C of E Moonbattery: No Wonder We Are Losing

This is one of those incredible stories that would have to go under the ‘If this is the best UK Anglicans can do, then it is time to put them out of their misery’ heading. It really is quite mind-blowing. It also has to fit in the ol’ ‘I don’t know if I should laugh or cry’ category.

It has to do with an Anglican school in the UK that appears to be about as Anglican as Hugh Hefner is celibate. Let me simply offer here what one newspaper account has stated about this:

“Hymns have been dropped from assemblies at a Church of England school which has also introduced separate prayer rooms for girls and boys to cater to its mostly Muslim students. Daily assemblies at Slough and Eton Church of England Business and Enterprise College, where 75 per cent of pupils are Muslim, are not based specifically on the Bible, but may make reference to it alongside other religious texts.

“All of the meat served at the secondary school, which has over 1,000 pupils aged between 11 and 19, is halal. Headmaster Paul McAteer said the approach was to be ‘sensitive to the fact that we do have many different faiths in the school’, but added that Christian values were ‘more prevalent here than I have experienced in non-Church of England schools’.

“Mr McAteer, who pointed out that the Church of England describes itself as ‘a faith for all faiths’, told the Sunday Times: ‘The values we support are very much Christian values of honesty, integrity, justice.’ According to the school’s prospectus its assemblies – which Mr McAteer said contain a ‘moral message’ – reflect humanitarian and spiritual issues ‘that concern everyone’….

“One of the school aims outlined on its mission statement is ‘to promote tolerance and respect for all cultures represented in the school’. The college was judged ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted in May 2011 and it was awarded the same rating after a Church of England inspection the following month. Collective worship at the school is broadly Christian, and assemblies are based on Christian principles but are ‘designed to value and not exclude any other faith’, the prospectus states.”

I kid you not folks. An Anglican school with few Christian students, with no Christian hymns, with Muslim prayer rooms, with halal foods, and with assemblies dishing up “humanitarian” messages. Oh for heaven’s sake, stop the charade already. Just admit it – the game is up.

This is not a Christian school in any way, shape, or form. It is simply a cruel joke, and yet another mockery of a church in steep decline. Indeed, as soon as you hear those weasel words “tolerance” and “sensitivity” you know the jig is up.

It is too late; the horse has bolted. All we have now is an empty shell, utterly devoid of any Christian content. It is in fact guilty of false advertising: there is nothing Christian at all about this place. The place should immediately be renamed the ‘Slough and Eton Islamic Business and Enterprise College’.

I am sure such a Muslim school would be happy to keep taking in the handful of ‘Christian’ students, as long as they keep eating halal foods, pray in gender-separate rooms, and so on. Then things can go on as normal – but at least we would know what we are actually dealing with then.

As I said in the beginning, I really don’t know if I should laugh or cry here. And my other line is also worth repeating: If this is the best the UK Anglicans can do, then it really is time to put them out of their misery.


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  1. Guess they have to maintain their original set-up so that they keep their tax free exemption as a c of E organisation.
    Prince Charles started this faith of all faiths rot years ago – doubt if Muslims will accept him as the UK head of their ‘religion’ if he becomes King.

    Patricia Rogers

  2. I have no words… It just makes me angry and sad at the same time.
    Matthew Pearson

  3. How true Chesterton’s comment that when one ceases to believe in God, one can believe anything. Self-delusion is all too easy; & seems money rules irrespective of consequences.

    Arthur Hartwig

  4. As they say, Bill, keep laughing, even if only hysterically.

    David Morrison

  5. Thanks Bill. Basically the wording consists of vague, open to interpretation platitudes: ‘The values we support are very much Christian values of honesty, integrity, justice.’ According to the school’s prospectus its assemblies – which Mr McAteer said contain a ‘moral message’ – reflect humanitarian and spiritual issues ‘that concern everyone’….

    This is typical of our world of shifting shadows and confusing deceptions. We as Christians must hold fast to the more difficult aspects of our faith, of talking about sin and redemption only through the blood of Jesus and not through the teachings of Mohammed or Buddha which will take the people of this world to a lost eternity. More and more we are going to be marginalised for not being more ‘tolerant’. Faith based schools who don’t follow the model of the one you describe are going to be scrutinized, sued, threatened and otherwise harassed until they buckle under the weight. The question is, are we as believers ready for what is coming or is it going to hit us like a freight train? Enjoy our schools and public churches which still hold fast to true Godliness while we can and when we no longer have these blessings, determine to stand relying upon the power of God to strengthen us and keep us faithful.

    Dee Graf

  6. This is what happens when you move away from the Word of God. You have no foundation to stand upon and you just move to the whims of what is happening right now. Hardly surprising this has happened to the Anglican Church as whole, but there are some more fundamental Anglican churches that are not falling down like the mainstream Anglican church is.

    Ian Nairn

  7. Time to stop the demonation game, and sending money up the food chain to the lowest common denominator. Where two or three are gathered together in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is He in the midst.

    A synagogue of Christ on every corner block, with ten tithe-paying men and their families forming the foundation of the fellowship, drawing upon the Faith as once delivered (and now available freely from the internet) would make it much harder for the compromisers to infiltrate.

    Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy upon us.

    Lance A Box

  8. It seems the old saw that the Anglican communion is a “broad church” has taken on an even “broader” meaning!

    Evangelical Anglicans must find the present state of the wider Anglican Church quite challenging – even distressing at times. Their corner of God’s wheat-field is not the only one, however, afflicted by undue supply of tares, choking thorns and other weeds. How the Lord of the harvest must be longing to put in His sickle for that great eschatological in-gathering, threshing and winnowing!

    John Wigg

  9. What do you say? It would seem that the world is creeping slowly into our churches and diluting the foundation. If true Christians cannot stem the tide of this, they must, above all remain faithful, regardless of what is happening around them, read the Word, pray, live your Christian life out in front of people and never stop doing these things.

    Steve Davis

  10. David said to the cowering army, How long will you allow this enemy (and Goliath in particular) to profane against our God
    He then took up the stone and slew Goliath and sliced off his head.
    Christians if that is what we like to be called have the numbers and it’s about time we stopped this US government and all others thinking likewise in their tracks.
    We need good men/women to take up the fight.
    David had no hesitation in taking up arms against the enemies of God. In the name of God.

    Dennis Newland

  11. I have to admit that I shudder at the thought of Prince Charles becoming King in the near future. He has publicly stated that he will not be “Defender of THE Faith”, instead he will vow to be ‘Defender of Faith’, thus allowing any and all loony religions having him as “Defender”. Now, as he has also publicly stated that Islam is a ‘good religion which has (get this) respect for women and accords them an elevated status!!! Wow! He has also stated that upon reading the Koran, he finds it a book full of truth. One just wonders if he is also aware of the Islamic punishment for adultery.
    Joan Davidson

  12. It’s such a sad state of affairs when the church acts like a madman who cuts off his own legs because he’d prefer to stand on his head.

    It seems that the biggest enemy true followers of Jesus have is not militant Islam or the militant homosexuals. It is the rot from within that dares to call itself Christianity. It’s time church leaders started to act like genuine shepherds instead of hirelings and be ready and willing to fight and eject the wolves from their flocks.

    Mario Del Giudice

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