Out of Facebook Gulag – Again

I am now free from my month-long stint in the FB Gulag. This is getting to be all rather tedious and habitual, not just for me but for countless other conservatives and Christians. It keeps happening because FB is really NOT a nifty social media site – it is a secular left mob that is pushing an agenda.

Those involved really do not like opposing points of view, and they are using their powers to simply disallow contrasting views to be found on their site. And worse yet, it has near-monopoly powers to do so. Where are those antitrust laws when you need them?

In case you don’t know what those are, one site puts it this way: “also referred to as ‘competition laws,’ [they] are statutes developed by the U.S. Government to protect consumers from predatory business practices by ensuring that fair competition exists in an open-market economy.”

Hey, where’s my protection? Why does FB keep preying on me and others? When will their discriminatory and bigoted powers be challenged? When will their obvious politicised activities be called to account? When will they have to face the music and maybe enjoy a bit of jail time themselves?

As I wrote when this first happened, my 30-day imprisonment was a punishment for something I did not even do! All kinds of other groups seem to have made me an admin of their pages – often without even telling me. So another page with someone else’s post was the cause of the latest Fascistbook heavy-handedness – yet I got punished for it! Way to go FB.

And this was not the first time this has happened. Several times now another post on another page that did not meet FB communist – I mean community – standards resulted in me going to the FB slammer. And to add insult to injury, I keep getting emails from FB saying no one has heard from me for a while!

One message which I received more than once said this:

Hi Bill,
People visiting Bill Muehlenberg CultureWatch haven’t heard from you in a while. Write a post or share a photo or video to keep people engaged. Learn more
The Facebook Ads Team

Thanks for nothing you goofballs! You know full well you have got me in the hole again, so ease up already with all this baloney. I DO want to engage with people but you keep objecting and preventing me from doing so. We are all getting a bit tired of all the rubbish you guys are running with here.

So now I am back on – but for how long? Another hour? Another day? Maybe another week if I just post pics of my morning cup of coffee? Or sing the praises of Clinton, CNN and the Left? Why do I suspect that if I simply post pro-leftist, pro-Islam, pro-homosexuality, and pro-abortion stuff I will be secure on FB for life?

It is time for a change. It is time for some other options. Some time ago I joined another social media site – MeWe. It of course has far fewer folks there – so far. But I have managed to get almost a tenth of my FB friends over there thus far.

And up until this point I have had no problems on MeWe with any censorship, banning, deleting of posts, or menacing warning messages from the powers that be. I suggest you all make sure you have an alternative to FB. As it gets increasingly arrogant, and as it further hates on its ideological foes, it will be less and less likely we can stay there. So find an alternative now.

As I have said before, it is not just Facebook, but other media giants like Google and Twitter and YouTube which are also pushing the radical left agenda, cracking down on all dissent, and making clear their blatant bias and bigotry. So we are up against it. It is now time to make preparations for other means of communicating and networking.

A genuine, viable alternative media is needed now more than ever. CultureWatch is of course just one small part of this. But I encourage others to set up your own websites, to find other means to spread the word, and so on. Things really are getting that serious folks.

In the meantime let me thank those of you who rallied for me during the past month. While most FBers may not have even known I was gone, and a few might have applauded that fact, some of you were concerned and some of you sought to keep my memory alive.

A few champs who sought to keep my name and activities in view for the sake of others deserve special mention. One champion from Adelaide posted my stuff several times daily to remind people that I still existed. She shared my new articles and other posts, and sought to let people know that I was indeed still alive. Many thanks for that.

Another hero from Sydney was also quite keen to help out as well, but ongoing physical and other suffering prevented daily support. It was a case of ‘the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak’. But this gal is another wonderful supporter, and so much appreciated.

A number of others also reposted some of my CW pieces now and then, said they missed me, or reminded people that I still existed. Thank you one and all for your help and support. If and when you folks get sinbinned I hope I can be as helpful to you.

One of the things that rather intrigued me – or saddened me – was that the great bulk of my FB ‘friends’ didn’t even seem to realise that I was missing in action for a month! Hmm, I fear that if I were living on my own, and quietly died one day, my body would just sit there for months or years, decomposing and turning to dust, and no one would even notice or care!

And many FB friends do not seem to be aware of how FB prison works. Many of them were sending me messages and/or asking me questions. Um, when you are in FB gulag you CANNOT reply! You can’t do anything! You can read stuff, but that is it. I could not even answer various critics who were attacking me this past month.

Then there may have been those who were likely thrilled to bits about my absence: ‘Ah, finally some peace and quiet – no more posts from Bill encouraging me to be salt and light, to get involved in the culture wars, to seek and serve God more, etc, etc’! Oh well, at least some of you got a break. But of course if you do think this way, maybe you don’t want to be my friend in the first place!

Finally let me offer a few apologies. As mentioned, many of you tried to contact me or ask me questions and so on. Obviously I could do nothing to respond. Sorry that you have had to wait for 30 days. I will now try to get back to each and every one of you as quickly as possible.

Also, as has been my habit for many years, I try to wish each person who is a FB friend a blessed day on their birthday. I of course could not do this during the past month. Sorry, I did think of many of you, but I was prevented from saying anything, thanks to the Big Brethren at FB.

Mind you, one case of this was rather amusing. A gal I did send this greeting to via messenger way back in June of 2013, finally responded and said thanks – just a few days ago, in Oct 2018! Hmm, sometimes you despair with the social media. If folks can only get back to you five years later, what is the point? If they look at their pages twice a decade, why are they there? Hmm…

Anyway, social media is a funny thing. People use it for many different reasons. Some use it just to keep up with family and close friends. Some like to share pics of their cat or whatever. As I have always said, I use the social media for one main thing: to serve Christ and the Kingdom. For me it is a secondary CultureWatch.

I use it to share truth, to keep people informed of what is going on, to encourage them in the faith, and to provide an alternative voice to what the mainstream media and lamestream social media offer. And for seeking to do this, I keep getting banned, blocked, censored and deleted by the thugs at FB.

How much longer before they permanently ban me remains to be seen. But until then I will relentless and persistently share truth – whether they like it or not. Thanks again to all those who were concerned about my absence and sought to keep my name and work still going over there. Bless you heaps.

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21 Replies to “Out of Facebook Gulag – Again”

  1. Welcome back Bill.


    “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” G. Orwell

  2. I have a shortcut to ‘Culture Watch’ on my browser, that way I don’t have to go to Facebook and I can read your post every day!

  3. Bill, welcome back to FB land! I also encourage all readers to open a MeWe account, as I recently did.

  4. They are just following their rule book.
    Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky.
    Rule 13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalise it, and polarize it.”
    Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.
    And as you know Bill, Alinsky dedicated his Rules for Radicals to the first radical, Lucifer.
    He is behind all of these attacks.
    But God loves you more than they can hate.
    Jesus has already defeated that loser, Lucifer.
    And greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. 1 John 4:4.
    Oh, and we love and pray for you too, brother.

  5. To Bill and everyone else – if facebook or anyone else breaches fair trade laws or the like simply drag them before the courts and the publicity alone will shock and awe them.
    We have a Constitution and we have laws that protect consumers and facebook, google and the leftists loonies are subject to all of them.
    For my part, I refuse to deal with anyone who promotes, endorses or protects the act of homosexuality, transgender or any of the LGBTIQA+, abortion, divorce, adultery or any conduct banned by scripture and we should remember that the majority of the people are Christians so lets drag these loathsome creatures before our courts and teach them that we Christians are not snowflakes but strong and determined people who by their power changed the Roman Empire and if we can do that then these loonies are easy meat so to say.
    John Abbott

  6. I don’t follow important things on facebook because they are too prone to being censored. I wouldn’t have known you were suspended unless you had said so on your blog.
    Nobody needs facebook. If people take the time to learn about RSS which has been around forever (in internet terms), you get all you articles from the source. Hence no censorship.
    Sign up to feedly.com or another feed aggregator, or use the RSS functionality in your web browser.
    It takes about 10 minutes to learn how to do it, but freedom is worth the effort.

  7. Welcome back, Bill! I didn’t suppose sending a file baked in a cake was the way out for you. Praying for you!

  8. Hey Bill, perhaps we could organise a halfway house and some counselling to help you integrate back into society :). Just kidding. Typical of Facebook, plus YouTube do this as well. Paul Wiliams

  9. It puzzles me why people keep on using Facebook, we all know now what they do and how anti-truth they are. People should vote with their feet; drain Facebook of their accounts and leave the thing as an echo-chamber for the lefties. The clever techy folk are providing alternatives, so let’s use them wherever possible. Eg many are moving from Twitter to Gab (although that too has experienced problems, but they’re still running). And as Keith says, RSS is a great way to receive news….it’s under-rated.

  10. Did they say what you were meant to have said (posted) as the admin. of that other group? What shall we avoid typing in particular? Is only the evil left allowed?

  11. Good to have you back. FB is run by satan. He thinks that he is winning but I have read the end of the Good Book and God and the true Christens win the war.

  12. Bill/all,
    While LinkedIn isn’t strictly ‘social media’ (more business/professional networking), at least they are more relaxed than FB.
    I have the following in the intro to my LinkedIn profile:

    From my experience, the saying “it’s not just what you know, but who you know” is very much true. However, as a ‘conservative Protestant Christian’, I suggest that there is only one person who you really need to know, and that is Jesus Christ Himself. If not, the day will come when you will have a long time to regret not having the most important of all networking connections.

    and also posted the following article at the end of September last year:

    I’ve voted ‘No’ in the same-sex marriage plebiscite; not only because I’m a Christian (if you vote ‘Yes’ then you cannot be a Christian), but also as I am aware of the dire consequences of a successful ‘Yes’ vote (ie. the end of democracy in Australia). Watching the way those who support ‘Yes’ try and silence those who support ‘No’ suggests a behaviour heading down the path towards that of the Nazis or Communists silencing those who disagreed with them. Just look at: https://www.mercatornet.com/conjugality/view/documenting-the-tide-of-bigotry-and-hatred/ for example.

    Needless to say, this article it got no complaints, and even a ‘like’.

    Perhaps there is an opportunity for using LinkedIn to promote Christianity if carefully worded?
    Interestingly enough, the second-biggest category of my LinkedIn contacts (after those in my professional area) are other Christians – even more than my main hobby.


  13. I stopped going onto FB about 4-5 months ago. Didn’t bother to send them a note to delete anything because I don’t believe they really delete anything. I rather liked FB with the ease of groups, pics, and the like. Tried other ones (seen at least 6) that have come out since the shadow banning started year before but it’s inconvenient everyone uses different ones so you can’t catch everyone all in one place. However, I having continued an RSS feed line (The Old Reader) from some years back I’ve been able to keep tabs on groups (blogs or webpages) who are shadow banned continually on FB. Plus, it’s easier than going through each piece of mail (besides it keeps my Inbox at a minimum).

  14. Bill

    Have you got any thoughts on SMs recent attempts to force schools not to expel gay kids? Most schools seem happy with the laws. I see them as yet another attack from the gay lobby and their useful idiots in the LNP on Christianity.

    Appreciate your thoughts

  15. Bill,
    I am sorry you had to experience Facebook-jail for something you didn’t do. There are people in our society who now believe, “you’re guilty,” and they’ll completely ignore your claim of innocent because you’re a white male with power. Unfortunately, our society is now ignoring objective truth by believing in subjective information and this leads to identity theft, as well as the ability to destroy a person’s reputation.

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