The PC Mafia and Weak Leadership

There is only one thing worse than the militant activists as they seek to force their agendas on the rest of society, and that is spineless leaders who allow themselves to be intimidated and terrorised by these social engineers. If our leaders took a strong stance instead of caving in every time the militants say ‘boo,’ we would not be having so much PC madness being inflicted upon us.

I have known personally of those who have been so intimidated and frightened by the militants that they have dropped out altogether from standing strong for faith and family. The PC thugs simply seek to terrorise anyone who dares to get in their way, and unfortunately far too many folks simply cave in to all this pressure and abuse.

Of course it is not pleasant; I can understand why so many just give up – or never get involved in the first place. All the hate mail and constant intimidation and horrid abuse and vile attacks can certainly take their toll – let alone the death threats. No wonder so many are not standing up at this important time.

Let me give a crystal clear example of militant thuggery and weak, appeasing leadership. Last month I wrote about a new study which states old truths: children do best when raised by their own biological mum and dad. Former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett even penned an opinion piece affirming the same. I covered that story here:

But there have been two more developments to this story. Just days ago a news item appeared saying the homosexual militants were targeting Kennett and his charity work. The story began this way: “Beyondblue faces a growing crisis, with its major sponsor under pressure to dump the mental health organisation over the gay parenting controversy engulfing its chairman, Jeff Kennett, and a former employee alleging poor morale and poor financial management.

“Homosexual rights activists are urging a boycott of beyondblue’s key sponsor, Movember, with gay and lesbian radio station Joy FM launching a rival ‘Homovember’ fund-raising campaign. Movember last year contributed $10 million to beyondblue – a third of the national mental health organisation’s budget.

“Amid growing concerns among medical professionals and sponsors over Mr Kennett’s comments on a range of issues – including that children have better mental health if raised in heterosexual marriages – the men’s health charity told The Sunday Age it was taking the gay community’s concerns seriously and was unwilling to commit to indefinite financial support of beyondblue.”

There you go: a charity group dedicated to helping those with depression are being targeted by these brownshirts simply because Kennett said the truth – that children do need a mother and a father to thrive and properly develop. This is the most commonsense and empirically verified truth going, yet the militant just don’t like it. So they have declared war against truth and reality.

What next? Will the militants start targeting anyone who defends other basic realities, such as eating or breathing? That is how totally bizarre all this is. Imagine that: targeted for simply stating the obvious. How utterly bizarre have we become as a society when stating the truth about reality will turn you into a victim of activist terrorism?

But unfortunately such ugly intimidation and strongarm tactics so often pay off – they certainly did in this case. Now the press is telling us that Kennett has backed down big time. All the abuse and mafia-like bullying has got results. Here is how today’s press covers this turnaround:

“Jeff Kennett has shifted his stance on gay parenting in an apparent bid to mollify the gay and lesbian community. In a pre-recorded interview to be played on gay and lesbian radio station Joy FM today, the former premier reverses his stance articulated in a Herald Sun column last month, which said: ‘Clearly the best environment in which to bring a child into the world is a stable, loving environment in which a male and female are married to each other.’

“In a change of heart, Mr Kennett, the chairman of the national depression initiative beyondblue, tells Joy FM president David McCarthy: ‘The most important thing is a loving relationship and I don’t care what that loving relationship is, right? I really don’t care whether it is a loving relationship between a male and female, be it between two men, two women, be it a single parent, right? A loving relationship is by far the best.’

“Mr McCarthy told The Age Mr Kennett’s views had been misinterpreted. ‘I believe what he said today face-to-face was sincere and I accept that.’ But many in the gay and lesbian community are not satisfied with Mr Kennett’s about-face. Support is growing for a petition launched by Triple J radio presenter Tom Ballard and social change group, with more than 5000 people calling on Mr Kennett to stop fostering a culture of discrimination against young gay people.”

“Fostering a culture of discrimination against young gay people”? How absolutely idiotic is that. To simply affirm what we know from both common sense and thousands of studies now makes one guilty of “discrimination”. I for one am absolutely fed up with such Stalinist crap.

The complete brain-dead stupidity of all this is just so incredible. Why do the media even give these guys any attention at all? One might as well argue that to be pro-breathing makes one guilty of discrimination against non-oxygen. Or to be pro-food makes one guilty of discrimination against non-eating. It is utter foolishness.

When a society allows this combination of sheer idiocy, militant activism, and spineless leadership, then we are headed on the road to perdition. Thus it becomes a question of not if, but when, we finally cease to exist as a society. No society can last for long when moral anarchy and intellectual suicide become the norm.

But just in case all this tyrannical social engineering does not seem like the end of civilisation as we know it, get a load of this headline, also from today’s press: “Gay passport option ‘parent 1’ and ‘parent 2’ sparks anger”. It sure should spark anger.

What lunatics do we have running the asylum at the moment? Is this Labor government comprised of complete and utter madmen? Here is how the article begins: “Gay parents could win the right to not be referred to as a mum or dad, but instead ‘parent 1’ or ‘parent 2’ in passport applications.

“They would have the option of choosing ‘parent 1’ and ‘parent 2’, instead of mother and father, under a proposal being considered by the Government for its new electronic passport application system. Gay rights groups applauded the potential for gender-neutral forms in Australia, but family groups expressed concern.”

Not just family groups, but anyone left with a brain should be appalled at this moonbattery. Indeed, why be so discriminatory? Why even refer to ‘parent’? Why not just refer to ‘Object x’ or ‘thing z’? In fact, why even have passports at all?

Are they not terribly discriminatory? How unjust and lacking in tolerance can you be? Someone with an Australian passport is obviously discriminating against people from every single other nation. If our loony Labor leaders are so worried about discrimination and a lack of inclusion, why not abolish all passports?

After all, we want to be loving, accepting and treat everyone equally don’t we? So come on Labor, stop being so half-hearted in your attempts at social engineering; just go the whole way. While you are at it, why not abolish all government as well? Not only would that be a tremendous improvement, but it would end all this unjust discrimination against non-government peons like me.

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  1. Apparently the truth is politically incorrect now. Are we really meant to believe that Mr Kennet has a change of heart? It’s a shame he backed down, but obviously he didn’t think it was worth the touble.

    Peter Sanderson

  2. Thanks Peter

    Yes, whatever the exact reason, he seems to have backed down big time. Where are leaders with courage and backbone?

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  3. With global warming I can imagine the furious outrage of modern liberals if it was denied there was a discernable order in nature. How then could they hope to convince the masses of their scheme to tax, regulate, expand the bureaucracy and technocracy and make converts and clients?

    Affirming this same order in nature but in the human ecology suddenly becomes irrational prejudice irrational discrimination! when it doesn’t serve those in power. The High priests of modern liberalism know that outlawing the idea that nature is legislative can be useful when it deprives the people of the resources needed for self government – that is, the power and independence that comes from natural marriage and family. As an institution it expands and recreates itself quite naturally apart from the state in the natural complementarity of the sexes.

    This is the terrible threat to state power – sources of independence and authority outside itself.

    And so the logic of absolute power must mean the destruction of marriage, the family and the nation’s religious tradition. All the state’s disciples attend on this project whether knowingly or not. Ultimately for it to rule absolutely it seeks to determine identity, human nature, the social order and the definition of liberty itself. With all these concepts under state ownership so too are the people owned. And the corporations that profit from this ownership in satanic alliance may indulge their turbo capitalism unencumbered.

    We live under a modern liberal regime of stupendous idiocy and naked ruthlessness and all the arms of government and its taxing power connive to make itself impregnable to popular dissent.

    They represent an appalling and urgent threat and everyone must unite against this tyranny. We have to pray to be made holy, starve the beast and ridicule the pretensions of this mockery of an ‘aristocratic’ elite.

    Why isn’t everyone rallying around you Bill? Why aren’t the churches united? For the sake of charity!

    Martin Snigg

  4. Hi Bill,

    This is the reason why I don’t like to follow the news. I have never liked Peter Goers, he writes articles for the Adelaide papers and I think is on the local ABC radio station. Peter Goers writes in the article titled “The Pandas are boring, expensive, possibly gay and would be better as elephants,”-

    “Maybe Wang Wang is not just lazy but gay. He’s in good company. At least 1500 animal species are born gay, proving the naturalness of homosexuality. Nature, not nurture, causes this.”

    Any proof to that statement?

    Carl Strehlow

  5. Thanks Carl

    It really is scraping the bottom of the barrek, isn’t it? But a few quick points:
    -this is nowhere near as prevalent as they claim.
    -even so, so what? We are not animals.
    -animals may also eat their young – should we then as well?
    -neither humans nor animals can continue to survive in homosexuality – nature designed us to continue by heterosexual reproduction.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  6. Thanks Bill,

    I already had point 2 & 4 in mind when asking this. This was just adding to the discussion and sharing another article. I never thought about point 3, anaconda snakes I think are known for eating their still born young. It also denies what you have been saying that children are best in most cases with their biological parents. Will this madness ever end?

    Carl Strehlow

  7. I feel so gutted by what has happened in the Jeff Kennett debacle.
    Where is the church?
    The alarm bells should be ringing loudly by now about what same sex marriage is going to mean to our country. and most significantly, our children.
    Annette Williams

  8. “Truth” has been the subject of scrutiny for eons and so we see the same application today applied – challenge the truth and absorb the lie. Poor Jeff … unfortunately this boils down to a question of $$$ and a carnal, unprincipled mind cannot see past that. We have a glut of courageous marketplace, political and church leaders – and now Jeff nestles into that ‘glut’.

    The ironic thing – this ‘natural’ parental coupling is forced to move outside itself to bring forth life. In that regard, the model is entirely ‘unnatural’ and outside the natural order of nature.
    You would think even the evolutionists would be up in arms!!

    Good article Bill.

    Peter Jackel

  9. All that the Kennett saga illustrates is that the leopard doesn’t change his spots. Most (ex)politicians have compromised with satanic alliances for so long, they simply don’t know how to behave in any other fashion.
    Our challenge is to weed them out and replace them with those who do.

    Dunstan Hartley

  10. Sadly, Jeff Kennett hasn’t thought it through.

    It is entirely il-logical to believe that the kind of relationship doesn’t matter, as long as it’s “loving”, because on that basis there should be a lot fewer mental health issues than there are.

    He is undermining the existence of Beyond Blue with his latest “tolerant” statements.

    John Angelico

  11. Jesus Christ was offered all the kingdoms of the world if he would only abase Himself to Satan. He turned down the offer. Besides which the kingdoms were not Satan’s to give. Sadly our western politicians from Tony Blair onwards have one after another grovelled abjectly before these false gods.

    Stonewall, the gay liberation lobby have taken territory after territory, aided and abetted (as Lenin coined them), by “useful idiots,” like Tony Blair who, just before he became Prime minister in 1997, was promised all the kingdoms of the Earth, if he were to abase himself to McKellen and Stonewall.

    David Skinner, UK

  12. Yes where is the Church? Yes im in that place again, Im being freezed out at my own Church. Oh they smile and say how are you Daniel and then when no one’s around they have digs at me. Clever digs, ones like have you ever read the Bible? or can you remember who i am, like im a 5 year old. And my personal fav, inviting my wife and kids to things but not me.
    This is all because i mention things like same sex marrige, abortion and so on.
    Daniel Kempton

  13. The political PC speak is astounding, it won’t be long before all we heterosexuals will be parent 1 and parent 2.
    Craig Terms

  14. In an interview with Jon Faine on ABC Radio (Melbourne) today, Mr Kennett certainly back-tracked, indicating that his comments in favour of heterosexual parents reflect his own “experience” – the household he grew up in.

    A backtrack it is – and most disappointing to witness it!

    Kevin Butler

  15. Why don’t all churches now threaten to pull any support they give to Beyond Blue until Kennett comes back to his senses and restates the truth he originally believed?

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria.

  16. People would be stupid to buy into the idea that because animals exhibit same-sex erotic behaviour or that animals sometimes reject or kill their young, then it must be “only right and natural for humans” as homosexual author of Biological Exuberance, Dr Bruce Bagemihi, states. He submits that same-sex erotic behaviour does not threaten heterosexual reproduction but augments it by stabilising and adding bonds of affection and support whilst providing a much needed outlet for sexual drives, averting frustration and conflict. He supports his theory with photographs e.g.a threesome of male wolves mounted apparently in anal coitus.

    Animals exist in a predatory world, operating either in social groups or as loners to survive and thrive, living off their wits. They interact with intelligence amongst themselves and humans and they have long memories. They have a psyche. Because we have complex language, the human psyche is more vulnerable and it would be detrimental to us psychologically and emotionally if we took our lead from animals. We would end up getting hurt and depressed. Let’s not forget some creatures, such as the Emperor Penguin of Antartica show mind-boggling loyalty to their chosen mate and breeding ground year on year.

    The danger of same sex coupling in my view is when children are involved. Children are born of man and woman. Artificial insemination can rob a child of one biological parent. Parental infidelity and breakup has a lasting, devastating effect on the children of the partnership. I admire the English conservative MP, Norman Tebbitt, for speaking out and saying “there can be no such thing as gay marriage. Marriage is made for a man and a woman to the exclusion of all other”. The Australian journalist who described pandas as “boring etc etc” and by rights should have been allowed to die out exhibits traces of the culture of death, intolerance and totalitarianism typical of the activists who scream “fascist” at anyone who disagrees with them. The human race can’t risk going down the route of sexual anarchy. We should pursue a lifestyle that delivers the best outcome for ourselves. I believe the way to achieve that is not by the Darwinian self-centred survival attitude but by the rather unnatural way of being unselfish. We need to find the resolve to break the cycle of divorce and social fragmentation for the well being of future generations.

    Rachel Smith

  17. Peter Tatchell urges us to let go our inhibitions and try same sex relationships or sex with minors, to have double the experiences and double the fun. The only people he draws the line at in this diverse and “joyous” (or joyless) love-in are women. It would be interesting to know on what grounds homosexuals impose sexual apartheid on women and likewise why lesbians are prejudiced against sexual relationships with men. The only people to benefit from Tatchell’s proposal in terms of quantity, not quality, would be bi-sexuals. Why do homosexuals reject sexual intimacy with females and lesbians with males? Could it be veiled hate?
    Rachel Smith

  18. I agree Ewan, but not only should churches who support Beyond Blue or its partners, but churches who have any kind of charitable arm dealing with the consequences of family breakdowns. Now is the time for them to be speaking loudly and authoritatively.
    Imagine the impact if every such Christian organization stood together on this and said enough is enough for the sake of families and children we will be silent no more.

    ….am I dreamin’?

    Annette Williams

  19. I wonder what it would be like to be a “boat person” and escape this idiocy.

    Greg Brien

  20. I for one am absolutely fed up with such Stalinist crap.

    I could not agree more Bill. When I read this morning that Kennett had backed down due to obvious pressure it made my blood boil.

    How can we stand up to these groups and have our voice heard and those with reason and common sense on our side?

    Paul Wakeford

  21. It troubles me that a man with the intelligence and intellectual strength of Jeff Kennett bows to pressure from the miltants, if the media reports are true. He has spoken the truth about the importance of mother and father to children. There can be no backing down from the truth.
    As to the passport position, that is social engineering at its worst. This degree of stupidity must be firmly rejected. Surely no self respecting politician could support that nonsense. Good to see you bring these matters to people’s attention Bill. Hope your stay in the US with your family, although the reason for it is truly sad, is one which renews your spirit.
    David Grace

  22. Martin Snigg, eloquently said. How indeed can the greens go on about conserving the natural order when they actively promote the destruction of the very means of procreation. Perhaps it will be only the plant world that is left to reproduce, for even the animal world is now made to conform to gay ideology with gay penguins being encouraged to raise another penguin’s chick.
    What this suspiciously lesbian looking librarian doesn’t tell us is that Roy and Silo left one another for female penguins.

    The reason the state has to take control of the family is that it is the family that is the main transmitter of values, morality and culture from one generation to another down the generations. The obvious third stage after removing children from mum and dad and giving them to Ralph and Roger or Betty and Beryl, is to put them into state run homes – orphanages, as happened in Russia and Sparta.

    David Skinner, UK

  23. Indeed Rachel Smith, we do not model our behaviour on the natural world which is, after all, fallen and in need of transforming, just as much we humans. But one day, the Bible says that this is exactly what will happen.

    Animals practise infanticide and cannibalism. Should we do that also?

    When gays ask us what right we have to believe that heterosexuality is natural, we have to say that though there is no heterosexual gene – in the same way that there is no gay gene – everything about our physical, mental, emotional and social makeup conspires towards male and female bonding, not just for producing offspring but for raising and nurturing them. Even a donkey would understand this – except a gay one of course.

    David Skinner, UK

  24. Mr Kennett is like Esau who has sold his soul for a bowl of stinking pottage. Let us hope he drinks it to the last bitter dregs.

    David Skinner, UK

  25. Does anyone know where the word “gay” comes from? I was always under the impression that men who practiced sodomy were sodomites and in law it was considered a crime. Just because the law has changed and made the practice legal, that does not change the name of the practise. I suggest to keep ourselfs PC correct we should use the correct name. Or am I missing something?
    Paul Wilson

  26. “Does anyone know where the word “gay” comes from?”

    One theory is that ‘gay’ is short for Ganymede, the Trojan youth abducted by Zeus, who granted him immortality, and appointed him cupbearer to the gods. There are various versions; Ovid’s has a detailed account of sodomy between Ganymede and Eros.

    Michael Watts

  27. I am sick of the way a small minority of homosexuals carry on, denying others of their right to their own beliefs regarding homosexual activity. I am also very aware of how the media tries to pump up sympathy for the homosexual cause, in an effort to ‘manipulate’ public thinking.

    I refer to the The Weekend Australian Magazine which featured an article about Michael Kirby’s homosexual relationship. Of course, a week later in Inbox (at the beginning of the magazine) they have the ‘token’ letter from the self proclaimed ‘Catholic’ Simon Coblar, SA who quotes a Jesuit priest who taught him “Love is God and God is love”. Apparently this provides justification for all homosexual affairs (and any other kind of ‘relationship’ I presume Simon?)

    The media is almost 99% of the cause for this disproportionate biased exposure to the minority homosexual movement. I am disgusted by the biased representation that editors like Christine Middap allow in their publications. I wonder how many other Christians (or Catholics) wrote in, expressing their opposition to homosexual marriage?

    I’m afraid, a person who claims ‘not to see any difference between gay or straight life-partnership’ (as Simon Koblar states) has no understanding of the complete nature of God or the beliefs of the Catholic Church.

    Jane Petridge

  28. Yes, I think we have to accept that the militants have almost all of the power (it’s all about power, anyway), and politicians and rulers are mostly unprincipled and spineless; but I think we should pity (and pray for) principled people who are in the public realm, and thus under pressures (from bad people) that most of us (thankfully) can only imagine. I write articles on my website, and I get no come-back, or hate mail (despite my PO Box address being accessible) … but I might, one day … I have little time for such as the present ABp of Canterbury … but the pressures on him must be enormous.
    John Thomas, UK

  29. If the essence the gay intimidation is legal clout, I would not hesitate in supporting a legal fighting fund to support anyone caught in their cross-hairs.

  30. Do certain vocal people in our community, in all their pronouncements about ‘tolerance’ and ‘inclusion’ recognize just how intolerant they can be themselves, especially towards those who may be very reasonable in how they express their disagreement with them.
    Scott McPhee

  31. Planet Earth has sunk into the sewer. I hope Our Lord returns soon.
    Anna Cook

  32. FYI Bill, Miranda Devine referred to you in her article “Call off the thought police” at

    This is in regard to militant gay groups intimidating any opposition using the Anti-Discrimination Commission. A phone call is all it take to force $thousands of costs on the accused in legal bills, inconvenience & time.

    “Anyone daring to assert that, generally, children are better off with a mother and a father, a fact supported by research, is vilified to their reputational grave. If you are worried about free speech, this is as serious a threat as any. For instance, IBM and the ANZ pulled advertising from the website On Line Opinion earlier this year because it ran a piece by the Australian Family Association’s Bill Muehlenberg opposing gay marriage. The website has run more columns in support of gay marriage than against it, according to editor Graham Young. But that doesn’t matter. Muehlenberg is an untouchable, and the big corporates bowed to bullying”

    Personally, I am sick to death of gay bullying forcing their perceived rights down our throats.

    To the best of my knowledge gays already have all the legal rights afforded to heterosexual relationships. Family court recognises de facto marriage, property rights are protected by law. Further, no-fault divorce makes marriage meaningless without children. And they are not getting kids to feel good or inculcate the young into some sort of generational change for lifestyle acceptance.

    This minor issue which effects less than 1% of the population has dominated media to the detriment and scrutiny of real issues.

    I point out the Gillard’s family law amendments undermine the fundamental principles of Western jurisprudence, namely, the presumption of innocence and penalties for perjury, yet these will pass without one iota of media comment or public awareness.

    These effect most of the population with more than half of nations marriages ending in divorce. Decent and loving parents will lose their kids, the redefinition of family violence to be whatever the accuser says it is will result in the mass criminalisation and incarceration of men, an estimated $10B costs for massive increases in welfare and dealing with all the social pathologies of mass fatherlessness, which in turn creates a self-perpetuating cycle of family dysfunction, dependence and abuse.

    Yet all we hear about are gays whinging about label abstractions for rights they already have and for which they offer no more meaningful purpose other than to feel good at our discomfort.

    What we are seeing here is Gillard’s feminist socialism attack on those who literally embody the hated “patriarchy”: fathers. It is a direct assault on the family at its most vulnerable point. It has already torn apart families by the millions, and unchecked it will destroy the family altogether.

    It represents one of the most destructive (and successful) strategies of the socialist Left in recent years: the exploitation of children as political weapons. How often have we heard the Gillard mantra “for our children’s future” – when she has no children.

    Children have become the levers by which one forces social change. Such understanding underlies the militancy of the gay rights agenda.

    Conservatives and Christians who allow their attention to be monopolized by carbon tax and government financial management and leave family policy to socialists from the Australian Lesbian Party will discover only once it is too late the power of “the hand that rocks the cradle.”

    Howard Beale

  33. “with more than 5000 people calling on Mr Kennett to stop fostering a culture of discrimination against young gay people.”

    and single mums and divorced parents and widow/ers I might add.

    Why is it only the gay lobby gets it’s nose out of joint by these studies. Others are also not in the married male and female parenting group but you don’t hear them complaining. Maybe it’s because they recognise their situation is not ideal, but the one they are currently in whereas the gay lobby wants to make out it’s way is the ideal and ignore the facts just like they ignore Gods word about sexuality.

    Kylie Anderson

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