On Kamala Harris

Do not rely on the MSM to learn what Harris is really all about:

As you all should know by now, Joe Biden has picked California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. But there is plenty of stuff you would NOT know if you simply relied on the leftist mainstream media. If you go by what they have been saying, you would be led to believe that she is a moderate, that she is the first Black American woman to run as VP and so on.

Of course she is none of those things. While the 55-year-old has flip-flopped a lot over the years, she is now proud to be a hard left Democrat. She favours open borders; she is anti-police; wants to do away with private health insurance; she wants Medicare for all; she supports the Green New Deal; she wants free college tuition; and of course she is fiercely pro-abortion, to name but a few of her radical beliefs.

More on that in a moment. And it is odd to hear her being called an African American or a Black American when she is not quite either. Her mom is from India and her dad is from Jamaica. But hey, anything to help the cause of grievance politics and identity politics. Indeed, she is not descended from slaves, but from slave owners:

Given that leftists like her insist that people today are somehow guilty for the ‘sins’ of their great, great, great grandparents, and must make reparations, will she offer to do that on behalf of her forebears? Or will that also be something the MSM refuses to mention?

So why was she picked, when she did so poorly during the primaries, dropping out early? The truth is, the 77yo Biden is well past his use by date, and should be in a retirement home. We all know his mental abilities are getting worse by the day, and there is no way he can go the distance.

The Democrats know it is not Biden who will be sitting for long in the White House if they win in November, but Harris. And her hyper-radicalism is just what the modern Democratic Party wants. Recall that she is the one who said that ICE agents (those who seek to defend the border and keep the nation safe from illegals) are “domestic terrorists” and like the KKK.

As to the standard hard left agenda items, John Paulton of the Family Policy Alliance says this about her radicalism:

Harris first gained notoriety on LGBT issues when, as Attorney General of California, she refused to defend Prop 8, the constitutional amendment protecting marriage that was passed by the voters of California. Later, as AG, she personally performed same-sex weddings. As a presidential candidate, she zealously advocated for the entire LGBT playbook, plus some of her own additions. These included:

-Forcing school students to share bathrooms and locker rooms with the opposite gender
-Overturning President Trump’s ban on transgenders in the military – thus prioritizing social engineering over military readiness
-Establishing a White House LGBT czar – the “Chief Advocate for LGBTQ+ Affairs” – who would work with agencies throughout the federal government to advance the LGBT agenda
-Forcing taxpayers to subsidize so-called “sex-change” surgeries through guaranteed coverage in her Medicare for All plan

And Paulton makes it clear where she stands on the matter of religious freedom – she wants to greatly limit It:

Sen. Harris seems to only have one approach with regard to religious freedom – limiting it. In fact, she introduced a bill to do exactly that. Her so-called “Do No Harm Act” would forbid First Amendment religious freedom protections if the religious views were deemed to be discriminatory against people who identify as LGBT. In other words, in Kamala Harris’ world, the LGBT worldview trumps religious freedom every time.

As a senator, Harris also stirred up controversy when she attacked a Catholic whom President Trump had nominated for a federal judgeship. She called him an “extremist” simply because he is a member of the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal organization. https://familypolicyalliance.com/issues/2020/08/12/how-extreme-the-facts-about-kamala-harris/

More can be said on her radical anti-family agenda. Just one more: “Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris co-sponsored a bill that would force public schools to allow biologically male athletes who identify as transgender on girls’ sports teams.” https://dailycaller.com/2020/08/11/kamala-harris-transgender-athletes-girls-sports/

Harris of course is all about power and control – as Democrats tend to be. Another thing the MSM will not bring up is how she had an affair with a married man early on to help advance her own political career:

Kamala Harris may talk a big game about protecting the rights of women everywhere; she may claim that she wants women to be judged not by their looks but by their character, yet her own personal actions undermine this message. Would Kamala Harris be a powerful senator running for the presidency of the United States if not for the fact that she had an affair with the well-connected, powerful, much older and married Willie Brown?

How is the women’s rights movement best represented by a woman, like Kamala Harris, who used her sex to advance her career? Harris, to say the least, is a hypocrite. What’s more, her actions run contrary to her words about women being equal. If Harris really believed her own rhetoric, then why didn’t she rely solely on her skills and education to climb up the career ladder? Why debase the call for equality by achieving advancement between the sheets of a powerful man’s bed? https://www.sebgorka.com/kamala-harris-and-the-extramarital-affair-which-made-her-career-possible/

But only Trump’s past life in this regard is fair game for the media. See more on her rather seedy past here: https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2020/01/30/peter-schweizer-kamala-harris-gained-job-promotions-bmw-7-series-willie-brown-affair/

When she was top prosecutor in San Francisco for seven years, she did poorly on things like dealing with child sex abuse cases, and she of course ordered a raid on the home of whistle-blower David Daleiden who was uncovering Planned Parenthood and its selling of baby body parts.

Indeed the issue of abortion is crucial here. Of course this will be the most pro-death team yet on offer by the Democrats. We know that the Democrats only want those who think that killing babies is a fundamental human right – even a holy sacrament. And Harris has made quite clear her own pro-death views – and actions. As Operation Rescue says about her:

“Kamala Harris has been bought and paid for by Planned Parenthood, which wields incredible political power on the left. Whatever Planned Parenthood says, goes in the Democrat Party. Harris was Planned Parenthood’s pick,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Video evidence of Planned Parenthood’s criminal conduct, which included profiting from the trafficking of aborted baby remains, many of which were obtained through the use of the illegal Partial-Birth Abortion procedure, were submitted to Harris during her tenure as California Attorney General.

But Harris had close ties to Planned Parenthood organizations in California, as evidenced in a tranche of documents obtained by Operation Rescue while Harris served as California Attorney General. Instead of investigating evidence that Planned Parenthood committed crimes, she turned her investigation onto CMP journalists in order to protect her large campaign contributor. In total, over $81,000 has flowed into Harris’ Attorney General Campaign coffers from the five California Planned Parenthood affiliates and others that were most implicated in wrongdoing.

At the behest of Planned Parenthood, Harris engaged in a conflict of interest by ordering a raid the home of David Daleiden, lead investigator for the Center for Medical Progress, for which Newman served as a board member. During the search, all original work products obtained during the CMP undercover investigation were improperly seized. Harris literally owes Planned Parenthood in large part for her launching and supporting her political career. https://www.operationrescue.org/archives/kamala-harris-bidens-vp-pick-bought-and-paid-for-by-planned-parenthood/

One could say so much more, including about her anti-police stance. Recall how Harris tweeted in June that people should contribute to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to help post bail for those arrested during the rioting and looting there! Defund the police while funding criminals? And she is a moderate? I would hate to see what a radical looks like.

Biden and Harris have both fully succumbed to the far-left agenda of their Party. They are the dream team of the hyper left progressives who want to fundamentally remake America into their own sordid image. The contrast between them and the Trump/Pence team could not be greater.

And given the likelihood of a very short shelf life of Biden should they win, we know this is really all about a Harris presidency. Heaven help America if that happens.

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14 Replies to “On Kamala Harris”

  1. Very thorough article Bill. It just begs the question: “How has the USA fallen so far?” Yet the answer is in the second target you are attacking in this article: the mainstream media (MSM), which has severely let down the western world. My daily prayer is that the whole truth is revealed to all people – then without excuse, they can decide what they want to have: The Way of Life or the way of death.

  2. Bill – no doubt you have seen by now Babylon Bee’s marvellous takes on this: ‘Party Of The Poor And Oppressed Nominates Old, Rich, White Man And Cop’ and ‘Biden: ‘I’ve Selected Kamala Harris To Be Our Next President’. I would slightly change Bjorn’s question (until the November election) to ‘has the USA fallen so far?’

  3. I agree with everything you say Bill. Thank you. I believe Trump will have a 2nd term as per some prophesies made recently. I pray these antagonists will be confronted by visions and dreams to meet the Lord Jesus Christ. Maranatha, come Lord Jesus – soon OK Lord?

  4. It certainly says a lot about President Trump that he chose Mike Pence to be his deputy.

    As we pray for the vitally important forthcoming U.S. election – to be held in less than 12 weeks now – Bill, would you consider doing an article to inspire us all about Vice President Pence?

  5. Thanks for the info as I agree, MSM doesn’t tell the truth about Kamala Harris. Loved your comment about Joe Biden. Kamala Harris sounds a bit like the harlot of Babylon in Revelation 7. I just pray and hope the people of America don’t follow her.

  6. The democratic left is definitely encouraged by her nomination as in other news the left is testing the waters in anticipation of a 50-day siege of the White House leading up to the election. If only the Biden/Harris team would accept an invitation to make the opening remarks on Day 1 of the siege as only then will the liberals perhaps see the light to abandon the dark leftist ideology.

  7. Sorry, meant Revelation 17. Thaddeus’ link says “Parenthood to Lose $60 Million Under Trump Pro-Life Rule” – No wonder the Democrats want a person like Kamala Harris in power to stop this pro-life rule.

  8. Thanks Bill but I’m sorry to say that the linked article about her enmeshed involvement in Planned ( NON ) Parenthood does not go far enough. The selling of parts of aborted babies is a global business industrial concern supplying Universities and Medical Schools world wide . There is even a list of fees for each part. It is printed out at the back pages in Ian Whishart investigative book EVES BITE . He is a New Zealand journalist . He quotes Tammy Bruce who is often on Tucker Carlson as she was previously an abortion promoting radical feminist in her past but not NOW.

    My husband tells me to keep positive about Trumps re election in November but I fear the horror of the camels nose under the tent of the USA ! President Kamala. The three major attacks on Trump : 1. The Russian Collusion hoax. 2. The Impeachment prosecution followed by the Ukrainian blackmail hoax and 3. The Scamdemic False Pandemic COV IDIOCY which has been madly fully successful . Third time lucky ? Three Hoaxes in a 3 years ? Brilliant ? Death Disaster and Destruction.?

    Dr Thomas Woods has suggested a Grandmothers Against Lockdowns . My 5 grandchildren in Melbourne have been suffering through these draconian lockdowns as I am imprisoned in Cairns or more accurately in Queensland. I copied your neighbour Bill and put a teddy on my letterbox with a sign ” Can I Come Out Now ? ” sent the photo to the Cairns Post but nothing. They don’t care and endlessly promote the propaganda of the Covid 19 Left ! The 3 Pronged attack is generated by 1. Politicians hysterical over reaction 2. Media doom and gloomers 3. Medical alarmists or so called experts lying about the danger of a coronavirus death rate prediction from models . ( parallel to the Climate Catastrophe models )

    So now we have severely eroded human rights, lack of common freedoms, non functioning democracy and the abolishment of Christianity ?

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