Judgment-Free Christianity: An Express Train To Hell

When the diabolical values and beliefs of the world so penetrate and take over the values and beliefs of the church, you know that it is the church that loses, not the world. And we see this happening throughout the West right now. Instead of Christians thinking and acting like Christians, most prefer to think and act like pagans. And it shows – big time.

Consider all the values and beliefs dreamed up in the pits of hell: tolerance, diversity, acceptance and inclusiveness. Now properly understood, these can all be good things. But the way they are used are bad – real bad. They simply become a cloak for evil. They become an excuse for ungodliness and unrighteousness.

The biggest of the devil’s mantras has to do with judging. ‘You can’t judge me. It is wrong to judge. You don’t have a right to judge me. Christians should never judge. No one is allowed to judge me….’ There are few more oft-heard and damnable clichés being thrown around today than this one – and Christians are fully involved in pushing these lies.

And all that is a complete and utter distortion and perversion of what the Word of God teaches about judgment. Of course we are to judge. We are repeatedly commanded in Scripture to judge. So when you hear someone going on about how wrong it is to judge, you know whose voice they are listening to.

But see much more on this here: http://www.billmuehlenberg.com/2008/10/08/thou-shalt-judge/

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Today two articles appeared in the social media which tie all this together so very nicely. The first offers a perfect example of the brainless, carnal and compromised moonbattery too many believers have bought into about judging. It has to do with a young woman who claims to be a Christian yet who is totally unapologetic about her fornication.

She sees nothing wrong with it, she is convinced that Jesus loves her just as she is, and she says over and over again that no one can judge her. It is one of the more stomach-turning pieces I have read for quite a while. It concerns some sleazy reality TV show, “The Bachelorette,” and one guy, Luke P, and one gal, Hannah B, who both claim to be Christians.

You can read the entire nauseating piece for yourself, but let me offer a few snippets from it:

In a new promotional video which features clips of what will happen for the rest of season 15 of “The Bachelorette,” Luke P is shown telling Hannah B, who he professed his love for, what he believes about sex. “Let’s talk about sex and how the marriage bed should be kept pure,” the 24-year-old who traded his player ways to follow Christ told Hannah B.

“Let’s say you have had sex with one or multiple of these guys, I would be wanting to go home,” Luke P admitted. Hannah B, also a professing Christian, immediately took offense to Luke P’s comments and confessed that she has had “physical relations” with some of the other contestants but “Jesus stills loves her.”

Luke P has been pegged the season “villain” by the other contestants and mainstream media. Although he spoke of his personal convictions and hopes for his future bride, the Gainesville, Florida native’s comments are being taken as an attack towards Hannah B who pegged the conversation the “most explosive of the season.”

“Regardless of anything that I’ve done, I can do whatever, I sin daily and Jesus still loves me. It’s all washed and if the Lord doesn’t judge me and it’s all forgiven, then no other man, woman … anything can judge me,” Hannah B told Entertainment Weekly after the promo aired. “Nobody’s gonna judge me, I won’t stand for it,” she continued….

According to the promotional clip, however, Hannah B seemly sends Luke P home after their “sex” chat and even flips him off as he is leaving. “My faith that is a big, huge part of me and a lot of times people get Christianity and religion messed up,” Hannah B told ET. “Your faith should be something personal and a relationship and it’s not to judge others.”

Oh dear. This is one of the most cringeworthy things a Christian will read in quite a while. Here we have some completely carnal and clueless gal boasting about how she has some great faith, all the while justifying her own sin – and using the idiotic ‘you can’t judge me’ baloney to cover her sin and promote her immorality.

Earth calling Hannah B: by the authority of the Word of God it is pretty clear that you are NOT a Christian. Your only option here is to repent, turn from your blatant sin, and come to Christ on his terms, not on your own. Until you do, you have no right to call yourself a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.

All we can do is pray for her. There is no need to single her out – there would be countless other men and women who think they are Christians but are living in demonic deception as they sin freely and even boast about it. These folks need prayer. Right now they are simply doing the bidding of their Master: Satan.

The other article is quite timely in light of all this. A new piece by John Burton called “No-Judgment Zones: The Latest Way a Wicked Culture Has Duped the Church” is well worth discussing for a moment. He begins this way:

The church has been duped by a wicked and crafty culture. The world is boldly and unapologetically preaching its version of truth to the church, demanding compliance, and it has successfully caused change in theologies, church mission statements and a large segment of the body of Christ. In fact, the spirit of the age is working hard at redefining love in the minds of many Christians. Anything short of tolerance and everything smelling of judgment are branded as pure and utter hatred. Again, Christians by the millions are falling for the deception and the fiery unction of the Holy Spirit has been shut down in their lives.

I’ll make the point of this article clear: God still judges today and we desperately need his loving judgment. We also need preachers, prophets and Christians everywhere to rise up with fire in their veins and a steel rod in their backs and confront sin, renounce wickedness and expose the darkness in the land.

He continues:

Let me make something clear right up front—judgment isn’t the result of an evil God doing evil things. Judgment is a vehicle used by a loving God to positively impact those who will respond (though the impact will certainly be negative for the rebellious). Judgment is an act of deep love. It has to be, as God is love just as He is the Judge. He doesn’t lay down love when He moves in judgment and He doesn’t forsake justice when He pours out His love. We as end-time Christians should be ardent supporters of God’s judgment, of His act of love.

Many who have a distorted view of biblical grace have adopted an unbiblical “God is always in a good mood” mindset, diminishing Him to a passive, disconnected and nonchalant personal buddy instead of a good yet fearful Master. They have created a mythical image of a god that is more appealing and less severe than the Lord truly is. The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth through unrighteousness (Rom. 1:18).

And he concludes with these words:

We need preachers to reveal clearly what the Word of God judges as holy and unholy, as truth and error. Those who practice sin are in serious trouble as the judgment of God hangs over them. Without a preacher, how will they hear, and respond, and repent?

“But we know that the judgment of God is according to truth against those who commit such things. Do you think, O man, who judges those who do such things, and who does the same thing, that you will escape the judgment of God? Do you despise the riches of His goodness, tolerance, and patience, not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance?” (Rom. 2:2-4).

Yes he is quite right. But sadly people like Hannah B and others like her are simply deceiving themselves and sending themselves to hell. And millions of others who are watching these trash TV shows and allowing themselves to also be deceived by the ‘no-judging’ lie of Satan are also being led straight into hell.

The enemy has a vice-like grip on Western culture, and shows like this are just part of it. But because the church has allowed the world to set the agenda, set the terms, and set the values, it is complicit in the damnation of countless souls.

If ever the church needs to repent, it is right now.

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6 Replies to “Judgment-Free Christianity: An Express Train To Hell”

  1. Regarding the enemy having a vice-like grip on Western culture, I’ve noted with interest that the past few Folau articles I’ve seen by the MSM have been attack pieces which do not permit comments lest folk not adhere to the narrative.

  2. Bill
    I intend to send the following self-explanatory email to the local radio station. Apprececite any thoughts / improvements.
    Kind regards


    Dear Tim

    On Friday you read out a long email supporting the Rugby Australia position against Israel Folau.

    Can I offer another perspective?

    Citizens in a civil society should have freedom of thought, belief and religion.

    In a civil society, if you disagree with a position, the appropriate response is to ignore or to debate that position.

    However in our easily-offended society, responses to a belief now include physical actions such as litigation, legislation, sanctions and banning. Even a demand to bake a gay wedding cake is a further example of this new orthodoxy.

    As an aside, the frequent claim that, ‘homophobia’ is the primary reason for the high level of gay-suicide, is debatable. Refer

    Your emailer also raised ‘Islam’.

    Again in a civil society, Muslims should be free to believe whatever they believe.

    Again, in a civil society, if you disagree with a position, the appropriate response is to ignore or to debate that position.

    However, if an Islamic belief system generates harmful physical action – think violence, terrorism, FGM, society-sharia or society-halal this is wrong. Again, there is no excuse for violence towards Muslims.

    Jordan Peterson says, “I regard free speech as a prerequisite to a civilized society, because freedom of speech means that you can have combat with words”.

    Tim – In this litigious world, those who broadcast their opinions, will become even more vulnerable.

    Kind regards

    John Miller

  3. There is a gym here is the states called planet fitness they proudly announce on there ads they are a judgment free zone and make it sound like people won’t be judging you on your weight or ability but it also means that if you are a biological man and say you are a woman you can go into the woman locker room and lounge around nude even when biological girls combine and no-one can do anything and if parents are offended they can lose there membership and have to go else where. I guess they figure they girl will see a man genitals at some point in her life she might as well start young. better than having to make this man face reality. I wonder what will happen when a child molester ends up molesting someones daughter?? will she be shamed for not accepting the gender of the molester???

  4. Thanks Bill for expounding biblical truths so clearly and openly. It’s refreshing. It seems that we’re hearing less and less of this level of teaching from the pulpit because it’s deemed to be ‘too divisive’, so thank you.
    Yes the point of being a Christian is to be saved FROM SIN, the bible makes this quite clear (Matt 5:20, Matt 5:48, Matt 22:1-14, John 1:29, John 15:1, 1 Cor 6:9-11, Gal 5:19-21Heb 10:26-31, Heb 12:14, Rev 21:7-8 to name a few). Unfortunately many people think that being ‘saved’ is just getting a ticket to heaven. Re-read the parable of the wedding banquet in Matt 22. We’re being saved from sin, by grace through faith for righteousness, and heaven is a bonus given to those who’ve lived a righteous life.
    The false gospel of cheap grace that Hannah B is promoting needs to be recognised and called out. Bless you for doing this Bill.

  5. Sounds like there is scope to cover the relationship between judgement and conviction:? The Holy Spirit convicts (John 16v8-11) including the righteousness of (Godly) judgement; however our conscience/heart condemns us (1 John 3:19-21 etc).
    So something along the lines of: We, as Christians, call out judgement according to the standard of God’s Word, which bears witness to truth, the hearer’s conscience condemns them – they have no hope, until they are consequently convicted by the Holy Spirit, and repent.
    But the hearer takes the short-cut: “If you didn’t call out judgement, I wouldn’t feel condemned…”
    A powerful gospel message delivery is one that can explain this clearly to the (self-) condemned!

  6. I also meant to say the above process applies to Christians, as is; but for the unsaved, includes, along with conviction, being led to relationship with Jesus Christ as the one who is truly worthy to forgive our sin.

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