A Review of The Conservative Revolution. By Cory Bernardi.

Connor Court, 2013.

Unlike perhaps 90 per cent of the haters bashing Cory Bernardi on various websites, I actually have his new book and have actually read all 164 pages of it (and all 137 footnotes). So that might make my review slightly more reliable than a good hunk of those from the various secular left trolls.

The reason for their utter wrath and vile remarks is clear: Bernardi dares to say that which is politically incorrect. For example, he thinks it is not a good thing that our most trusted institutions of marriage and family are under attack; that killing up to 100,000 unborn babies a year is deemed acceptable; and that the Christian faith has been under so much attack – even though it actually has been a force for good in this nation. No wonder the poisonous barbs are being unleashed upon him.

The South Australian Senator makes a very simple case: the mainstream values which a majority of Australians support are well worth promoting and defending. Things like faith, family and freedom – all the things the radical left so love to disparage and trash.

Bernardi defines a conservative simply as one who seeks “to protect and defend the structures and values that have allowed our nation to achieve the traditional freedoms and prosperity that we enjoy today.” And by revolution he means the need to “restore conservative values to their rightful place as the guiding principles of our civilisation and the cornerstone of governance.”

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He begins by defining some conservative principles and values. These include: the importance of order and stability; the importance of judging decisions by their long-term consequences; the realisation that human-made utopias are unworkable and dangerous; the ideal of freedom and private property; and the need to keep a check on power – especially political power.

He then focuses on some key conservative themes: faith, family, flag and free enterprise. Let me just comment on the first two. In his chapter on faith and its importance, he rightly notes what a valuable role it has played both in the foundation of this nation and in its growth and development.

And by faith he does not mean just any old generic faith, but specifically the Christian worldview which did so much for Australia in particular and the West in general. He notes that even those with no religious identity “will likely identify with values that would not exist if it weren’t for the historical role that Christianity has played in shaping” Australia.

He notes that the increased secularisation of late has been closely connected to shifting morality – indeed, to a moral freefall. He discusses the culture wars, including the battle for the sanctity of life. He notes how secular elites such as Peter Singer have pushed for not just abortion and euthanasia, but infanticide as well.

Bernardi deals with the separation of church and state myth, and examines how religious freedom is increasingly coming under attack by those committed to the secular left worldview. He also notes how counterfeit religious movements are arising, such as the radical green agenda.

And he discusses how Islam is not on a par with Christianity, but has fundamental values which are inimical both to Christianity and to freedom and democracy. While ordinary Muslims are to be welcomed, the political ideology of Islam must be rejected, if Australia is to survive as a genuinely free and open society. There certainly are moderate Muslims, but Islam is not moderate.

In his chapter on family, Bernardi marshals the social science data as to why the institutions of marriage and the heterosexual family are so overwhelmingly vital to society, to individuals, and to children. There is a wealth of documentation available here which he draws upon, showing that married people live happier, healthier and longer lives than do those in other types of relationships – or no relationships.

And he highlights the mountain of evidence showing that children do best, all things considered, when raised in a home containing their biological mother and father, especially when cemented by marriage. This really is the “gold standard” of family structure, and one which we should not be ashamed in championing.

That is why conservatives so strongly defend the traditional family unit, while the leftists are so bent on demonising and destroying it. The left has long known that to capture a culture they must first capture its families. It really is the major battleground of our day, and radical experiments like homosexual marriage only further harm society, children, and the institution of marriage itself, as he carefully documents.

Bernardi rightly states, “The current cost and the future risk to our national wellbeing are too great. We simply cannot afford to remain silent about the importance of the traditional family in shaping a positive future for our nation.”

He concludes by offering some practical and personal tasks we can get involved in as part of this conservative revolution. There are many things we can do on the personal, social and community levels to stand up for the values that have made this nation so great. Political involvement is also one of them.

Obviously Bernardi is leading by example here, having served in the Australian Parliament since 2006. He has been one of our most courageous and outspoken politicians, constantly reminding us of the war that we are in, and the values that we need to preserve and defend.

This short manifesto is well worth reading and passing on to a friend. We live in a time when far too many politicians are cowardly when it comes to standing up for Australia and for what is right. Bernardi is not such a person. He and his book both deserve tremendous support.

(Australians can get this book at Connor Court: http://www.connorcourt.com/catalog1/ )

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33 Replies to “A Review of The Conservative Revolution. By Cory Bernardi.”

  1. A great review Bill on what appears to be an excellent book by Senator Bernardi. He’s certainly a brave, bold man with the courage of his convictions and has said what everyone needed to hear in the current social/political/spiritual climate in this country.

    Saints, please keep the encouragement flowing to this courageous man of God.

  2. I read a few of the Amazon reviews and just felt disgusted. A minimum Amazon requirement should be that a reviewer has at least read the book. I remember the book The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang, started out with many negative politicised reviews, (easy to spot the Japanese nationals) but now sits with a healthy 4 star rating. Time will counter the politicised 1 votes.

    My copy of Bernardi’s book is on its way. Thanks for the link Bill.

  3. Thanks for this great article Bill. I thank God for the courage of the (truly) most honourable Cory Bernardi.

    As we fight a rearguard action against socialist and humanist forces, these few voices that stand against the rising tide of sheer idiocy and ungodliness are like a beacon. Let us pray that their voice will be heard and acted upon by Christians and all who believe in conservative values that founded this ‘lucky’ country. How long will it maintain it’s ‘lucky’ tag surely comes down to how many join the fight.

    Let’s pray for more warriors to step up and be counted.

  4. I won’t bother to read the book if this review is what he is on about, because Bernardi is a racist, a bigot and a moron.

  5. Thanks Marilyn. It is always great when your side provides a real-life example of just how you guys operate. Forget about the evidence, the data, the facts – indeed, don’t even expose yourself to a different point of view. Just live in a little bubble world and isolate yourself from any truth that may not be to your liking.

    And by way of response, just resort to name-calling, mud-slinging and ad hominem attacks. It sure beats dealing with the actual arguments and evidence. And do it all in the name of acceptance, tolerance and diversity!

    Oh, and why is it that your side seems so often unable to follow very simple rules, such as my commenting rule that everyone posting here must provide a full name?

  6. I saw the Amazon neg-review campaign following a review of the book in the UK Guardian. My copy of the book is now on its way. Thanks for the review Bill.

  7. Seems Marilyn comes from the same school of thought as Susie O’Brien (her article yesterday was truly horrific) attack the person, don’t debate – and use of logical arguments – just frightening in there composition (or lack thereof)!!

  8. People like Susie O’Brien and Marilyn certainly wont let facts stand in the way of a good head hunt. The Natives sure are restless.

  9. Hi Bill, I hope to provide you with an idea for an new article, even though you have covered this sort of thing before.

    I found here http://survincity.com/2014/01/sexual-education-of-children-deeply-unscientific/ a Russian article written by Miriam Grossmanon of America about the (Overt)Sexual Education of our children. Very good article, but alittle disjointed because of translation.

    Keep up the good work Bill, my thanks for your articles.

    Mark Lambert

  10. Thanks Bill,

    I watched the video interview that Cory had with “Bev”,
    I couldn’t get over how unruffled he was and how good his answers were.

    Let me suggest that people to send him an encouraging email, as I have done. cory@corybernardi.com.

  11. Great article again Bill, thanks for reviewing it for us. I have passed it on to friends. So important we show our support for Cory. I am sure the ‘silent’ majority do support him but the vocal minority will have all the say and get all the airwaves. This subject is so crucial to our country’s future.ie our descendants.

  12. Well done Bill. Keep rallying the troops. The conservative revolution is coming.

  13. Dear Bill,

    Thankyou for the wonderful review of Cory’s book. I intend to buy it but I will also request that the local library gets it in

    As for Marilyn if she perseveres in her own narrowmindedness the silly woman will not grow as a person.She will reap what she sows in life and will have caused her own unhappiness

  14. Thank you Bill for this most wonderful article, it was difficult to sieve through all the negative articles and find this positive and very refreshing read.

    Our prayer group prayed and thanked God for people like Cory last night.

    Let’s all take a leaf out of his book and speak up with greater courage for the truth, let’s advocate the truth and live the truth.

  15. Excellent idea, Patricia. I also will request it at my local library.

    Marilyn wrote that “Bernardi is a racist, a bigot and a moron” – a classic example of an ad hominem attack which does nothing to address his cogent arguments for a return to traditional morality.

  16. Bill, I just ordered a copy of Cory’s book……looking forward to a good read, from a man who has my admiration and respect. We need more like him…..and you, too. You are both very courageous men. Thank God for both of you. Fearless truth tellers!

  17. Thanks Bill for the review, I have ordered my copy and sent Cory an encouraging e-mail.
    Senator Madigan came out in support of Cory today which is encouraging, I hope more politicians will follow.
    Senator Madigan needs our encouragement also.

  18. I heard panelists on the ABC this morning discussing Cory’s book. I couldn’t listen to the whole segment (I had to go work!) but what I did hear was one commentator admit that he “hadn’t read the book” but he read a blurb about it and that was enough for him

    The rest of what I heard consisted of little more than the usual derision that passes for commentary in left-wing circles.Whether they got around to actually addressing the arguments therein I don’t know, although, quite frankly I doubt it.

    Mick Koster.

  19. Thanks Bill for this article. It’s disappointing that the LIB leadership didn’t publicly support Cory. Perhaps they’re too scared of the Left wing fascists who dominate so much of the mainstream media.

    We need more like Cory to try to bring balance to public debate and also a better society. The bigoted Left has caused too much damage through their control of the microphone.

  20. You’ve convinced me, Bill. Just ordered mine from the Book Depository, 25% off the original price, no freight charge, and it’s on its way. Can’t wait to read it.

  21. Thank you Bill for your review of Cory’s book. We agree with him and you entirely. We find the majority of the media very intimidating and often remain silent , like shadows in the background. Not any more!

  22. Thanks once again Bill for your inspiring and courageous work. I am about to order my copy of Cory’s book .At the same time, the Holy Spirit just now has filled me with a great feeling of compassion for Marilyn. “Don’t judge, just love and pray for her,” is the message.

  23. Thanks so much for your excellent review of Senator Bernardi’s book, Bill. I have read, and thoroughly enjoyed the well-researched, clear-sighted “Conservative Revolution”, appreciating the quality of mind and spirit which inspired its many quotable quotes. Cory is a big man in every way – a man of great faith, a realist not a populist, with great intellectual integrity and moral courage. The great reformers displayed these qualities of character, remaining true to important principles, even under fire. The world is in desperate need of leaders willing to enter emotionally-charged minefields to challenge ideas which erode Christian values.
    I too, have been appalled at the mindless vilification hurled at Cory. May I suggest that everyone who shares concern over this injustice expresses it in a polite letter to both our Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition.

  24. Bill, thanks for bringing this to our attention, Cory deserves all the support he can get. I was bitterly disappointed when he was shunned by the Libs, it diminished my regard for them somewhat. I have been a supporter of Corys since I first watched him debate the wearing of Islamic Burkas in public (I think it was on the ABC). He was on the ball then and still is now. A great politician and one with genuine concern for where we are headed as a society. Will order the book.

  25. I have just ordered this book, and can’t wait to read it. For years I’ve argued in conversations about the benefits of the traditional family and the core values of Christianity being fundamental to the strength of our society, but my ‘modern-minded’ friends denigrate both. I’m so pleased to know someone in the public eye is saying what I think many of us quietly believe. We need to stand up and be counted!

  26. What I find amazing is that the ABC can get away with calling his views “extremist” when really they are views that have been mainstream for well over a thousand years. On News 24 they called him “extreme right wing” but his views aren’t totalitarian as Penny Wong’s and Dreyfus’ certainly appear to be. Whether you agree with him or not you have to admit he is fighting for what he believes to be beneficial for everyone in society and he has a huge amount of information to back him up. I am very sick of the ABC’s view of “balanced” being roughly equal numbers of right and left wing, atheistic bigots. Whether you lean towards Hitler or Stalin you are still promoting corruption, injustice, perversion, totalitarianism and the destruction of freedom and family. How about some real balance on the ABC instead of the constant atheistic and homosexual propaganda? I believe there is plenty of evidence for the ABC to be prosecuted and they need to be held to account.

  27. We must be very grateful to those who display such astonishing hatred, ignorance, bigotry and plain stupidity towards Cory Bernadi’s book and his common sense: they induce thousands to take heart that there are one or two politicians who are fearless and courageous in defence of the truth.
    Thanks, suckers, for promoting Cory’s book!

  28. Kevin Andrews MP (who has been altogether silent) has much of the evidence in support of Bernardi’s claims in his book, “Maybe I Do”

  29. Thanks Bill for telling the truth of the book.
    Truth always wins.
    Judith Bond

  30. Thank you, Bill, for your excellent review of Cory Bernardi’s book.
    It’s prompted me to get the book and read it.
    I admire Cory for his brave and conscientious stand and his self-control under fire.
    I will follow the Australian Conservatives with great interest.

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