Our Dhimmi Lamestream Media

The mind-numbing imbecility and cowardliness of the lamestream media never ceases to amaze me. It is simply staggering just how duped and deceived our MSM is, especially when it comes to something like Islam. Indeed, when you have dhimmi dupes in the MSM acting as the propaganda arm of Islam, you know we have lost the plot big time in the West.

Just moments ago I spotted a headline from another site, along with its opening words. I was left reeling after seeing it. The paragraph ran as follows: “An anti-Islam party based on the hardline views of Dutch politician Geert Wilders plans to field candidates at the next federal election, raising fears among moderate Muslims of a rise in extremism.”

Um, excuse me, but such extremism already exists. It is exactly because it is here that reactions such as this are taking place. If there was not a daily dose of headlines about beheadings, gang rapes, acid attacks, suicide bombings, jihad attacks, and declarations of war against the West, there would not be such obvious concern, and people taking steps to deal with this very real threat.

media 4But by this one paragraph alone, we see how the dhimmis in the media have completely twisted reality here. Muslims going around lopping off heads are not the problem. The problem is when level-headed and sensible people, rightly fearing for their very lives as they see the West being destroyed by this political ideology, start to respond in defence of their beloved countries.

But the folks in the media make them out to be the bad guys! So I went to see the entire article, and sadly things got no better. The headline is this: “Anti-Islam party to contest next election” and comes in the Australian newspaper. The article continues:

“Mr Wilders, an influential far-right figure expected to shape the results of this year’s European elections, told followers in a video message that the Australian Liberty Alliance was being formed to ‘offer civil minded Australians fresh political vision and better policies’.”

Let me stop right there. Notice how adept the media has gotten over the years in offering opinion masquerading as fact. They have become expert in demonising opponents, and pretending they are doing so as journalists simply presenting the news.

Thus they have a whole stock of phrases at their disposal which they freely throw around to help create the image they want. In this case they immediately use the pejorative phrase “far-right” as a vehicle for their attack. Oh, these folks are “far-right,” whatever that means. But it must be bad because we hear it so often, and always in a fashion to make the ones so described as really nasty types.

And of course right away we have the Muslim response – yep, the old “moderate” Keysar Trad is offered a chance at criticising this whole idea. You remember him don’t you? The one who thinks sharia law is a good idea, and polygamy should be freely allowed here in Australia.

He says that this new party will “galvanise hardliners”. Um, again, let me repeat the obvious: the hardliners already exist and need no galvanising. The hardliners (which is what the devout Muslims are) have been doing their thing for 1400 years now.

Nothing we do will galvanise them more, or make them more extreme. They already are that way by nature – it is in their Islamic DNA. Because they are devout Muslims, they already fully take seriously their holy texts and Islamic jurisprudence.

And these include the call to establish a universal caliphate and to kill or convert all kafirs. This is just basic Islam 101. The very fact that free, democratic and non-sharia law nations exist is enough to keep them upset and on the war path. They need no more provocation or excuses to believe what they believe or do what they do.

One might as well argue that the very existence of women is the reason why rapists become “extreme” or are “galvanised” into action. It is called blaming the victim. And our new Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson said equally moronic stuff – yet another dhimmi dunce.

He “said despite Australia’s implied constitutional protection of political speech, any party had a responsibility not to ‘inflame prejudice’. ‘Australia had Hansonism and saw it for its shallowness and flaws, and I think people will see exactly the same thing with Wilders,’ Mr Wilson said.”

“Inflame prejudice”? Puh-leeese, spare me. Again, this is as helpful as saying that the girl who has been raped five times and buys a can of mace for protection is “inflaming prejudice”. It is like saying the guy who has been mugged a half dozen times and decides to take some self-defence classes is “inflaming prejudice”.

How do we get such utter clueless wonders in positions of leadership and in our media? The rule of thumb seems now to be this: Whatever is true, whatever is right, and whatever is good, simply reverse it and run with that. That is basically how the MSM, most of our politicians, and much of our intellectualoids operate nowadays.

And just for the record, I know next to nothing about this new party. I am not a paid-up member of it, nor am I running as a candidate for them. But if they have seen fit to organise and take a stand, because they see creeping sharia and stealth jihad in Australia as a very real threat, then I say more power to them.

We need individuals and organisations who are not blinded by political correctness and cowered by Islamic pressure groups. We need courageous men and women who will not bend the knee to sharia and allow the buffoons in the MSM to call the shots.

So in that sense I am glad to see they exist. The real issue is, why has it ever come to a place like this that the need became so great for such a party as this to spring into existence? That is the real question, but one which so many of our ruling elites will never even raise, let alone properly answer.


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  1. I just noticed this is a slightly older newspaper article from earlier this year. So things were not as hot and heavy back then as they now are. But all the more reason why such a party as this is clearly needed. They were prophetic in warning about such dangers.

  2. I am just coming off a depressing episode of A Current Affair tonight where Grimshaw interviewed a panel of five, three of which were Muslim apologists, but worst of all was Father Chris Riley who equated the crimes of Catholicism with the crimes of Islam and said “We Australians need to get behind our Muslim communities.”

    Sorry but its the Muslims that need to change, not Australian society and Islamists have done a million times worse than Christians in the last century

    Truly pathetic.

  3. It has been my observation that the media, particularly television, thrive on the presentation of issues as dramatic conflicts, with the political pugilists providing vicarious thrills for an audience more concerned with entertainment and sensationalism than just and proper answers to the issues.

    Geert Wilders is not the only person from the Netherlands who has suffered for resisting the rise of Islam in his country: Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s co-film-maker, Theo van Gogh was murdered on a public street precisely because he helped her present the confronting truth about Islam’s treatment of women.

    Mainstream media have for too long been deluded by the chimera of Lennon’s anthem, Imagine: They want no-one to believe in anything as absolute truth – It’s OK to believe in religion, so long as it’s of the “It ain’t necessarily so.” kind.

    To the enemies of the Way of Jesus of Nazareth, any political bedfellow will do – so long as the cry is: “Away with him! We will not have this Man to reign over us!”.

  4. ‘Fanatics, not Muslims, are our enemy’ from the SMH a few days ago, caught my eye also. The article seemed to imply that there were no ‘real’ differences between Allah and the Christian concept of God. What one say? The MSM don’t seem to do facts so much as subjective opinion, these days.

  5. The Muslim “public relation” leaders/imams and world political leaders like Obama are saying IS terrorism and terrorism by Muslims (so-called extremists) around the globe have NOTHING to do with the “peace-loving and great” religion of Islam!

    Where and what are the so-called ideologies of these Islamic terrorists and Islamic extremists? Where is THE text? Is there an equivalent of the “Red Book” of Chairman Mao” or Karl Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto” & “Das Kapital”, or Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf?” Or are they all found in the Islamic texts – the Koran, the Sunnah (the Hadith, the Shariah & the Sirat)?

    Unless the “free” world leaders recognize the root cause of Islamic so-call extremism around the globe, they will simply be pruning the symptoms. No wonder Islamic terrorism is growing at a frenetic pace globally – you try to appease one terrorist/extremist cell, you embolden them and they grow in strength and size, and new cells appear; you attacked them, they mutate and multiply! The war against extremism cannot be won unless the root is degraded and incapacitated!

    Is the democratic world leaders prepared to look straight in the eyes of THE ROOT OF ISLAMIC TERRORISM! It’s far more winnable, controllable, humane and bearable to have the inevitable clash of civilizations/religions now than later!

  6. Only Christians are really equipped with the hard-hitting truth telling ability and the desire to point people to the redeeming grace of God to be able to deal with this crisis. I agree with you, Bill, we should not be surprised when people who have been affected by Islam and do not like what they have experienced hit back – and Australians are as usually pretty slow in waking up to the cause of things happening around them hit back with the only thing they know when they aren’t Christians, angry speech or violence when they seek to defend themselves from something that rightfully they should not have to experience in Australia. We Christians must pray and act with both goals in view, the protection four way of life based on Christian values and the evangelisation of those Muslim people whom God sent to our country in order to hear the good news from us. I pray Christians will join this party and bring God’s balance to it.
    Many Blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  7. Bill, just wanted to ask a question on how to answer people when we are discussing Islam extremists and war and they then compare this with the history of Christians and religious violence and warfare. I know they are not the same, but people don’t seem to understand the real threat of Islam in the west. Thanks.

  8. Autocrats of the World unite under the new banner of Islam; those who profess to love Freedom, prefer to not think.

  9. Bill ,I respect all people UNTIL they do my country Australia wrong.What is needed is a Royal Commision by an independent body to look into how Islam effects all Christian Australians.I object to having to pay an Islamic tax on my food and am finding it ever increasing difficult to find food that is not labelled halal.Patrick.

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