Australian Jihad: The Aftermath

The news of the major foiled Islamic terrorist raid in cities around Australia is still developing, and we keep learning more about what was being planned. For example we now know that attacks on Parliament House in Canberra were also being considered.

As one report states: “Mr Abbott said Parliament House was ‘certainly a potential target’ for terrorists. ‘There has been chatter amongst these terrorist support networks for some time about possible attacks on government here in Australia,’ he told Channel Seven.”

Also, more raids and more arrests are expected shortly. Other cities may well be targeted, and this is in fact an ongoing investigation and security concern:

The Australian Federal Police has not ruled out further arrests following yesterday’s raids. Police are expected to continue searching some properties today as part of the major operation into alleged terror plots. AFP acting commissioner Andrew Colvin said police would take their time digging up backyards and combing homes for “hides” — stashes of cash or firearms that could have been hidden. He declared the massive counter-terror operation was only just beginning. “In many ways it’s just a new phase,” he told ABC TV.

Of interest has been the initial reaction from Australian Muslims. As usual, our radical left media outlets such as the ABC and SBS have been running hot, telling the story of ‘Muslims as victims’ once again. Instead of focusing on the horrible acts of terror that were being planned, these dhimmi media groups were telling us about all the poor Muslim victims.

islam 115Thus we heard about how family members of arrested suspects described the raids. Here is one such description:

When asked why police had targeted his brother, he said he had no idea. “I dunno, I got a lot of anger. It’s a war on Islam just because we grow our beards. They want to label us as a terrorist, or supporters of IS, whatever, that’s up to you.” he said. He later said he believed Kawa may have been targeted because he hung around with “hot heads”. “He’s just trying to live his life, do his own thing. I know ASIO is on to them [other friends targeted during the raids].”

And then we had public protests last night. To condemn the terrorism and jihad? Nope, to condemn the police and the raids! Thus we had banners with the words, “Stop terrorising Muslims” and “We won’t stand by as Muslims are vilified”. Really!

At rallies in Lakemba in Sydney’s west, speakers referred to the police as “pigs” and “dogs”. A Facebook site devoted to this said, “The Muslim community is squarely the target of these raids and laws, the climate of hysteria only increases as the government fabricates reasons for these draconian laws.”

Not to be outdone, Hizt ut-Tahrir spokesman Uthman Badar said the Islamic community was getting angry and that Muslims must stop being victimised: “We are tired of being made scapegoats. The government is the terrorist”. Wow. Governments seeking to protect their own innocent citizens from Islamic beheadings and jihad are the real terrorists.

It is clearly time to act on this hothead and his group. It is now being discussed:

The federal government will consider expanding the criteria for proscribing terrorist groups following fresh advice it could not act to curb the activities of the radical group Hizb ut-Tahrir under existing laws. The Daily Telegraph has learned the government recently sought fresh advice on whether it could proscribe the global organisation, which has accused Prime Minister Tony Abbott of demonising jihadist fighters in Iraq and Syria, as a terrorist group.

And how have Australia’s so-called moderate Islamic leaders responded? So far very few have spoken out, and those who have done so have not been all that reassuring. For example, Dr Jamal Rifi, a leading figure in Sydney’s Muslim community, simply offered us more moral equivalence:

“We are calling on all our community to take care because, just as we have extremist people in our community with intention to hurt Australians, we also know there are some racist elements who may react to innocent members of our community. If something like this happens, then we haven’t learnt the lesson from the Cronulla riots.”

This is sadly a typical response. It basically amounts to this: ‘Yeah, we have a few bad eggs in the Islamic community, but there are also bad eggs in the non-Islamic community, so we are on a level moral playing field here.’ Nothing at all is said about violence inherent in the very core beliefs of Islam, and in its very core doctrines.

And the usual red herring of “racism” is of course brought up. Anyone concerned about Islam and all the violence we find associated with it are simply racists. Never mind that Islam is not a race, but a religion, or more accurately, a political ideology bent on global conquest.

But hey, at least we had some major mass marches of angry moderate Muslims denouncing the violence and terror and jihad – or, maybe not. Indeed, I have been waiting for years now to see just one mass march of these “moderate” Muslims on our streets denouncing all forms of Islamic terror and jihad. Why do I keep thinking I will be waiting for a long time to see all this?

And this thwarted terror plot was certainly not the first such affair. Australia has had others unfortunately. One writer lists four major failed terror plots in recent Australian history:

-Al-Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiah planned bombing of Israeli and Jewish targets in Sydney during 2000 Olympics.
-Lashkar e-Toiba-led plot foiled in 2003. Participants collected maps of Australia’s electricity supply and sought information about making bombs.
-Operation Pendennis in 2005 uncovered two terror cells in Melbourne and Sydney.
-Plot from an al-Shabab associated group to attack Holsworthy Army Barracks in Sydney in 2009.

So this was not the first such attempt at mass Islamic terror in Australia, and we can be guaranteed it won’t be the last. There are at least two ways to prevent such terrorism. One is for the very active and vigilant policing work of our counter-terrorism, security and police forces. They did an excellent job with this latest threat, and deserve our praise.

The other is for the mainstream Muslim community to come out en masse to protest what is being done in the name of their religion. But I won’t be holding my breath on that one.

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13 Replies to “Australian Jihad: The Aftermath”

  1. There appears to be no controversy that there are “hotheads: amongst those that seem troubled about the activities of our Police.
    In my view, instead of complaining about such activities, every citizen should assist our police to be more affective in their duty to protect all Australians. After all, an exploding bomb does not discriminate to those who may be innocent and will hurt and kill even those of the same faith. As such, I would expect that every Australian should take up the mantle of guardian or Sentinel against anyone who is out to commit murder and indiscriminate killing is murder in any language; in any religion; in any sect; in any household!

  2. Even if we allow that some people may respond to innocent members of the muslim community in an unacceptable way, do we find groups of these plotting violence such as public murders filmed for propaganda, bombings or violence against our leaders?
    The media seem deliberately blind and dumb when it comes to the violence that comes from within the muslim community.

  3. They have a few bad eggs as do we huh? NO. They have a WHOLE lot of bad eggs. As for us, we had some that were either ex Christians or non Christians that have committed the most blood shed in the world. And this was facilitated in part by Islam. (Hitler’s Germany is a good example.) He was anti-Semitic to the point of death because Islamic leaders were anti Semitic.

    Here is an example, in the 20th Century, there were more than a QUARTER BILLION people slaughtered by DEMOCIDE, ex Christians or non Christians. Those are the people we also need to worry about. And the addition of 70 MILLION lives lost during WWII, that puts the death rate to nearly a THIRD of BILLION unnecessary deaths in the 20 century. TALK ABOUT POPULATION CONTROL!!

    So please don’t hand me this moral equivalence BS. The only bad egg Christians are those who do NOT follow the TENETS of Christianity.

    HOW about the Crusades, the Christian pilgrims that were stopped from going to Jerusalem? Who was responsible for these? Why did peaceful Christians have to defend themselves?

    There are many other issues in history.

    We need to pray and get back to the bible again.

  4. If the current crop of terrorists came from a wider circle than muslim groups, and the police were only examining muslims, then it could be said that the police were treating them unfairly. Nobody, on hearing that terrorist raids happened, or that violent plans were being hatched seriously thought that this was coming from anywhere except from within muslim groups.

    I can’t imagine christian leaders being anything but unequivocal in their condemnation if a christian group went about plotting murder in the name of jesus, no matter what the provocation.

  5. Hi have been forwarding the below on to Senators and other politicians:

    Dear Rev Nile,

    I would like to suggest to you that new terrorism laws are needed to make it illegal to promote or support (in the broadest definitions of these words) violence against others or threats of violence against others. This should include but not be limited to any sort of Jihad or any attempt to set up Sharia Law and do away with democratically elected govts. This would also include making it an offense (with the possibility of life imprisonment) for anyone not to hand over someone they know to be a terrorist or planning to commit acts of violence against others. This would also include the distribution of any material that encourages violence against others and making comments that would encourage violence against others. It would also include any financial support or membership of listed terrorist organisations. Those who break these laws should be sent back to their country of origin if possible or face life imprisonment if this is not possible. Any organisation that supports or promotes terrorism should be able to be shut down and it’s assets seized and stripped. The Burqua should also be banned for security reasons. Please do what you can to protect Aust.

  6. How dare these muslims demonstrate against police stopping mayhem in Australian cities. If they want to kill people go away from this beautiful christian country. If muslim man goes overseas to fight for ISI then their family including aunts, uncles, cousins should be stripped of Australian citizenship and deported.

  7. It is totally unfair to target only Muslims.

    Police should go after all those other groups that plan to behead people….

    Oh. You mean there aren’t any?

    I guess it is fair then.

  8. Very well said!

    Also shows how clueless the Greens and some ALP members. I wonder if they still think this is all just a beat up to distract from the budget?

  9. All this reminds me of a joke doing the rounds.
    Definition – A radical muslim is one who wants to behead you. Definition – A moderate muslim is one who wants a radical muslim to behead you!
    Truly, the only people more troubling than muslims, are the western muslim enablers. The muslims at least are loyal to their demon god – the muslim enablers betray their christian heritage. Disgusting – beyond comprehension!

  10. It seems reasonable to want to ban all publications that exhort people to violence. The problem then arises of what is meant by violence etc. For this and other reasons the ban covers all things hateful. Then a call comes to ban spreading the Gospel because it is called hate language in that it clearly says that those who do not accept Jesus as Saviour will burn in hell forever. Soon, I think, we will see efforts to bring in really draconian international laws that ban the Gospels. Then will come the heavily edited versions of the Bible and other religious books. It will become criminal to preach the Gospel, and to say there is only one way to get to heaven. No distinction will be made between the Islamic version which says the only way to be sure of getting to paradise (heaven) is to die in militant Jihad, and the Biblical version which says that we must turn away from sin and turn again to God and to walking in the ways of God. That includes “Thou shalt not murder.”
    I expect the increasingly humanist so-called Christian church to embrace the new laws. It is for these ans similar reasons that I am not calling myself a Christian, but describe myself as a follower of Yeshua (Jesus). Maranatha!

  11. Let’s give political correctness the proper place: In the garbage!!

    Instead let us follow the tenets of Christianity, the teachings of Jesus.

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