The Diabolical Assault on our Children

Here is a truth you can bank on: Satan absolutely hates children and is doing all he can to destroy them. He hates all of mankind of course, but he knows that if he can get to us while still young – or better yet, while still in the womb – he can be much more successful in his war against every good thing God has made.

Thus abortion is an obvious specialty of his. As are all the nefarious sexual attacks on our children. Thus he fully fuels the porn industry, turning men into sex addicts, many of whom will go on to sexually assault women, and sometimes even children.

Child abuse is about as far away as you can get from the will of God. Jesus offered very strong warnings for those who would harm children, and today we live in a society that routinely and proudly harms children. Despicable sex ed programs targeting even toddlers is also part of this demonic war on children.

So too is the radical homosexual agenda, and now the raging transgender agenda. As always, the activists know who to target: our vulnerable and innocent children. To get everyone fully into their diabolical agenda, they know that attacking our children is the best way to go about this.

And don’t just take my word on these matters. Many from the other side have admitted to all this. In my book The Challenge of Homosexuality I quote a number of these folks. Let me offer just two paragraphs from that book:

One quite well known homosexual blog site openly admits to just how intent the activists are in targeting young children in our schools. He says in an article entitled, “Can We Please Just Start Admitting That We Do Actually Want To Indoctrinate Kids?”: “‘NOOO! We’re not gonna make kids learn about homosexuality, we swear! It’s not like we’re trying to recruit your children or anything.’ But let’s face it – that’s a lie. We want educators to teach future generations of children to accept queer sexuality. In fact, our very future depends on it.”

He continues, (and pardon his crude language): “I for one certainly want tons of school children to learn that it’s OK to be gay, that people of the same sex should be allowed to legally marry each other, and that anyone can kiss a person of the same sex without feeling like a freak. And I would very much like for many of these young boys to grow up and start f**king men. I want lots of young ladies to develop into young women who voraciously munch box. I want this just as badly as many parents want their own kids to grow up and rub urinary tracts together to trade proteins and forcefully excrete a baby. I and a lot of other people want to indoctrinate, recruit, teach, and expose children to queer sexuality AND THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.”

Consider also the words of American feminist and lesbian Tammy Bruce who penned an important volume back in 2003 called The Death of Right and Wrong. In it she said this:

The radicals in control of the gay establishment want children in their world of moral decay, lack of self-restraint, and moral relativism. Why? How better to truly belong to the majority (when you’re really on the fringe) than by taking possession of the next generation? By targeting children, you can start indoctrinating the next generation with the false construct that gay people deserve special treatment and special laws. How else can the gay establishment actually get society to believe, borrowing from George Orwell, that gay people are indeed more equal than others? Of course, the only way to get that idea accepted is to condition people into accepting nihilism that forbids morality and judgment.

My review of this important book can be found here:

trans 41And as mentioned, right now the gender benders are especially doing Satan’s dark bidding. They are deliberately, actively and defiantly going after our children, and they make no apologies for it. Indeed, they are loud and proud about it and openly celebrate it.

Consider the latest outrage as found in today’s press. The headline is frightening enough: “Jess Walton’s book Introducing Teddy teaches kids about transgender issues”. The article begins:

She’s the world’s first transgender teddy bear and she’s about to achieve worldwide domination. If only life was as beautifully simple and unprejudiced as a children’s book. Thomas-now-Tilly the teddy’s journey began five years ago when Jess Walton’s father came out to her as transgender in a parked car in Fairfield. Three years later, after having a child of her own, the ex-teacher was searching desperately for kids books which showed a positive message about gender diversity but could find nothing. So she wrote her own: a Teddy called Thomas knows in his heart he’s a girl who wants to be called Tilly, and her friends accept her that way. Self-published last year as a “passion project”, Introducing Teddy will be published globally through Bloomsbury next week after making worldwide waves. “It’s been a real whirlwind, sometimes I cant really believe that it’s all happened,” said the Pakenham mum who is expecting another baby soon with her wife.

Yep, let’s work overtime to convince innocent little children that there is no such thing as male and female, and that they can be whatever they want. Let’s indoctrinate them from the youngest age to ignore everything about biology and reality. Let’s just treat them as guinea pigs in the adult culture wars.

And never mind all the harm this does to children. Never mind what experts like Paul McHugh are saying about all this. I have quoted him a number of times before. His qualifications here are second to none. As he writes:

For forty years as the University Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School—twenty-six of which were also spent as Psychiatrist in Chief of Johns Hopkins Hospital—I’ve been studying people who claim to be transgender. Over that time, I’ve watched the phenomenon change and expand in remarkable ways.

He looks at the issue carefully and concludes his important article this way:

The most thorough follow-up of sex-reassigned people—extending over thirty years and conducted in Sweden, where the culture is strongly supportive of the transgendered—documents their lifelong mental unrest. Ten to fifteen years after surgical reassignment, the suicide rate of those who had undergone sex-reassignment surgery rose to twenty times that of comparable peers.
In fact, gender dysphoria—the official psychiatric term for feeling oneself to be of the opposite sex—belongs in the family of similarly disordered assumptions about the body, such as anorexia nervosa and body dysmorphic disorder. Its treatment should not be directed at the body as with surgery and hormones any more than one treats obesity-fearing anorexic patients with liposuction. The treatment should strive to correct the false, problematic nature of the assumption and to resolve the psychosocial conflicts provoking it. With youngsters, this is best done in family therapy.
The larger issue is the meme itself. The idea that one’s sex is fluid and a matter open to choice runs unquestioned through our culture and is reflected everywhere in the media, the theater, the classroom, and in many medical clinics. It has taken on cult-like features: its own special lingo, internet chat rooms providing slick answers to new recruits, and clubs for easy access to dresses and styles supporting the sex change. It is doing much damage to families, adolescents, and children and should be confronted as an opinion without biological foundation wherever it emerges.

And yet here we have adults actively pushing our poor children into this disordered and dangerous path. Shame on them. Jesus said it would be better if such people had large millstones hung on their necks and they were cast into the sea. That is how strongly Jesus felt about the diabolical attacks on our children.

And we should feel exactly the same way.

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11 Replies to “The Diabolical Assault on our Children”

  1. I keep thinking it can’t get worse and then it does. I cannot believe how rapidly things are going downhill.

  2. I am starting to believe the leftists were right when they argued against the idea of a slippery slope…….it’s so much more like a cliff – and they’re intent on taking everyone with them.

  3. The progression (regression) is getting worse.

    In Hollywood apparently the new film Finding Dory is going to have a lesbian couple in it (no suprise given Ellen Degenerate is the voice of a main character),

    Frozen fans have called for a lesbian in the sequel.

    And even in Star Wars there is a push for a ‘gay’ couple in the next Star Wars film!

  4. I don’t think it is a cliff face any more. I think it’s more of a landslide. Even the cliffs are falling and losing ground and giving way.

    What future world will my children be living in? How do I raise them for ‘this!’ ? Keep praying for the next generation. They will need every bit of help they can get.

    Yet despite all this, Jesus knows their needs and promises to provide. I cling to that. That is my hope amidst the falling cliffs.

  5. The basic commonly understood way of determining sex is by chromosome pairing. Babies with a Y chromosome (XY) will be male. Babies without a Y chromosome (XX) will be female. It would be nice if the medical establishment could say something to support this – have they lost their tongues?

    Children do not need to know, to give actual examples, what “rimming” is or “what do lesbians do?” Instead they need to learn fundamental biology, instead of being indoctrinated with an ideology which dictates the curriculum.

  6. I just want to respond to what Rachel Smith said, in regards to XY and XX chromosomes and that being the ultimate determination of gender. I am someone in the medical industry. I have a Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology and an interest in genetics.

    Some babies are born with XY chromosomes and still develop as a female, with a vagina and all. They need to take estrogen for life as they produce none and the condition is known as intersex. Some intersex individuals are born with a combination of both male and female anatomy and their physiology may be a combination. These individuals may identify with either sex. Some males are born with XXY chromosomes and that is called Kleinfelter syndrome and some are born with XYY chromosomes (Jacobs syndrome).
    So from a medical and biological perspective, gender is not as simple as XX = female and XY = male, there are a wide range of genetic conditions where chromosomes vary from normal or where the anatomy and physiology of a person may vary from their chromosomes.
    The reasons for this are unknown but one option may be the genes on the X and Y chromosomes are regulated differently in different people, so the expression of gender differs in some people both mentally and physiologically.

  7. Thanks Nicole. I have discussed intersex elsewhere. it is an extremely rare condition, and it has nothing to do with the homosexual agenda. As I recently wrote elsewhere:

    A very, very small number of people might be born with what we call an intersex condition, where there is ambiguous genitalia, chromosomal imbalances, and so on. These can be found in conditions such as Turner Syndrome, Klinefelter’s Syndrome, etc. This is extremely rare however and has nothing whatsoever to do with the radical homosexual and transgender activists seeking to destroy human sexuality.

    Even in intersex cases we still have the fundamental reality of a male or female sex. Those with the intersex condition do not constitute another, third sex, but are afflicted with a genetic disability, just as a Down’s syndrome person has a genetic disability.

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