Babies, Militants and the Media

Blue skies and plenty of sunshine – a great day to march for the babies again. The ninth annual March for the Babies in Melbourne just finished. Several thousand passionate and peaceful marchers – men and women, children, grandmothers and grandfathers – marched to remind Melbourne, Victoria and the world that we do not accept the mass slaughter of the unborn.

Since the horrific abortion on demand law was passed here ten years ago, there have been over 200,000 babies killed with official state sanction. Some 20,000 poor preborn children are taken to their slaughter each year thanks to one of the most liberalised abortion laws in the world.

But we were not alone. Prolifers also marched this afternoon in Brisbane because they are about to vote on a similar nasty piece of legislation. As Cherish Life puts it:

On 16 July 2018, the Queensland Cabinet unsurprisingly decided to accept the recommendations of the hand-picked Queensland Law Reform Commission and adopt its Draft Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2018. A parliamentary vote is scheduled for the parliamentary sitting week of 16 October.

They have seen just how bad the Victorian legislation has been, and they do not want to repeat it up in Queensland. Human life is far too precious to allow dangerous bills like this to sneak through when most folks do not realise just how bad they really are.

Back here in Melbourne we talked to some folks who passed by and they wanted to know what this was all about. When we informed them that for the past decade Victoria allows open slather on baby killing right up to the day of birth, folks were quite stunned.

They did not realise things were so extreme here. And that is the trouble: most folks do not have a clue as to what is happening in this area. And that is why we hold these marches every year, to alert people, to inform people, and to wake people up.

Most folks are totally oblivious as to what various abortion laws allow for in the West. Many are quite shocked when they actually learn what is going on. However, regrettably, some people’s hearts are as hard as a rock when it comes to the truth of abortion.

As an example, a few of us were chatting with an elderly couple who stumbled upon our rally. When they were told of its purpose, they made it clear how disgusted they were with us, not the baby killing. We kept asking if they were happy with killing a baby right up to birth, and they kept getting more and more angry.

The woman kept shouting her mantra: “It’s not a baby”. To which the only obvious reply is: “Then just what is it? Is it a carrot? A dingo? A piece of fruitcake?” When we pressed them on this, the man at least finally admitted that if we killed a baby one minute after birth, we would be charged with a crime.

So we asked him what two minutes’ difference meant. Why is it just fine to murder a baby a minute before birth, but illegal and immoral to do it one minute after? What has changed? A few inches in terms of location? Yet the pair walked away angry and defiant.

Reason did not work with them, as they seemed to have their minds made up on the issue. ‘It’s not a baby so we can do what we want with it’ was their position. Hmm, where have we heard that before? For quite a long time blacks were considered to be non-persons as well, so we could do with them whatever we wanted.

Thankfully we are more civilised now, and slavery is no longer praised and pushed in the West. But when it comes to the unborn we still have the same barbaric attitudes. We still think it is just terrific to kill our own offspring for any reason, at any time.

Two other things stand out about today’s march. And if you have read my previous reports about these marches, you will see that some things remain the same. While several thousand peaceful baby lovers were there, we also had the usual small but noisy pack of protestors.

Perhaps two dozen very angry and very vocal young people were there, screaming at the top of their lungs, trying to disrupt the meeting and prevent speakers from being heard. Thankfully the police were there in force, and had most of the militants kept away from our rally.

But some managed to break through and target the audience, letting out blood-curdling screams. repeating mindless chants, and shouting through megaphones and the like. Thankfully they were quickly and calmly led away by police and security forces.

They tried to do this a number of times, but given that there were only a handful of them to begin with, eventually they simply ran out of enraged activists to wade through the crowds and disrupt things. So the police are to be greatly commended for maintaining the peace in the face of such provocation.

Of course this contrasts markedly with how they performed – or did not perform – five years ago. Then the ferals ran riot, and the police did absolutely nothing to prevent them from disrupting our meeting, assaulting marchers, and blocking our route.

I wrote about all the gory details of this at the time:

But many of us made a very big stink indeed about this back then, and since then the police have been terrific – keeping the rabble away from us, and intervening with the ugly militancy when necessary. So thank you Victoria police for doing such a great job today.

As to the media, they were most conspicuous by their absence. The only film crew I could see was from Channel Nine. As they walked back and forth, I felt like saying, “Hey, you can interview me. Or better yet, interview the prolife doctor standing next to me”.

On the 6 o’clock news tonight the march led the bulletin. Of course the emphasis was on confrontation, and they spoke of “hundreds” of prolife marchers. Um, there were far more than that. But they did get it right that only a relative handful of militants were there, and they showed some of them being taken away by police.

The news item also informed viewers that at least two knives were seized from the militants. Wow. So much for the peace and love brigade. That really is rather frightening indeed that this is what we now must contend with. But the march organiser Melbourne MP Bernie Finn was briefly interviewed, along with a few prolife marchers, and Dan Flynn from the ACL.

So all up it was a fairly decent report from the mainstream media. Miracles still happen I guess. However none of the speeches were covered unfortunately. And there were some great ones. Bernie of course spoke, as did champion prolife politician Rachel Carling-Jenkins.

Neil Angus, another politician, gave a brief address, along with visiting American, Cardinal Burke. But perhaps the highlight of the day was a somewhat nervous speaker, but one that did a tremendous job: 15-year-old Anna. She should not have been there. Her mother was a rape victim, and in so many cases women are told to abort children conceived in rape.

Although she had scheduled to have an abortion twice, thankfully her mother did not follow through, and young Anna today gave a stirring and memorable talk. She told the thrilled and appreciative crowd, ‘I am here to tell you my life is worth living’.

She said that her mother was unemployed, struggling and alone back then, but that was not a reason to have an abortion. And as her mother has said, “Not a day goes by that Anna does not remind me of the preciousness of life itself, and not a moment goes by when I look at Anna and think how absolutely gorgeous she is.”

Just one of her lines would have been so important to hear on the news tonight. But the media prefers controversy it seems. Nonetheless, her talk and all the others were video-recorded by my friend, so we may soon see them on YouTube.

A million thanks to all those who attended, to the organisers, and to the police who protected us. With those angry, demonised pro-death protestors, some of them with weapons, who knows what might have happened had the police not been there.

I think the fact that they actually showed up at our rally with some deadly weapons tells us all we need to know about the pro-abortion left. That is, if their screaming, thuggery and intimidation had not already told us what we need to know.

Each year when we have these marches – and other events like it – and the rent-a-crowd of incensed activists show up, I am always struck by just how utterly consumed they are with hatred. They not only celebrate and love the idea of killing babies, but they absolutely detest those of us who seek to save babies and promote life.

This is without doubt an indication of deeper spiritual battles, and one can only pray for them and engage in some spiritual warfare. Reasoning with them seems to achieve nothing – as the elderly couple we tried to discuss things with indicated.

They prefer to just emote and show their anger, rather than actually engage in any sort of serious dialogue and discussion. Sadly all over the West we are seeing these sorts of things happening, with mobocracy in action. Increasingly we find mobs rioting and running amok on the streets.

And the abortion debate is just one small part of this. Things are getting very dark indeed and increasingly risky. Thankfully today no prolifers found themselves in hospital with stab wounds. But I really do not doubt that it will not be much longer before we see such things occurring.

But I will not be deterred by the haters and the bullies and their ugly intimidation and threats. I will keep marching each year. I look forward to seeing you next October at the 10th annual March for the Babies. And one day we will march to celebrate the end to this barbarism, just as we now rejoice in the end of slavery. 

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  1. The police did a great job monitoring the crowd. Over on the footpath in the north west corner they continually pulled people aside at random frisked them and ran metal detectors over them! The dozen police next to me continually watched the crowd for trouble makers. I saw them arrest at least 4 they picked out of the crowd. They did a fantastic job!

  2. Yes Bill – The Police were AMAZING today and it was lovely to acknowledge them publicly & privately when we had the chance.
    A young policeman, quickly & efficiently removed the batteries from one annoying militant’s megaphone – who had managed to find a way into the midst of our peaceful vigil.
    Praise God for our Pro-life Politicians & May those beautiful young people who marched today & in previous years be inspired to be our future candidates for Promoting Life from Womb to Tomb!

  3. Has any group made a decent edited video of the parade? One that shows the numbers, shows speech highlights? One that we can share on face book? I found a couple of you-tube videos but they are unedited, dont have good commentary and you cant see how big the crowd was.

  4. Hi Mr Muehlenberg, I along with many others attended the pro life rally In Brisbane this afternoon. The rain held off thankfully, praise God, until the end when we were dispersing. Please all pray as the Qld Government will be debating, and maybe voting, on this terrible abortion Bill on Tuesday. Pray, pray, pray. God Bless you!

  5. Sadly not a word about this rally was heard on the ABC 7 pm news (Victoria). Yet last night the ABC told us they’re part of our family. Really? I don’t think so!

  6. The very angry elderly woman had probably had an abortion when she was younger, so she didn’t want to be challenged on it and she is maybe carrying some guilt. Her husband was no doubt complicit or even wanted her to have it. There usually is a deep reason when people get very upset. She needs prayer.

  7. Great article Bill! Completed with accuracy and scintillating alacrity.
    I prayed at Holy Mass this morning for the safety of everyone at The March. All I can say is, “God looks after us all.”
    Congratulations to the Organising Committee and the Speaker’s, they all did a fantastic job.

  8. Louise Bingen, it is extremely unfair to assume that the man wanted the abortion, just because his wife/partner sought an abortion. That is not always the case. If he sought to stop it, it would have been very hard for him because men are always silenced from speaking about abortion because it is a “women’s right to choose”. They are threatened by their wives/partners when they even express opposition to abortion.

  9. Thanks, Bill, for your participation in “March for Babies” and for explaining to us who never have visited Australia. it is beyond tragic that there are so many selfish and sex-crazed people who do not want to be responsible for their own actions, and they think abortion is the way of escape. I believe Louise probably is correct in her suspicions about the elderly couple, and their wanting to justify abortion just shows “there is no new thing under the sun.” Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  10. Hi Bill, yes a terrific day. I did have to wonder though, having been to others, why this one felt more like a ‘short amble for the babies’? Why is it that we can no longer actually ‘march’ around the city with our signs in a peaceful walk? It felt like we might just have met at that spot and listened to the speakers and not even bothered with the ‘march’? Still, a lovely turn out and wonderful to know that so many hearts still beat as one in support of the babies! Blessings upon you Bill.

  11. Thanks Andrea. The main reason for a curtailed march of course would be because of the militant ferals. As mentioned, 5 years ago they ran amok and caused massive trouble, while the police just stood by. Several hundred complaints to the Police Commissioner led to them taking a more hands-on approach. But it is much easier to deal with the activists and keep us safe with a very short march and a rally in a contained space, than to have a lengthy stroll through the CBD. So put it down to the poisonous left once again taking our freedoms and choices away, all in the name of giving us freedom and choice!

  12. So good to hear the police were doing their job maintaining order in an impartial way.

  13. The tragic deaths of the unborn twins and their mother recently in a Sydney car crash and the dilemma (for some) in acknowledging the reality of those little lives lost, is another example of the conflicted arguments for abortion.

  14. Many thanks for the report.
    It will be refreshing if the Police don’t send a bill to the organisers for protecting the march! They’ve had no hesitation in doing so in recent times.
    At least this time it sounds like they were conscientiously doing their job.

  15. Well done Bill & all! They are considering here increasing the penalty for the death of an unborn baby in a car crash…..but late term abortion of course, is just fine!! Really?

  16. Jannie Tooh – You are right of course, sometimes the woman wants the abortion and the man does not and if she goes ahead, the marriage or relationship would have broken up. The same with a man who forces his female partner to have an abortion against her will, the relationship/marriage doesn’t last long after that. At least, that has been my observation with people I know, though I have not personally encountered a case where the man doesn’t one and the woman does. But I have read of them.

    Going on the interaction with this elderly couple and assuming that they have been together for some time and them BOTH being in favour of abortion made me think what I wrote.

  17. Great day. I was a bit apprehensive when I saw so many police cars parked behind Parliament and a paddy wagon on site, so I was wondering if they knew something more than we did.
    I was so pleased with the distance this year of separation. However, one young man right up front started and the “boys in black” were onto him like a rocket so I was a little frightened for the protester. Seemed to take some time before they carted him off.
    Getting older and not so flexible anymore I am conscious that I can’t get out of the way as quickly as I used to be able to.
    Thank you God for such a good rally.

  18. Thank you Bill for the report on the pro-life march in Melbourne. I am a bit late getting round to reading it but it is heartening to know that there are so many deeply committed prolifers.

    I have believed in and worked for the pro life cause for many years but am unable to do much now except speak up whenever I can.

    The latest was some letters to local papers asking why the media referred to the latest unborn royal baby as a ‘baby’ but refer to other unborn babies as ‘foetuses’ [a point I picked up from Life Site news]. Needless to say none of the letters were published.

    Meanwhile I noticed Harry and Meghan very busy on the environmental band wagon and at the Invictus games for the disabled which is to be welcomed of course. However, it would have impressed me more if Meghan had made it her business to say how ALL babies should be welcomed not just Royal ones. Apparently she was vocal enough at an Irish pro-abortion rally recently. The feminists in Ireland were apparently VERY happy with her response and comments.

  19. Just a few days after the March for the Babies, Queensland Politicians on the 17th October were celebrating the legalisation of Abortion on demand up to 22 weeks gestation. Video: Labor MPs celebrate after the historic vote (ABC News)
    Also “Safe access zones” of 150 metres will also be established around termination and fertility clinics to prevent protesters approaching and hassling women and their families. No doubt this will contribute to division between Queenslanders and the rest of the nation.
    BLESSED VIRGIN MARY (Medjugorje, Nov 10th, 2011) “Abortion is the great divide and abortion will always be the great divide . A How can you be unified when you protect those who cause death… The Satanic Fires Consuming America..Satan is an arsonist. He burns and destroys everything that is standing…. He [Satan] would BURN THE WHOLE EARTH AND MAKE IT LIKE HIS HELL. That is what the earth is facing. NOTHING WILL SURVIVE…He has friends everywhere. Any attempt to put out that fire is met with swift and powerful opposition. The woman has a right to choose, they proclaim. They do not understand that they are friends of Satan, protecting his fire of destruction that has killed millions and gained great profits for Planned Parenthood abortion provider..,Satan’s FIRES WILL BURN YOUR HOUSE,FIELDS…INSTITUTIONS….satanic fire of abortion..The decision is yours. Which fire do you want, the fire of Satan or the fire that comes from my Immaculate Heart? The fire of my heart contains all the unborn. If you reject the unborn, you reject my fire and choose his….I will not compromise. I will not forsake the unborn, even if America has forsaken these smallest of her citizens…Still, no one realizes that war has been declared.. that a war is raging.
    Satan sets the FIRE OF ABORTION which consumes and destroys the PHYSICAL world and divides nations. Therefore supporters of the Queensland Abortion on demand legislation are Satan’s friends which protect his fires ENDANGERING the lives of ALL the UNBORN and all Queenslanders. How Politicians voted Abortion Queensland:

    May God bless you.

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