The Stinking Moonbat Agenda of the Secular Left

I used to be a radical secular lefty, so I know a bit about them. And even though I have now abandoned that position, I still keep a careful eye on what the secular left is up to. Hundreds of articles on this site provide documentation on what weird, diabolical and bizarre stuff they can promote and defend.

When you combine loopy leftism with diabolical misotheism, you seem to get every ugly agenda item available, whether pro-death activism, every sexual perversion in town, and all the nutjob causes you can imagine. And all these secular left attacks on decency and normality start to take their toll.

But as I have documented elsewhere, all this is not happening by accident. It is all nicely going to plan. Those who hate the West and its Judeo-Christian heritage have long been telling us how they plan to bring it all down. We call it cultural Marxism. See here for more on this:

poo pcAnd the various causes these guys champion tells us a whole lot about where they are coming from, and what their value system is all about. The things they fight for tell us what they regard as important and essential. And given so many of their causes are completely nutzo, we can learn a lot about these folks real fast.

Consider the latest example of the high priorities of the secular left. Students at a California university had yet another protest (do they ever actually attend classes, or are they just fulltime agitators and protestors?). And you won’t believe what they are making a stink about (pun intended).

Well, they have organised a “Sh*t-in”. Yes, I kid you not. So there they are, sitting on toilets in the public to demand “non-gender inclusive bathrooms”. Yes you did read that right. They are doing public potty protests to speak up for the vitally important issue of our day: unisex toilets.

Forget about millions of people starving to death. Forget about the massacres and mass beheadings of IS. Forget about helping those lacking housing and basic amenities in life. Nope, we have something far more important to spend our time on: poo protests. And for some reason these guys want us to take them perfectly seriously.

One article on this opens as follows:

Students at San Diego State University (SDSU) hosted a “Sh*t-In” event last Tuesday morning to protest non-gender inclusive bathrooms. The event’s Facebook page says the goal is “to raise awareness and advocacy for Gender Neutral/ Gender non segregated bathrooms.”
“For trans* and gender nonconforming individuals, gender segregated bathrooms can be spaces where they are met with intimidation, harassment, run-ins with security, and/or violence,” the page description says. “These occurrences happen when people using the restroom police the gender of others based on binary assumptions and expectations of who men and women are and what they look like.”
According to SDSU’s #TuesdayTrivia, there are already more than 10 gender-neutral bathrooms on the campus as part of the university’s “commitment to diversity and inclusion.”
Meanwhile, queer and transgender organizations at the University of Oregon (UO) also protested traditional male-female bathrooms through a “ Gender Inclusive Bathroom Challenge,” where students pledged to boycott traditional campus bathrooms during Oct. 14-24.
“Having non-gender neutral bathrooms makes them (transgender and gender-fluid students) afraid and uncomfortable. It is not fair to that population of students to have to think about that on a daily basis,” Kayla Caddell, a student participating in the challenge told Daily Emerald, UO’s student newspaper. “It has checked my privilege in a way I didn’t expect it would.”
Elle Mallon, the Gender and Sexual Diversity advocate for Associated Students of OU (ASUO), led the challenge, alongside Maure Smith-Benanti, director of LGBT Education and Support Services. The pair hopes the challenge will combat the discrimination and discomfort facing non-conforming students.
“We find that restrooms and lockers rooms are the places where transgender people encounter aggression and micro-aggression,” Smith-Benanti told the Daily Emerald. “The most important thing is everyone needs a safe place to do their business.”

There you have it folks: poo PC is now all the rage, and this is something our enlightened students are telling us is of utmost necessity. Umm, in the old days, students might have worked to end slavery, or help get young men and women around the world to share the liberating message of Jesus Christ.

But today the one thing that matters is the ability to poo together with men and women. Yep, I can’t think of a more worthy campaign either. This is right up there with any other great activist cause of history. Isn’t it great to see how Western university students are turning out today.

If you ever wondered why the West is going down the gurgler fast, heading into the septic tank of history, well, now we know. Literally, in this case. And it really does stink.

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20 Replies to “The Stinking Moonbat Agenda of the Secular Left”

  1. Hmmm…I wonder if aggravated rape is included as part of diversity and inclusion? This is sick. People are not taking rape very seriously, and resulting in very few arrests, prosecutions and convictions. When I was a uni student, the stats were, only 1 in 10 rapes were reported to the police. That’s right folks, you heard me right: 1 in 10.

    How much longer before there is not more West? At the rate we are going, it won’t be long. People have become apostate. Meanwhile there is a growth of Christianity, and morals, both in Russia and in China. China’s economy is rising, The USA and Australia’s is falling free fall.

    We have to smarten up, and fast!!

    Erik Ahlblad

  2. While I also strongly disagree with neutralising gender, and cross-dressing, and such protesting as you describe, there are actually a few people around who are biologically not male or female.

    I think we need to recognise this factual truth, and propose an alternative non-shameful way for these people operate in. I know a lot of intersex people can operate normally as either a male or female, but, there are some who have genetic abnormalities such that they can’t. It’s part of our fallen world that shouldn’t be so, but nevertheless is. Perhaps they could use a disabled toilet, but it could be renamed to something broader?

  3. These are just pretentious, spoiled middle class kids playing at tasteless gesture politics. The real revolutionary youngsters fought and died at the barricades in nineteenth and twentieth century Europe.

    The Left has been going to seed for decades, no moral compass to speak of.

  4. Isn’t this a storm in a tea-cup really? I’ve been to the theatre many times and at intermission the queue for the womens toilets are a mile long and barely cleared by the time the show restarts, while access to the mens toilets is unimpeded.

    Wouldn’t unisex toilets in all situations make it far more equitable for all people needing to use them, no matter what their personal requirements or circumstances are?

    A wonderful example of this is at Southbank in Brisbane, where there is a row of public toilets near the outdoor swimming area, all unisex, a number of them available for people with differing and special access requirements, along with those who have special child-care requirements. No fuss, all very straightforward, and no one is disadvantaged.

  5. Nathan
    For the sake of what fraction of one percent of the population are we going to open up this craziness?

    Given that the people would operate normally as the gender they grew up with, is this really a problem that requires a solution? The lobby is probably more for those who chose to change their gender from unambiguously one to the other.

  6. Thanks Toby, but no, this is not a storm in a teacup. Hardly. This is all part of the cultural Marxists’ war against the West and against Christianity. To target gender distinctions is to attack man as made in the image of God, and is to attack God himself. This has nothing to do with mere convenience and the like, but is part of a full-scale war against gender, and God’s design for human sexuality. Thus it is not at all insignificant, but a major issue we must be aware of and deal with. But I have entire chapters in my new book on this, so you might need to read up here!

  7. Such people have always tried to excuse themselves by saying that they are not forcing others to be like them; if we don’t want to have a homosexual marriage, for instance, we don’t have to, we should just let those that want to, do so. So how does this work with unisex toilets? If a man wants to use a urinal without the risk of women walking in on him, how does he do that?

    I don’t necessarily have a problem with unisex toilets in principle. I regularly used one at work years ago, but that was one without a urinal, men and women had separate cubicles (in the same room), and we all simply shared the wash basin area.

    But these recent moves go well beyond that to demanding that there be no restrictions, which, if successful, effectively imposes that view on everyone.

  8. Thanks Philip. But of course this has nothing to do with, say, the practical necessities of small business, but everything to do with the radical gender bender agenda. That is an altogether different matter, and one which we all should be greatly concerned about.

  9. Its a war against basic natural sex differences and their role in society. It means western society is absolutely going down the toilet fast.

    God will not be mocked.

  10. It might seem a bit off topic but have you heard of the International Paruresis Association? This is about people who are terrified of using public toilets, for a huge variety of reasons. Folk will “hang onto it” sometimes for hours, in order to either get home to their own loo or else another one that they are familiar with. It’s a serious problem and I’ve had to personally deal with it, with regards to a family member.
    Start introducing genderless toilets everywhere and these terrified folk will have absolute mind-benders.

    I’m actually partially involved right now with new facilities at a community place that I help with; the designer wants to do unisex and some of the rest of us are furious because it would embarrass many of the elderly folk who are likely to use them. I think it’ll be finally male toilet plus female-cum-disabled. Thankfully we don’t get any of “the other” (as far as we know!).

    There’s no sense of decency anymore.

  11. Nathan, you said:

    “there are actually a few people around who are biologically not male or female.”

    But that is contrary to the Word, where God declared that He made them “male and female”.

    So I would question whether those making the claim understand what they are saying – are they telling God He’s a liar? (Again? Still?)

  12. Sadly the western world is finished, all we can do now is protect and save as many as we can, as we warn others and watch the west go down like a sinking ship, with fools hanging on and playing on deck until it is too late.

    Once their little experiment is finished and there are basically none of them left, we will be left to pick up the pieces, once again, as we have to do every time the moonbat alphabet soup group are given any airtime.

    Personally the wife and I are just bunkering down, doing missionary work with those we can find, and are getting ready to bug out until the dust settles.
    Neil Waldron.

  13. “The most important thing is everyone needs a safe place to do their business.” Evidently, it’s not the most important thing at all. Just what percentage of the populace would actually require this bizarre accommodation? And what is “micro-aggression” ?? A disapproving side-glance or possibly negative thought? Oh, for the days when it was a sign of desperate bravado to sneak into the men’s bathroom during a beer-filled rock concert…Debauchery despots are becoming the norm (at least via the media) and I can only feel sadness and dread for future generations.

  14. One of the main reasons to lobby and grant more H1 visas which are actually behind the success of Microsoft and apple and many more… It starts right from the school by the time kids are in high school most teens are either become mothers or drop out living together with their boyfriends or becoming addicts. Lord had a different plans for my boys to pull out my two sons out of this not so christian culture on time I came back from states ….now my boys are doing great in all aspects. older one went back to Rochester University and younger one in nepal.

  15. Toby Bennett is correct, up to a point. Separate male and female toilets are only necessary when they contain multiple cubicles. When each toilet has only a single cubicle, they can be used by anyone. I have believed, for example, that all toilettes at churches should be unisex (unless its a megachurch with hundreds of congregants).

  16. Public toilets are a matter of public conveniance and safety.

    10yld girls should never have to share a public toilet area with males – moreso one’s who are older.

    The next time this matter is raised in public – the local Police Commisioner should be asked if they would like to be filmed shareing the local public toilet with a 10yld girl. Or female officers being filmed with boys.

    That will put an end to it.

  17. What a load of crap 🙂 Sad thing is these guys will fight to the death for it though!!!

  18. Winston Churchill said of Socialism: “The philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy, its imherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery”. This cultural war is like a cancer from within to those of an opposing view.What can it profit a man, woman or trans to be so relentlessly negative? When they have torn everything down will they know how to build anything up?

  19. John, there are exceptions to the rule. Male have XY chromosomes and females XX, but the curse of the fall has produced XXX, XYY, XXXY and such. Some of these people, then, are not technically male or female (but neither are they queer, homosexual, etc.). See Turner syndrome or Klinefelter syndrome, for example.

    So are they lying? There’s a grain of truth, but mostly they are twisting it to demolish gender (entirely). There are genetic disorders, though, that do warrant some sort of compassionate response, I think personally.

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