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The mainstream media has long ago become the lame-stream media. It does not any longer even pretend to be covering the news in any sort of objective and impartial fashion. Now it is all about creating the news and pushing PC agendas, nothing more.

Examples of this are easy to come by, and I have documented case after case of this over the years. Today’s papers bring us yet another prime example of this. Consider an article entitled “My Two Mums” found in the Sunday magazine in the Murdoch press. It is a large three-page spread on homosexual parenting, complete with four big colourful pics of such “happy” households.

We are assured in this article that children raised in same-sex households do just terrifically, and that this activity is very normal indeed. ‘Everyone is doing it’ is the message being given here, and time and again we are made to believe that kids raised in such households are getting along just fine.

Indeed, the entire article is one long propaganda piece. It is nothing other than a clear case of agenda pushing and indoctrination. Consider why this is so. In any controversial issue, a legitimate media outfit would strive to achieve some sort of balance, and offer contrary points of view.

But when that is completely absent, then you know you do not have news reporting but ideological warfare. The activist MSM is pushing the homosexual agenda pure and simple. It has not the slightest interest in presenting both sides of the story, and is happy to run roughshod over facts and evidence to push its bent message.

And simply reverse the situation here: if the MSM ever even dared to give a traditional pro-family point of view on such issues, it would be only the briefest of mentions, followed by one homosexual activist after another tearing into that viewpoint.

A brief comment opposing the radical homosexual agenda (if it in fact ever made it into the press) would be followed by a relentless hammering by the activists. That is how the MSM operates today on issues like homosexuality. You simply will not hear the other side of the story. And if you do, it will be featured only so it can be mercilessly attacked.

The pro-marriage and pro-family point of view has been effectively censored out of public debate in the MSM. The activists in the MSM have declared war on our values and beliefs, and they do not even worry anymore about the blatant one-sided propaganda campaign they are conducting.

The truth is, there would have been plenty of contrary voices to be heard in an article such as this, but the author and the newspaper refused to give them a run. And for good measure, they do throw in some paragraphs on Christianity, but only to attack it for being “strict” and “judgemental”. This is so darn typical of the MSM.

Thus we get the usual lies, such as the following: “Research consistently concludes that children with same-sex parents suffer no disadvantages.” This point is made throughout the article. It is blatantly false however. Indeed, such is the censorship that now fully reigns in the MSM that I have had to write a book to try to get the truth out into the public arena.

In my new volume Strained Relations: The Challenge of Homosexuality, I have several large chapters on this very issue. The reality is in fact light-years away from the message presented in this article. Let me here just offer a few snippets from my book: “Most of these studies purporting to show that children raised in same-sex households do as well as other children have been roundly criticised for methodological shortcomings.

“One meta-analysis of 49 such studies found a number of methodological flaws. These include the lack of any proper hypothesis statement, the problem of affirming the null hypothesis, the lack of proper comparison groups, the problem of measurement error and probability, neglect of extraneous variables, and so on. On a less technical level, these studies suffer from small sample sizes, lack of a proper control group, inadequacy of self-reporting, and lack of proper timeframe (longitudinal analysis).

“Two US researchers, after examining the available data, said that ‘studies on same-sex parenting are plagued with persistent limitation[s]’. They conclude their study with these words: ‘we cannot be confident concerning the generalizability of many of the findings’.

“Another expert, sociologist Steven Nock of the University of Virginia, who claims to be agnostic on the question of same-sex marriage and the like, has also analysed the literature on homosexual parenting. He came up with these conclusions: ‘1) all of the studies I reviewed contained at least one flaw of design or execution; and 2) not a single one of those studies was conducted according to general accepted standards of scientific research.’

“Consider self-reporting. Most of these studies simply ask the children how they enjoy their same-sex parents. Not surprisingly, they don’t find any problems. But what child is going to bag his or her own parents? Indeed, if that is all they have known, it is even more difficult to criticise it. Thus scientific objectivity is sorely lacking in these types of studies. And since homosexual parenting is relatively recent, most children in same-sex households are relatively young. So asking 10-year-olds about their social, mental and psychological well-being may not result in very reliable data.

“But many of the children in same-sex households originally came from heterosexual families, making measurement more difficult. How much of their well-being or lack of it is attributable to heterosexual upbringing, and how much is attributable to homosexual upbringing?

“As but one example, pro-homosexual researchers have admitted that their study used ‘volunteers obtained though gay and single-parent magazines and associations. Obviously these do not constitute random samples, and it is not possible to know what biases are involved in the method of sample selection.’ Obviously indeed.”

I offer far more research and data in my book on all this. I encourage all of you to get it so that you can counter this MSM propaganda machine. We are in a war of ideas, and the MSM is only giving us its version of events. It is imperative that we all know the truth about such things, and that we get this truth out into the public arena as widely and as rapidly as possible.

If we lose this battle, we will largely have only ourselves to blame, for failing to be well read on this, for failing to make our case in the public arena, and for failing to have the courage and decency to act on the welfare of our children.

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  1. If, by some miracle, you manage to get a column in the ‘shame-stream-media’ – even as a request from them – to put the other side of the story, you still run the risk of having to answer charges brought by the Gay Dads brigade using Equal Opportunity/Human Rights legislation. Just ask Dr David Van Gend.
    Dunstan Hartley

  2. Surely Bill it is not simply that these zombies are saying that families that come in different shapes and sizes are good, healthy and normal; it is that families with a mother and father, husband and wife at their centre are bad. How soon before heterosexual (which is a misnomer) parents are deemed unfit even to bring up their own children because they refuse to bow to pink dictats or, because they reproduce in the natural way, are considered to be “dirty breeders?”
    Listen and watch how the BBC presents a profound and abusive disorder under a cloak of the most sickening sentiment and emotional appeal:

    Listen and watch again to how both Labour and Conservative politicians, Margaret Beckett and Iain Duncan Smith condemn Christian foster parents, Eunice and Owen Johns for refusing to bow to gay tyranny. Incredibly on this programme, it is the homosexual David Starkey who comes out with the truth and yet the audience is unmoved:

    In Stonewall’s publication, “Different Families”, it proudly states that “There’s no such thing as a typical family” and yet out of the sixteen families studied, fourteen are uniformly lesbian; only one is homosexual and only one has a mother and father, and even here the mother’s first child was donated by a homosexual. Different Families is worth a read and can be read by scrolling down to “Attitude Research.” and clicking on “Different Families, The experiences of children with lesbian and gay parents (2010),” which is the last in the list:

    The booklet written by a professor, with an unbelievable name, says, “Professor Susan Golombok and her colleagues are based at the Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge. As a multidisciplinary team, including psychologists, sociologists, biologists and clinicians, they have pioneered research addressing ethical issues raised by assisted reproductive technologies, including IVF, sperm donation and surrogacy. The Award will enable the Centre to collaborate with expert biomedical ethicists on research projects as new family forms emerge in the 21st century.”

    Ladies and gentlemen we have been invaded by aliens and we need to prepare ourselves.

    David Skinner, UK

  3. The previous week we were confronted by two homosexual men with their twin boys. It was picked up by Channel 9 and on A.C.A during the week. I noted that all babies were boys born of a surrogate mother and wondered if gender selection took place prior to implantation of fertilized eggs in the surrogate mother.
    Last week a lady told me she had just witnessed two men at Southern Cross station saying goodbye to each other, kissing etc. It shocked her and made her feel quite sick.
    Madge Fahy

  4. Madge, that says way more about your and your friend’s bigotry than it does about the couple. Some people are gay – get over yourselves.
    Dursley McLinden

  5. Thanks Dursley

    But that says way more about your bigotry than it does about reality. Let’s run with your camp’s version of events: If some people have an orientation toward wanting to kiss members of the same sex, so some people have an orientation toward finding such activities repulsive. Some people are heterosexual – get over yourselves.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  6. Dursley, some people like to have sex with themselves, with pavements, with horses, with their own children, with dead bodies, with a hundred people a night. Dursely some people like sado-mascochism, cannibalism, paedophilia. Some people like infecting one another with AIDS. Some people like lying, stealing, cheating and mass murder. If you have concerns about this, this says way more about your bigotry than it does about people who do those things – Get over it!

    David Skinner, UK

  7. The whole palette of emotions – love, hate, anger, peace, fear, joy, desolation – that are displayed in human nature are all necessary for our survival, like the notes on a piano, all are equally essential. Not only are they essential for our survival but also for any kind of personal relationship to develop and out of respect for our ability to exercise free will and to make responsible choices. For a government to eliminate feelings of antipathy or hatred in order to produce a dehumanised society that runs like a well-oiled piece of machinery sounds ominously like the film “Clockwork Orange,” where the behaviour of citizens can be controlled by drugs or brain surgery. This is pure evolutionary engineering. Those who won’t “get over it” are sent for chemical surgery.
    The Bible clearly tells the Christian to hate that which is evil and to love good, but God does not force us to this, anymore than He would force us not to jump from a cliff or harm ourselves and others. To be worthy of the name “human” rather than “animal” or “robot” we have to be left free to make our own choices as to how we will think or feel. However, we cannot be shielded from the consequences of making this or that decision. We may choose to jump off a building, that is our decision, but nothing can stop us from experiencing the fall. God will not suspend the laws of gravity.
    By contrast the gaystapo will not even allow us to think, feel or express our opposition to homosexuality. In their totalitarian world there is no freedom of choice. We will conform. We will either “get over it” or suffer public humiliation, being fired from our job, having our business shut down, being fined, being dragged into prison and see our children handed over to sexual perverts.
    We can, in the name of human rights and being kind, choose to allow the gaystapo to impose their ideology and life style on us, but we cannot choose the inevitable consequences. Those consequences are non-negotiable. And if we do not want those consequences we have no option but to say to our out proud friends. “I love you dearly, but if I have to choose between you and the survival of my family and my nation, I am afraid you have to go.” We cannot both exist. One of us has to go.
    David Skinner, UK

  8. Talking of MSM Activism and mischief have you heard of this ‘new take’ –

    ‘Pamela Anderson to play Virgin Mary in Christmas show, Bible scholar: it’s encouraging’ (says United Church of Christ Minister film critic! – Doug)

    The show was described as “an irreverent twist on the Christmas special.”

    So we can expect Pamela Anderson to play Mohammed’s wife in a ‘stand up sketch’ of an Islamic festival televised at Ramadan ?

    I wonder what the MSM would have to say about the latter?

    Doug Holland

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