We Pay for This ABC Bias and Bigotry

Imagine having a television “debate” show with five panellists and the great majority of the audience who are all Liberal Party members, and just one panellist from the Labor Party, yet it claims to be objective and neutral. There would be utter outrage over this.

abc 1Imagine having a television “debate” show with five panellists and the great majority of the audience who are all whites and just one panellist who was Black, yet it claims to be objective and neutral. There would be utter outrage over this.

And worse yet, imagine one audience member after another given a free run in question time who is white, attacking the sole Black panellist, talking down all things Black, and praising all things white. This completely lopsided and one-sided mess would be roundly condemned by all sensible people.

Imagine having a television “debate” show with five panellists and the great majority of the audience who are all Collingwood supporters and just one panellist who was a Geelong supporter, yet it claims to be objective and neutral. There would be utter outrage over this.

Imagine having a television “debate” show with five panellists and the great majority of the audience who are all religious and just one panellist who was an atheist, yet it claims to be objective and neutral. There would be utter outrage over this.

And worse yet, imagine one audience member after another given a free run in question time who is religious, attacking the sole atheist, talking down all things non-religious, and praising all things religious. This completely lopsided and one-sided mess would be roundly condemned by all sensible people.

My apologies that I cannot come up with better comparisons here. But this is exactly what just happened tonight on the ABC show Q&A. Christian politician Fred Nile bravely had to go it alone as the only Christian and conservative voice, while the other panellists were all homosexual, lesbian, transgender and so on. Five against one.

It would have been six against one had the usual host, Tony Jones been on. His replacement was only mildly more even-handed (but is also a homosexual!). But just imagine this: here is a network and a show we all pay for with our tax dollars. It has one conservative Christian lined up against five others all antagonistic to him and his position.

And of course we had an audience also filled with homosexuals, drag queens and you name it, all getting a free run to share their emotive stories. So you had a full 90 per cent or more of the time dominated by the pro-homosexual, anti-Christian audience and panellists, with one courageous Christian leader taking them all on.

Leave aside wherever you sit on these issues for the moment. In the simple name of fairness, there should have been a bit more balance here. But no, there was none. All pretence of neutrality or objectivity was blown out of the water tonight.

Of course I knew this would exactly be the case. I have penned numerous articles about the secular left ABC in general, and the appallingly biased Q&A show in particular. I grow tired of having to do this over and over again. But I am still outraged.

Outraged at the blatant bias and anti-Christian bigotry of the ABC. Outraged that I am forced to subsidise this horrifically bad network with my hard-earned tax dollars. Outraged that these guys have so long ago given up even the slightest pretence of fairness and even-handedness.

I have asked people to complain to the ABC about this in the past, and I will do so again, even though it seems to make not the slightest difference. So for what it is worth, you can contact them here and offer your protests: http://www.abc.net.au/tv/qanda/contact-us.htm

At this point I can only say one thing. Fred Nile is the most courageous Christian leader in the country, bar none. To go into this lion’s den of hatred, contempt, sneering and abuse, and to keep his cool, to answer the few times he was given a chance, and to uphold Christ and his values before such a hostile panel and audience is worthy of the highest praise.

nileFred Nile I salute you. Even greater than the utter contempt I have for the despicable ABC, I have the utmost regard and gratitude for you. You are a hero of the church and one of the few men we can count on during these dark days. I applaud you Fred.

The sad truth is, Fred has far more courage and Christian conviction than 98 per cent of Christian leaders in this country. Most of these folks would never dare get off their butts and make such a bold and resolute public stand for truth, defending faith, family and freedom.

Fred does this on a regular basis. Here he just gets disrespect and abuse – even from many other “Christians”. But in the next life his reward will be great, and he will be one of the great jewels in the heavenly courts. Thanks again Fred for your years of determined, faithful and committed service. You are a champion.

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  1. Bill your article is one way to vent ones anger at not only the ABC’s blatant disregard for keeping to their charter but also at the Liberal Government Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s refusal to demand change or sack the whole board.

    Notice how the host had Fred on a tight leash having him sitting next to him and personally feeding his own line of questioning.

    I totally agree with your assessment of the Rev Fred Nile Bill and join with you in thanking God for him and his great courageous and faithful witness.

    The panelists could not argue on ideas that could be reasonably argued but on issues of human emotion which was why dissention was interpreted as hate.

  2. Thank you Bill for applauding this great man. I too have heard many people who call themselves Christian ridicule him as being old fashioned and out of date. Well he is still around and still relevant so he has showed them!

  3. Conservatives have got to start cultivating our own media. The media is very important in disseminating information. Libs have figured this out, and know the only way they can win is tip the scales in their favor at the top level of information dissemination. Conservatives have to get more savvy about the way the game is played. We have the right answers, but if nobody hears it accurately, that doesn’t help us much.

  4. The ABC consistently keep homosexuality and transgender headlines in their news and opinion columns – it’s the old trick of telling a lie big enough, loud enough, for long enough.

    As for QandA, the show exists solely to push forward the far left agenda under the guise of important political and social discussion from reasoned experts.

    The Coalition should have sold the ABC.

  5. I’d love to be a guest on the Q&A panel:

    “…….Sodomy makes your whole week!

    Sodomy is performed on the outside of the body, so it is impossible to ‘feel’ a man inside of you.

    If gays were the last people on earth they would change to save mankind, gays of course aren’t the last people on earth, but it is then none the less true that ALL gays can change. Or do gays hate the human race?

    97% of children in gay marriages will observe and learn the minute details [I’ve forgotten the better word] of gay relationships, and thus become problematic in their own heterosexual relationships later on in life. Maybe you gays should instead just parent those 3% who are ‘born homosexual’ – after all, isn’t that ‘homosexual parenting’ – or does homosexual parenting not exist?

    Lesbians get married because they love lesbians, why then do they get their wifes to ‘strap on a plastic penis’ and impersonate a male – how is that ‘being a lesbian’ as lesbians ‘like vaginas’? Are you sure you actually are lesbians – or are you in the bi-cupboard?

    The mardi gras is nothing more than a parade of supposed grown adults behaving in the most lewd and disgusting manner in public, no one is asking you to go back to the closet, just to your bedroom, just like all other adults. When is the ‘gay community’ going to grow up?

    If it wasn’t for socialised sexual healthcare provided for by hard working Christian taxes, you gays wouldn’t have a ‘lifestyle’ as you couldn’t afford to pay for it. Your sexual healthcare cost takes away services that other more responsible Australians are entitled to from the Australian health system. Your community should be utterly ashamed of your irresponsible behaviour…..at least smokers and drinkers pay for their irresponsible behaviour…..”

    Thanks again Bill for all your good work, I do read all your posts each and every day, I look very forward to them. God Bless.

  6. Location: NSW
    Program: Q&A
    Program Date: 18th June 2015
    ABC Service\Network: ABC Television
    Subject: Marriage between a man and a woman & LGBT
    Your Comments: Re: the Q&A televised debate about contentious issues such as the topic of marriage between a man and a woman and LGBT, they should ensure the panelist are equally represented. Q&A demonstrates bias by tipping the debate with panelists who support their views such as this event with Fred Nile. I have personally attended a previous Q&A where Fred Nile was a guest speaker on another panel and witnessed first hand disgusting behaviour prior to the show going live. A man was giving us a quick update on what was going to happen using foul language in front of his live audience. The panelists were stacked against Fred Nile then. This was repeated again last night with Fred not given equal voice to express his views adequately. This time I am going to take this complaint further as I do not want my tax paying money funding such a biased program. Fred Nile may be a conservative and you may not agree with his views but his behaviour and his integrity is something your program and its hosts would do well to emulate. We pay tax dollars to keep your show going but if you do not address these issues appropriately maybe it is time for your show and its biased hosts to be shut down.

  7. Hi Bill,

    Below is a letter I have sent to the ABC (although I was only later made aware of the contents of the Show) – in complaint against the violation by the ABC against vulgarity and palpable bias:

    Fred Nile I too salute you for trying so hard to being some refined sophistication to a reckless, self-absorbed, MINDLESS, ILLOGICAL, “gay” rabble who demand on dragging civilisation by the hair into their corrupt domain of MINDLESS savagery and to a domain where there is no regard whatever for the BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS OF CHILDREN to the upbringing of BOTH a Mother and Father (the very best possible environment for the thriving of children and for which there is no substitute).
    In their personal greed, they completely disregard the LEGITIMATE RIGHTS of other human beings in preference to their personal selfish desires (… THIS being is the very OPPOSITE of LOVE).
    These are individuals who expose themselves as having NO knowledge whatever of LOVE (because genuine LOVE ALWAYS ALWAYS involves ongoing self-sacrifice, self-discipline, very very often at the expense of surrendering of ALL personal interest in order to bring about the “greater good” for the greater number of community/nation.
    Instead, these “gays” have perverted a once-tolerant society to one of MINDLESS moral INDIFFERENCE (reminiscent of pre-Stalin’s Russia and pre-Hitler’s Germany which eventually resulted in generated intense hatred, intolerance, then slaughter of “enemies of the state” (a situation ALREADY being perpetrated even in Canada and some states in the USA – where ‘gays’ have had the final say and now violently persecute Christians and perceived “enemies” through action and court action to bring them to bankruptcy).

    “Even greater than the utter contempt I have for the despicable ABC, I HAVE THE UTMOST REGARD AND GRATITUDE FOR YOU FRED NILE. You are a hero of the church and one of the few men we can count on during these dark days. I applaud you Fred.

    I have long been distressed that my Tax dollars go to support of this despicable TV station, “which has so long ago given up even the slightest pretence of fairness and even-handedness.”

    “Thanks again Fred for your years of determined, faithful and committed service. YOU ARE A CHAMPION.”

  8. Hi Bill,

    I am yet to see the show but one imagines it is more or less a setup. The media for sometime have being trying to influence opinion in same sex marriage and this is just another round of it. Interestingly, I have had the odd argument with proponents of gay marriage with one question that remains unanswered. I always ask them “In what way will your life be different if you are allowed to be married?” As we know gay couple have all the same legal rights as married/de-facto couples so there is no discrimination there. Their usual answer is they are being discriminated against in that they do not have the same freedoms to marry as heterosexuals. I usually say back to them if you need a state sanctioned piece of paper to show that you love someone then you have bigger issues than being allowed to marry. I suspect their aim in allowing gay marriage is one of acceptance more than anything else. That a gay relationship is as normal as a heterosexual relationship. I will agree to that if and when two gay people can produce a child without scientific intervention.

  9. Where was ABC favourite John Dickson? Oh, that’s right, he’d be against Fred as well…

  10. Why did you link me to that news website, Bill? I was enjoying my coffee till then, catching up on your good words that I’ve missed over the past few days (I rarely do much on the internet when I’m away, other than read emails and check my financial position. My computer is too big to carry around and I have to borrow one.)

  11. P.S. I totally agree with you Bill, on all counts. I gave up ABC in general and Q&A in particular years ago.

  12. I stopped watching Q&A and the ABC in general a couple of years ago because of the unbridled bias. From other sources I see nothing has changed so I am now a supporter for ABC privatisation.

  13. Thanks Ben. Yes interesting comments about the piece of paper, etc. They don’t really want marriage of course, they just want the public endorsement and acceptance that goes with it as I document in my books. And I wrote this in another recent post:

    The odd thing about all this is how remarkably things have changed. When I was a radical leftist in the 60s, fighting for homosexual rights and every other sort of radicalism, we kept demanding that the state be kept out of the bedroom. Indeed, we wanted the state out of everything. We were anarchists who thought the state should not interfere with anything.

    We said the state must recede while anything goes sexually, morally and culturally. But all this has now gone in reverse, with the militants demanding that the state gets involved in every aspect of their agenda. And freedom and democracy are suffering big time as a result.


  14. Complaint email sent. “I believe my taxpayer funded ABC should adhere to the standards of journalism and not keep showing severe “media bias”. Your choice of all pro gay panelists and a gay host vs one Christian ( Reverend Nile) on Q and A last night implies a pervasive or widespread bias contravening the standards of journalism. It makes me believe you are not courageous enough to be fair and balanced in your reporting. I have switched off the ABC and will be pushing for its privatization.”

  15. Well done Rev. Fred Nile for standing up for righteousness. Yahweh(God) designed marriage for a man and woman so they could procreate and have families to populate the earth. It’s that simple. If gay people want their way find your own god and planet but stop trying to change Christianity and the Bible to suit your lifestyle.

  16. “Imagine having a television “debate” show with five panellists and the great majority of the audience who are all Liberal Party members, and just one panellist from the Labor Party, yet it claims to be objective and neutral.”

    We do have such a show. It’s called “The Bolt Report”. We also have an entire network called Sky News.

  17. Thanks Andrew but let me call your bluff. The Bolt Report is the only – The Only – conservative show on all of Australian television. The only one. Having just one show competing with the dozens and dozens of leftist shows, networks, reporters, opinion makers and news programs is hardly going overboard. It is a very elementary attempt to bring in some balance. Another several dozen such shows would be needed to bring about a bit of fair play here. And obviously you have never actually watched the Bolt Report, since he always has lefties on giving their spin on things. And to call Sky News a conservative, Liberal Party network is simply laughable.

  18. Anyone with a brain in their head knows that the ABC is biased. No amount of spin will hide that fact. It used to have a forum that one could write to after Q&A about the questions and answers given.

    It was obvious to me that the ABC was anti-Semitic as contributions supporting Israel were often deleted but those supporting Palestine were given free reign.

    I pointed out to the ABC that they definitely were anti-Semitic and I was going to report them to the anti discrimination board and shown them all the pro Israel comments of mine that were deleted and all the Palestinian comments that were allowed to fly.

    Within a week the forum was closed down.

  19. Thanks Blaise – whenever they invite me! So far they never have, although I have been on almost all the other debate shows, talk shows, current affairs show and news shows on TV and radio over the past three decades. But they call me less and less. I will be on ABC radio on Monday however debating this issue.

  20. There is no way Sky News is a Liberal Party mouthpiece. All sides of politics are given equal representation. I stopped watching Q&A because I found myself shouting and sometimes swearing at the TV, which I’m not proud of, and also because I was tired of letting the sun go down on my anger.

  21. The big problem is the procedures are not in place to combat this obvious bias. The whole review system is set up so that all the ABC has to do is only invite guests onto their shows that spruik their agenda and they can get away with this sort of obvious agenda bias and propaganda. You would think this would be a fairly easy thing to correct either by management intervention or by the government tightening the controls but in the mean time I really think that the Q&A team has proven conclusively that they need to be sacked. They have shown without a shadow of a doubt that they have absolutely no intention of producing a show that is even remotely unbiased. If Mark Scott refuses to act he should be sacked as well.

  22. Hi Bill,

    As you have already stated:

    That once a “sodomite” relationship is elevated to the level of (real) Marriage … that action alone has the effect of rendering ALL Marriages meaningless.

    – But that is exactly the goal of the “gay” movement. THEIR own literature exposes them as admitting: “the aim is to get public and government acceptance of our lifestyles.” eg.

    It is even more alarming to note that “gays” themselves further expose their (REAL) agenda:
    “…to get the public to affirm their lifestyle” … “to see government and society affirm our lives”
    – (United States Congressional Record, June 29, 1989).

    “Few homosexual relationships last longer than two years, with many men reporting hundreds of lifetime partners.” – Researcher M. Pollak (M. Pollak, “Male Homosexuality in Western Sexuality:
    Practice and Precept in Past and Present Times”, ed. P. Aries and A. Bejin, translated by Anthony Forster, New York, NY: B. Blackwell, 1985)

    Question which all citizens MUST ask themselves: Since “gays” are also pushing for adoption rights … How could such an atmosphere be of any possible benefit to adopted children?

    – and by appropriating for themselves the TITLE of “Marriage” they effectively DESTROY the meaning of (real) Marriage… and make it whatever suits them:

    For example: in recent on-line news, THREE “gay” Thai men have had a public performance of a THREE-WAY-arrangement they label as “marriage” … in an effort to elevate their sodomite arrangement to (real) Marriage.

    In not honouring (real) Marriage, a culture also destroys the BASIC HUMAN RIGHT of children to BOTH a Mother and a Father (the complementarity being essential in the healthy psychological and physical thriving of children).

    In such a climate the entire culture is severely diminished. We must remember that “any culture that banishes God guarantees its own SELF-destruction.

    … and we thought ISIS was a threat to civilisation!

  23. Results from Irish Election on ‘gay ‘marriage’:

    Figures from Univ. College Dublin for March 10, 2003
    * Average general elections – voter turn-out is normally 71.23%
    * In 2002 it dropped to 62.70%

    The press in Ireland points that:
    The 2015 vote was the worst ever “voter turn-out” with just a FRACTION of voters actually making an effort to vote – meaning voter apathy!

    * Silence IS complicity.
    * Voter silence IS complicity
    * “For evil to prevail …all that is needed is for good men to do nothing”

  24. Gotta laugh as the expected trolls have come here with their silliness. Their comments went into the bin where they belonged, but one guy had the audacity to claim that the biased, one-sided panel and audience was fine as it was simply reflective of the community at large. Yeah right. By his reasoning therefore at least 64% of the panellists and audience members should have been Christians, to reflect society at large (according to the last national census).

  25. Yes I have sat next to Fred many times, and I agree with all the praise heaped on him, but as he is so honorable, he obviously would give the honor, glory and thanksgiving to God. Today, I found some letters, that I had lost regarding John Howard and others. Among them were some regarding homosexuality, and in my letters even to T.V. stations, my message was and still is love them with God’s truth, that it is not natural, or in any way righteous behavior, my heart still goes out to them, (unless it is the evil ones who know what it is and encourage others to do it, because they hate God and his standards, and enjoy the suffering of our human kind), because their damnation which is eternal is the main important issue in my heart, (as an Evangelist) finally psalm 14:1 is totally true and correct in short, ” the fool says in his heart, there is no God”. Poor, Poor fools. Open your eyes and hearts, and REPENT, while you still can.

  26. Even if Andrew Rollason was correct, he isn’t forced to pay for anything else the way we are for the ABC.

    The fact is the ABC has long passed its use-by date. I urge conservatives never to get drawn into a debate on its biases (although I fully agree it doesn’t even pretend to be balanced any more) and focus purely on it being fully redundant in the 21st Century and a waste of money.

    Given the spread and access of technology giving us millions of sources of news, information and entertainment, there can be no justification for the Australian taxpayer to fund this dinosaur any more (with possibly the exception of some rural radio).

    Of course if you want to listen to petulant voices trying to hold Peppa Pig to ransom in a twisted version of the Washington Monument Syndrome, feel free to continue to have the broadcast landscape of Australia perpetually compromised by the presence of a player that is almost entirely unaccountable to its audience. All this for the bargain price of 1200 million dollars every year. I mean, it’s not like Australia could do better things with that kind of money, is it?

    The simple fact is this – if you want it, pay for it yourself. The ABC might’ve still been useful 30 years ago, but we have this thing called the internet now.

  27. Current affairs TV has always relied on “good bun-fight” scenarios for its ratings: The drama of a conflict between protagonist and antagonist makes an otherwise potentially dry documentary stuffed with data palatable to the plebeians, who who must have not only their their “bread” on screen in the cooking shows, but also the “circuses” of comedy, drama and current affairs TV.

    Learned and gentlemanly discourse simply makes for boring TV – Far more exciting to “flay and roast alive” Conservative “sacrificial victims” before an audience whose minds are already looking ahead to luxuriating beside the hitherto forbidden “fleshpots of Egypt” after the “sacrifice” has been offered!

  28. Hi Bill
    I suspect it would have been easy for Q&A to find two other panelists to oppose same sex marriage, such as a grown child raised by homosexual parents and perhaps a homosexual who is against gay marriage. Do you have any names? I was going to write to the local newspaper making such suggestions while discussing bias.

  29. I have just emailed a complaint to the ABC regarding their heavily biased QandA program.

    Jeremy Hopwood

  30. Andrew Kulikovsky, I read a recent opinion article by John Dickson in the May edition of “Eternity Books” news paper. He is opposed to same sex marriage.
    Thanks Bill I must get both your books.

  31. Thanks for the link, Mark Wong:
    Poll results from Adelaide 20:50 Saturday 20th.
    Thank you for voting!
    Yes 53.46% (1,574 votes)
    No 45.45% (1,338 votes)
    Unsure 1.09% (32 votes)

  32. Same in the UK with the BBC, pick their own candidates and audiences, left wing bias idiots!

  33. It looks like we are also paying for their treasonous behaviour based on last night’s Q&A. Q&A has become more than a joke.

  34. Well done Hon Rev Fred Nile.The ABC has “intellect” but Truth is not present in their “clever” onslaughts against reality.But the ABC does not let ‘truth’ get in the way “of a good story”. They are clever in their own minds but far from Gods covenant. They are yet to realise ‘truth’ as they trip over their intellects.They need to honour Rev Fred & to wake up to his stance for it.

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