Festival of Deadly Dhimmi Ideas

OK, I confess – I just cannot keep up with all the mad dog PC lunacy and stealth jihad overtaking this nation. It seems every time I post an article about creeping sharia and brain-dead PC leftism, another few news items come along, even more bizarre and disgusting than the previous ones.

No sooner had I written about the Australia Post debacle (coughing up millions for an Islamic mosque), when two new stories appear from Sydney that leave me reeling. And anyone concerned about our fast-fading freedoms here should be gobsmacked at this insanity as well. The first one has to do with pro-jihadist clothing being openly displayed and sold on the streets of Sydney:

Islamic fundamentalists in south-western Sydney are wearing propagandist paraphernalia freely available for sale at local markets and online to show their support for jihadi bloodshed. Shirts and hoodies with rifles, pistols and fanatical slogans are being seen more regularly in Western Sydney, including Auburn and Granville — two suburbs where a number of the reported 150 Australians engaged in the sectarian violence in Syria and Iraq are believed to be from.
DA1 Custom Clothing, a company registered at Auburn, has stalls at the Auburn Markets and Granville Family Festival and sells its merchandise online. The Islamic Brotherhood hoodie has become popular, with Shahada scripture supporting one Islamic nation for all people. Other items include a shirt bearing two pistols and the words “Submit to None But One” and Islamist headbands and flags.

One newspaper editorial rightly took these money-making jihadists to task. It begins:

Local Islamic fundamentalists have unveiled their winter fashion range, featuring an array of garments decorated with their favourite themes: warfare, bloodshed and extremist calls to arms. This is another manifestation of the seething fundamentalist undercurrent in Sydney’s West that has seen more than 100 Australian citizens leave our country to fight in Syria and Iraq.
The slogans and images on these garments leave little doubt about the views of those who sell or wear them. “Submit to None But One” reads the text on one shirt, referring to Islam’s primacy over other religions and laws. Other garments display rifles and guns. These clothes could probably be ignored as offensive but harmless posing if it were not for the fact that so many in our Islamic community are taking up arms for extremist causes overseas. Since last year, six young Sydney men have reportedly been killed in Syria during armed confrontations with other Muslims.

My second example is just as shocking and mind-boggling. Tell me it just ain’t so. But sadly and incredibly it does appear to be so. It has to do with the upcoming Festival of Dangerous Ideas to be held at the taxpayer-subsidised Sydney Opera House.

There has always been a lot of rot presented there over the years – all the usual PC trendy left moonbattery in fact. But one of the presentations this year is a real shocker. Here is how one paper broke this story today:

A speaker at the upcoming Festival of Dangerous Ideas will seek to defend so-called honour killings – the murder of women deemed to have brought shame or dishonour on their family. Uthman Badar, a Sydney-based Muslim speaker, writer and activist, will deliver a presentation titled “Honour killings are morally justified” and argue that such acts are seized on by Westerners as a symbol of everything they dislike about another culture.
The announcement sparked condemnation on social media from those arguing the Opera House stage should not be used as a platform for such radical and confronting propositions. “This man is being given a platform at a reputable event to apologise for the murder of women,” wrote lawyer Steve Hind on his blog, calling for a boycott. Mr Badar is speaking alone and will not be debated by an opponent.

islam 7Yep, sure enough – just go to their website and we find this writeup of his talk:

For most of recorded history parents have reluctantly sacrificed their children—sending them to kill or be killed for the honour of their nation, their flag, their king, their religion. But what about killing for the honour of one’s family? Overwhelmingly, those who condemn ‘honour killings’ are based in the liberal democracies of the West. The accuser and moral judge is the secular (white) westerner and the accused is the oriental other; the powerful condemn the powerless. By taking a particular cultural view of honour, some killings are condemned whilst others are celebrated. In turn, the act becomes a symbol of everything that is allegedly wrong with the other culture.

I kid you not folks. And check out the accompanying biographical blurb of this guy:

Uthman Badar is spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahrir in Australia. Hizb ut-Tahrir is a global advocacy group working for positive change in the Muslim world via the re-establishment of the Islamic Caliphate. He is a well-known speaker, writer and activist in the Muslim community in Sydney.

Oh, OK, he wants to see the Islamic Caliphate re-established. No wonder he favours honour killings. This is all part of how Islam spreads and maintains its power. It has always been by the edge of the sword, and it especially has been horrific for any poor women who happen to stand in the way.

And yet these clowns in Sydney are actually giving this guy a platform to espouse his views? Just what am I missing here. Here we have a political ideology which has sworn that it intends to kill us, keep women as second-class citizens, and destroy freedom and democracy across the world – yet the enlightened tweebs in Sydney want this position to get free air time.

I think we have already lost the war if that is the case. Sydney and Australia are already part of the universal caliphate. We have lost, and we didn’t even know a war was going on. Hitler and Stalin would have been so very jealous about how the West has been so easily and effortlessly defeated.


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13 Replies to “Festival of Deadly Dhimmi Ideas”

  1. HI Bill and Jo,

    Don’t you understand yet, the left think this is a good idea, and the reason is because it does not come from us disgusting Jews and Christians.

    You see, everything, and I do mean everything, is good, so long as it goes against the Torah and the Bible.

    But here is the good news, this was predicted by the Prophets long ago, and in revelation from non other than our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Which means we are very close to his return, all we have to do is hold on tight, stand firm on HIS Gospel and grab as many as possible who will listen to God’s reason, and pull them up on the rock of HIS Gospel.

    But at the end of the day, absolutely nothing will happen to this lot as they are not Jewish, or Christian, for the simple reason is they are neither of either.

    It is sad that so many are going to be lost, but remember, the world was lost in the time of Noah, but 8 were saved, and we as Christians can and will save a lot more than just 8. So have FAITH, pure, solid FAITH, and be unmoved.

    And Bill, keep talking about it, never give up, you are doing good work sir.
    Neil Waldron.

  2. Great news – raising our voices does make a difference!!!

    “Sydney Opera House statement on cancellation of Uthman Badar’s session at Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2014: The Festival of Dangerous Ideas is intended to be a provocation to thought and discussion, rather than simply a provocation. It is always a matter of balance and judgement, and in this case a line has been crossed. Accordingly, we have decided not to proceed with the scheduled session with Uthman Badar. It is clear from the public reaction that the title has given the wrong impression of what Mr Badar intended to discuss. Neither Mr Badar, the St James Ethics Centre, nor Sydney Opera House in any way advocates honour killings or condones any form of violence against women.”

    From SOH FB page. Well done guys!

  3. Interesting that the Opera House statement says Mr Bandar does not condone honour killings….

  4. Yeah right. And notice the weak-kneed reply – no mention of them being wrong in the first place. Those clowns should never have asked him to begin with of course. Just more dhimmitude in action, big time. And also sponsored by the St James Ethics Centre!!?? What ethics!?

  5. “By taking a particular cultural view of honour, some killings are condemned whilst others are celebrated.”

    It looks like that even this guy can see the hypocrisy of condemning ‘honor killings’ while encouraging and celebrating ‘right-to-choice killings’ (abortions).

  6. The slogans and images on these garments leave little doubt about the views of those who sell or wear them. “Submit to None But One” reads the text on one shirt, referring to Islam’s primacy over other religions and laws.

    Isn’t it amazing that a newspaper can report this and still hold to the false picture of cultural and religious equivalence?

    This editorial is good as far as it goes, but behind all this is the stupid “multi-cultural” policy which starts with that basic assumption of equality.

    And a dominating politico-religious ideology like Islam will take full advantage of the “useful idiocy” of the Western elites.

  7. It’s great that they canned this trash but really, this is exactly the kind of rubbish a “Festival of Dangerous Ideas” is designed to attract.

    I imagine the creators of this festival are “Greens” types who support murdering children and the disabled through abortion, the elderly and the disabled through euthanasia, all the while protecting the “human rights” of every animal and even the planet itself.

    They fiercely attack anyone who does not support all their politically correct “solutions”, such as simply letting any asylum seeker or refugee come to Australia free of question. Then they will equally fiercely squash you down for highlighting the failure of multiculturalism, the parallel societies, the creeping sharia of “progressive” nations in Europe, or for underlining the root cause of most people seeking asylum in the first place; namely to escape countries governed by Islamic or Marxist ideologies.

    This makes sense in that these types love Marxism and why not Mohammedism too, given that these collectivist ideologies oppress people into an equally abysmal poverty of economics, thoughts, freedom, and any other arena of life one can be poor in.

    And how long will it be before these kinds of Jihadists take this “festival” to court and win in the name of fighting discrimination or homophobia or whatever ad hominem works for them?

  8. Indeed Simon Fox; it is the greens aka marxists who are determined to destroy the west. All that we see is following to the letter blue print of the Frankfurt School ninety years ago.

    David Skinner, Uk

  9. Hi Bill
    I’ve just finished reading a fictional book called “Agenda 21”, the U.N.’s plan for global domination. While not written from a Christian perspective, it still maintains the hope that there will always be people of conscience and good-will who will never submit to the demonic plans of the evil one, even unto the point of death.
    Let us encourage one another all the more, even as we see the day approaching.
    Vic Trudeau

  10. Hi Bill 🙂

    I was hoping that as well as me that your readers & yourself might be able to please if at all possible throw some weight (comments) into the ABC’s Religion & Ethics Opinion column on the Australian ABC News website at….


    Its awesome when we can make a stand together in the public arena surrounding these issues.

    My young family & I are truly thankful for all your great work Bill 🙂 God knows we nee more people taking a stand as you do…

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