Mothers Speaking Out

As our culture continues to spiral down the septic tank, eventually that produces a backlash. After a while decent people have had enough, and start to stand against the sleaze, degradation and corruption of our culture. And when our children are especially being targeted and abused by the sexual libertines and social revolutionaries, then the reaction really starts to kick in.

There have always been concerned parents who have resisted the moral decay and radical agendas of the coercive utopians, but as things get worse, more voices begin to be heard. In the past day or two I have found three cases of incensed Australian mothers speaking out, declaring ‘enough is enough’.

All three mums have had a gutful of the sexualisation of their kids, and want no more of it. All three have fearlessly and resolutely spoken out against this evil, and have gotten media attention for doing so. So let me focus on each of these three brave women, and hold them up as examples for you to emulate.

The first is a Melbourne mother who is sick of pro-homosexual and gender-bending propaganda being rammed down the throats of her children. One article on this opens as follows:

A website promoted by the Safe Schools Coalition is teaching students how to bind their breasts and “tuck in” male genitalia. The Minus 18 website, which is partially funded by the state government, gives step-by-step instructions on how to deal with “chest dysphoria” and includes seven different binding methods.
Mother of four Cella White withdrew her children from Frankston High over concerns about the Safe Schools Coalition program about transgender awareness. Ms White also expressed concerns about the website. “You are either born a boy or girl, I believe in mother nature, I want my kids to value their body, the breast binding is a real issue, we should be teaching kids to love themselves,” she said….
The government-funded program by the Safe Schools Coalition is designed to promote inclusiveness for ‘same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse’ students, but critics say it is indoctrinating children in sexual identity politics under the pretence of a bullying program.
“It was announced in science class that boys could wear school dresses next year,” Ms White said. “They’re telling my children to call transgender children by their requested pronoun. What is the benefit to my son? He’s got a learning disability, he’s struggling with his times tables, he doesn’t need to deal with this.”
The mother of four was particularly concerned about any changes in bathroom policy that could see her daughter sharing a bathroom with a gender diverse student. “It could be a year 12 student of the opposite-born sex in the bathroom with my year 7 daughter who is blind,” Ms White said. “This isn’t about safe schools, it’s transgenderism and gay activism bought into the classroom. I know other parents who are not happy.”…
Ms White, who has complained to the education department and Safe Schools Coalition, said she is not religious but is coming forward to make other parents aware of “what their children are being taught. It’s being presented as an anti-bullying program but the education department said it’s a sexual diversity program,” she said. “Apart from this I love the school, I’m in mourning, I went there, my siblings went there, I told everyone how good they were.”

Another mother of four, this time from Perth, has also been battling this pernicious material for some time now. She was recently interviewed by the Australian but her comments did not make it into the newspaper article, so I asked Emily McKenna what she told the reporter. This is the gist of what she had said:

AllOfUs-700x366With progressive minded parents in our school advocating for the “Safe School Coalition” and my four-year-old starting kindy with two children from two separate same-sex lesbian households, I knew that it would be a matter of time before my children would be bullied for our family’s traditional marriage views.
The Safe Schools Coalition is being presented here in Western Australia by the AIDS Council. That information alone is alarming let alone the details taught in the “All of Us” booklet convincing children to force their bodies to stop growing as intended by nature.
Sharyn O’Neil, Director General at WA Education Department initially assured many prominent leaders here that the SSC would not go ahead in WA, however these minority groups don’t like no for an answer and in October 2015 the classroom diversity plan was rolled out into 7 senior schools and one primary school. This was a matter of three months after I had met with her about politicising our children in the classroom with relation to the climate change agenda. She assured me personally that it wouldn’t happen again.
After looking into our options as Christian parents, we have decided that our children’s future education would be best taught and overseen by us at home. We want our children to get back to learning their ABC’s and 123’s, and not be indoctrinated in all the latest politically correct sexuality!

Finally, a Queensland mother has gotten up in arms of the sexualisation of children as well. As a news item reports:

Nikita Friedman was so angered by what she believed was inappropriate clothing being sold for young girls by Big W she took to social media to voice her outrage. “Why on earth does my 1-year-old need to have shorts so short that her nappy is hanging out? Little girls are not sex objects. Gender bias is disgusting,” the Queensland mum wrote on the retail giant’s Facebook page. “I couldn’t find a single pair of shorts in the girl’s section today with an inseam of more than a couple of centimetres. Where is the variety and choice for parents looking to teach their children about sun safety and self respect? Not at Big W this month, that’s for sure!”
She also posted a photo comparing size one shorts for girls and boys, demonstrating the clear difference in length.
The post, which now appears to have been removed, received over 60,000 likes and 4,700 comments. Friedman edited her initial post to add that she believed it was important to let retailers know when customers are dissatisfied.
“The simple fact is that numbers talk and maybe seeing 1600 parents agree with my post after only 5 hours might make Big W stand up and listen for once to what parents want,’ she wrote just five hours after she published the popular post,” she wrote. The post attracted a lot of debate about whether the length of the shorts for boys and girls is an issue. Many parents jumped to support Friedman in the comments, with some congratulating her for taking a stand.

I am so glad that mothers are speaking out like this. They certainly should be. It is time to take a stand against all this sleaze, and the targeting of our children. We need many more concerned citizens to be raising their voices like this. If enough people speak out, things may begin to change.

Oh, and just one last question: when are we going to hear some fathers speaking out? Where are all the men? We need them to be a voice for our children as well.

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  1. The best option in today’s climate of ‘diversity’ is to get your children as far away from these degenerates as you can. Homeschool is the answer if you haven’t the finances to pay for private Christian instruction. It is much less expensive than many might think.
    We homeschooled our children and have our grandkids in private Christian school. I thank God every day that we have the finances to send them there. It would break my heart if they had to go to public school. We sacrifice paying things off that we otherwise could, but nothing pleases us more than to hear them recite their Bible verses for the week. As well as seeing them become the people of God that He would have them be.
    Real math, real science, real history. What a concept!! And what a blessing. Get them out of those dens of iniquity they call the public schools.

  2. Yes, Edward. Avoid public schools like the plague. And many private schools that are accredited by left-liberalism organisations are just as bad. Homeschooling is the only answer.

  3. I have a child at Frankston High School and I hear about more and more of this nonsense everyday.

    It seems to me that nature has a pretty strong tendency for producing humans with binary physiology: vagina or penis. Occasional physiological aberrations occur, but they constitute the 0.00001%.

    What we’re really talking about here are people favouring a psychological preference in opposition to a physiological indicator. Surely we are not claiming that nature is prejudiced? Nature is blind is it not?

    On the other hand, humans are regularly mistaken and led astray in their beliefs.

    Consider which of the following notions is more likely be mistaken – given that whichever side of the argument you are from you will strongly disagree with at least one of the following statements:

    A) Nature indicates gender. Therefore I am either a Male or Female based upon by physiology.


    B) Nature indicates nothing. Therefore I can choose Male, Female or anything else that takes my fancy regardless of physiology.

    On a matter as important as this, and in a society where “what’s true for you may not be true for me,” it seems to make sense that we look to the unbiased indicators of nature to break a very contentious tie.

  4. How true and right you are to the above comments.
    I’m not a parent but I am becoming more infuriated each day by all the gay/lesbian promoting being done by the various shows on tv, and now even the advertisers such as Medibank have a commercial with a gay male couple kissing while holding their children. I almost fell out of my chair and couldn’t believe it showed them kissing twice in the same commercial. Lord protect the children.

    I intend to write to Medibank since my wife and I are customers and complain that I will not accept this and will consider changing services. Can anyone suggest the best method to do so, as I am finally disgusted enough to do something now. We need to stand up against this onslaught before it’s too late. Please advise.

  5. I have had a similar incident at a NSW high school with my son where students in Year 9 (aged around 14) were asked to categorise behaviours as “bisexual”, “heterosexual” or “homosexual”.

    The scenarios given were extremely inappropriate and included lewd acts such as street prostitution in detail (boy performing oral sex in cars on men for example) and married men and women having affairs with their same gender.

    It was made worse my the fact the scenarios were presented in such a way that was completely absent of any critique of the behaviour in question.

    Parents had no idea what went on in that classroom! There were no handouts, just a grid with boxes to tick in their workbooks. i.e. little evidence I believe parents were intentionally left in the dark.
    When I questioned the material I was told I was the only person to have had an issue and that they need to cater to a large range of students! I told them “as far as I am aware,
    none of the students are married, so how is it relevant”? They weren’t expecting that. Nonetheless, I got the big fob off.

    If there are transgender students in the year, would it not be more appropriate to have a special workshop just for them instead of the 99.0% having to sit through it.

    But of course the truth is these homosexual activists want ALL our children to hear all this x rated gender bending garbage because they want to indoctrinate.

  6. Homosexuality IS bullying.
    Before they had gone to bed, all the men from every part of the city of Sodom—both young and old—surrounded the house. They called to Lot, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.” Genesis 19:4-5

  7. Over time we’ve (i.e. the laws of our nation, not necessarily each of us individually))
    allowed people to play for a location’s sport team even if they’ve had nothing to do with the location; we’ve
    allowed people to change the nation they represent in sport; we’ve
    allowed people to claim their preferred ethnicity even if genetically they’re mostly something else; we’ve
    allowed fornicators to be treated legally the same way as a married couple; we’ve
    equated sodomy to sexual intercourse

    it’s all about “what you think, how you feel”, not about reality, so should we be surprised by all of this (disgusted yes).

  8. Hi Bill, here we have the stock response from Sue Ellery, the Shadow Minister for Education:

    Thank you for taking the time to let me know your views on the Safe Schools program. I do appreciate this is an issue that you feel strongly about.

    I do support the Safe Schools program, all students have the right to feel safe at school so that they can achieve their very best. Individual schools make the decision themselves about whether the Safe Schools program is suitable for their school. The guidelines of the program look to the strengths of school communities to create teaching and learning environments where all members feel, and are, safe from discrimination, bullying and harassment. This of course includes supporting sexual and gender diversity in schools, to address bullying specific to sexuality and gender diversity.

    I believe programs like the Safe Schools program, take us a step closer as a community to creating an equal and even safer environment within schools for all young people.

    Thank you for contacting me, I appreciate you advising me of your views.

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