Non-Binary Non-Brainery

The West has fallen so far, so fast, that madness is now the majority mindset, at least for our elites, our intelligentsia, our rulers, and our experts. Almost every time they open their mouths you can expect something idiotic to come out. Moonbattery has become an art form, and we all suffer as a result.

This is nowhere more clear than in the recent war on sex distinctions. Up until recently everyone knew as a matter of basic biology that we have a male sex and a female sex. A male has xy chromosomes and a female has xx chromosomes.

This is a matter of fact, or reality. But the social and sexual revolutionaries have not only declared war on our culture and our society, but they have now declared all-out war on reality as well. Their insatiable thirst for the destruction of all things has gone that far. Even reality and basic biology are now in their gunsights.

So we now see not just two sexes, but as many sexes as you want. The number is actually infinite since anyone can decide for any reason to be whatever they want, any time of the day. There is no limit. Sex is now not based on chromosomes or reality, but whatever you happen to feel like or identify with.

So if you are a man who self-identifies as a woman, no problemo. Go for it. It is your choice and that is all that matters. Instead of male and female, the activists are insisting that we all describe ourselves as whatever we want. Thus the term “non-binary” that is so often being heard nowadays.

reality 6Well sorry, but there are a few of us who are still not buying into this lunacy. These folks are not non-binary but non-brainery. Whenever you place yourself against reality, you are indicating some clear problems upstairs. Indeed, until recently, when someone thought he could transcend reality, he or she we locked away for their own safety, and for the safety of society.

Now we give them phony PhDs, put them on talk shows, elect them to office, and have them control the airwaves. Now they dominate in positions of power and influence. In fact, you can even find these anti-reality revolutionaries in our churches.

Examples of all this madness are now legion. Each morning I shudder when I open a newspaper or turn on the news to find new blood-curdling examples of this. Consider just another new shocker of a case of this:

The father of a 17-year-old student is campaigning to change Britain’s banks because he cannot find one that will give his child, who identifies as genderqueer and non-binary, an account – because all the online application forms require customers to be either male or female.
Keith Farnish, 45, told BuzzFeed News that he and Kaelin, who live in a small village in the Scottish Borders, have gone to bank after bank in a quest to find just one that will allow them to join up without having to tick one of two gender boxes.
“When you’re filling something in and you don’t identify as male or female and you only see those two boxes then you don’t see yourself there,” said Farnish. “You are absent. That must hurt, and that’s what makes me angry. There’s no reason for it. It doesn’t need to be like this.”
Their attempts to open an account came during a wider mission to reconcile all official documents relating to Kaelin – who uses the pronouns “they”, “their”, and “them” – that exposed another barrier for anyone who doesn’t identify as male or female: You cannot apply to university unless you tick one or the other.

Um folks, let me assure you. I am not making this up. This did not come from a satire site. This has actually happened incredibly. So let me see if I have all this straight. Every bank in the UK, if not the world, must now change – and just forget all the cost, all the hassle – because a few non-braineries, I mean non-binaries, demand that they fit in?

Right, got that. So let’s just run with the logic of that. Some folks might claim they do not like or need oxygen. So let’s demand the whole world work on banning oxygen, to make these folks fit in. After all, we don’t want to violate their basic human rights now do we?

And some folks may not like trees (they were obviously born with the condition tree-o-phobia) and in order not to discriminate against such folks, we must chop down every tree we find. Or consider those poor souls who are peoplephobic. Not sure why they have to be discriminated against. So maybe governments can just start bumping us all off, until only the peoplephobes remain, and they can then bump each other off.

All this idiocy is due to a war against reality. Reality is now simply a matter of who or what we identify with. End of story. And if you don’t accept me and my preferred identity, then you are a bigot, narrow-minded and hate-filled. And soon enough we will pass laws to ban such identity-phobes.

Yeah, well I guess I can play that game too. The sky is the limit here of course. In fact, why even let the sky limit you? That is bigoted and discriminatory as well. If you identify as a gravity-defying object, then forget the lousy sky and its limits. Fly baby fly!

So let me offer a few more to the list. And remember, there can be no limits here, once you have declared that reality does not exist, and/or that reality is whatever you decide it should be.

-I self-identify as a three-toed sloth, and I demand that every bank and every other institution on the planet now cater for three-toed sloths on all their forms – and pronto.

-I self-identify as a millionaire, so I expect my bank to show large sums of money in my account.

-I self-identify as a handsome movie star so I demand that Hollywood gives me a leading role ASAP.

-I self-identify as a 7 foot basketball player of exceptional talent, so I expect the LA Lakers to hire me now.

-I self-identify as a major political identity, so I expect all the free travel perks and privileges, a lifelong cushy pension, etc.

-I self-identify as a cat, and demand litter boxes be available in all public places.

-I self-identify as a large bar of gold, and insist I get paid $1296.30 per ounce.

-I self-identify as the head honcho at Facebook, so I demand Zuckerberg stand down right now and hand over control to me – the real boss.

-I self-identify as a toll road – one that covers all the earth. So from now on I demand that all car drivers pay me a regular hefty toll. If they refuse, they are toll road-phobic, and should be jailed.

-I self-identify as the President of the United States of America, so I hereby decree the current round of elections are over, I am POTUS for life, and you better get used to it – or else.

-I self-identify as a cactus-eating pink baseball bat. I fully expect all governments to now cater to my special needs and wants. I do not just expect this – I demand it.

-I self-identify as a poor, persecuted rhombus, and demand that all triangles, circles and heptagons be banned immediately, since they always get preferential treatment and they make me feel bad.

As I say, anyone can play this game. The formula is terribly simple. One simply has to:

-self-identify as anyone or anything you like
-claim victim status and discrimination
-demand preferential treatment and affirmative action for your reality
-expect the whole world to cater to your special needs without complaint
-celebrate and promote your new identity and lifestyle
-expect to make the rounds of all the TV talk shows, being lavished with praise and honour for your “courage” and “bravery” in coming out

That’s it. You too can play this game and win. It really is that easy. So hop on board. It is a lot of fun. And in joining in here you ensure that the West will self-destruct in a very short period of time. The Communists and the Nazis are all wondering why they didn’t think of all this much sooner.

Welcome binary. Goodbye brainery. Goodbye the West.

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15 Replies to “Non-Binary Non-Brainery”

  1. I think I need to try that “identifying as a millionaire” idea, can’t hurt. Yes, absolutely, if the bank doesn’t fill my account they are bigots, haters, ignorant………you know the drill.

    As for POTUS of the US for life, PLEASE don’t give Obama any ideas, although I am sure it is not already something he has not already thought of.

  2. Yep, identify as anything from a tea cozy to lamp post – anything that is, apart from identifying as a Christian, because if you identify as a Christian, even if you ARE a victim you will be hated, mocked and ignored…

  3. Yeah, Bill you make a strong argument that madness will soon prevail over all that which was called normal. In fact we might as well delete this word from the dictionary, as it does not have meaning any longer. The moment you say, act, or be normal, you get lambasted at being a bigot. I just hope and pray that people like your self may be able to continue writing sane arguments as a means to suppress madness in everyone’s life. Bill Heggers Bridgetown W.A.

  4. … and don’t forget that by this logic we must allow anorexics to starve to death. Clearly to do otherwise and interfere would be “hateful” and going against their beliefs.


  5. Thank you for your comments Bill. The idea that you can choose your sex and you do not need to be what your biology dictates is a direct attack against God. Genesis 1:37: So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

    In fact all of the Political Correctness we see, whether it be abortion, upholding Islam, placing woman in senior positions over men simply because they are women, is all an attack against the standards that God has set. Guess who is behind it?

  6. Well put Bill. The Australian Tax Office recently indicated it was considering removing the identifying titles of Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc from it’s registration forms so people do not have to declare their gender status etc. I am not sure if it has or will be adopted but it fits in with your opinion & fact in your blog.

  7. I agree with the message of your article on trans-mania.
    Please may I recommend a minor correction when referring to non-binary and all trans-variants imaginations, that we do not refer to these illusions as a type of ‘sex’ which is biological and defined by God, but ‘gender’ which is a social construct created by academics and activists. Trans-mania does not deserve the status of the biological term ‘sex’ as it gives the madness credence and legitimacy that it does not deserve.
    An interesting story was posted about a store in the USA being targeted by Christians for its trans-mania toilet policy and it impacting its stock value:
    ‘Target Stocks Sink by $2.5 Billion in 10 Days as over 1 Million Americans pledge to Boycott them – Freedom Outpost Target Stocks Sink by $2.5 Billion in 10 Days as over 1 Million Americans pledge to Boycott them – Freedom Outpost.
    Opposition, rebuking evil, saying no to trans-mania can have an impact.
    The Christian Institute UK did a presentation locally, which I attended, and they expect that Churches will have issues with trans-mania men wanting to attend Women fellowship groups, etc. They plan to publish a leaflet on this major issue soon.
    They also said that writing to MP’s etc. does have an impact and achieves successes, not always regretfully, on major moral issues in parliament.
    On the issue of trans-mania, this is where Christians really need to oppose with all their might before the Lord. Same Same-Sex Marriage legislation was a catastrophic attack on the family and societal structures. Trans-mania will destroy the very concept of what it means to be human – male and female – and will turbo charge rampant sexual deviancy and promiscuity.
    On Sunday during our study meeting, this verse struck me as where Christians need to be. The testimony of King Hezekiah, who led Judah in total faith in the Lord out from annihilation.
    [2Ki 18:6 KJV] 6 For he clave to the LORD, [and] departed not from following him, but kept his commandments, which the LORD commanded Moses.

  8. Hi Bill
    I wonder where all these gender watuhavits have come from all of a sudden?
    People confused about their gender/sexuality/race (haha that one) have prime time coverage thanks to a demonic media.
    Ah Lord come quick. Prayers for you and your ministry.

  9. Ladies and gentlemen, was an honor – now these WOTDs are on the political correct hit list

  10. Michael Weeks, I agree, as this same kind of “body image” problem is the same as a girl looking at her 80 lb body and declaring she is “fat”. That used to be called a “mental illness” but I guess we can no longer correct and help her anymore???
    Pita I agree, since Obama took office here in America, they have all come crawling out of the woodwork and from out of under every rock!! Maybe he really is the anti Christ, I have often wondered!!

  11. There is another thing that is happening here though which they do not realise. They think they take the matter of sex out of God’s hands and take it up themselves, but that isn’t the case. There was a teenager with his or her mum on the ABC a few weeks ago, can’t remember if it was a she turning into a he or the other way round, but this kid said something very significant I think. “I noticed there was something not quite right about who I was”. This indicates to me it wasn’t his or her choice to change sex, but it was dictated by another force, some external reality they recognised and acknowledged, not by name of course, but by its power. So, rather than submitting to the openly evident design of God who “made them male and female” Mat 19:4, they got their orders from an unidentified source,not themselves and not God, well, that only leaves one I know of.
    Bill, I wonder if a board game would work on that principle, could be a lot of fun, but would neither provide a clear path from beginning to end nor a clear winner.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  12. Over 100 years ago, Nietzsche dared us all to go beyond good and evil. He also brazenly called for the revaluing of all values – the rebuilding of personal ethics around self-empowerment… a blind faith in the will to power as the most evolved of all virtues. Unfortunately for these trains of thought, the only wise God, our Creator and Saviour is very much alive: He calls us to eschew evil and cling to what is good… He demands a righteousness that exceeds even that of the Pharisees… a love which is not about self-empowerment, but the result of divine empowerment.

  13. Strong delusions, anyone? This is all so sad and unbelievably tragic. Welcome to a Brave New World without God.

  14. Have just attended a week-end seminar where a man gave the following testimony. He was one of premature twins abandoned by their mother, spent 3 months in incubators then fostered, then in an orphanage till adopted at age 2 yrs., never felt loved, never trusted his parents, left for London at age 18 where he was involved in the radical homosexual activist movement and was in a relationship with a man when the Lord rescued him. He is now a very happily married man of many years standing and the proud father of several children. His stories of the power of Christ and His Cross in his life, and of the ways God has used him, are absolutely soul stirring. He explains that he has found his true manhood and total peace in Jesus which his early infancy experiences had previously denied him, the realisation of his true self for which he had been so angrily searching. Praise God for whom nothing is impossible! All his relationships with his birth and adoptive parents are also healed. God doesn’t do things by half!

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