.

    Join a political party. A major party would be preferable as they will be able to influence law. Some hearty Christian souls still support the ALP but get a hard time from most of their colleagues. We (wife and I) joined the LNP in QLD. Wife’s cousin is a friendly local candidate and organiser for FF.

    Get involved in the pre-selection process. Make it clear to candidates that they will have your vote & help if they protect freedom of speech and religion. Specifically mention these issues (and others close to the “Christian heart”). We (and others) have ensured that the 2 LNP candidates in adjoining seats are pro-life, pro-Judeao-Christian on these issues.

    Win. Don’t whinge.

    Graeme Cumming

  20. I’ve just sent this in support of Mr Adrian Smith to

    Dear Sirs,

    In the 1970s, whilst I was living in London, I took part in the movement criticising the USSR for its abusive misuse of psychiatry to persecute dissident citizens of the Soviet régime. What I have read of your maltreatment of your respected and respectable colleague, Mr Adrian Smith, reminds me forcefully of the behaviour those Soviet officials. Your behaviour also reminds me of the attitude that pervades the contemporary Chinese Communist régime towards any citizen who expresses a view that is contrary to their narrow-minded authoritarian perspective.

    Frankly, you do not belong in a free and open society. It is time you applied urgently for migration to an environment much more congenial to your attitudes. I recommend North Korea.

    Dominic Baron, NZ

  21. Brilliant Dominic. Very well done.

    Can I suggest that everyone else reading this post does likewise? We have the address so we are without excuse. Please write now.

    Thanks again Dominic. You are a champion.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

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