Fake Churches Arrogantly Defying the Living God

When it comes to God’s intentions for human sexuality, the biblical material is pretty clear. Yet that has not stopped plenty of apostate religious leaders and fake churches from pushing the world’s anti-God agendas. Sadly, so many of them have fully jumped on board the radical homosexual and transgender agendas.

The examples of this are never-ending. Of course here in Australia we have hyper-apostates like Father Rod, pushing every nutty secular left agenda item around, including the devil’s full-scale attack on human sexuality as God intended it. I have penned many articles on this false shepherd, eg: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2015/03/09/sham-christians-deceived-disciples-and-false-shepherds/

Unfortunately there are many others just like him. And just as they committed themselves 100 per cent to promoting and celebrating the militant homosexual lifestyle, now they are doing just the same with the diabolical and destructive trans agenda.

Reading about each new example of this continues to shock and sicken. All true biblical Christians are grieved and alarmed at this evil being pushed by church leaders, and even taking over entire religious bodies. Here are three more recent examples of this.

My first case comes from the US state of Maine. The headline says it all: “Newly Consecrated Gay Bishop Declares God Is A Woman”. But let me run with a bit more from the article:

Rev. Thomas Brown, who is married to a fellow priest, was ordained as a bishop of the diocese of Maine in the Episcopal Church June 22. Immediately following his ordination, Brown referred to God as a “she” twice in the Nicene Creed. “She is worshipped and glorified. She has spoken through the Prophets,” the just-ordained Bishop Brown said, referring to the Holy Spirit.

The Nicene Creed was written 1,638 years ago and only uses masculine pronouns to refer to God. The microphones in the Cathedral of St. Luke projected the voice of the celebrant, Bishop Curry, for the duration of the creed, barring the line where Bishop Brown used female pronouns for God. It is unclear if the microphones were intentionally switched to project Bishop Brown’s female-gendering of God.

The simple fact that we have a homosexual church leader tells us everything that we need to know. So to launch a full-scale attack on God himself should not be surprising. As to calling God a she, does not this apostate know that a basic principle of leftism is never to assume someone’s gender, but to run with how they self-identify?

The truth is, God throughout Scripture overwhelmingly reveals himself in male terminology, male imagery and the like. But see more on this here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2015/10/29/god-and-gender/

My second example is equally horrific – all the more so since young, vulnerable children are deliberately being targeted by these wolves in sheep’s clothing. Consider this shocker of a story:

As “drag queen” story hours continue to sweep the nation at our local libraries, many parents are worried there are no safe places left for their children to be this summer. So when a local church decided to sponsor a summer reading hour, one would think that would be a safe place to go, right?

Typically yes, except this church has completely twisted God’s word into something it’s not, and decided to host their own “drag queen” story hour – and you won’t believe their reasoning. After a local library canceled the “drag queen” story time event, one local liberal church who embraces the LGBT ideology decided to sponsor a room at the local library to preserve the event.

One would expect a pro-LGBT group to pick up the event, not a church that is supposed to honor the word of God.
Except this church is not a typical church and subscribes to a perverse LGBT ideology and is leading countless people astray. The liberal church created a Facebook post inviting parents to the “drag queen” event with the words “Please join us. A drag queen will read children books about how wonderful it is to be unique and special.”

Literally, a church claiming to worship God is telling parents to bring their young children to an event where grown men will dress up in women’s clothing to read to children. This is the epitome of calling what is “evil” something good. Upon looking at their church website, their latest stunt should come as no surprise.

The “church” in question is in Texas, and yes, you can see for yourself what they believe in: http://www.opencathedral.org/about

Um, Jesus was always very clear in what he had to say, and that is certainly the case when he spoke about those who caused little ones to stumble. He actually said that it would be better for them if they were put to death! See Luke 17:1-3 for details.

My final example is just as sickening. The headline is so very troubling: “Trans people invited to mark sex change in Church of England”. The story opens:

The Church of England has issued new advice about how to help transgender people mark their transition.
The guidance recommends the Affirmation of Baptism service is adapted to allow transgender Christians to celebrate their new sexual identity. The service would see them addressed by their chosen name, not birth name.

It follows pressure at the general synod last year to go further in welcoming the transgender community. In the past, the Church has been criticised for not doing enough to guard against transphobia, and for failing to eliminate the bullying of transgender pupils in faith schools.

Um, don’t these guys read their Bibles anymore? Scripture is very clear about these matters, and it does NOT affirm people trying to switch their biological birth sex like they do the colour of the socks they put on each morning. Church leaders of all people should know that the homosexual and trans agendas are a direct rebellion against, and defiance of, God’s intentions for mankind regarding human sexuality.

Simply looking at some passages from the book of Genesis should make all this perfectly clear. Consider just two of them:

Genesis 1:27 And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Genesis 5:1-2 When God created mankind, he made them in the likeness of God. He created them male and female and blessed them. And he named them “Mankind” when they were created.

And those false shepherds who are pushing all this are also fully at odds with the clear teachings of Jesus on this:

Matthew 19:4-6 “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Mark 10:6-9 “But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’ ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Those people in a Christian church – or anywhere else – who are struggling with these matters do NOT need affirmation and promotion. They need help and counsel. Their problems are not physical or biological, but mental and psychological – and spiritual.

Thus they need help to affirm who they really are as made by God, instead of being led down the garden path of lies about basic human sexuality. Churches that contribute to this radical agenda are not helping people but harming them, and driving them further away from their Creator. They will one day face their Judge for doing this.

But these three cases are simply representative of many others. So much of the church has simply given up on God and his Word, and has proudly and willingly bought into the agenda of the world. They have apostasised in other words, becoming Synagogues of Satan instead of churches of the living God.

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  1. They don’t believe Genesis is history nor that it means what it says.
    This is (one of) the fruit of long-age evolutionary teaching.

  2. These people going against God and the very fabric of human conscience and nature.

    One do not have to be religious or believe in God to find it repulsive, even from the slightest of thought of a man kissing another man.

    It is the common human conscience found in every tribe and every nation.

  3. Thanks for telling it as it is Bill. There is too much concern for these “churches” to stay in and not to break up the (imagined) unity of the denomination and not enough bold straight-out declaration “Thus says the Lord.” These people read the Scriptures in their “services” and say “This is the word of the Lord”, or “Hear the word of the Lord.” Hypocrisy. Father Rod is no father in the church of God any more than the Scribes and Pharisees were children of God. Jesus said to them “You are of your father the devil.” What would He say to these who pollute the waters for the thirsty flock of God. I am an Anglican and before the Plebiscite I did a brief search on the denomination and homosexuality. I found then that from 2006 to 2016 at least nine Australian dioceses were in favour of homosexual priests and bishops. All of them have gone much further down and are not far behind Bishop Brown down, and down they go. But the good news in global Anglicanism is the rise and rise of GAFCON which stands for the truth of Gods’ Word on all this. It appears that the open separation point is very near – for all believers who are willing to come out and be separate from this apostasy great days are ahead because God Himself has said to these “I will be Father to you.” 2 Corinthians 6:14 – 7:1. Nowadays Jude 1:23 may well be applicable to someone any believer knows in the denomination where he or she worships the Living God. These are decisive days. Woe to those who are blind guides.

  4. The natural law says that a man is to be married to a woman, the man as head of the family, this is not a Western thing or an Asian thing, or an African thing, it been this way since the beginning of time.

    If one ask why it is so? Who bright idea was it? Then he’ll see God at the end of his investigation.

  5. I have written to Rome asking that the church purge itself of all LGBTIQA_+ within as unless it does it will never – never end its difficulties with the lunatics within nor fully be seen or be a ministry of God or our Christ.
    John Abbott

  6. Obviously Jehovah, Himself, called homosexuality an abomination twice (Lev 18:22, Lev 20:13) but we have to look to the words of the prophet Moses, from his interpretation of what God told Him, for what the Bible tells us about crossdressing:-

    Deu 22:5 There shall not be the thing of a man on a woman, neither shall a man put a woman’s garment on. For all that do so are abominable to Jehovah your God.

    Note that Moses says “all” and just like how God told us that entire nations outside of Israel were defiled by promoting things such as homosexuality, it should be obvious that this is not simply a law for Israel.

    Just like all the morality laws, which the Apostles brought through to the New Testament, these sorts of actions are very clearly in opposition to God’s design and are disrespectful to all that God has done and clearly work against people’s true well-being and the very fundamentals of truth.

    We are not talking about a law that was designed specifically to make Israel separate among the nations or the specific burden that was put on Israel to not eat certain foods, when God had originally made all food available to us (Gen 1:29-30). This is very fundamental sexual morality that was there from the beginning and which has come through to the New Testament, and what Jesus taught us, and is related to God’s obvious design and intent.

    The term “hypocrisy” comes from the idea of putting on an act. What could be more of an act than a man who thinks he should have been a woman and who dresses as a woman being a Church of England priestess.

  7. As someone that is an Anglican, l am ashamed to be associated with the whitewashed tomb that is the Church of England. In Australia ‘Fr’ Rod is no more a Christian than Aleister Crowley, holy men like Riley, Cranmer and faithful men like the Ugandan and New Guinea martyrs died for their faith, a true biblical and evangelical faith, whilst poseurs like Rod Bowers and the current Anglican/Episcopal leadership misuse the legitimacy of a church that has earned that legitimacy through the sacrifice and faith of thousands of men and women , merely to bask in the glow of the love of heretics!

    Apologies if this is not as coherent as it should be, I just get so angry. Thank God, as an Anglican , for GAFCON and the Free Church of England!

    God bless and keep you Bill. Peter+

  8. Bill, these are truly horrific examples but they may not be as dangerous to the faith as the church which makes small allowances for the gay culture and, while maintaining a biblical “official” position, turn a blind eye to the incremental changes that inevitably follow.
    Most of us are shocked by overt anti-christian displays but we may not be dismayed at the acceptance of “gay but celibate” or “unintended same-sex-attraction” but we may be assured that a move in a direction often determines the destination.

  9. Thank you for your good article Bill. It is absolutely amazing to watch the LGBT seemingly take over the Church here in the last days. Keep up the good work. God bless.

  10. I grew up in the Anglican system and still have friends who are decent people there. My real concern is that I did not find my salvation in that church, just all the stories and tradition. Many of these friends are being brainwashed by this ever increasingly corrupt apostate religion. They are now repeating the same lbgt mantra of love is love and they are all lovely people. These anglicans are at risk of never coming to the fullness of salvation. Instead of defending a remnant of churches the ones that want to follow Jesus, should get out. ” come out of her my people so that I will be a Father to you”. An Anglican bishop who was also a client of mine ,told me that the bible was just a book of prose, and should never be taken literally. This is the problem with the Anglican and many religions today. They do not believe that it is the Word of God. So to all those who want to follow Jesus, look for a church where the truth of the bible is upheld and people are being saved, filled with the Holy Spirit and practicing the spiritual gifts

  11. Bill,
    I have just read a week of your comments, started at the wrong end so ended up here, but I have agreed with you on all points. I know you do not like me or at least the Church to which I belong, but at least we agree on so much that matters. The more I ‘see’ of your ‘feelings’ about our Saviour the more I feel to love you and your ministry. I hope that ‘love’ will not be misconstrued by any of your critics, there are so many wrong ideas about the meaning of the word.
    As Christians by definition we must follow Christ, accept His word and that of His true servants, ‘true’ meaning testators, those who were with him at his advent, and those who truly know him by revelation, through the gift of the Holy Ghost, that true testator of Christ, that gift He gave on that day of pentecost, and by His authority to all who accept Him as their Saviour and Redeemer.
    Being concerned for my greatgrandchildren, as I was for my children and grandchildren when they were in their youth and in need of my protection, I am much concerned that our freedoms of belief and expression of our faith, should be protected. That we be allowed to teach them within our faith and protect them from that which we see as damaging anti-christian ‘dogma’, and those things that may harm their family relationships and their own souls.
    By the prophetic words which Christ himself supported and by His own words revealed that God is our Heavenly Father, He loves us His children, He gave His only begotten Son to be our Redeemer, to wash away our sins in His blood, to give us new life through His body. These things I want my children’s children’s children to know, I want us to be free to teach them these things and if they run counter to the beliefs of others in the community then so be it, they are free to live as they wish, let me be free to live as I wish.

  12. Thanks Harry. No I do not dislike you, or your church. I do of course like biblical truth, and always seek to stand for it. Thus I may well dislike it when the basics of the Christian faith are being distorted or undermined. But that is not the topic at hand here! So yes, we would have many concerns about the culture wars and the like that we hold to in common. Thanks again for your thoughts.

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