On Wisconsin

It may not have been on everyone’s radar, but a major victory has just occurred in the American Midwest. And pardon my exuberance here, but it is a great day to be from Wisconsin and to be an American. There is hope yet it seems, and now we can bring on November.

The Republican Governor Scott Walker there has just won a recall motion. He is a small government, union-busting, pro-life Governor who was challenged by a big-government, pro-union, and pro-abortion Democrat, Tom Barrett. A loss would have been calamitous, and would have been bad news for future state and national races.

But this resounding win not only means most Wisconsinites still have common sense, but it means that the prospects for a Republican presidential win in November look even more likely. You see, Wisconsin has long been in the clutches of the lefties, and the Democrats have long been in control.

Back in the radical 60s, Madison – the state capital and college town – was like a Berkeley-east. Student rioting, and even deaths due to the militants, were all the rage there in the late 60s and early 70s. It has long been a hotbed of radicalism and leftism.

And the state had been bankrupted – literally and figuratively – by the tight squeeze of out-of-control union power aided and abetted by their chief beneficiaries – the Democrats. Their stranglehold on the state meant ordinary Wisconsinites and small businesses especially suffered big time.

So this is quite a victory indeed. Already a number of commentators have been discussing this historic victory. Some of their words are worth sharing here. As Bill Frezza noted, the “Governor Walker’s Victory Spells Doom For Public Sector Unions”

“Despite a last-minute smear campaign accusing Scott Walker of fathering an illegitimate love child, the governor’s recall election victory sends a clear message that should resonate around the nation: The fiscal cancer devouring state budgets has a cure, and he has found it. The costly defeat for the entrenched union interests that tried to oust Walker in retribution for challenging their power was marked by President Obama’s refusal to lend his weight to the campaign for fear of being stained by defeat. We’ll see how well this strategy of opportunistic detachment serves in the fall as Obama reaches out to unions for support.”

He concludes, “The power of private sector unions was long ago broken by many heavily unionized companies going bankrupt. While this was painful for both workers and shareholders, the economy motored on as nimbler non-union competitors picked up the slack. This approach is problematic for the public sector because bankrupt state and local governments cannot be replaced by competitors waiting in the wings. Yes, citizens can always vote with their feet, emptying out cities like Detroit, leaving the blighted wreckage behind. But isn’t Walker’s targeted fiscal retrenchment less painful than scorched-earth abandonment?

“Chicago machine candidate Barack Obama rode into office to the tune of Hail to the Chief, promising the unions that backed him the gift of card check elections, ending the secret ballot that shields employees from union intimidation. He may well ride into retirement to the tune of On Wisconsin as the era of closed shop unionism comes to an end.”

And Richard Viguerie wrote, “The real reason Governor Scott Walker won is simple and something that Mitt Romney and his presidential campaign team should take to heart. Walker won because he ran and governed as an unabashed principled, small government, constitutional conservative. The power of Walker’s win could contribute greatly to a Romney victory in November if Mitt’s campaign team can shake-off their moderate establishment Republican instincts and absorb its real lesson.

“Just as Ronald Reagan once described his vision of the Republican Party, Governor Walker’s campaign was a campaign, not of pale pastels, but of bold conservative colors – encouraging jobs and economic development, balancing the budget, reducing taxes, and streamlining the state’s bureaucracy.

“By standing for conservative principles, Scott Walker traveled the trail Reagan blazed to victory in 1980 and 1984, that Newt Gingrich followed to the Contract with America victory in 1994, and the Tea Party took to win the wave election in 2010. These were big agenda-changing victories–not skin of your teeth wins, such as Bush’s in 2000 and 2004, where we traded one set of establishment players for another.

“Victory always has 1,000 fathers, but no amount of money or organization could have helped Scott Walker if he had not stuck with his conservative principles. Governor Walker’s victory proves once again the lesson Republicans should have learned in 1980:  Reagan’s bold colors win elections. If Mitt Romney will adopt those bold conservative colors for his campaign and his administration, he will win, even in traditionally Democratic-leaning states like Wisconsin.”

And pro-lifers have a real reason to cheer here. Said Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, “Governor Walker has already signed into law several pro-life bills during his short, two-year tenure in office. He says he is 100 percent pro-life, and he that he has certainly done things so far that show he is truly 100 percent pro-life. To lose him would mean quite a setback for the pro-life movement in Wisconsin.”

Or as Steven Ertelt stated, “The battle was a tough one for pro-life advocates in the state, who worked overtime to try to keep Walker and pro-life Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, both of whom received endorsements from Wisconsin Right to Life. Kleefisch survived her recall battle as well against a pro-abortion opponent.

“‘Governor Walker’s deep belief in the sanctity of all human life is evident in the courageous actions he has taken to build a culture of life in Wisconsin. His concern for the most vulnerable members of the human family is reflected in the common sense and compassionate laws he has signed into law. Those initiatives will greatly benefit unborn children, women who are considering abortion and taxpayers of our state,’ said WRTL PAC Director Susan Armacost….

“Since Governor Walker took office in January 2011, the pro-life movement in Wisconsin has made monumental gains. Walker signed into law a state budget that included a provision to prohibit the UW Hospital Authority from being involved in performing abortions and from using taxpayer dollars to pay medical students to learn how to perform abortions. Walker steered Wisconsin Well Woman funds to local counties instead of Planned Parenthood. Governor Walker also signed bills that allow Wisconsin to opt out of abortion funding under Obamacare, to protect pregnant women from coerced abortions and to prohibit RU486 chemical web cam abortions.

“Walker’s pro-life achievements have earned him the praise of Wisconsin’s top pro-life groups and, contrary to the claims from abortion advocates, the support of many women. Just one example comes in the form of a letter to the editor in the Stevens Point Journal, entitled ‘Kudos to Governor Walker for pro-life record.’ The author, Kathleen Sommers of Custer, Wisconsin, thanks Walker for standing up for women by signing the bill banning coerced abortions.

“Governor Walker stands as one of the nation’s most supportive governors for the rights of our society’s most vulnerable. Tom Barrett would have used taxpayer funds to destroy innocent unborn human lives.”

Quite so. This is a win for life, for limited government, and for common sense against union thuggery. On Wisconsin. And I can’t wait for November.


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  1. That truly is wonderful news. Gov Scott Walker has battled long and hard for Wisconsin against blatant union-based, Democrat sponsored ripoffs and underhanded deals. His stand against Obama’s autocratic promotion of abortion/unlimited support for Planned Parenthood was brave and sets him apart as a man of principle and conviction, two traits very hard to find. It is a testament to the blessing a ruler can have when they stand for Godly principles. Praise God, and thanks Gov Scott Walker for being a true hero.
    Garth Penglase

  2. I saw the news item this morning, and I am indeed elated to a point. However, I am under no illusions that this means some sort of major turnaround in American attitudes. James White, the apologist who does debates across the country, affirms that the America that won World War II and produced such notables as Lincoln and Eisenhower no longer exists. The country as a whole has been captured by the militant Left, a fact of life which can be seen in any news site or blog from America.
    I am also under no illusions that the Republican machine will learn anything from this Wisconsin election, so wedded are they to the ‘socialist lite’ philosophy, and that the only way to win elections is to be just a little less ‘big government’ than the Democrats. Anyone who tries to run on a solidly conservative ticket will incur just as much wrath and chicanery from the Republican machine as from the Leftist MSM. Just ask Sarah Palin!
    Murray R Adamthwaite

  3. Yes Murray, what you may be true from a natural perspective. But let’s look at American “attitudes”. There are 2 different USAs, the elites and the general populace. Every time (that’s 33 so far) at referendum states have rejected SSM and there is a groundswell of anti-abortionism sweeping America at a grassroots level. Someone honest who will convincingly stand for right and truth will draw votes that are in search of real leadership – something that is devoid in much of current politics.

    Let’s look at it from a spiritual perspective – when people of faith take a uncompromising (and that’s the key) stand on Godly principles and battle it through with conviction amazing things often happen – and that’s because no matter how fallen (see King David) we may be as individuals or as a people, the bible makes it clear that Godly authority is championed by God himself and nations that turn to God receive the due recompense for their faith. Without fail.

    I believe wholeheatedly in the difference that can be made by individuals who are willing to sacrifice everything they have for God’s glory. But where are such people?
    Captain McKenzie made a difference that was felt nationally in Australia in World War I and after. Heroics such as Tienanmen Square hasn’t been forgotten. The world is always looking for such heros. It can happen.

    Garth Penglase

  4. Thanks Murray

    Viguerie is quite right: both Romney and the Republican brass need to get with it, and go back to Reagan conservatism: “Governor Walker’s victory proves once again the lesson Republicans should have learned in 1980: Reagan’s bold colors win elections. If Mitt Romney will adopt those bold conservative colors for his campaign and his administration, he will win, even in traditionally Democratic-leaning states like Wisconsin.”

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  5. This is what happens when Christians strop trying to be everyone’s friend, stop being afraid to speak up and plainly and clearly stand up (and speak out) for what God says is right!

    God bless him and his administration. God’s blessings will most certainly be upon the thousands of children saved from abortions.

    George Kokonis

  6. Be not deceived, God is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth, thus shall he reap! Nations too-Christ Jesus reigns! The battle is not hopeless, it is already won–we must just be faithful to the truth, to Christ and His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.
    Steve Swartz

  7. See, Bill – because you are doing so much good work for Australia, God is taking special care of your home state.
    Michael Treacy

  8. We need to tell Tony Abbott about this and fast.
    And send it to every good Christian in the Liberal Party, with a note of encouragement.
    Abbott is so typical of today’s ‘Conservative’ – the picture Murray paints is today’s Australian Liberal Party. They want to be just a little bit to the right of Labor and they will never win a resounding Victory that way.

    Gary, is also right – what is killing Conservative politics in Australia at the moment is a weak and compromising Christianity – especially the political, rather than Biblical, Christianity espoused by the Australian Christian Lobby. They promoted Rudd – we got Julia; Since they promoted Relationship Registers and supported ‘rights’ in the name of ‘justice’ for same sex ‘couples’ we have three same-sex marriage bills in Parliament.
    I repeatedly get told not to name names, but unless we know who is actually undermining Biblical Truth we can do little to stop it.
    Before we can see a revival of ‘conservative’ and moral politics we will need to see a revival in Biblical Christianity. There can be no moral revival in the nation until there is a moral revival in the church.

    Peter Stokes

  9. “The decision to call an off-year special election to roll back public employees’ perks will long be remembered as the all-time stupidest idea in political history. One hundred years from now it will still be studied at the Kennedy School of Government. Wisconsin made history in a different way Tuesday night. As Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch said, the recall election will go down in the record books as the night ‘the campaign to save America’ began.”
    -Ann Coulter


    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  10. This is the most encouraging article I`ve read in along time, George Kokonis has it right on too. Thanks Bill for sharing this and giving the link to encourage Scott.
    John Archer

  11. This is a very encouraging article thanks Bill. America seems to have a more vigorous, open and intellectual discussion on political matters compared to Australia. Why do you think this is? Only very occasionally we see truly conservative views get promoted by our leaders. Maybe the Westminster system means that vigorous discussion takes place within the party room rather than in public? Thanks for your ongoing work

    Malcolm Beattie

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