You WILL Be Silenced!

The militants seeking to destroy Lyle Shelton are coming after all of us:

One hates to do it, and one hates to sound like a broken record, but really, I told you so! Indeed, a number of us tried to tell you. Many of us warned and sounded the alarm and pleaded and did all we could to wake folks up before it was too late.

I refer of course to the unrelenting homosexual juggernaut which seeks to crush everything in its path. I and others warned that granting special rights to homosexuals, including recklessly redefining marriage, would be the slippery slope to a tyrannical future in which freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of conscience would all be under threat.

It would open a Pandora’s Box that would likely never be shut. I certainly made these warnings dozens, if not hundreds of times over the past few decades. I said everything would change if we went down that path. Nothing would stay the same, and conservatives and Christians would especially be in the crosshairs.

Of course everything that I have warned about has been happening – and then some. I have documented countless cases of those who refused to bow the knee at the altar of the sexual militants paying a heavy price, with legal actions of all sorts taking place.

How many people have now lost their jobs, been heavily fined, or even thrown into prison for daring to stand true to their convictions and not cower before the radicals? Sadly, far too many of these folks I happen to know personally. This is not make-believe – this is very real indeed.

Consider just one more shocking example of this. In today’s press (eg. The Herald Sun, Courier Mail, etc) there is a story of how two drag queens are each suing former ACL head Lyle Shelton for $20,000 and demanding a public apology. His crime? Daring to suggest that their ‘performance’ in a Queensland public library was not appropriate for little children.

Of course this story is not new. Those in the know have been following this for some time now. Consider this piece from August from a homosexual site. It begins:

Two drag performers have taken an Australian Conservatives political activist to the Queensland Human Rights Commission under the Anti-Discrimination Act over a blog he wrote about why “drag queens are not for kids.” Lyle Shelton, formerly head of the Australian Christian Lobby, appeared before the Queensland Human Rights Commission (QHRC)  on Thursday for the compulsory conciliation proceedings.

According to the QHRC, “conciliation is a private and informal opportunity for all parties to discuss what occurred, listen to each other’s views and come to an agreement about how the complaint can be resolved.” The proceedings look for a way to resolve the issue through conciliation in the hopes of avoiding time and money spent pursuing the case before a tribunal.

The ways one could resolve a complaint, the QHRC said, are to apologise, change the organisation’s policies, organise training in the workplace or pay compensation for the hurt feelings. In this case, the Thursday hearing did not lead to a conciliation.

“The complaint did not resolve and I now have an anxious wait to see if I am to be taken to the Queensland Civil And Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) for the matter to be heard before a judge,” Shelton posted on his website. Shelton calls himself a “long-time campaigner against gender queer ideology” and “leader of the campaign to preserve the definition of marriage during the 2017 same-sex marriage plebiscite.”

The complainants, Queeny and Diamond Good-rim, now have 28 days time to decide if they want to take their case of discrimination before the QCAT for a public hearing. In an email to his supporters, Shelton, who has tried to frame the issue as one dealing with “free speech”, claimed that the legal proceedings before the QCAT could cost him between $60,000-$100,000.

Lyle of course has been writing about this as well, including in a new piece just posted today. He says in part:

The freedom of every Australian in on trial. The Sunday Mail today revealed what the two drag queens suing me want. In short, $20,000 and an apology. However, the paper didn’t report everything, I get that space is limited. But critical to the story is their key legal demand: that I be gagged. Forever. (See Orders sought, 18 (c) on page 5.)

Their legal action, supported by the taxpayer-funded LGBT Legal Service, is a warning shot to every concerned parent in Australia. Don’t criticise Drag Queen Story Time. Or else. I will not be granting their demands. For to do so would surrender the freedom of speech of all Australians.

At stake is the freedom of parents to critique and debate the demands for influence on their children coming from an aggressive rainbow political movement. I have done nothing wrong. You and I should be allowed to think and speak about the issues that arise from placing LGBTIQA+ gender-fluid and adult entertainer role models in front of children in public libraries.

He closes his piece this way:

One more thing. Those of us who fought the LGBTIQA+ political movement’s crusade to de-gender marriage warned that the indoctrination of children would be next. The same-sex marriage Yes campaign, which now spends its time supporting legal action against Christian schools, flat out denied there would be any consequences for freedom of speech and for parent’s rights not to have their children taught radical LGBTIQA+ concepts.

Defending their promotion of Drag Queens Story Time, the Newcastle City Council said it was the result of same-sex marriage. Queensland’s former Education Minister Grace Grace said the same about why parents now had to accept their children being taught gender fluid indoctrination at school. Australians were lied to in the 2017 same-sex marriage debate. Freedom of speech and the well-being of children is now at stake. Big time.

I have been warning about how our children are being directly targeted by the activists – including via the drag queen story times – for years now. It really is frightening what is happening. See this earlier piece of mine for example:

And all this will get ten times worse if Dictator Dan’s new bill in Victoria goes through:

As I said, I know many people who are going through or have gone through the same attacks by the rainbow warriors. Some have had to endure this persecution and anti-Christian bigotry for years. Some have lost their jobs and are struggling to feed their families. Some have been slapped with massive fines. Some have had to mortgage their own homes just to cover all the legal costs.

This is pink fascism in action. And it will not stop any time soon. Indeed, it will simply get worse. The more wins the activists get, the more emboldened they are to go after others. This will NOT stop until all opposition, all resistance and all criticism is finally silenced.

Their endgame has always been about the total muzzling of any and all opponents to their agenda. They will never be content until every last individual, organisation and church is forever shut down or banned from speaking out. That is always what they have been aiming for.

Wakey, wakey folks. Full-blown persecution is now upon us. And it will keep on going, and get even worse. You might be next. All the more reason to keep working, to keep fighting, and to keep praying against this sexual behemoth which is targeting us all.

As to Lyle and his case, you know what to do: Pray for him. Tell others about his plight. Share the word far and wide. And be prepared to open your wallets and give him and his family some much-needed financial help to pay off the hefty legal bills and other costs, including – heaven forbid – the draconian fines he may have to dish up.

Please act now thanks.

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30 Replies to “You WILL Be Silenced!”

  1. Difficult times ahead:

    In 2020, Joe Biden said,
    “Let’s be clear: Transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time. There is no room for compromise when it comes to basic human rights”.
    In 2017,
    “America’s biggest abortion business was desperate and furious, so they turned to their biggest patron, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, for help . . .”

  2. Hopefully God will raise up and empower an army of Lyle Sheltons.

  3. Wow. This is a public disgrace and a massive loss of human freedom.
    We sure are in deep trouble if this gets up, Bill.
    Thanks for the many warnings.
    We pray for the many who will face litigation if this happens to be the new normal. 2020 will be long remembered for more than Coronavirus.

  4. This is the tip of the iceberg alright. I think that it can only be defeated or corrected by doing three fundamental things.
    1. the Discrimination act must be reversed.
    2. The HRC must be eliminated as being unnecessary given the existence of assault lgislation, and
    3. Each person involved in these victimisation complaints need to be made to apologise to each other.
    Perhaps this would mean that Lyle need not apologise, but the other parties including the HRC need to apologise.
    Would this sort of legal change be feasible?

  5. As these anti discrimination laws are now clearly discriminatory, can they not be challenged as such?

    Rather than fighting individual cases is there not something we can do to challenge these unjust laws?

    Is there no possible legal consequence for those who lied during the same sex marriage debate?

  6. Yes persecution even unto death.
    Good on you Lyle Sheldon.
    It is not the first time these uncultured few have tried to take you down.
    Recalling the Deakan bombing and it’s cover-up.

  7. Of the evil in sodom:
    “They struck with blindness the men who were at the entrance of the house, both small and great, so that they wore themselves out groping for the door” (Gen. 19:11).
    And other occasions God had used temporary blindness as a judgement against evil. Lord, strike these people with a temporary blindness until they repent of their wickedness
    – Genesis 19:6–11

  8. God bless you, Lyle and Bill, for all you are doing. What can the rest of us do, besides pray and give?

  9. Thanks Jill. As I say, one can tell as many others as possible; sound the alarm; also, contact MPs; get into the mainstream media (letters to the editor, talk back radio, etc); be alert to what is happening locally and speak out, etc.

  10. Proposition 1
    * Diamond Good-Rim and Queeny demand the right to free speech.

    * Diamond Good-Rim and Queeny demand that the right to free speech, does not apply to Lyle Shelton

    Proposition 2
    * Diamond Good-Rim and Queeny demand that the limit to free speech, is personal offence.

    * Diamond Good-Rim and Queeny demand that the limit to free speech as personal offence, does not apply to Lyle Shelton.

  11. I AM NOT ADVOCATING using law courts to solve ‘I-am-offended’ issues, however:

    – as per litigants Diamond Good-Rim and Queeny, why shouldn’t Lyle Shelton similarly be able to use the taxpayer-funded services of the QCAT ?

  12. No one can say you didn’t warn us Bill. I note that some of us still ask logical question, make logical arguments, question the logic of some of these judicial actions, and so we should. But I hope we all realize that our society and its institutions, including many in the the judiciary and law enforcement, are no longer interested in truth, reason, or reality. Francis Schaeffer was prescient in his 1982 book, Escape from Reason, in which he described the West’s departure from its Judeo-Christian foundations and the inevitable results. For an informed and articulate contemporary analysis of how we came to this sorry pass, I found John Anderson’s latest interview with British journalist, Melanie Phillips, very insightful.

  13. I think when Jesus said :-

    Mat_10:19 But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what you shall speak; for it shall be given you in that same hour what you shall speak.

    He was preempting this exact circumstance because these sorts of vexatious litigations, which should obviously never be funded by the public purse, are simply designed so that the process itself is the punishment.

    As John Miller so succinctly pointed out above, their claim clearly has zero merit and needs to be treated with the contempt it deserves and we need to also remember Paul’s advise to not become anxious. Faith will definitely result in strength.

    What would be helpful would be for all those feminists, who are starting to realize the absurdity of the “transgender rights” nonsense, to stand up themselves against these obviously confused caricatures of real feminism, because they too will suffer if this sort of nonsense is allowed to stand.

  14. Thanks Bill in bringing this to all of us again as a constant reminder

    I was absolutely gob smacked and challenged after reading Lyle’s book –
    “I Kid You Not” – I have since bought 6 copies to loan to people for a short time and pass on to awaken people to the seriousness of our freedoms passing before our very eyes. Sadly under my watch.

  15. Dear Mr. Muehlenberg, Thank you for being a voice in the wilderness that is our culture today. I am a Christian, a wife of 23 years and mother of 4, and am horrified by the flagrant toxicity that abounds in mainstream culture. I would like to write material about the same, and would very much like the opportunity to meet you, or chat, or share some of my writing, I understand if you are too busy. Thank you for reading this sir.
    God Bless,
    Sonja Howard

  16. Please pass on information to Lyle Shelton about Mass Resistance. This is an American organisation that has been fighting this issue in the States for a few years. They use parent activism and upfront lobbying and protest and they have been having some success. Maybe an Australian Group can be set up. I live in the UK and they have a small base here.

  17. Most God fearing Christians, who haven’t been sitting under a basket, or sitting on the spiritual fence, know in their hearts from The Ruach (Spirit of God), that we’re living in the very very last days (if not the very last moments) of The Age of Grace. I believe that YHWH is allowing all this sick perverted behavior by The Tares to flourish, to draw moral people (the Wheat) to Him, and to loosen Believers hearts on this sick corrupted perverted World, and to look toward the Heavens for our Eternal Redemption. We, as Christians, know full well who currently rules this Earth – and it isn’t YHWH. The Gospel isn’t just that Christ died & rose again, it’s ALSO that Christ promised to return at the end of this age for his bride/Church, before He judges this sick perverted world of it’s blasphemous sinful immorality, and eventually destroys this sinful Earth, and creates a new one. We as Christians should ALWAYS know that this Earth is NOT, and never was, our real home – it’s just a temporary dwelling place until our mansions are completed in Heaven for us, and YHWH tells His son to “go get your bride”. All this that’s occurring in the World was foretold centuries ago in Scripture – it should be no shock to anyone who claims to be a child of The Most High. My prayers are for the moral souls, fertile for The Word of God, who will be left behind, who didn’t come to known Christ in these last days, and will have to give their heads for speaking out about immorality during Jacob’s Trouble. I pray for more time so these souls can come to Christ before it’s too late for them, …but even so, “Come quickly, Lord!” Who else wants to go to a royal wedding, and leave this corrupted sinful world behind, and be the guests of honor – I do!

    It’s time!!!!!!

  18. People were/are too naive since we wouldn’t lie to achieve our goals we assumed they weren’t lying to achieve their goals. Because people now believe that people are naturally good lying would then be unnatural so we tend to believe people who lie to our faces because to do otherwise would be to admit people aren’t naturally good but naturally evil. (Also that we don’t know as much as we thought we knew because we’re sure we would know if someone was lying to us.)

  19. Meanwhile in Finland we have :-

    If the law states that “expression of opinion or other communication threatening, defaming or insulting on the basis of race, colour, birth circumstances, national or ethnic origin, religion or faith, sexual orientation or disability” then surely the hypocrisy of this action is self evident. Those who would prosecute Christians for their well founded beliefs, given by God Himself and reinforced by the Apostles, against sexual immorality are clearly breaking their own law by the “expression of opinion or other communication threatening, defaming or insulting on the basis of” … ” religion”.

    If the Finnish courts allow this nonsense then their hypocrisy will be on show for the entire world to see.

  20. Hypocrisy is specialty of the global left.

    And a la animal farm “some religions are more equal than others”.

  21. Has anyone read “When the Wicked Seize a City”?

    It will open your eyes as to what is coming.

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