Orlando: Homosexual Pride and Prejudice

So a homosexual Muslim slaughters 50 other homosexuals, and it is all the fault of conservatives and Christians. Yes, of course – that makes perfect sense to me. How could it be otherwise? It is all THEIR fault. That is the message constantly being heard from the loony left and their sycophants in the lamestream media.

And that is also the message being pushed by the homosexual activists. Indeed, I have heard everyone blamed for the Orlando massacre except the guy who did it – the Muslim homosexual. I have heard Christians get the blame, and conservatives, and Republicans, and gun owners, and pro-lifers, to name but a few.

You name it, we are all responsible for the 100 casualties in Florida. But somehow Omar Mateen – the guy who actually did it – is not. One of the latest to get into the act of blaming everyone else is Tasmanian homosexual rights campaigner Rodney Croome. In a news item today we find him saying this:

This terrible event highlights the hatred and prejudice that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people live with around the world. We all have a responsibility to challenge this hatred and prejudice wherever it exists, be it at home, at work, in the classroom, at church or in society more broadly. In particular, our leaders have a responsibility to do all they can to remove prejudice from the law and foster a society where hatred cannot take root.

orlando 13There you have it folks: prejudice – whatever exactly that means – in the churches and homes and schools is the cause of this shooting. Besides offering us a complete ethereal bogeyman which he leaves utterly undefined, how exactly would such prejudice be rooted out anyway?

If he means (and I am sure he does) that any Jew or Muslim or Christian who thinks that homosexuality is sinful is to blame, then what does he want from them? To have them all make mass public renunciations of their closely held religious convictions, deny their consciences, and jump on the homosexual bandwagon?

Is that what he is calling for? Or does he want every home checked out by the pink thought police to ensure no “prejudicial” thinking is taking place there? Will he ban all religious books found in homes that dare to differ from him on this issue. Will he censor all churches, all home Bible studies and all religious conferences in his fight against “prejudice”?

Will he demand that all politicians and public figures who happen to hold a different view on these matters be forced to resign, and/or be forced to go into re-education camps until they think correctly? Will he demand all work places fire anyone critical of the homosexual lifestyle?

That is not only the clear impression one gets from reading these folks, but of course much of this is already happening all over the West, as I have documented countless times now in my books and articles. Everywhere those who do not toe the homosexual line are losing their jobs, being fined and even jailed.

You know what? That sure sounds like prejudice to me. It sounds like animus, hatred, bigotry and bias against millions of people who dare to disagree with the homosexual activists and their never-ending agenda. That in my books is real prejudice.

That in my books is real hatred. That in my books is real bigotry. That in my books is real intolerance. But hey, I don’t expect many of these folks to get things right here. After all, if they can manage to somehow blame Christians and conservatives for what a devout Muslim and homosexual did in Florida, they can make up anything.

That is how the secular left operates. It seeks to recreate reality as it deconstructs truth and erects wobbly edifices based on falsehoods, deception and moonbattery. But for those out there who still live in the real world and have not drunk the Koolaid of the radicals, there is still hope.

We can still keep speaking truth to them. And the truth here is rather obvious. Omar pulled the trigger – not me and not you. The lefties can seek to blame us all they like but I for one am not buying it for a moment. Time to get back down to planet earth here.

And time to get real about the real culprit here: Islam. For 1400 years Islam has insisted that the only good end to a homosexual is a dead end. As Mark Steyn handily summarises, “The arithmetic isn’t complicated: the more Islam, the fewer gays.” I document in detail the various Islamic commands to kill homosexuals here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2016/06/15/homosexuality-islam-christianity/

So this is not an issue about gun control, or Christianity control, or conservatism control. This is about one thing: Islam control. Put the brakes on Islam and you will put the brakes on these now routine jihadi massacres. And start with a bit of honesty in reporting as well. As Michael Brown asks:

What if headlines read, “Gay man kills 49 gays and wounds 53 others”? Or, “Gay man involved in the worst mass murder in American history”? And how are Christians to be implicated in that scenario? The bottom line is that there is more than enough hatred in the world today, much of it leading to outright violence. We should therefore place the blame where it belongs rather than falsely accuse those who lovingly differ with homosexual practice.

Yes I will put the blame where it belongs. But I realise that the left, the media, and the homosexual lobby will put it everywhere but where it belongs. No surprises there.


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  1. What if the quote was reworded toThis terrible event highlights the hatred and prejudice that Christians live with around the world. We all have a responsibility to challenge this hatred and prejudice wherever it exists, be it at home, at work, in the classroom, at church or in society more broadly. In particular, our leaders have a responsibility to do all they can to remove prejudice from the law and foster a society where hatred cannot take root.

    And why were there no lights/flags/vigils for the poor girls ISIS burnt alive for refusing to give in to becoming their sex slaves?

  2. In the first intifada Palestinian gays were rounded up and had suicide vests strapped to them, while they were told …….”You have shamed your parents and Allah, now it is time to make good with them.”

    There is no salvation in Islam, you are either a ‘good’ muslim or a ‘bad’ muslim……and if you have been ‘bad’….then picking up a gun and ‘killing for Allah’ makes you ‘good’.

    God Bless Bill.

  3. The scary thing is the loony left want to shut down one of the main ways to combat this craziness – open free speech!!

  4. Bill, honestly, I’m sick of everyone saying this is the worst mass killing in American history.

    People ever hear of Wounded Knee? 291 I think was the number killed? But, they weren’t gay so they don’t count, right?

    Just wanted to get that off my chest…;-)

  5. Peter Hitchens, in his recent blog entry, http://hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk/2016/06/some-reflections-on-the-orlando-horror.html , highlights another element in the Orlando gunman’s profile: Apparently reliable sources are already reporting that Mr Mateen was a regular user of steroids – a likely factor in his reportedly, at times, aggressive, and ill-tempered manner.

    Substance abuse not uncommonly features in disinhibition and breakdown of individuals’ normal respect for commonly-accepted taboos against murder and fornication.

  6. In 2010, I had a run in with my homosexual MP for Bournemouth West, Conor Burns.

    I wrote to him over my concern that (Sir) Ian McKellen, founder of Stonewall and of Lord of the Rings fame, might come to the schools in Bournemouth to peddle his gay propaganda, telling children that “we must all be kind to one another.”

    How any parent would want their child near this filthy sodomite, let alone be touched by him, beggars belief.

    Following this visit , a councillor, Chris Windows, was suspended from Bristol City Council because he raised concerns about McKellen’s visits and was forced to attend diversity training at Stonewall’s Headquarters. Finally he was forced to step down because the hate mail he was receiving from LGBTs was effecting his wife’s health.

    In response to my request that Mckellen would not get near children in Bournemouth, my MP, Conor Burns answered by saying that Mckellen would teach the children social skills.

    I asked him what social skills Ian McKellen teaches children by reciting the blasphemous, pornographic and necrophile poem, ‘The Love that Dares to Speak Its Name’, by James Kirkup,which is a graphic description of a Roman soldier pouring out his gay lust onto the dead body of Jesus Christ?

    I also him asked what social skills he was teaching children by bragging about ripping pages from the Bible that condemn homosexual behaviour and using them as lavatory paper,?

    I asked Conor what social skills McKellen taught by having his friend Elton John stage a charity performance, in aid of Stonewall at the Albert Hall in 1999, where gay strippers, dressed as cub scouts, stripped off their uniforms and caps, knelt on the floor, grabbed their groins and stripped down to skimpy shorts in front of a large audience that included the Prime Minister’s wife, Cherie Blair?

    I asked what social skills he taught children by dropping his trousers to reveal his genitals, in a performance of King Lear, at the Royal Shakespear Theatre, Stratford on Avon.

    Conor Burns simply replied, “Thank you for writing to me again. Hatred and intolerance have no place in civilised society. This correspondence is now closed.”

    Presumably if there had a been a similar event to that in Orlando, I would have been blamed for it.

    We now have Islamic gay terrorists and gay islamic terrorists.

    David Skinner UK

    David Skinner

  7. Dear Bill,

    Why is it so surprising that there was a massacre in a gay nightclub in Orlando? Any symbol of Western decadence which all good Muslims should hate are a target for the more militant amongst them. The heavy rock concert in Paris was another.What angers me is that there has never been half the fuss over the prolonged persecution of Christians either under communism or Islam. NEVER have I ever heard the MSM defend Christianity as a religion of peace which they bend over backwards to say about Islam. Even if a person was only vaguely familiar with the teaching and life of Jesus Christ as written in the New Testament they would have to admit that. They never will of course because Satan controls the MSM and he is the father of lies.

  8. The fact is, the Left will blame everything and anything other than Islamism. Isn’t this plain and simply due to the fact that both the Left and Islam are rooted in Satan? Satan doesn’t want to war against himself. Especially this late in the game.

  9. We get blamed for trying to tell the truth. It’s like a drug addict saying everything would be alright if people would just leave him to his addiction. If, as these people suggest, it is simply the religions from the Middle East that destructively promulgate the idea that there are some things wrong with homosexuality then we would not have cultures as diverse as Australian and new Guinea Aboriginal cultures and philosophers like Plato and Roman historians all condemning homosexual practice based on what they have observed. When we see the truth that Elton John’s so called “marriage” is not what people have been lead to believe but is in fact what is known as an “open marriage” and when we see empirical facts as presented by people like Professor Mark Regnerus that specifically link this sort of behavior to adverse outcome in children, then we are condemned as bigots. The basis of bigotry, however, is holding to a belief when the evidence clearly shows otherwise.

  10. “At least I’m not an arachnophobe” – you know one of those people who are bigoted and intolerant towards spiders…

    I’m just paraphrasing Bill Shorten when he labelled Cory Bernardi a homophobe, like a brat in a playground who calls others names and does not communicate in a mature way.

    I was just thinking today about the way the term homophobe is used, after seeing some viscious comments on facebook by lefties about the marriage plebiscite.

  11. Don’t you know Jeremy, that there is homophobe gene. We were born homopobes. Our pappies and grand pappies were all homophobes. At least 80 % of identical twins are homophobes. Some of us might have even felt suicidal and tried to change. But we cannot. So let’s be out and proud.

    How this gene was passed on through generations we are not sure. There plenty of theories and perhaps Richard Dawkins could throw some light on it.


    However, we can be sure of one thing and that is, wilth advances in scientific research, they will one day discover the gay gene. The only problem is this is that if that is so, they could screen it out which mean the end for us!

    By the way there are also transgender homophobes. For instance there are men who become women but hate lesbians . Likewise there are lesbian transphobes who hate transgender women. So we can say there is a whole rainbow of homophobes. Diversity is a wonderful thing.

    David Skinner UK

  12. Thank you David…that made me laugh.

    In Stealing from God by Frank Turek p 109 he makes a great point about how if people are born with a ‘gay’ gene, then gay bashers might be born with an ‘anti gay’ gene…after all – “people are just dancing to their DNA, so you can’t blame them.”
    In an atheistic materlialistic universe nothing is objectively wrong at with anything at anytime… gay marriage is no better than gay bashing……we’re just chemicals colliding…

    Atheists know there are morals, whilst believing in nothing but matter – totally inconsistent.

  13. Why aren’t the homosexual activists blaming themselves for the Orlando shooting? After all, it was they who lobbied government to decriminalise sodomy and made it possible for “gay night clubs” to legally exist. This made the job of the shooter much easier if his object was to kill as many homosexuals as possible. Prior to the decriminalisation of sodomy where would he have found so many homosexuals in one place and in a venue so conductive to a mass shooting?

    Also, by making homosexuality so “in your face” public, this has obviously enraged the Islamists to the point where they can take it no longer and feel the need to retaliate. If the homosexual activists had been more modest and reserved in their promotion of all things “gay” they may not have come to the attention of the Jihadists.

    Obviously I wouldn’t put the blame for this shooting on the victims, but the above scenarios are at least as credible as the absurd and convoluted theories being proffered by the loony left who are attempting to blame conservative Christians for this crime!

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria

  14. Further regarding the so called ‘gay’ gene I saw this good comment by someone on facebook

    “Homosexuality isn’t genetic. You can’t pass it on. The act that goes on between people who call themselves “gay” does not reproduce a new generation. That’s how it cannot be passed on. You need to be able to reproduce children to pass on your genes. “Gays” can’t do this. Homosexuality is not genetic.”

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