Now They Are Targeting Our Two-Year-Olds

So now the activists are blatantly setting their sights on our preschool and kindergarten kids. Two recent developments in the culture wars should send shivers up the spine of every single parent reading this. And if you live in the People’s Republik of Victoria, you should seriously be thinking about homeschooling or some other option.

children 5As you should know – given how often I have been writing on this – the Andrews’ Labor government is clearly the most out and proud cultural Marxist state in Australia. Every appalling agenda item of the hyper-left is being implemented here, especially the dastardly sexual anarchy agenda.

Andrews has been insistent on cramming down the throats of our poor children every bit of radical sexual activism he can, including the wretched “safe schools” program. Well, it is now getting much worse, with our toddlers being specifically targeted.

Consider two shocking examples of this. I was alerted to the first by a very concerned Victorian parent. It seems the preschool his two-year-old son goes to is now a full-on battleground for the social justice warriors. This is the opening of an actual letter he received from his son’s preschool:

Dear Families,
As part of our Educational Program, the children have been learning through Project Work and this year we have decided to explore social justice issues with our children.
As such we are looking to undertake the Victorian Government initiative for Respectful Relationships in Early Childhood. This program will provide our Educators with training and support materials so that we can implement a whole of setting approach to strengthen positive, equal and respectful relationships between and among girls and boys.
After much discussion and feedback, we are also excited to announce that the children will be participating in a Project to challenge gender stereotypes. A stereotype is a widely held and oversimplified view about a person or a group of people and it often has little relation to the truth and it can lead to harmful attitudes. In terms of gender stereotypes, there are rigid roles and stereotyped constructions of masculinity and femininity where the idea that women and men and girls and boys should act in a certain way or fulfil certain roles. We learn this from lots of different places and the media is very influential in shaping gender stereotypes.

Good grief! Now they have to actually indoctrinate two-year-olds about gender stereotyping? Two-year-olds don’t even know which socks to choose from, yet they are here being brainwashed into radical gender theory and the radical androgyny agenda?

And this video was included in this. It is all part of the androgyny revolution: men and women are fully interchangeable; men and women can do any job they want; it is wrong to insist on any sort of gender roles, and so on:

But sadly this is not a one off case. Just today a piece in the Australian alerted us to just how widespread these preschool indoctrination programs are here in Victoria. It begins:

Four-year-olds who exhibit sexist behaviour at preschool are the latest targets of the Victorian government’s crusade against family violence, with early childhood educators to be taught how to eradicate gendered norms and stereotypes from the classrooms.
The Victorian Education and Training Department will train 4000 early childhood educators during the next year to implement respectful relationships programs in preschools. It is seeking a supplier to develop and deliver a course that will increase educators’ knowledge of the role of “gender equality in preventing family violence”.
According to a tender document released last week, research has shown that children become aware of “gender expectations” and try to “fit within these gendered norms” by the time they are in preschool. “As young children learn about gender, they may also begin to enact sexist values, beliefs and attitudes that may contribute to disrespect and gender inequality,” the document says.

It continues:

The push into preschools is the latest element of the Andrews Labor government’s $21.8 million Respectful Relationships package for schools, inspired by the Royal Commission into Family Violence. Unveiled late last year, the package attracted widespread criticism for pushing the concept of “male privilege” and “hegemonic masculinity” into classrooms, and for failing to consider the multiple, complex drivers of family violence, which also has an impact on men and boys.
Australian Catholic University senior research fellow Kevin Donnelly has been critical of the Victorian government’s interpretation of Respectful Relationships, which he believes is laden in gender and sexuality theory similar to the Safe Schools program. Dr Donnelly pointed out that the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, which guides early childhood professionals in the state, already stressed the importance of encouraging respectful relationships in the preschool setting as well as avoiding practices that directly or indirectly contribute to gender inequality, prejudice and discrimination. “Why are we indoctrinating kids to believe that being a boy, or being a girl, is abnormal? It’s actually quite dangerous,” he said. “This is simply extending that gender and sexuality theory to preschool and kindergarten.”
The new program will cost taxpayers $3.4m. Existing materials aimed at the foundation level cautions teachers against phrases such as “boys will be boys” and reinforcing stereotypical labelling “boys are strong, girls are gentle”.
Minister for Families and Children Jenny Mikakos defended the early childhood program, saying it would be appropriately designed. “The early years are an important time to start helping children develop a secure sense of self and healthy, respectful relationships — this will help prevent family violence in the long-term,” Ms Mikakos said.
Liberal families spokesman Georgie Crozier said the government should “let kids be kids”.

Yes let kids be kids. Enough of this despicable gender bender indoctrination. All this is pure madness, and it becomes diabolical madness when our toddlers are being deliberately targeted by the militants. And these militants can’t even define gender anyway. How can they if it lacks any scientific or biological basis, and is simply a matter of personal whim? As Douglas Farrow writes:

Gender remains undefined. We also meet something still more puzzling, something hinted at by the “whatever.” What exactly are we identifying ourselves in relation to, if our identity might or might not have anything to do with being male or female, or even with some putative spectrum between male and female? I’ve been musing on that, and enquiring of others. I’ve yet to receive a coherent response…
There is a further mystery, then, a political mystery, that we should by no means overlook. Why on earth are we re-writing our laws and policies to take account of something we cannot specify? Why are we trampling all over well-established rights in our haste to create new and conflicting “rights” to something we don’t understand? Why, for that matter, are we trying to reconstruct societal norms based on how people do or don’t relate to norms? Why, when we don’t know any more just what gender means, are we tying ourselves in collective knots about it, like a character in some comedy sketch who, desperate for the loo – but which loo? – contorts his body to keep from peeing his pants? Why indeed are we mutilating bodies, bent on making appearances contradict chromosomes, when we’re not even sure that bodies have anything to do with what we’re after?

Yes exactly. And why exactly are we now targeting two-year-olds. The poisonous agenda of the radical left gets worse by the day. Hands off our children!

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  1. Isn’t it interesting that since the rise of feminism and subsequent decline in chivalry that domestic violence rates have increased?

    Clearly defined roles may have protected women from domestic violence!

  2. Bill if you are the author of the above thank you for your insight and argument. Yes, I agree we must all be concerned, but then again I am right wing and have little time for the left and the agenda with safe schools. Please get more of your thoughts into publications where mothers, fathers, grand parents can all see what the Andrews government is doing, and hopefully get all programs modified or removed.

  3. Thanks Susan. Yes I am the author, and yes I am seeking to do all I can to spread the word about these things. And we all should be trying. Simply sharing an article like this far and wide is one good way to get the word out. Keep up your good work.

  4. Shared. Cause this HAS to stop. We ARE either male of female. Biology does not change cause society is embracing a fantasy. That we are different is evident in the way our bodies produce hormones and the effect they have on our strengths. Even in the Animal kingdom the males are very distinct from the females and perform different roles that compliment each other. This push for a gray, no defined gender is confusing our children, making them feel insecure in what their roles are which is resulting is MORE anger and frustration, now seen in both sexes at an alarming increase. Rather than pushing for this competition between the sexes, let us teach our kids how they compliment each other with their natural strengths and that together they can form beautiful strong society.

  5. Hi Bill. I am very anti safe schols etc but fear I may be misinterpretating your veiw in this article. I have watched the vid also. Are you saying that women should not be fighter pilots etc?

  6. Thanks Chris. No I am not saying women should not be fighter pilots. But males and females are fundamentally different as countless studies have clearly demonstrated. Even scientific studies on toddlers show that the two sexes are quite different, and they respond differently to different things, even types of toys. See here for example:

    We must not be clueless about the radical agenda being pushed here. This is the radical gender activism which wants to tell us there are no differences between men and women, and any woman can do anything a man does, despite the fact that in many cases this is patently untrue. And why in the world are they targeting two-year-olds about this for heaven’s sake? We need to wise up here and see how a despicable gender bender ideology is being foisted upon our innocent children.

  7. Good observation Bill. We need to be forming and supporting belief/value based lobby entities to combat this.

  8. The U-Tube video was called “Getting the Balance”. To do this it needed to include stories of males who are Junior primary teachers, nurses and receptionists for doctors and dentists etc.
    Of course gender can’t be changed but we can deal with gender stereotyping. Males and females can do any job in which they are gifted and physically equipped to do.

  9. I think that all of the information that exposes this macabre and anti-God ideology is very good and correct, however it loses it’s good intentions when there is minimal follow up or practical actions. I think we’re are losing the battle and eventually we are going to lose the war as minimal practical action has been done by people who are the Christian leaders and pastors, etc, of this nation .
    The proponents of the rainbow ideology are wining, not because the truth or any logical factual facts are on their side, but because the people who oppose this macabre and anti-God ideology are sleeping and ignoring what is happening in our school system.
    As one wise person said that “evil wins and advances because good people do nothing”.
    My question is what are the Christian’s leaders and common average Christians doing to stop this?
    Where are the churches’ peaceful plans, strategies, ways etc. to fight the good battle?.
    As you are, aware this is a global issue, the same Rainbow ideology program has been implemented around the word in most Judeo / Christian based countries. However the difference is that in some of these countries people (specially churches) are actively involved in peaceful political action, involving all levels of lobbying, for example in Spain people organised a bus that goes around distributing information, pamphlets, etc about this. In Peru and Chile there are grassroots groups organising peaceful rallies of millions of people showing their opposition against this evil political ideology.
    Moreover at the political level they are forming alliances with political leaders from different parties who are against this. On top of that, they initiate petitions on line, organise prayer meetings in front of symbolic places, in streets, targeting business people/corporations, etc . So in other words they are doing what the rainbow ideology movement is doing in Australia.
    My sincere hope and prayers are that God raises up leaders who are brave and bold enough to stand for God, family and the truth. I think we need more Esther and David types of Christian warriors.

  10. Why are Victorian not rioting in the streets. This is such patent, unscientific and subversive nonsense. I was only just recently looking at my toddler relatives with two girls walking around the house with dolls in their arms while the boy was playing with every wheel and lever he could find. The fact is there is a synergy between men and women and that synergy, as in all synergy, is maximized with a slight difference between the component parts. It is a well known fact that making things act exactly the same absolutely destroys that synergy and substantially reduces the functionality of the whole.

    They bemoan the “paternalistic” culture without realizing that a loving Father is something to be honored, respected, loved and appreciated. Once you do that you actually get a huge and substantial benefit returning to you and to others, just as the scriptures say, not necessarily from the acts of the appreciative Father but because that is how things function effectively. It in no way takes away from any individual.

    It’s no wonder that last words in the Old Testament are:-

    Mal 4:6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the sons, and the heart of the sons to their fathers, that I not come and strike the earth with utter destruction. (MKJV)

  11. Sorry Bill, but your Rita Panahi link goes to a “sign up and pay” webpage. Perhaps you or someone may like to give a summary of what she has said. By the way, our family totally agrees with your horror and concern! The Greens and Labor are wanting to do similar things here in Tassie, but it seems our Liberal government is too busy sitting on their hands to counter it in any meaningful way. Keep the fight going! There are plenty of us behind you.

  12. Bill would it be possible for a parent to sue the Victorian Government? or more specifically the Victorian state premier? It appears from an article I read today that support for same sex marriage is declining. Everything else aside the supporters of change will continue to over play their hand.

  13. It is the very Marxist social engineering that exacerbated the problem of relational violence between the sexes, with which they are now using to conveniently step in to “fix” with their “solution” (i.e. the feminist/gender-neutral indoctrination of little ones).

    By unshacking sexuality from the confines of biblically defined marriage, decades ago, the social engineers promised the sexual revolution would liberate people to love and thus create a utopia of bliss and freedom. Instead, they have created the very monster they are professing to cure. The social engineers are VERY defensive when this is pointed out to them.

    A blog post by a doctor who deals daily with the fall out, called “Tough Love” on City-Journal dot org, is a detailled thesis about this.

    And as usual, it is the worst-off who depended on strong family ties, that have suffered the greatest from this academic social engineering by the “clever sillies” (<- Google it), systematically destroying these attachments and thus the family unit.

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