Thorpe and More Mindless Political Correctness

Oh puh-leeese. Now that Ian Thorpe has spilled the beans about being homosexual, you would think that he has just announced that he is the long-awaited Messiah. The MSM is going absolutely nutzo over the new revelations about the swimmer’s sexuality.

Those who reveal their homosexuality today are treated as being far greater than any war hero and far worthier of applause and recognition than any Nobel Prize laureate. It is incredible really. Up until recently almost everyone knew that this was a dangerous lifestyle which deserved no praise and promotion.

thorpeBut now in our morally bankrupt world we have managed to turn vice into virtue, and virtue into vice. The only bad guys are now those who warn about what a dangerous and unhelpful lifestyle this actually is. The story goes like this:

After years of denial, swimming champion Ian Thorpe has revealed he is gay in an exclusive interview with Sir Michael Parkinson. The five-time Olympic gold medallist and Australia’s most successful Olympic athlete to date, has revealed his sexuality in an interview to be aired on Australian television on Sunday night.
According to Australian newspaper the Sunday Telegraph, Thorpe, 31, who retired from swimming in 2012, “confirms his sexuality” and “has bravely revealed he is gay” during a tell-all interview. A teaser clip released by Australia’s Network Ten shows Parkinson asking the swimmer: “You’ve always said that you’re not gay. Is all of that true?” The camera then shifts to an uncomfortable looking Thorpe, who contemplates his response.
Thorpe, known as the “Thorpedo” for his prowess in the swimming pool, broke 22 world records and won five Olympic gold medals. At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, he won three gold and two silver medals, making him the most successful athlete at the Games. He also won 10 gold medals at the Commonwealth Games.
The interview, which Parkinson has described as one of the best he has conducted, also details the swimmer’s battle with depression, drugs and alcohol, which caused him to check into a rehabilitation unit earlier this year. The revelations are dramatic particularly because Thorpe has always vehemently denied rumours of his homosexuality.

Um sorry, but I am not going to join all the brainless celebs and activists in swooning over this guy. There is nothing brave about coming out today. We are awash in all things homosexual, and homosexuality has been the flavour of the month now for at least the last dozen years.

The only ones who are brave today are those who dare to resist the homosexual juggernaut. They are the new pariahs and scorned outcasts in the West, and they will be treated savagely and with ugly fury by the militants and their fawning supporters in the media.

And rather ironically, but we have the perfect illustration of this appearing on the very same day. For daring to use a politically incorrect word, a media broadcaster is now being crucified. Many are calling for him to be sacked, all for the crime of actually saying something the pink mafia does not like. I refer of course to Brian Taylor and his remarks made about an AFL player:

Geelong star Harry Taylor has accepted Brian Taylor’s apology for calling him a “big poofter” on national TV, but says there is no place for such comments in football or society. Channel 7 is forcing commentator Taylor to undergo counselling over the slur, but despite calls for him to be sacked he will be back on air as normal next week. The Channel 7 commentator has apologised for the jibe he made in the lead-up to the game between Sydney and Carlton.

Crucify him! Off with his head! Banish him for life! At the very least, send him to the re-education camps where his thought crimes can be adequately dealt with. He is clearly the most evil, despicable and malevolent person out there, and action must be taken immediately! He must be severely punished for his crimes!

But back to Thorpe – the militant activists of course have been quick to chime in here, telling us what an “inspiration” his revelation will be to young people, and how it will “save lives”. Sorry, but just the opposite is true. It will tempt vulnerable and naive young people to embrace a lifestyle that we should wish on no one.

Given how dangerous it is, and how associated it is with all manner of problematic health outcomes, not least of which is HIV/AIDS, this is not going to save lives, but do the exact opposite – it will likely cut short even more lives. The documentation on what a high risk lifestyle this is, and the many health risks associated with it, is now well known (albeit fully covered up by the lamestream media).

So I for one am not going to applaud any of this. It is certainly nothing to cheer about. Like all such people, Thorpe needs help and prayer here, especially if he seeks to move out of the lifestyle. And this was the mainstream view of everyone until just recently. Consider just one quote from a few decades ago:

“Even in purely nonreligious terms, homosexuality represents a misuse of the sexual faculty and, in the words of one…educator, of ‘human construction.’ It is a pathetic little second-rate substitute for reality, a pitiable flight from life. As such it deserves fairness, compassion, understanding, and, when possible, treatment. But it deserves no encouragement, no glamorization, no rationalization, no fake status as a minority martyrdom…”

Yep, that was Time magazine no less in a piece from a 1966 issue. So all this perfectly illustrates my point that we now live in a completely topsy-turvy world, where formerly unthinkable lifestyles are now paraded and celebrated, and anyone who does not follow the PC agenda will be harshly dealt with by the thought police.

Today we celebrate a high-risk deathstyle, and we crucify anyone who does not fully go along with it. It seems Isaiah knew about our day when he said, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” (Isaiah 5:20)

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  1. Does the MSM realise what they are promoting, the consequences, the no boundary morals system it is promoting, the broken families, the health of young people etc etc ? Who will be accountable when the world wakes up and see`s where we`ve been led? Ian Thorpe, you are being used.

  2. To the Christian, sexuality is sacred. As two become one flesh in the act of love in a heterosexual marriage, so too does Christ and His church become one flesh in the act of Holy Communion.
    The acts of adultery and sodomy desacralise the sexual act and puts it on a par with the procreation acts of animals. The humanity is removed.
    The “counselling”being expected now of public figures who don’t hold the radical homosexual line of thought is a portent of a more dangerous future.
    Will those who oppose this agenda be required to be registered “homophobes” who would be subject to re-education along the lines of the sort of attempted rehabilitation via controversial psychological conditioning imagined in A Burgess’s “A Clockwork Orange”?
    And if recent research suggesting children of homosexual parents are better off than those of heterosexual parents,
    will our brave new world of dystopia ban heterosexual parenting for the “sake of future generations”?
    Such an world of absurdity is not that unimaginable given the
    chilling effect ( no pun intended) the “chicken-little” unscientific theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming has had on the world legislatures with so little scientific rigour and
    so much promotion in the liberal media.

  3. The Sunday Mail in Adelaide today says
    ” Brave thorpe tells: I am gay”

    Yes, but is he homosexual?!

    I’m so tired of the word gay being redefined. 🙁

  4. If your career is waning and you have nowhere to turn, tell the world you’re into sodomy and the doors open up once again. What a pathetic world we live in; this is just absurd.

  5. There is terrible hypocrisy going on here – on the one hand the main stream media is wringing its collective hands at the revelation that Rolf Harris was a sexual pervert for many years (and protected by many who knew) and then on the other hand it hails Ian Thorpe for stepping out of the closet.
    It seems to me this troubled young man who has been in and out of rehab has many issues that have probably drawn him to this so called lifestyle. Now he will be regarded as a ‘hero’ for embracing a life that can only be negative in every sense.
    Recently of course Bill there was the judge in NSW who inferred there might be nothing wrong anymore with incest or the abuse of young children by adult males. What really concerned me was the reaction by some media commentators saying – ‘you can’t compare homosexuality with pedophlia or incest’. So what they were saying in essence that there was nothing perverted in homosexuality as opposed to the other deviant behaviour. How brain washed have we become and no doubt will soon be the same with any other human depravity the leftist agenda tells us is okay.

  6. No wonder this man is so depressed and wretched. He needs our prayer, although I think this is a case of “this kind only come out by prayer AND fasting”.
    Will pray your book can be published quickly Bill.

  7. Well, at least girls might feel a little safer from their coach if Thorpe heads in that direction!

  8. The sodomy movement parades its latest captive through the streets. The ABC’s midday national radio news report was all about what Rodney Croome had to say; not about Thorpe.

    The same bulletin censored Brian Taylor’s “big poofter” phrase heard in earlier bulletins, replacing it with the descriptions “homophobic phrase” and “anti-gay” slur.

    Lovely tolerance and exquisite diversity unfolding before our very eyes.

  9. I don’t know much about demonic spirits but there is one behind homosexuality. Anyone can see this in the way it seeks to manipulate and bully people into guilt and sympathy to the extent of worshipping and adoring anyone who parades this perversion.

    Or by the way this interview with Thorpe, someone whose only headlines in the last decade have been about drug use, depression, and now homosexuality, is headline news at the ABC.

  10. I like this from Steven D. Smith over at

    “I also quoted T. S. Eliot’s provocative contention that “a society has not ceased to be Christian until it has become positively something else.” Eliot thought that “[w]e have today a culture which is mainly negative, but which, so far as it is positive, is still Christian.””

    The fact remains that nothing in egalitarianism, as well as homosexuality, which is all part of it, has anything intrinsically positive contained within. All the positivity that is inherently Christian in this world is being replaced by stuff and nonsense which is not “good” or “positive” for anyone.

  11. I especially like the following;

    Rodney Croome, the national director for Australian Marriage Equality, told ninemsn he longed for the day when “no one cares if Ian Thorpe is gay or not”.

    What pure chutzpah. No one would give a damn if the homosexual activists and their media pawns weren’t jumping up and down about it in the first place.

    Ironically, in their moralising and fawning, these drama queens make him out like some circus freak and then have the hide to say they wish no one cared!

  12. Ian Thorpe is brave in finally expressing his sexuality but only because of ignorant bigoted narrow minded hate filled people like yourself.

    What his sexuality is should be none of our business and no one should ever need to declare they are straight gay bi or whatever.

    It is only the labels that are put on people and the stigma attached to them that cause the pain and suffering, your words and words like them are the cause of so many suicides and depression amongst the LGBT community.

  13. Thanks Doug. Yes I agree – it should be no one’s business. But guess who made it so? Yep, all your homosexual activist buddies and their stooges in the lamestream media. They are insisting that it is to be every person’s business in the world, and this lifestyle will be crammed down the throats of everyone whether they like it or not. So don’t whine to me about this, but whine to your own. And spare us the homophobia baloney. Unnatural, unhealthy and dangerous lifestyles are of course the cause of suicide and depression. This is proven by the high rates of these very things in the most pro-homosexual spots on earth, such as San Francisco, Amsterdam and so on. Oh, and ad hominem attacks and name calling do not an argument make. You will have to try better next time.

  14. I hope Doug Steley will show the same support for a homosexual who has after years of debauchery and shame, finally comes out as a heterosexual!
    Oh sorry Doug, this kind of reasoning doesn’t suit the one way, steamroll theory of gay theology
    Have a look at Thorpes’ autobiography, where he confirms his sexuality.
    “I am not gay”
    Talk about supporting a serial liar…… Give me a break
    Thanks Bill for letting that one through.

  15. I have been not so much of a fan of Ian Thorpe since he swam in an Olympic race for which he had been officially disqualified. He was of course strongly persuaded by swimming officials and certain sections of the media, people who apparently wouldn’t recognise morality if it met them in the street.

    As for being “gay”, which I assume mean he engages in homosexual acts, it is sad that he is spoiling his life in that way. I agree with Doug that his sexuality is really none of our business, but as Bill says, it’s not we “bigots” who have made a big story of it. When I unwrapped the paper this morning and saw the big headlines on more than one page, I read the introduction and then went on to more pertinent and interesting news items. In one way I care for Ian Thorpe and anyone else who lives in a similar way, but in another way, who cares?

    I don’t think the big news items about Thorpe were written by Bill or Fred Nile or Senator Bernadi, but I stand ready to be corrected.

  16. Surely Doug jests.

    The Homosexual lobby have of course taken upon themselves the label of their sexual perversion and paraded it as the defining quality of who they are.

    They have become a special class of people purely based on this label (why else do you think Thorpe, someone long past his media fame days, got an interview with Parkinson?).

    No one ever did that with sexuality until the homosexuals wanted to collectivise themselves under that banner.

    Unless Doug, you can point us all to the straight pride parades in history or the public announcements by famous people about their natural and biologically consistent sexuality?

    Surely when you say stigma, you can’t help but think of the AIDS that have long defined the community that wants to define itself first and foremost by its homosexuality? It’s hardly surprising that people who continually risk AIDS and a whole host of STIs by their dangerous sexual acts should suffer depression.

    Thanks for the irony Doug.

  17. Every Blessing Bill, You are a real Gospel, (Good News) Light house in a world that is slowly but surely being engulfed in darkness of an extremely satanic nature. Sir, Keep up this great and excellent work, disturbing devils and making them extremely uncomfortable as you report in unfazed GODLY TRUTH!

  18. Bill, I have just finished reading your excellent book “Strained Relations”. I had to have Mr. Google available for the stuff I didn’t have a clue about. No wonder the gay lifestyle is dangerous in terms of disease and life span. A cherished family member “A” (age 17 and gorgeous) was befriended on the train system here by an older man who wanted “A” to come home with him. I counselled “A” for the older man to give me his name, phone number and address. When “A” asked, the older man gave up. How close was that? Older men predate on young and vulnerable boys. Thank God “A” listened to me. Most teenagers would not have.

  19. Well I felt rather sad watching the interview. It had been obvious for years that Thorpe was not “straight” as he claimed. But the big question is why he is like he is. By his own admission he was fearful of “coming out”. But I notice even Fred Nile made some measured remarks. Lets pray for Ian Thorpe and show some respect even if we don’t understand him.

  20. Thanks John. Of course if you in fact read my article you will find that I did indeed say that we should pray for him. And my article was really about the homosexual lobby, political correctness, and the lamestream media. None of those warrant any respect whatsoever. Thorpe just happens to be the latest foil in all this.

  21. Doug Steley there’s not a shred of evidence that the disapproving words of critics drive homosexuals to depression and suicide. There is a range of possible causes, some in personal histories that have nothing to do with homosexuality and some in a culture peculiar to homosexuality. Personally I think homosexuals are too hopeful of winning complete respect and acceptance for their practices. It’s not going to happen for a number of reasons, one being the prevalence of whistle blowers who don’t like being manipulated by the gay lobby.

  22. After I watched the interview I could not get it out of my mind that Ian is going to die young unless he finds new life in Christ.

    I have nothing substantial to base my premonition on but it just would not go away.

  23. Bill, on this side of the Tasman the celebration of this death style is marching on unabated. The parent company of my workplace has been champing at the bit to ‘win’ the “Rainbow Tick”. I have little doubt my company will follow suit shortly. I’ll let the situation explain itself, here:

    How do you advise those of us who work in these businesses to conduct ourselves when the issue is raised or we are asked to participate in associated workshops, etc?

  24. I hear Ian is planning on a career in the media. Talk about cementing yourself into a lifestyle. Or more accurately as Bill put it a “deathstyle”. I pray for Ian and his journey towards finding Christ.

  25. While watching the interview, I was much more moved by his struggle with his other mental disorder, endogenous depression. But as far as his struggle with homosexuality, my initial response was: Why do we need to know about his, or any other celebrity’s, private life or sexual temptations? Indeed, I consider it unacceptable that people should have been asking him about it in the first place – especially when he was just 16 years old.

  26. It’s such high profile publicity this insecure group is constantly grovelling for. That’s why they and their cohorts have no tolerance for adverse views. They are the “look at us” brigade” their rainbow colours of peace is so much hogwash when they have no room for views against their own, because they detest the truth. “Coming out into the open” who really gives a rats. God has given us a free choice and we have to live by the consequences of those choices. We see the results of bad choices around us all the time. The bible is the operating manual for man. We discard it at our own peril. All this depression and suicidal tendencies amongst gays in a western democracy is a load of bull. How would they go in countries which have openly condemned homosexuality. Is this mob with its strident views on their lifestyle going to remain within the confines of countries that accept their way of life? When homosexuality was first legalised normal people were urged to be “tolerant” now it would seem the boots on the other foot. This group has aggressively hijacked western society’s values aided by timid governments kow towing to gays in high places that we have now arrived where we are. When we go against human nature, the human spirit rebels and there is an internal strife going on for a lifetime until the truth is accepted. Its got nothing to do with external pressures and influences.

  27. Dear Bill, Thank you for your article.
    It was to be expected that The West Australian would jump on the band wagon in the hope that it would sell more newspapers by splashing Ian Thorpe’s troubled face all over the front page, but it was sadly mistaken as far as I’m concerned. What fair minded person could get any satisfaction from reading about this tragic, confused young man who has had everything this world can offer but really has nothing? He really does need our prayers.

  28. Apparently he wants kids. Well that’s easy. Just like all of us, he will need to woo a person of the opposite sex, marry her, impregnate her and live happily ever after. The same extremely equal path the rest of us have had to follow.

    The PC b/s suggests that if I am too mentally impaired or socially challenged to follow this well worn and proven path, then I should twist society to my personal wants and desires.

  29. In response to an earlier comment made by Doug Steley:

    Doug, it is not “ignorant bigoted narrow minded hate filled” comments that are causing homosexuals into depression and even suicide, it is something far deeper than this.

    Actually the comments and tone expressed by others on this post are not “hate” toward homosexuals, but rather one of serious concern for people – especially the young, who are told, again and again, the lie that homosexuality is “good” and manipulated to propagate such a lie.

    But just as there is a great is push of homosexuality upon us, via those in the media, art, law, educational, political, not to mention health institutions, etc, one thing is glaringly noticeable, that they have deliberately averted our gaze from a smorgasbord of empirical physical and emotional facts relating to homosexuality.

    For example, and this is only one example, an incredible I in 9 (one in nine) homosexual men in Australia have HIV.

    You may dismiss this, but the reality is 20,000 out of 180,000 Australian homosexual men have HIV (read Global AIDS Country Report 2012 Australia, page 8

    And why is there silence about this or the other diseases and mental illnesses?

    Because (and sorry that the obvious needs to be stated) the vast majority of people would see and be repelled by homosexuality.

    However, the problem we now face, is that if anyone does step forward and tell the truth (and I am not referring to bogus and skewed findings), they are immediately slandered as “ignorant bigoted narrow minded hate filled people” as you yourself state.

  30. He has been described as a champion in swimming but not living in a deadly lifestyle.

    We love the person, but not their actions and behaviour.

  31. I found it a very interesting interview with Ian Thorpe, there was a lot in it. The media is quoting his father Ken as being deeply religious, does anyone know anything about Ken & Margaret Thorpe and their religion?

  32. When Doug is reduced to cheap and childish name-calling, along with a tenuous accusation designed only to put others on the defensive and divert attention from the core subject, you know he has zero intellectual and moral standing on this issue. Suicide and depression are not subjects to trifle with, but Doug trivialises them by using them as a club to beat people over the head with.

    Back to the main subject here, I wait for the day the media would do an interview like this (links below) instead. I won’t be holding my breath. A testimony of a young man dying of AIDS who repented even though for his earthly life it was too late. Interviewed by David Wilkerson, he died the following day.
    (Excuse the low quality, but it doesn’t change the reality behind the interview, which is seemingly at least 25 years old.)

  33. Bill is right. It is not Christians making a big deal out of this but the secular media. I also believe that it is more than just the homosexual activists promoting a particular lifestyle. The sides are being drawn. The ‘Us” & the “Them” as i once heard it said. If you come out embracing any of the newly acceptable ex-taboos you are going to be embraced and applauded by the in crowd. If you stay on the side of Gospel Truth you will be subjected to all the names that they us to shame it.
    I hope that Ian will find the man that every man needs (Jesus) and that he will one day be truly courageous and say no to the sin nature and yes to becoming a new man in Christ.
    Then see who applauds his choices.

  34. I am just so sad for Thorpey and all those that get trapped in this quagmire of homosexuality. I hate to think that any would feel our ‘righteous anger’ is directed at them personally. It is the lifestyle that repels us and degrades all who fall prey to it. It is the lifestyle that deserves to be condemned. It is Satan’s work to deceive people into accepting it and the more it is accepted the more confused our young people will be about sex and life in general. We must be strong to condemn the lifestyle and eager to protect and support those who are vulnerable to be drawn into it’s clutches.

  35. Trevor Grace.

    “……And why is there silence about this or the other diseases and mental illnesses?….”

    The time and money spent on AIDS victims would be better spent on children with cancer I’d think. Or aged care.

    Smokers pay very high taxes for their ‘reckless’ lifestyles.
    Drinkers pay very high taxes for their ‘reckless’ lifestyles.
    Eaters pay for private dentistry because of their ‘reckless’ lifestyles.

    These two taxes and the private cost of dentistry are all government deterents so that people live better lives, and do not become a cost on society by way of public healthcare, among other matters.
    None of the above lifestyles are outlawed either, the deterents are simply there so as to keep the harm to a minimum. It’s common sense. And all is relatively fair.

    Now….when it comes to sexual healthcare, the entire nation’s children are taught about it in school because the matter is of such serious concern. Yet, and unbelievably, the government sets no tax deterrents whatsoever to stop the problems associated with hypersexual lifestyles.
    And all these problems are very well known by senior health professionals in several fields. Yet these health professionals never call for “”tax restraints”” on hypersexuals. Smokers, drinkers, and soon ‘fat and sugar eaters’ are forever asked to pay more in tax – but never hypersexuals.
    Lives are wasted, the lives of family and friends are bothered, and other lives are cut short by hypersexual activity. Very serious health matters I would have thought.

    Sexual healthcare should be exactly like dentistry – Pay As You Go.

    Gays etc use the public hospital services a lot, then they walk straight out the door and use their own money at spas, gyms, beauty salons, hairsalons, massages, tattooists, clothing shops ect, and then continue on with their “”unrestrained”” lifestyle. Then they return to the public hospitals – again. And again. Yet “”restrained”” smokers generally don’t go there till they are 60+. Restrained drinkers 75+[my father for one hasn’t been]

    The government can’t get away with the hypersexuals calling the shots over suicide, depression, drug use, alcoholism, hospital admittance ect for too much longer – while getting drinkers and smokers to pay for it all. Mums and dads who pay for dentists and health insurance wouldn’t like it either.

    And as I said – the money would be better spent on kids with cancer. Or aged care.

  36. Let us be sure of one thing – Ian Thorpe IS NOT ‘A’ homosexual, but he ‘THINKS’ he is homosexual.
    He is, in fact, a man made in God’s image but he has a confused mind, NOT an innate ‘sexual orientation’.
    We, therefore, must pray for him as Bill suggests. Pray that someone, guided by true love and the Holy Spirit, will be able to break the barrier satan has put around him and speak into his troubled mind. True freedom comes through Christ alone and Ian can be free if he gets the right help.
    We must never let go of that truth, regardless of what others like Doug might call us.

  37. There has to be one griper like Doug on every webpage doesn’t there, legal requirement I suppose, carting out all the tired clichés of the LGBT (lies, garbage and twaddle) movement.
    No Doug, heterosexuals are not to blame for homosexuals committing suicide. Thorpe was already a disturbed and somewhat poorly-adjusted individual before he made this announcement – and the pattern of drugs, drink and depression does widely correlate with homosexuality. We have A RIGHT to discuss these facts and if you can’t face up to reality, go and watch a Mickey Mouse cartoon instead. With high rates of disease, high rates of interpersonal violence, and very few lasting relationships, the homosexual life is just not “gay”. They commit suicide because of this, and because they were unbalanced people in the first place.
    NB Morality is not “hate”. Someone who hated homosexuals would just encourage them to go on doing what they are doing already.

  38. When I heard that Ian Thorpe received $400,000 for the interview I was especially glad that I hadn’t watched it.

  39. Thanks Mark. Yes it is an inherently dangerous lifestyle which we should wish on no one. There is certainly nothing to be proud about here. One might as well come out with great pride (and get paid $400,000 for an interview) to announce one smokes three packs of cigs a day.

  40. I can never understand why, because one doesn’t agree with the homosexual agenda in our society, we are labelled “bigoted”? It appears we aren’t entitled to our views, and, given the adulation the likes of celebrity homosexuals and their fan club, why aren’t people like us considered “brave” in speaking out against what is the “vox populi” on issues homosexual.
    I also have this question- can anyone give me a proper answer. If, as is claimed in the popular press, that the accepted body of scientific opinion is that homosexuality is “innate”, why does it take the likes of Thorpe such a long time to “realise” their homosexualilty?
    I would have thought that any trait that was “innate” is so powerful, it would manifest itself early on in life. And, why then do some people only “discover” their true sexuality after “experimenting” with the same sex?
    Does this mean that if a latent “homosexual” who’s orientation isn’t immediately manifest, doesn’t “experiment” with those of the same sex, they’d never be a homosexual. There’s an awful lot of internal inconsistencies in the logic of the homosexual agenda.

  41. With today’s news of the Crosby-Textor poll showing a big percentage in favour of same-sex marriage, I have searched to find the question(s) asked, as well as the way it was conducted etc. The websites on which one would expect to have the information don’t seem to. I hope Bill with his great skills may be able to enlighten us.

    Now I’ll leave commenting on the Fairfax website for a while and do something useful!

  42. Yes, the results of that poll were discussed at great length on ABC News Radio circa 10:30 AM this morning with Marriage Equity (don’t you love that euphemism) Spokesperson. I had to turn the car radio off at my destination, so I don’t know if there was a view form the opposing side, but I doubt it. Did anyone catch the item?

  43. Yeah, they are always confident that Australians want “homosexual marriage” when discussing Internet polls on radio stations but mention the word ‘referendum’ and they will shoot you down quick as.

    The homosexual lobby knows that at least for now they still have to hide behind blatant lies, double speak, and outright deception. When they have the power to really force their will, then we will see them abandon the rhetoric.

  44. This sentence reads like a verse out of revelation;
    (As Mark Peters had quoted from World Health…)
    “Failure to provide adequate HIV services for key groups – men who have sex with men, people in prison, people who inject drugs, sex workers and transgender people – threatens global progress on the HIV response, warns WHO.”
    Apart from drugs, these are all sex outside of God’s design.
    It is a bad idea.
    Surprise surprise.

  45. If as they say they don’t think that what goes on in their bedroom is any concern of ours why do they have this incessant need to tell the world their sexual orientation and activity.
    Lets face it homosexual activity is still one of the biggest killers on this planet. They know its different, They know its outside the design parameters for the human body so why do we and the rest of the world need to know??
    Oh and why doesn’t the WHO classify it as a pandemic??
    Personally For Thorpe’ I feel sad but he is aware that his “choices” for that is what it is, are his alone. And they are upon his head.

  46. I guess for people like that commentator it is a challenge in today’s political climate to only use strictly descriptive terms when discussing people’s “controversial” choices. This might be a considerable challenge, but I don’t believe it is impossible, self control being a fruit of the Spirit, it would bring positive outcomes. To rid this discussion of emotional ammunition sounds like a good thing to aim for.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  47. Ursula. If we were to use strictly descriptive terms when discussing or describing peoples / controversial Choices very little of those facts would be allowed in print, why do you think they call themselves GAY and not homosexual?
    Jesus was invited to dine with priests and Lawyers and he castigated them for their un-Godly actions. Jesus was self controlled at the time but the truth had to be said and not all were happy. In one instance he accused the lawyers of laying waste widow’s houses by the high cost of their fees. Much the same as it is today. We cannot beat around the Bush when something is wrong it must be said lest it be hidden. Self control is not the fruit of the spirit for it is the spirit that is disturbed by the wrongness and the spirit that urges us to make it right lest the fault be on our heads. People leading up to WW11 were frightened and thought they could pander to and make peace with the devil. Yet it was the spirit of its wrongness that many gave their lives for to make it right.
    David that great King as a Sheppard boy stood up in front of his people (army) and said how long will you forebear this man (Goliath) to insult and abuse our God. Then with no response he killed the man and took off his head.
    No, self control is not the fruit of the spirit. The spirit is the power of the conscience that strives to ensure we do and say what is right. Political correctness is the chain that will ultimately bind it until it is no longer heard because of fear.
    Fear not those that can physically harm you, fear more those that can destroy your soul. Hold Fast.

  48. His grandparents were very godly people and leaders in their church. My Mother knew them well. They would be horrified. Now 2 generations later we have this. Pray for this man – for his salvation.

  49. It is clear from Galatians 5:22 and 23 that self-control is one aspect of the fruit (singular) of the Spirit (meaning presumably the Holy Spirit- we can’t tell from the text because the original was probably all in capital letters). While I agree with Dennis in much of what he wrote, I respectfully suggest that he is wrong on the fruit question.

  50. Thank you David. Dennis, I at no time suggested to not call a spade a spade. I only suggested that words like “poofter” for which use the commentator got himself hauled over the coals, maybe not be used as they merely add emotional fuel to the fire, but don’t bring much light or rationality or whatever you want to call it into the discussion. Self control is the ability to speak the truth in love, exactly that, no more, no less.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

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