Obama’s Declaration of War on Our Children

Barack Hussein Obama’s reign of terror has been hellish for America and the American people, but it seems he is happy to cause even more widespread destruction and ruin before a new POTUS is put in place. Ever ready to push the agenda of the cultural Marxists, his latest outrage has got millions and millions of Americans up in arms.

Forcing outrageous dictates upon a hapless populace has been the hallmark of this imperial presidency. And he has done it again with this deplorable decree about transgender bathrooms. One news report discusses this matter as follows:

The Obama administration told U.S. public schools on Friday that transgender students must be allowed to use the bathroom of their choice, upsetting Republicans and raising the likelihood of fights over federal funding and legal authority.
Conservatives pushed back against the administration’s non-binding guidance to schools, the latest battleground in the issue of rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said the guidance “must be challenged.” “If President Obama thinks he can bully Texas schools into allowing men to have open access to girls in bathrooms, he better prepare for yet another legal fight,” Paxton, a Tea Party champion, said in a statement.
Other Republican-led states joined calls to disregard the White House’s directive and accused the administration of overstepping its role. In North Carolina, Governor Pat McCrory labeled the move a “massive executive branch overreach” and called on federal courts and the U.S. Congress to intercede, while Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said it was “offensive, intrusive and totally lacking in common sense.”
The U.S. Education and Justice Departments, in a letter, told school districts nationwide that while the guidance carries no legal weight, they must not discriminate against students, including based on their gender identity. The guidance contained an implicit threat that school districts defying the Obama administration’s interpretation of the law could face lawsuits or be deprived of federal aid.

trans 23Incredibly, Education Secretary John King Jr. said this about the imperial decree: “No student should ever have to go through the experience of feeling unwelcome at school or on a college campus”. Oh really? What about all the school girls who feel unwelcome in a bathroom with men in it?

What about all the students who rightly believe males should not be in female facilities, nor females in male ones? What about Christians who are made to feel unwelcome every single day with these increasingly anti-Christian agendas being foisted upon them?

King went on to say that all students should “have the opportunity to get a great education in an environment free from discrimination, harassment and violence.” So a male pervert getting his cheap thrills by checking out the chicks in a women’s bathroom is going to be a harassment-free environment? Is he serious?

Can Obama and King guarantee that there will be no rapes, cases of sexual assault, and sexual harassment under this new policy? Only a fool would believe that. This demonic presidency has discriminated against over 99 per cent of the American population with this malicious and moonbat policy.

I guess it is only a tiny, tiny percentage of people that the Obama administration really cares about, and the rest can just go to hell it seems. Make no mistake about this: this is a declaration of war on faith, on freedom, and on family. It is also a war on reality, on biology, and on common sense.

Such is the diabolical nature of the Obama White House. As noted, plenty of concerned voices have already been heard concerning this madness. Franklin Graham said this:

Who does President Barack Obama think he is? The sultan of Washington? Does he think he can just make a “decree” and we will bow down and simply obey? The decree he released today says that all schools across the country have to allow students to choose the restrooms and locker rooms according to “their internal sense of gender.” If schools don’t comply, he threatens loss of funding and lawsuits from the federal government. What about the privacy and protection of all the other students? Isn’t this discrimination against all of them? This opens up bathrooms to sexual predators and perverts. A decree does not carry the force of law–that’s the job of Congress. The president obviously must have no fear of God, who made us and created us male and female. I hope that school districts across this nation will defy President Obama and his administration’s radical progressive agenda to promote and advance the sin of homosexuality and the LGBT agenda.

Matt Walsh put it this way:

It should go without saying that the president is acting far beyond his constitutional authority here. I have perused Article Two of the Constitution and I find nothing granting the federal government the power to set bathroom guidelines for all 98,000 public schools in the nation. Obama has never let such trifles slow him down in the past, I realize, but this may actually represent his most strikingly dictatorial and illegitimate action to date.
The man, drunk and deranged with power, now thinks he can decide with narrow specificity where and how young girls across the country undress. They may have privacy behind the door of a bathroom stall, he permits, but not behind the door of a bathroom. They may use a curtain to shield themselves from the prying eyes of hormonal teenage boys, but they may not use the locker room itself for that purpose. They may segregate themselves from regular boys, but not from boys with mental delusions or cross dressing fetishes….
The only two groups who really believe in “transgenderism” as a legitimate concept are intellectually malleable college kids and the mentally ill. As much as the president sometimes appears to belong to the latter group, he does not. That would be letting him off the hook. For him and most progressives above the age of 30, “transgenderism” is a calculated ploy. They are subjecting children to abuse and taking advantage of the mentally ill simply as means to an end. They know better. They’re not crazy and they’re not dumb.

Todd Starnes said this:

I warned you in my book, “God Less America” that the fight over transgenderism would be the next battleground. And here we are — a nation where boys who identify as girls have more rights than girls who were born biological girls.
“It’s an outrageous attack on our Creator Himself, upon human sexuality and morality and a further advancement of the flagrant attack on religious freedom in our culture,” Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd told me.
The leader of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination said the president’s decree is an extreme overreach by the federal government and he called on Christians to speak out. “Sooner or later we have to determine that enough is enough,” he said. “It’s not going to change until Christians get involved in this battle.”…
One of the most forceful rebukes came from Tennessee Congresswoman Diane Black.
“I believe the Obama administration is now directly responsible for endangering our students,” she said. “It is worth nothing that this directive does not carry the force of law — and I would encourage Tennessee school officials to continue following their consciences.”
Family Research Council President Tony Perkins told me Congress must intervene to stop what he called an imperial president. “If the president chooses to go forward with this outrageous order — then Congress should begin impeachment proceedings,” he said. Perkins said the decree should be “resisted with ever legal and moral instrument we have available to us in this country.”
“Every parent, every school board in America should absolutely refuse to sacrifice the safety of their children for the threat of taking away nine federal pennies that make up every educational dollar,” he said.
Resist! That’s the message from Penny Young Nance, president of Concerned Women for America. “The left always uses children to accomplish its goals of social reengineering,” she said. “The adults closest to these children should decide what’s best for all the children in the school. Safety and kindness should be the guiding principles, not threats from the bullies in Washington.”
The time has come for all Americans to stand up and defy this president’s immoral agenda. If losing federal funding is the price we must pay to protect women and children – then so be it. We will not betray what we know to be true for the government’s 30 pieces of silver.

Exactly right. A petition is already being circulated, and I urge all of you to sign it:

Petition to U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan:
The Obama administration’s overreach in bullying parents and local school districts by threatening the loss of federal dollars if they do not follow its guidance in allowing students to use facilities such as restrooms, showers, and locker rooms of the opposite biological sex is both unlawful and dangerous to our children.
This has gone too far. The U.S. Congress is still the voice of the American people. It is past time that Congress stands up to the unlawful actions of this president. If Congress will not resist President Obama’s overreach into the bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms of our nation’s schools, then who will? I, the undersigned, strongly urge you to take action to protect our children and stop the Obama administration’s radical overreach.

The petition can be signed here: https://www.frc.org/get.cfm?c=CHECKOUT&dmy=AD2D5683-DF7C-8EFF-E8F652289C1BE181&srcItem=PT16E01&fromItem=&x=0&CFID=65735214&CFTOKEN=74fbfc1cbfd6844d-AD2C84CB-C424-2B2A-62A6C79A989A152A

Obama is a tyrant totally out of control. And Hillary Clinton will only offer more of the same. But if people foolishly think that someone like Trump will put an end to all this, they are dreaming. He has already come out a number of times now saying he has no problems with such transgender madness.

God have mercy on America.


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23 Replies to “Obama’s Declaration of War on Our Children”

  1. He is not only a homosexual POTUS, he is also our pervert in command, leader in chief to convert the American nation to immorality.

  2. People might find this little lot of interest



    But what we have here is a group of people who seem to have the authority and power to redefine a reality, forcing us to recognize it as such , without allowing us the same privilege.

    For instance this man thought he had the right to equate a representation of a skeleton as “reality” but he was not allowed to.

    If we are playing monopoly and one player only is allowed to use counters like the hat, boat, boot, car, dog etc and wooden blocks for houses and hotels and bits of colored paper with £500 written on them , but the rest of the players are forced to play with real money, real houses, real goods and services including children, we would say that this was grossly unfair. But this is exactly what is happening. with the trannies. They are allowed to change the rules as they go alongl forcing us to go along with them . It really is like being dominated by a maniac with whom we are forced to humor because we never know what in his fickleness he and capriciouness he will demand next.
    Asher’s Bakery should have had the same privilege as the poofter and presented him with a piece of paper with the word “cake” written on it. Mr and Mrs Bull should have been allowed to present the slime balls and spotted denizens of stagnant pond life, Preddy and Hall, with a photograph of double bed and the toe of their boots!

  3. Hmmm.. Pretty much every parent knows Obama has lost it. Even the best efforts of the lefty media will not be able to rescue him this time. Exiting the presidency, going down in flames…
    He who digs a pit will fall into it. Prov 26:27

  4. From day one his intention has always been to destroy the sanctity of the American Christian way of life.
    There will come a time when he will stand before the judge of all, and suffer the consequences of his actions, which will be devastating and eternal.

  5. Bill, one of your lectures at Bible College 15 years ago covered the LGB,etc brigade’s agenda to bring their perversion to the mainstream. The NAMBLA video you showed physically sickened some, but was a call-out from the watchtower that there is an agenda, and they would use any political means to bring it to the mainstream.

    There is now no doubt that there is nothing less than demonic activity behind Obama’s role in the White House. The devil himself could not have scripted a more vile attack on the freedom of children to just be children.
    The ‘progressives’ of the Socialist left (Democrats, Labor, Greens, etc) want to forcibly ‘progress’ all by NewSpeak.

    Transgendered are now more superior in law than just males or females. The ‘queer’ gendered have more privileges and rights and exceptionalism in law than straight gendered or heteronormative people.

    This is the war of the sexes and against the family that Marxism has sought for nearly a century.
    Once ‘sexual liberation’ and the permissive sinfulness of every perversion was decriminalized and eventually legislated in favour of for adults, it was only a matter of time before children were targeted.
    The rebellious and psychologically damaged youth have been quick to jump on the bandwagon of ‘look at me – I’m different, I’m special, and adults approve of my insanity.’
    Bruce Jenner and all that for adults, but now for kids.

    I hope homeschooling becomes the preferred method in the USA. It may be the only way to stop the indoctrination and predation upon children.

    BTW Bill, thanks for the heads up on all this stuff all the years ago and since.

  6. Here is an excellent article on why we have a Godly DUTY to homeschool, written by an american Scott Buss and NOT to feed our children to the Beast. Deuteronomy chap 6.


    “Why is everything falling apart around us? Why are most young professing Christians today open to things that were unthinkable to the same sorts of young people just 30 years ago? Why are today’s professing Christian parents willing to endure their children routinely being taught in a manner that was unthinkable just 30 years ago? Why does each successive generation of professing Christians in America and throughout the West become more secular, more anti-Christian, and more Statist than the last? And what can we do about it? These questions confront us now because we’ve ignored the most important question of all: What is truth…and how do we pursue Him? With God’s Word dismissed as the standard by which we define education, we’ve fundamentally corrupted the pursuit of knowledge itself, leaving every area of life to slide deeper and deeper into darkness. We see the results smoldering all around us: Liberty, freedom, justice, law, family, gender, and even life itself are now perpetually redefined to the point of having no real meaning at all. We grow more biblically illiterate, more ignorant of history, more easily entertained, and more effortlessly manipulated into State-dependence with each passing generation. This is where State-run “education” was designed to take us from the very beginning, and it only gets worse from here. “On Education: Thoughts on Christ as the Essential Core of Children’s Education” Scott Buss encourages and equips Christians to recognize the satanic model of education at the heart of State-run “education” so that we might seize the opportunity to lead this culture our of darkness and into light in accordance with the Gospel-fueled Great Commission.”

  7. Obama is using the professed victimhood of LGBTQ to give him the status of Big Brother helping the little guys. This conflates wrongly with the Civil Rights movement of black people fighting against a white society that stole them from their homeland and treated them as inferior slaves. The current conflation with LGBTQ provides the opportunity to further the ultimate goal of global cultural Marxism. Sadly it is a fait accompli concocted behind closed doors by national leaders who are all “in it together”. Science has said there is no god. They self determine and make the rules up as they go along. They have the power, they are elites and despise ordinary people. We need grass roots people power to ensure pride comes before a fall.

  8. Well, Bill, what you warn about as coming has now happened! Alas! See:
    What does Obama and his henchmen say about that? Or should we be merely “tolerant”? After all, he merely saw things from his “perspective”; he was merely following his “feelings”!
    All this means is that Western society and civilisation is collapsing – in farce and utter stupidity. The end will not be long. See Job 12:23-24, NB how He “deprives them of intelligence” (NASB). That is exactly what we see happening.

    On a happier not, albeit off topic, may I invite all contributors to attend the official launch next Friday evening of my newly-published book, “Through the Christian Year with Charles Wesley: 101 Psalms and Hymns”, publ Wipf and Stock. Details on my website under “Journal”.

  9. Hi Bill
    I really enjoy and value your courageous posts, especially about current events and world views.
    However, I am concerned for your sake if some news sources may not have been verified eg Snopes on Obama and transgender bathrooms.
    Keep up the good work.
    God bless big time!

  10. Thanks Richard. But what is unverified here? Name one thing that is false. This story is of course perfectly true. Simply read what was said by the Obama admin on Friday! And you put your trust in Snopes, run by a leftist couple? Why? Bless you too.

  11. Hope and change.
    4 days away from fundamentally transforming America.
    Change we can believe in.

    UMM, what were people expecting?

  12. According to the non-main stream media and conservative syndicated radio coming out of the southern states, this is a gigantic red-herring to divert attention for the proposed SCOTUS attack on the first and particularly, the second amendment, aimed at disarming the constitutionalists, now that they have conveniently “disposed” of the last remaining constitutionalist Supreme Court judge.
    SCOTUS is now about clandestinely changing the constitution through regulation.
    Diabolical is a word which aptly describes the Obama administration and especially his support for Hilarity Jane.

  13. The real enemies of our nation are the queer lawyers such as Lambda. Just listen to their triumphalism and boast that they have not finished yet but only started in the deconstruction of truth, morality and reality.

    The lawyers don’t put on a song and dance routine. There is no extrovert, public display. They work quietly, unspectacularly but devastatingly.

    They need to be comprehensively put out of action before they destroy us all along with themselves.


    David Skinner UK

  14. JFK’s greatest achievement by which he will be remembered by was that he was the president who was responsible for putting a man on the moon.
    Obama’s legacy, he will be remembered as the president who put a man in the girl’s toilet.
    A fish rots from the head down – the USA is rotting to the core.

  15. For those with eyes to see, the culture war we’ve been fighting for over half a century — the war of Christianity vs. Marxism — has entered a new phase. The Marxists have for all practical purposes defeated the Western church, the last major barrier to global government, and the battlefield has shifted and broadened to the international community. The Marxist elites have already successfully implemented LGBT cultural supremacy and granted favored status to Islam, to neutralize Christian political influence in all but a few pockets of resistance, such as the countries of the former Soviet Union.

    Having thus severely weakened the western nations their new emphasis is the elimination of national boundaries, while creating the infrastructure for global governance under the pretext of “climate change” and “sustainable development.” That “TRANSFORMING OUR WORLD” agenda was formally adopted September 25, 2015 by the UN General Assembly in a campaign led by Barack Obama and endorsed by Pope Francis in his speech to the UN delegates.

    The elites are moving so very swiftly now that they have awakened the sleeping giant of nationalistic populism internationally. That has produced the Donald Trump phenomenon, BREXIT, and the rise of the so-called “Far Right” in numerous countries. An ideological world war has begun that will result in enormous political and social chaos that the elites will attempt to use to their advantage by expansion of the police state — but with a globalist flavor.

    Much of the American church is stuck in the value voter strategy of the past decades, placing its hope in Ted Cruz, the magnitude of whose loss reflects just how much “value voter” influence has diminished — a fact that should sober all of us, even those many Christians who support Trump. If Cruz had run against Dole, McCain or Romney he would have won the primaries in a landslide and become the darling of the conservative movement. But the political landscape has changed — dramatically and irreversibly — because the globalists have defeated our moral-values agenda and have begun their one-world end game.

    The fight now is existential for the concept of NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY that underlies all forms of government in the world political order. After World War I, those who failed to adapt themselves to the new paradigm of war built the concrete-bunkered Maginot Line in France as the ultimate, unconquerable defense against German aggression. But in WWII, the Germans just drove around it.

    Let’s not make the mistake of fighting the last war rather than the next one. The war for nation states. The battlefield has changed and we can exploit that change to our advantage if we’re smart. Let’s help the populists defend national sovereignty and defeat the Cultural Marxists, AND be fully prepared to reoccupy the positions of cultural influence and control that the Marxists stole from us as they are pushed back across the cultural battlefield.

    In many ways similar to the way the Russian Orthodox church under Putin has re-claimed the positions of cultural influence in the Russian Federation from the Soviet Communists.

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