What Slippery Slope? Throuple-Mania

I am not sure which is worse: the actions being described here, or the blasé matter-of-fact way they are being reported. It is as if a news report is describing someone building a house or getting a new job – ho-hum, next story. But this is an utterly shocking story, and the mainstream media and so much of our culture has lost the ability to be shocked anymore.

I refer to two Canadian homosexuals who married, then met a new ‘love interest’, then divorced, and are now planning to be a happy threesome – and raise a family as well with a surrogate sister. All this madness and family fragmentation is just another news story it seems for our media elites.

It is as if all our warnings about the consequences of homosexual marriage have been realised, but no one cares at all. ‘Yes you were right’ they might say, ‘but so what?’ ‘Who am I to judge?’ ‘Love is all that matters.’ ‘We should not discriminate.’

All the brainless clichés used to promote homosexual marriage are now being used to promote and excuse every other form of sexual perversion. Into a bit of polyamory? Hey, no biggee. It is all cool. After all, if two men can marry, why not three, or four, or five? The sky’s the limit.

And of course who gives a rip about the poor children dragged into this nightmare? No mother, but three “dads”. It seems that the war on children is now all but complete. The demands, wants and lusts of adults must now trump everything and everyone, including the needs and rights of the child.

throupleChildren are simply pawns and guinea pigs in adult social engineering games. Anything goes in the brave new world of fake families and social experimentation. Nothing is forbidden in this scary world of the social activists and the gender benders.

The only thing that is verboten today is to actually call out such arrangements, and show some disagreement with them. Those who dare to differ are the only problem, and as we see now on a daily basis, they will be dealt with by the heavy hand of the law. ‘You will embrace the new sexual dystopia or else!’

While this story is an utter shocker, it comes as no surprise whatsoever for those of us who have been fighting all this for decades now. We warned years ago that all this would happen. We were of course mocked, laughed at and vilified for making such suggestions.

We were told that we were nutjobs, fear-merchants and troublemakers. Now everything we predicted is happening right before our very eyes, yet no one bats an eyelash. This story is so bizarre and tragic, but as I say, it is even more tragic that those reporting on it seem to think it is completely normal.

Let me quote parts of the article for you.

A ‘throuple’ of men are planning to start a family together – with the help of their sisters. Adam Grant, Sebastian Tran and Shayne Curran are part of a polyamorous three-way relationship. The handsome trio all live together in Nova Scotia in Canada, and are planning to complete their unconventional family with the pitter patter of tiny feet.
The threesome, who all work in the medical profession, hope to conceive three children together with the help of Shayne’s sister as a surrogate – whilst Seb’s sister will donate her eggs. Sebastian, 29, said: “We definitely see kids in our future. We would love to have three children altogether of our own genetics if possible and we have a plan on how we’re going to make that happen.”

Oh, OK, they are “handsome” men, so I guess that makes everything hunky-dory. Just a few decades ago everyone would have referred to these three as perverted men, twisted men, evil men, sick men, or totally irresponsible and reckless men, but today we can only remark on their outward appearance. The story continues:

Adam and Shayne met in 2009 and the pair got married two and a half years later. After a year of wedded life, they met Sebastian in a nightclub in September 2012 and immediately hit it off. And last year, Adam and Shayne got divorced so that Seb could be properly included in their arrangement.
Medical Administration student, Shayne, 29, said: “We’re the happiest we’ve ever been – all our dynamics and personalities work so well in a relationship. The three of us bring out the best in each other.”
Nursing student, Adam, 27, added: “We didn’t want Sebastian to be excluded or feel like the third wheel in our relationship. So Shayne and I decided to get a divorce so that we could make a renewed commitment between the three of us instead.
“We want to make sure that we’re all equally bound and obligated to each other in marriage.” Adam and Shayne first met in a nightclub over six years ago and married in 2011. And a year into their marriage, they decided to become more open-minded with their relationship.
Shayne said: “Adam and I wanted to have a little more fun so we decided to experiment with multiple partners. We never intended it to be anything serious, we certainly never planning on taking on a full-time third partner by any means. It was just bit of sexual experimentation.
“So one night, Shayne and I were in a nightclub with some friends. Sebastian caught our eye. He was dancing to ‘Gangnam Style’, which we found hilarious and we thought he was really cute.” Adam said: “We started chatting to Sebastian and the conversation just came really easily. After leaving the nightclub, we went home with Sebastian and spent the whole evening with him.

Ah yes, the homosexual lifestyle: getting “married” without the slightest intention of lifelong monogamy and faithfulness. They “wanted to have a little more fun”. Well, why not? Committed relationships are so boring and so unexciting. So let’s be on the prowl for fresh blood.

And with all the unrestrained sex and swinging, let’s throw some kids into the mix. If we can choose what kind of car we like or apartment to get, we can equally make some choices about kids. It is all part of our groovy lifestyle, in which various accessories are available just for the asking.

Want a new red sports car? No probs. Want a few kids too? No problemo. Welcome to the new world of instant gratification with zero responsibilities. It is all about me, me, me. Anything goes in this carefree world of unchecked hedonism and unbridled selfishness. But read on:

Shayne said: “I have two sisters who have both offered to carry our children for us as surrogates and are willing to donate their eggs as well. My sisters actually argue over which one them will carry our baby first – I feel very lucky.”
“Meanwhile Sebastian’s sister will probably donate her eggs too so we can keep it in the family. We want to mix our genes enough so that our kids are as genetically close to us as possible. But, we are open to adoption too. Children are a huge part of our future plans.”
The threesome insist their relationship is like any normal couple’s – having dinner with one another, looking after their two dogs Tito and Tux, and sharing a bed together. Shayne said: “We all sleep in a king size bed together – it’s necessary when there’s three people in a relationship.”
The trio hope to show that polyamory is a perfectly acceptable choice of life and love. Adam said: “We just want to say that love is love. It should be multiplied not divided. It shouldn’t matter if you’re in a three-way or a four-way relationship.”

Yeah sure it’s normal. Yeah sure, it’s all about “love”. Yeah right. These guys don’t know the first thing about love. All they know about is lust, pandering to self, and to hell with everyone and everything else. Welcome to our brave new world where the only thing that matters is total selfishness and absolute moral, social and sexual anarchy.

And children will be the biggest losers here.

But hey, I told you so. So don’t blame me.


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  1. Yep, you said it would happen, and here it is. As far as the kids, of course they are an “accessory”. What do you expect in a time and culture when babies are seen as something that when inconvenient you can just make the “choice” to dispose of them like “tissue” in a garbage can????

  2. People like these will never see or understand that their lifestyle is against God’s Plan. It’s all about “what we want”. They probably don’t believe in God anyway, and if they do, then it’s a God that has been moulded to suit their own morals. The delusion is complete and infecting the whole world, bar those whose eyes have not been veiled.

  3. Hi Bill, sorry to sidetrack the article, but have you heard the news about the baby deaths at the Bacchus Marsh Hospital? One article is saying this: “For seven babies to die in avoidable circumstances, as occurred at the Bacchus Marsh hospital in 2013 and 2014, is a catastrophe that sears.”

    What is abortion if not an avoidable circumstance in which babies are dying?


  4. Is there any point any longer in regurgitating all these stories? Any sentient human being knows that our culture is completely depraved and beyond saving. So what are we going to do about it? There’s a certain point where we have to let go and say “So be it!” Then we can try and be salt and light to the world and do our best to help the vulnerable ones. It’s obvious that God has given up on these kind of people – is “giving them over to their sins”. Let’s use our energy to watch and pray.

  5. Thanks John B. Yes there is always a point to be a watchman and to make warnings. Jeremiah did it for decade after decade, even though his words fell on deaf ears. He did not just “let go and say ‘so be it'” of course. Nor should we. And there are many things we can do about it. I am doing my bit. It goes without saying that we watch and pray, but we are never called to a defeatist attitude, nor are we to put up the white flag of surrender. Jesus said ‘occupy til I come’ and that we all should do. This is all what being salt and light means of course.

  6. Madness, utter madness!

    And yes of course, this is bound to happen when marriage is allowed to be anything other than one man and one woman.

    The floodgates are in many countries wide open. God grant that this doesn’t happen here in Australia.

    Keep praying everyone!

  7. You can’t help but notice how pro SSM and gay affirming Christians never post articles like this one from the Daily Mail on their Facebook walls, presumably because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

  8. Yep, it just keeps getting worse, now it’s gay polygamy that’s become the next new fashionable trendy thing, next it will be invest couples and then incest polygamy that will become fashionable and trendy.

    It’s a sad lost sick depraved world we live in and it’s going to get much worse.

  9. Now of course every 1st grade child knows that being homosexual is genetic and that to refuse a gay man his gay connubial rights is the same as being racist, on the same level as being member of the Klu Klux Klan
    But just as most cutting edge gays are now arguing the case that our views on gender and sexual orientation are not genetic but socially constructed, we might also discover the same for race. In which case being black might also be a social construct. Are we to assume therefore that it is only a socially encouraged repression of a desire to be black, by an oppressively white majority, that stops a lot more people from being black? Are we all potentially black?

    But the same might also be said for sanity. Is sanity a social encouraged repression of a desire to be stark raving bonkers, by an oppressive sane majority, that stops a lot more people from being insane? Are we all potentially insane?


    David Skinner UK

  10. Baraoness Stowell of Beaston, a single, little lady whom Cameron left in charge of tidying up the legislation so as to accommodate the gays and their funny little ways, has given her blessing to thoupling, quadrupling and so on.

    She is clearly worried about future show trials and any evidence that might be brought against her and the rest of the Conservative Party members that they might at one time held have held reactionary ideas.

    David Cameron, the Prime Minister of GT has vowed and declared to export this lunacy to the rest of world.

    Meanwhile there still remain pockets of resistance in backward parts of the Globe.

    David Skinner UK

  11. Winchester University, an establishment completely dominated by Stonewall is a microcosm of the moral and intellectual inversion of Britain., especially their employing Dr Eric Anderson, Professor of Masculinity who has a reputation as a self – publicist for pushing the boundaries of immorality to new depths.
    Anderson gave a lecture to students at Oxford University, in 2011 which was reported in article by Francis Reade. This appeared on the blogg, ‘Oxford Student’, entitled, ‘Lecturer or Lecherer at LGBT Talk’ in which Frances Reade wrote:
    ‘When it was suggested that Anderson is a sexual “predator”, he said “yeah” and laughed. Anderson claimed to have had had sex with “easily over a thousand people”. He said: “I like sex with 16, 17, 18 year old boys particularly, its getting harder for me to get them but I’m still finding them….I hope between the age of 43 and the time I die I can have sex with another thousand, that would be awesome, even if I have to buy them, of course, not a problem, you pay for all kinds of entertainment and pleasure.”

    When asked whether he thought he had taken emotional or physical advantage of some of the thousand people he had slept with, Anderson replied that he thought that team sports were “more damaging” to adolescents than sex. He went on to claim: “The damage that’s caused by child molestation is socially constructed by the western world;” he contrasted this to other cultures where children engage in sexual activity with adults as a rite of passage.

    He said that he and his boyfriend like to travel on cruise ships because “it’s like sex tourism, which is just amazing” and “I always screw the dancers”. He went on to say “we stop at a different port every night, go to a gay club every night and have sex with people….you don’t need to know their names”…….

    He said that Christianity was: “the most disgusting religion in the history of mankind”. He called the Archbishop Rowan Williams an “arxxhole “a total bigot” and “a fuxxing liar”’.

    Clearly to Anderson gay marriage is the passport to getting all the “goodies,” even if, as he says, he has have to buy them, of course, not a problem, “you pay for all kinds of entertainment and pleasure.”


    David Skinner UK

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