More Mindless and Heartless Pro-Abortion Rhetoric

Dealing with those who insist on killing babies is seldom easy, and a good part of this is because most pro-aborts do not deal with facts or reason or rationality or evidence. They deal in emotion, anger and tired clichés. Of course these clichés have been answered countless times already, but they keep throwing them up nonetheless.

All the science, the facts, and the core concerns of humanity are with the prolife camp. The other side only has anger, rage, vitriol, emotion and brainless rhetoric to throw our way. I have encountered this time and time again. There is no debate to be had with these folks. They are incapable of actual debate.

Consider a recent example of this. A friend of mine on the social media asked me to join in with a debate he was having with three angry feminist pro-aborts. He had posted a perfectly sensible meme about choice hardly having anything to do with the pro-abortionists’ cause.

These three women launched into a frenzied attack on my friend. They condemned him in no uncertain terms, telling him he never should have posted this. They ran with all the usual tired clichés: “it was written by a man;” “you can’t judge us;” “it’s not a real baby,” etc., etc.

I posted this rather general comment to help assist my friend:

Your friends are big on rage and emotion but weak on facts and evidence. Hard cases (rape and incest, eg) make up only a tiny fraction of all abortions, comprising less than 1 per cent. Thus 99 per cent of abortions are really cases of after-the-fact contraception. Since abortion kills a tiny member of the human race (yes, a real baby, a real person – no mother ever says when she is pregnant, “I have a blob of cells!”), there is no compelling moral or philosophical justification for legalised abortion.

Then the three turned their guns on me! Oh dear, the fireworks began. So I tried to reply to each one in a calm manner, but that only got them more incensed. As to the silly charge about dismissing the words found in the meme because a man had said it, I replied:

“There are plenty of women who oppose baby killing – one might as well say we cannot oppose the Nazis unless we are Jewish – not very helpful!” One gal answered: “the point I was trying to make is that you blokes do not have a uterus therefore, you never have to make that dreadful decision.”

To which I responded:

That is about as useless as saying that because you women do not have a penis, you will never be in a man’s shoes as to raping someone, so you must just remain silent – a foolish argument! If something is wrong (and killing innocent babies is wrong) then it does not matter a hill of beans who is condemning it or who is talking about it. One might as well say that only Jews – and no one else – can condemn the Nazis.

Her next reply revealed a high level of intelligent reasoning: “biligarant Billy… don’t want a discussion you just want a platform to listen to your own knowledge….now bugger off”. To which I said, “Refusing knowledge and facts is what is dangerous here – and telling others to get lost is the epitome of those whose minds are closed and are unable to make their case. You prove our point sadly.”

Another gal also pushed this silly line and went on to say: “the point we are making is that men cannot abort…but in effect abort millions of babies when they mastabate. It is very easy to pass judgement on peoples choices when you are male….so mind your own business and pray about the issue that is your job….not lecturing or judging people.”

Oh dear! I answered her as follows:

Standing up for those who are being killed by the millions is not judging. It is called having human conscience and compassion and a concern for justice – something we all should have. And you may need to take a refresher course in basic biology. A sperm is NOT a human being. Only when sperm and egg unite do we get a completely new human being with its own distinct DNA, comprised of 46 chromosomes – 23 from each parent. I don’t think someone who knows so little about the basics of human life should be lecturing us here! And it is you of course who decided NOT to mind your own business by coming here and attacking us!

And if I see a toddler being raped next door, I most certainly will NOT just pray about it and ‘mind my own business’. I will do everything I can to rescue that toddler. And I will do exactly the same with unborn babies being led to the slaughter.

Another gal said this in part: “To me they are not not babies at such an early stage of termination, they can’t survive outside of the womb. I’m shocked you would put this post up.” I answered: “A one-year-old also cannot survive without direct help and protection from others – should we be able to bump them off as well because they are unwanted?”

One of the other women also offered this old canard: “It’s an offensive post, I don’t agree. You can’t judge a person without walking in their shoes.” To which I replied: “I am sure there are plenty of child molesters out there who really do feel that they are being misunderstood. “Hey, you don’t know what it is like for me to be this way. Walk a mile in my shoes, see what I see, feel what I feel, THEN maybe you’ll understand why I do what I do, ‘till then don’t judge me’.”

She got upset with that, so I further answered: “Oh, you object to seeing the logic of YOUR OWN position being carried out? – that would be your problem then, not mine!” So you get the drift here. These folks have no arguments, no sound reasoning, no evidence. They simply emote and get angrier and angrier as you seek to answer their baseless claims and reckless accusations.

Sadly this is found all over the West alas. Let me conclude by turning to an American counterpart to all this. One American feminist has been offering the same ridiculous arguments – and worse. Consider what the Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper, senior minister at Judson Memorial Church in New York City recently said in an interview:

The first thing I want to say is that if men bore children, abortion would be a sacrament. It’s sexism that doesn’t allow a woman to use a perfectly ordinary reproductive technology. I’ve had two abortions and was back to work in the afternoon. That doesn’t mean they were inconsequential to me. They were profoundly positive experiences of exercising my humanity and my freedom.

Wow, if this is not a case of Orwellian Doublespeak, nothing is. A “positive experience”? For who exactly? Certainly not the baby! And “exercising my humanity and my freedom”? Really? The freedom of the babies was violently ripped away from them. That is somehow affirming humanity? But hey, at least she could get back to her career in the afternoon, having just left the killing fields with a clear conscience!

And even more mindboggling, she said that if Roe v Wade is overturned, she and others will hand out abortifacients in the churches! Really! She said this:

The thing most of us have been talking about is to encourage the use of medical technology, the morning after pills and very good new drugs. We need to get some wise pharmaceutical company to make money off distributing them so people don’t need abortions, and/or smuggling the drugs in from Mexico and Canada. There are already very interesting groups of women my age feeling we could take the risk of loading up our vans to take road trips and give them out at churches. We’d see what kind of legal trouble one could get into because the drugs would be given away and are legal in Mexico and Canada.

This is not a Christian leader – this is a demonic feminist and pro-deather who needs to repent real soon. But this is the illogic, the hatred of life, and the mindless activism of the pro-abortion lobby. They hate life and they hate humanity. They worship at their false god of “choice”. And they are leading so many to a lost eternity.

I was told that at least one of the three women I interacted with above claimed to be a Christian. Oh dear. We expect pagans to give us their emotive pro-death clichés and rhetoric, but people calling themselves Christ-followers? This is simply more wolves in sheep’s clothing yet again.

And when we have so-called pastors such as Schaper, you know the enemy is taking over far too much of the Christian church. It is the same with the homosexual activists infiltrating and subverting our churches. Both groups are making real headway, while most believers are asleep at the wheel.

This is why the church keeps losing. Lord have mercy.

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21 Replies to “More Mindless and Heartless Pro-Abortion Rhetoric”

  1. It’s increasingly hard to distinguish between sheep, goats, and wolves simply by what people call themselves. Obviously it’s a lot clearer when you listen to what they say, or read what they write, but non-Christians, especially Christophobes, are more interested in what the goats and wolves say rather than Christ followers since the former preach what they want to hear, and the latter don’t.

  2. We should take a leaf from President Trump – don’t argue, DO!
    Why bother with these low lives who peddle evil (terminators of innocent life) and let those who peddle live (opposite to evil) get on with the job of making sure the innocent are protected and change the laws to condemn the act of murdering unborn children without cause of self defence.
    John Abbott

  3. Thanks john. Of course we should do both:

    -offer a reasonable, intelligent and factual case for life, which includes offering honest answers at least to honest questions;

    -also work to defend life, by whatever means we can be involved with.

  4. People are so heartless. Its very much the stance of The Greens. They push hard for abortions and access to abortions without Christians praying for them as a peaceful protest yet get extremely vocal and upset if a tree or a turtle or a greyhound is destroyed. THEN they protest unrestrictedly and encourage others to join them. Hypocrisy much….

  5. Great article mate, as usual you nail it! They had nothing of substance to offer during the debate, just rhetoric and name calling, as well as the double standard of criticising another woman who simply exercised the same right that they exercised in posting a comment!

  6. Hi Bill, do you know where I can find a clone of your capacity to write pro-life and gender-reality reports?

  7. Thanks Peter. Well, since I don’t support human cloning, I guess I can’t help you there!. However, with 4,500 articles, you can always clone some of those I suppose!

  8. Hi Bill, thanks for such a great response. The problem I see with these women is that they mix with like minded “friends” and they feed off one another into a frenzy. In a frenzy reason, logic, femininity, thoughtfulness, care fly out of the window. When rage is used to argue a point it’s already lost
    The pastor’s comment reminds me of Andy Warhol. And you know we have some of those in Oz on both sides of the debate. Keep well.

  9. Truly I wish that men and women that want to act like dogs in heat and feel they are not responsible for the biology that takes place, should get themselves spayed and neutered. I know that is harsh but I hate when they kill their babies for the sake of their irresponsibility. At least if they are going to sin, they wont add the sin of murder on top of fornication.

  10. Thanks for sharing this sad tale which is only too prevalent on the social media highway. On an unrelated topic but similar in principal I was chatting to 2 ladies about a post they were promoting of a Christian author. Now I opened the post and was shocked to hear the vulgar language of this Christian. I tried to tell the ladies that its not Biblical to use such language and gave some scriptures from the epistles and yet they could not swallow this pretty straightforward command. Both ladies thought I was judging there profession of faith. I thought it was all pretty straight forward but alas Christians are throwing out all sorts of Non Biblical notions on social media forums. These 2 same ladies are vehement supporters of Same sex marriage as well. What do you do Bill when some people dont want to espouse Christian teaching and living and wont be corrected otherwise. At this stage I find myself just bypassing these ladies Non Christian beliefs as I dont want to give them any oxygen. Is this the right tact. Cheers Bill.

  11. Thanks Colin. I guess it depends on the people and the circumstances. If they are close family and friends that you already have a relationship with, praying for them and seeking good timing to share more truth may be the way to go. If they are only casual acquaintances, say on the social media, but are open to truth and teachable, I guess you hang in there and hope they come around. But if they are arrogant, unteachable and pushing all the wrong agendas – especially while claiming to be Christians – then it might be time to give them the heave-ho. As to folks who are more troll-like, I offer further advice here:

    And here:

  12. I think one part of it is the spirit of fear. Those who are God’s have faith that He will give them the capability to do what is needed. Those who do not have this assurance assert themselves over the bodies of others. Many others are just simply deceived and/or complacent about tragedies that are outside their apparent purview but those who argue irrationally like this, I think, are simply demonstrating fear or trying to justify themselves for past actions.

  13. A women can choose an abortion, but a mother can’t choose a charter school, well at least not in NZ. This is how mindless some women are, simply because they are told what to believe, and hence don’t then think; single women are smart and mothers are dumb, is the message being sent to all females. Women on the left are largely retarded, and those that vote for them also.

    God Bless Bill.

  14. Please pray that abortion will not be legalised in Queensland, but remain criminalised. Let us join in corporate prayer. It is by praying to God as directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit, and in accordance to God’s will that prayer will be effective.

  15. Our church recently had a men’s curry night and somehow the topic under discussion came around to the improvements life expectancy from 1870 to 1970 (this is due in part to sanitation systems taking away and treating waste water, thus vastly reducing infant mortality rates). My friend then made the comment that he wondered what would happen if we added in the abortion tally worldwide and recalculated average life expectancy. My friend and I have often had agreement on the terrible scourge that is abortion on the baby and the mother. At this point another man made a quick exit for the men’s room and when he came back he moved onto another group. Maybe I am reading too much into this, but some people move on quickly when the topic gets too heavy. I then made a comment to the effect that WW II killed some 50 million, communism (e.g. Stalin, Mao) even more, but the holocaust of abortion stands far and above both of these appalling events in human history. I made a comment to our assistant pastor sitting next to me that the number now stands at 1.5 billion. At least to his credit he was so shocked he responded with silence.

    We are sitting in the middle of the biggest genocide in human history – 15 times the number of what it is estimated Mao did. Heaven must be crying out for this injustice.

  16. The late Francis Schaeffer wrote the ultimate sin of abortion lies in the willful and deliberate rebelliousness of mankind to “strike the image of God within man.” The Biblical perspective certainly seems to clearly support this. While I could raise all kinds of emotional brouhaha to support those among us who were left childless for reasons known only to God, that hardly cuts the mustard of Biblical truth versus our erratic human emotions. God has spoken to us in his word. He has not left his will up to us for debate. We can not persuade God that He just doesn’t get how human emotions work or doesn’t understand the predicament we’ve gotten ourselves into. This is where absolute truth and situational ethics hit head-on. Our relativist society favors the latter, the convenient, but the Truth is not subjective.

  17. Thanks Bill for responding to my query and for your follow up links. Helpful in thinking through how to engage with those saying they are Christians but not necessarily wanting to stand under the authority of God’s word.

  18. You are right Bill. If you have tried to tell them why it is wrong and they will not even consider your point of view, then you must give them the old heave ho and move on to someone who will listen to the word of God attentively and hopefully get around to believing what is says and doing!!

  19. The word “Feminism” has been misused by so many women who hate men that the meaning has been blurred. Feminism is a belief that EVERYONE is equal. As to the abortion issue anyone can argue that if YOUR mother chose abortion, you wouldn’t be here to argue “rights” with other people. My biological mother was 16 when she had me and I thank her every day in my prayers for remembering that I am a human being and not a glob of cells. If you do not want the baby for any reason than think about the fact that there are so many married couples that can’t have children of their own who would love to be parents.

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