Paris In Flames – Again

Not just Paris, but much of France is now in lockdown, and even places like neighbouring Belgium. Travel has been curtailed, borders closed, and panic reigns on the streets of Paris and beyond. A series of coordinated attacks around the city in at least six locations have once again highlighted the very real war we are in.

With hostage taking, Kalashnikov and grenade attacks across the nation’s capital, and shouts of Allahu akbar, we are seeing familiar scenes being played out yet again. It seems the West has learned absolutely nothing from previous attacks also undertaken by the religion of peace.

paris nov 1Another series of terrorist attacks, another set on incredulity on the part of the West, and another case of denial by our elites and media. Even with IS already claiming responsibility for the Paris attacks which have left at least 160 dead as of now, we have talking heads still saying we can’t say who is behind this.

Indeed, the US dhimmi-in-chief Obama said ‘I don’t want to speculate on who is responsible for this’. Of course. He will not use the ‘M’ word and he will prefer that we all just keep our heads in the sand. Leaders like this prefer to live in la la land and hate to deal with reality.

This bugs me no end. As horrible as these attacks are, equally appalling is the ongoing wilful blindness of Western leaders, politicians and media outlets to deal with reality. I have yet to hear the ‘M’ word or the ‘I’ word mentioned in any of the media reports. Obviously we have another case of disgruntled Baptist Sunday school teachers going on a rampage.

While many of us have been warning folk for years about flawed multiculturalism policies, ignorance of Islam, and blindness to the reality of creeping sharia, we still get our ruling elites pushing for open slather in immigration policy, and still remaining utterly clueless as to the war we are in.

Europe is learning this the hard way once again. And after years of non-integration and non-assimilation, all this was of course inevitable. When will we realise a very simple yet profound truth: Immigration without assimilation is an invasion.

Let me repeat that for you until it begins to sink in: Immigration without assimilation is an invasion. For decades now Western nations have taken an almost blind and unquestioning approach to Islamic immigration, asking few if any questions about those coming to our countries.

Hollande in France, Merkel in Germany, etc, have all been insistent and proud about their open door immigration policies, willingly bringing in masses of people – many of whom should never have been let in. Admittedly, separating the wheat from the chaff here can be a very difficult task, but it is a task all responsible governments must undertake.

Genuine multiculturalism works when the guest comes to a host nation agreeing with and appreciating its values, beliefs and way of life. That is how real integration and assimilation occurs. But when new arrivals refuse to embrace the values of the nation, and even refuse to learn the language, then you have a recipe for disaster.

And here is another home truth you can bank on: when someone says they plan to kill you, you had better stand up and take notice. When the enemies of freedom, democracy and the rule of law come out clearly stating their aims to annihilate the West and kill the infidels, then the first thing we must do is take them seriously.

The Christian response

Everything I said above is of course generic and general truth which anyone can assent to. But I also happen to be a Christian, as well as someone who is very aware of and concerned about the nature and goals of Islam. So how should the believer respond to all this?

As I just told a group of international students yesterday on this topic, we have two things going on here. As individual believers, we can and should seek to befriend, reach out to, and share the gospel with, our Muslim neighbours. We have an obligation to love and evangelise everyone, including Muslims.

But as to public policy, all governments have an obligation and responsibility to protect its citizens, resist those who hate us, and secure our borders. No government worth its salt can turn a blind eye to the political ideology of Islam and its stated aims of establishing a universal caliphate with everyone in submission to Allah, willingly or otherwise.

God created the institution of the state to deal with evil and maintain order in a nation. But he also created the church to share the gospel. The believer must understand that both play important roles here. While individual believers can forgive and extend mercy, the state must administer justice and punish wrongdoing.

Thus there is nothing at all contradictory in having believers praying for and seeking to win Muslims, while simultaneously affirming and supporting the role of the state to guard its citizens and deal – harshly if need be – with its enemies. Islamic terrorism is a reality which we dare not ignore, make excuses for, or try to spiritualise away.

Indeed, can I suggest that Christians who are utterly clueless as to the real nature of Islam and its aims are a part of the problem. There is nothing spiritual or Christlike about being ignorant and just plain stupid about one of the gravest threats to everything we hold near and dear.

Allowing Muslim terrorists to slaughter innocent men, women and children because we don’t want to be “judgmental” or appear to be unwelcoming or un-accepting is not a sign of Christian maturity but a sign of brainless foolishness. As already stated, we must pray for and evangelise everyone, including Muslims, but we must start developing some political realism here as well.

Militant Islam is indeed a “death cult” as some brave leaders have said, such as Tony Abbott. We ignore it at our own peril. This is war. War has been declared against the West, against Christianity, against freedom, and against everything decent and worthwhile.

To pretend Islam is not a problem is to simply contribute to the problem. Indeed, the appeasers, the cowards, and the duped dhimmis in the West are as responsible for the blood flowing on the streets of Paris – and elsewhere – as are the IS gunmen.

We have allowed this to happen. It is time that we change course, wake up to reality, and admit that war has been declared on us.

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  1. I don’t believe we are in a war. War is a 2 way street. Our leaders are doing nothing. It’s time our government declared war. THEN we will be at war.

  2. Indeed, the US dhimmi-in-chief Obama said ‘I don’t want to speculate on who is responsible for this’. Of course. He will not use the ‘M’ word and he will prefer that we all just keep our heads in the sand. Leaders like this prefer to live in la la land and hate to deal with reality.

    “Dhimmi-in-chief,” more appropriate words can not be found, Bill. I mentioned on FB that some news outlets are finally stating that ISIS is the most likely suspect. But it dawns on me that you are still correct about them not wanting to attribute blame where it is due. A close listen to these reports seem to imply that ISIS is somehow an aberrant form of Islam. Now, we know that’s not true. Even a skimmed reading of the Koran reveals ISIS as being Islam in it’s most pure and orthodox form.

  3. You are absolutely right, Bill. My only consolation is that, whilst the mainstream media and assorted leaders live in reality-void ivory towers, the underground media is becoming more aware of the situation. Sadly, some of the feelings expressed by these people are as extremist as those of the ‘non-M’ perpetrators of these outrages.

  4. PM Malcolm Turnbull re Paris attacks
    “…in the name of God but truthfully the work of the devil”.
    Questions that all Muslims, including Imams and Mullahs, must answer:
    “Are Islamic terrorists serving Allah or the devil? Are they serving Muhammad or Satan?”
    Will they be game enough to answer? And will they go on record as having answered?

  5. Dear All

    Obama is the John the Baptist to the AntiChrist. He knows EXACTLY what he is doing, with all his charm and his lies. Remember the “angel of light”. Do not be deceived !! Obama is working FOR the rise of Islam and the one world caliphate !


  6. Lachlan, It’s a terrible atrocity which has happened in Paris. I watched on RT TV channel yesterday, the Grand Mufti of Syria, who seems a man of humility and peace, despite his grand title, who condemned unequivocally ISIL atrocities, calling the perpetrators murderers and thieves. He said terrorism is a new ideological trend which has nothing to do with Islam. He called out wilful destablising interference from outside sources – US, NATO, UK. I fear though that words in the Koran will prove an overriding force to terrorists to impose the war-mongering ideology on people of the world whom they regard as infidels. As Churchill said, we need jaw jaw instead of war war, but the free speech won before is now in jeopardy.

  7. Absolutely Lex.

    Our leaders need to wake up to the new REALITY. Islam is at war with us and what are they going to do about it, continue to invite in all the invading troops, to rape, pillage and murder ? I wonder ? We must pray for our children and our grandchildren, maybe even for ourselves. But most of all Jesus MUST be lifted high.

    God bless

  8. I agree with most of what each of you has said. I think one problem is nearly all journalists and politicians (and church leaders!) have never read or studied the Koran. They have no understanding of the doctrines and strategy of Islam as taught and modeled by Muhammad. They accept the PC myth that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ – ignoring centuries of history that demonstrate the opposite. They also ignore what is happening in solidly Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia or Iran etc. How much religious tolerance do we find there? “None so blind as those who won’t see!” It was the same in Jesus’ day.
    Frank Hoskin

  9. This is all because we have taken God out of public life, since the wrongly titled ‘higher criticism’ of the Holy Bible by the German intellectual elite of the 19th century, which have so undermined Biblical faith in the West. See Professor Greg Bahnsen “By this Standard” published 2008 for an excellent analysis of this and a call for the restoration of God’s Word and His law into government, politics and law and education.

    If we as a nation and nations hadn’t abandoned God’s Word and Law we would NEVER have accepted these false gods and prophets into our land and given them a foothold, which has brought on this flood. God’s first commandment is to love only Him and to have NO other gods before Him. Why do we think we have a “God given right” to allow multiculturalism, the worship of false gods and demons and satanism and not bring His wrath upon ourselves ?

    There is only ONE TRUE GOD and his son Jesus Christ the saviour of the world is the only way to Him.

    So God says certain things are lawful (or permitted) in His creation, and other things are unlawful (meaning inherently destructive and forbidden).

    It is all set out so beautifully in His Word. Then we come along and decide that all manner of things God has plainly forbidden are, as far as we’re concerned, “legal” and legitimate. Like porn, theft (via Government to support Socialism), divorce on demand, “gay marriage”, child sacrifice for convenience and profit aka abortion, strip clubs, Government-run Godless children’s “education”, and the “right” to openly worship false gods, among many other things that the one true God despises and has clearly declared to be unlawful anywhere in His creation.

    So how’s this approach to Law working out for us now ? Not great I would suggest, maybe it is time for a rethink ? Maybe even repentance and walking the other way, back into the arms of a loving God and father ? !

  10. An emphatic Yes!! to all the above comments. But one other thing…Did you notice how the media, without exception, have from the first breaking broadcast of this atrocity started spinning the narrative of moslem victim-hood: you know, the poor young men marginalised through poverty, unemployment, disenfranchisement, etc, etc.. So the perpetrators are the victims. How nice.

  11. ” Immigration without assimilation is an invasion.”

    Looks like a good meme for FB

    “Immigration without Assimilation = Invasion”

  12. Don’t we have a “God-given right” to do whatever we want…like publish porn, run a strip club, divorce over nothing, or openly worship false gods at a mosque or witches’ coven? Isn’t that what freedom means these days ? Of course it is….and it’s been that way for a very long time.

    We complain about all manner of rank evil openly raping, pillaging and murdering before our confused, frustrated little eyes but we won’t actually do what Scripture commands us to do and address the wave of darkness. God tells us ALL the answers in His Word but we won’t actually apply them.

    We as the Church have thoroughly embraced an utterly satanic concept of freedom. We will NOT have Christ to rule over us. We will NOT have His Law.

    This approach has left us slaves to sin and the men who would rule over us in Christ’s place. Just as Scripture said it would. If you love God and KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS he will bless you and if you don’t He will CURSE you, it’s as simple as that, Deuteronomy chap 28.

    We actually believe that the Law of Christ is a burden; that it is inferior to the “laws” and works of men. We actually believe that things like strip clubs, porn, divorce on demand, adultery, abortion, mosques, witches covens, and the like ought to be legally protected and allowed to operate and circulate openly in this tolerant, multicultural (aka Godless) Christian West. We will not put God first and worship only Him.

    We even have a Pope who shamefully says that the Koran and the Holy Bible are the same, that we can call Allah God and God Allah and speaks of ONE WORLD and a new Utopia ! This is a Pope who has openly deceived and seduced the leadership of the entire West.

    We call this approach to freedom a virtue ! We’re proud of our enlightened understanding and appreciation of such multiculturalism and tolerance and liberty and we hold it high every chance we get for others to emulate. Who do we think we’re kidding ? Talk about giving the Devil a foothold, well actually we have just opened the door and invited him in and put his slippers by the fire.

    May God grace whatever people He actually has left with repentance and submission to Christ as King in practice…while there is yet time…

  13. On a similar note in Germany, about the immigration nonsense that is going on, not the killings, but recently a German woman who was welcoming recent “immigrants” and at the party they had she was sexually molested. Even in the face of that she was apologising for the assailants by stating they are just a minority and not what the group really represents. I mean it’s not Like Sweden has been enriched by the Muslim population becoming the rape capital of Europe. Useful idiots are everywhere.

  14. Divinely-appointed civil authorities have a duty to bear the sword against evildoers. The disciple of Christ is first of all a citizen of the City of God – We must obey God rather than men when men ask of us what conflicts with the will of Heaven.

    Da Esh are plainly living out their own neo-mediaeval vision of an Islamic “counter-Crusade” to judge by their reference to Crusaders in their latest communiqué on the Paris assaults.

  15. The Islamic problem is not one that people have chosen. It has been foisted on our Western Populations by the Media and Politicians that are Sympathetic if not Allied with this Political/Religious system. To criticize Islam is not to be Racist, as is claimed, as Islam accepts all Races. There is an Agenda called Dar al Jihad which means the Subjugation of All Peoples Worldwide to Islam and Sharia Law. That is fact. The sooner people elect Politicians who recognize this, if that is possible, and boycott the Media the better! I call Sheeples to revolt.

  16. As someone from German direct ancestry, I feel empathy for the German people but not sympathy for them, my 86 year old German mother feels the same way, in real blunt truth the people of Germany voted in Merkel, they voted in the Christian Democrats of which Merkel was leader , so they themselves bring this claptrap on themselves, some protest!, most are complacent and TRUST their political leaders, as a strong Christian who daily reads his bible, I read the Koran myself about 18 months ago, I took it upon myself to self educate! if I can do it, so can anyone! God is STILL in control and according to the Lord the evil one will [is] leading many believers astray and lulling them to sleep that also means nations too as they forget God from their humanist education systems, so they will reap what they sow, it is a absolute truth for believers to not be fearful no matter what lies ahead.

    So wake up people! hey Paris was and is also a gun free zone! and proudly proclaims no oneneeds a gun to defend themselves…..more brainless stupidity

  17. Thank you, Bill, for giving such a balanced view on this controversial topic. I appreciate how you don’t just rant about the problem – you propose practical, sincere, well thought-out solutions.

  18. Rachel said, “… the Grand Mufti of Syria, who seems a man of humility and peace, despite his grand title, who condemned unequivocally ISIL atrocities, calling the perpetrators murderers and thieves. He said terrorism is a new ideological trend which has nothing to do with Islam.”

    Unfortunately Rachel (and many others) there is the doctrine “taqiyya”, and I believe you’ve noted a fine example of it.

    “He called out wilful destablising interference from outside sources – US, NATO, UK.”

    There, he’s let slip with a statement about who he believes is REALLY to blame for all this.

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