The War on Sonia: Part of the War on the West

For daring to suggest that Muslim immigration policies should be looked at a bit more closely, Sonia Kruger was blasted by every leftist moonbeam in Australia – and beyond. Her sensible remarks about Islam have made her Public Enemy Number One by all the usual suspects. I wrote her story up the other day:

With nearly 20,000 Facebook shares and over a hundred comments in less than two days, that article certainly seemed to strike a chord with a lot of people. Indeed, millions of ordinary Australians fully agree with her. She had been perfectly sensible to say this as a concerned mother, having just viewed the gruesome pictures of toddlers and children being mowed down in Nice by yet another Muslim jihadist.

krugerYet for her troubles all hell has broken out amongst the lefty trendies who drone on and on about tolerance, acceptance and diversity – except when someone dares to offer a different point of view from theirs. Then the PC loons turn on you like you were Attila the Hun – or worse.

So now Sonia is being dragged through the ringer – even by her own supposed friends and colleagues. As one headline puts it: “Embattled Sonia Kruger has few friends in TV willing to publicly support her after Muslim comment”. The news item begins:

If Sonia Kruger was hoping for vocal support from her friends and colleagues in television, she’ll be bitterly disappointed. On-air faces across the industry have been instructed to keep quiet on the issue, it can be revealed, leaving the embattled Today Extra co-host to face the music alone. Pressure is mounting on Kruger and Channel Nine in the wake of her “extreme” comments on Monday, including her view Australia should close its borders to Muslims to prevent terrorism.

And of course the odd thing is she was perfectly right – her concerns are fully justified. Just today we have another headline making her case: “Mother and her three daughters, aged between 8 and 14, are stabbed by ‘Muslim’ man in French holiday resort because they were ‘scantily dressed’.” The story opens:

A mother and her three daughters were reportedly stabbed while on holiday in France because they were ‘scantily dressed’. A knifeman attacked the woman and her three daughters, aged eight, 12, and 14, in the village of Garda-Colombe near Laragne-Monteglin, in south-east France, at around 10.30 this morning.
The attacker, named locally as Moroccan-born Mohamed Boufarkouch, was later arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and remains in police custody. Local reports suggest the Boufarkouch attacked the victims because they were ‘scantily dressed’. The victims are believed to have been wearing shorts and t-shirts at the time.

It should be obvious that the ‘Moroccan-born Mohamed Boufarkouch’ was just another irate Presbyterian. After all, we know for a fact that Islam is a religion of peace, and Muslims should not be tarred with hateful stereotypes. But even if we were to actually believe he was a Muslim, he must just be another ‘lone-wolf’ and this is likely just another act of ‘workplace violence’.

The same with the guy who attacked a few dozen folks with an axe in Germany yesterday. Obviously he too was just another deranged Baptist. Sure, he yelled out “Allahu Akbar” while engaging in the attack, but we sure don’t want to rush to judgment here. It is simply being bigoted to believe that this means he was a Muslim:

18 people were injured after a man armed with an axe went on a bloody rampage after storming a train in Germany. Armed police swarmed the area soon after receiving reports that a man hacked at passengers on board a train close to Wurzburg in southern Germany. Police have confirmed that 18 people have been injured in the horrifying attack – three of them are fighting for life.
A 17-year-old Afghan refugee believed to be behind the attack was shot dead by police as he reportedly charged at them following the incident near Würzburg-Heidingsfeld station. The boy is reported to have shouted “Allahu Akbar” before the attack and investigators believed he had become a ‘self-radicalised’ Muslim.

Yep, another Anglican with a grievance. So obviously Sonia Kruger does not know what she is talking about. We are all safe here. Islam is not a problem. We should just be more loving and accepting. And this must be true because Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has assured us that we can defeat terrorism with “understanding, empathy and love”.

Even our police have taken his advice to heart. We have just learned that the top cop in charge of the Lindt siege in Sydney in 2014 said that the Islamic terrorist Man Monis “had the same rights as anyone else”! Yes he actually said that.

Um, no, criminals and terrorists doing their thing do not have the same rights as innocent civilians. If they are captured, then yes they have the right to a fair trial. But when they are involved in acts of murder and mayhem, they lose their rights, including their right to life. The innocent take priority over those who would slaughter them.

But such is the PC idiocy of our times, when every intellectualoid, media talking head, and elitist wants to make excuses for Islamic terrorism, while siding against ordinary men, women and children. They are in fact traitors. They are warring against freedom and democracy and should be named and shamed.

Columnist Andrew Bolt has recently been forced to move his family after receiving more death threats for speaking out on Islam. A piece he wrote a year ago is even truer today. The headline was this: “I blame our politicians for endangering Australians’ lives”. As he wrote then:

I accuse Australia’s political class of a crime. Of wilfully endangering the safety of Australians. They — with much media help — have put Australians in danger through years of reckless immigration and refugee policies. And it’s come to what we saw on Saturday — anti-terrorism police in Melbourne arresting five more young men from Muslim families, two for allegedly plotting attacks on police on Anzac Day.
These men were allegedly associates of Numan Haider, an Afghan refugee and Islamic State supporter who last year stabbed two Victorian policemen before being shot dead. Police have been typically coy about identifying exactly which “community” the five were from, refusing in two press conferences on Saturday to even mention the words “Islam” or “Muslim”.
But their use of the word “community” made clear they meant something other than the Australian one. The fact is we have imported people from “communities” so at odds with our own that a minority of members has declared war on our institutions, our police and even — allegedly — Anzac Day, the most potent symbol of our nationhood.

Every day in the Western world more innocent lives are being sacrificed – sacrificed to the political ideology of Islam, and to political correctness, failed multi culti policies, dhimmitude, cowardly leaders and politicians, and the secular left’s war on the West.

Sonia had every right to be concerned about her children. I am concerned about my children. Millions of people are concerned as they see the West imploding as we side with our enemies and turn on ourselves. We are committing national suicide.

As Andrew Bieszad put it recently, “Prepare For a New Dark Ages Because Western Civilization is Dying Right Before Our Eyes”. Let me close with something I just spotted in today’s press: “Desperate refugee parents send teens back [to Africa] to escape Melbourne’s violent youth culture”.

Um, I think that says it all. And I think that tells us that Sonia was 100 per cent right, and her attackers 100 per cent wrong.

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28 Replies to “The War on Sonia: Part of the War on the West”

  1. Islam is a global movement bent on coercing the rest of the wold into following Islam. Just look at the history of Islam and it will show the sword of Islam either attempting to (Europe before the Crusades) or successfully conquering countries and enforcing Islam by the sword. It is written in the Koranic scriptures that Islam must attack infidels, behead them or force them to become Muslims. There are over 100 verses exhorting Muslims to do harm against the infidel. If it was a book written today, it would be banned.
    Yet the most aggressive movement in world history remains unopposed in any meaningful way because its totalitarianism is cloaked under the cover of religion, or, as os often named: the religion of peace.
    Most of the world has not yet realised that their view of religion is not the same as ours. We have a “Laissez faire” attitude that everyone has the right to their own religions beliefs. However, what they do not realise is that Islam does not share the same point of view. In their eyes, there is only ONE acceptable religion but force is acceptable in implementing the divine instructions handed down in their strategic war manual: the Koran.
    What is particularly galling is the support handed to the ant-Christian and anti-western Left. They think that they can use Islam to destroy our western traditions, morals manners and lifestyle. However, it is Islam that is using the Left as their Trojan horse to enter the our city gates.

  2. If people were going around the world attacking innocent people in the name of Jesus, I would call the Christian community to account, I would be asking “where in the New Testament and the teachings of Christ are believers called to deliver Judgement on our fellow man?”

  3. As an Australian she has every right to voice her opinion. Every one of us are entitled to free speech. Sonia has more support than she will ever realise.

  4. Why don’t the polies stick up for Australians and not only see them when they want your votes? I fully support Sonia as all aussies should. This is our country after all – if they dont like that pack your bags and leave.

  5. The fact that people who speak out about Islam or Muslims then need bodyguards or more tells us how peaceful this ‘religion’ really is. What gutless friends and colleagues Sonia has – and gutless so called leaders

  6. In WW2 we locked up Germans in Australia because Germany was public enemy no 1, even though not all Germans agreed with Hitler. Islam has declared war on the west.

  7. BRAVO Sonia. Didn’t you know you are not allowed to disagree with the loony left who have their tunnel vision illusions set in concrete? And good on Ben Fordham for supporting you. Personally I feel offended at being called an Infidel. I think that is racist. These people who also have their stupid beliefs set in cement are not suited to our country. They appear not to be able to think for themselves just like the loony left. Perhaps we should pity them all, those who are so brainless but worryingly also a brutal violent lot

  8. I despair that I’m living in a country where the opinion of one young woman is the opening for such racist vitriol.
    I and you, and everyone else in Australia has the right to an opinion on everything.
    Sonja did not tell anyone to go blow up a supermarket, or church or chocolate shop, or mosque
    She merely expressed her concern which thousands of Australians – if they had the guts to say out loud – agree with.
    Sonja, you will never know how many of your concerned fellow Australians agree with you
    And shame, shame, shame on your friends and colleagues who don’t Open their mouths to back your right to speak.
    A day of shame for Australia.

  9. This, from the European Court of Human Rights in a case from Austria, is interesting on whether describing Mohamed at a conference as a pedophile, was criminal. It is an accepted fact that he married a ‘wife’ who was aged 6 at the time and ‘consummated’ her at the age of 9.(aka raped perhaps ? does a 9 year old have legal capacity to consent ? )

    This is what the court said

    “Europe: Do we have the Right to Criticise Islam?

    The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is called upon to decide on the scope of the right to criticise Islam in the case of ES v. Austria, (No. 38450/12) in which a speaker was convicted in Austria of blasphemy: for criticising the sexuality of Muhammad. The convicted speaker appealed to the ECHR.

    The speaker who filed the case before the Strasbourg Court was convicted of publicly “disparaging a person who is an object of veneration”, namely “Muhammad” the “prophet of Islam”, in a way likely to arouse justified indignation, in violation of section 188 of the Austrian Criminal Code.

    The contentious statements were made during a series of lectures entitled “Basic Information on Islam” at the Institute of Education of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), given in front of about thirty participants.

    The speaker is alleged in substance to have said that Mohammad had pedophile tendencies (he “liked to do it with children”) because he married a girl of six (Aisha) and consummated that marriage when she was only nine. The speaker noted that this was problematic since “the highest commandment for a male Muslim is to imitate Muhammad”, adding more generally that “Muslims get into conflict with democracy and our value system.”

    Following a complaint made by some journalists, the speaker was ordered to pay a 480 euro fine or serve sixty days in prison in default of payment. The Austrian courts gave this ruling in order to protect the “religious feelings” of Muslims and the “religious peace” in Austria.

    The speaker brought the case before the European Court of Human Rights who will decide on whether freedom of expression prevailed over the respect for Muhammad and the “religious feelings” of Muslims.

    The European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ ), an amicus curiae, was authorised to submit a written observation to the Court.

    In the view of the ECLJ, only the propagation of gratuitously offensive and unnecessary obscenities to the debate as well as statements inciting to imminent violence could be restricted. Any other statement, especially one that is based on facts, should be guaranteed under freedom of expression.

    In its submission, the ECLJ particularly expounded on the attempts made by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, at the international level, to introduce into international law a crime of blasphemy under the name “defamation of Islam”. The ECLJ opposed this initiative at the United Nations for several years, saying that the freedoms of religion and expression are complementary and that a right for believers not to be criticised does not exist (neither does it exist for unbelievers). More generally, the sincere quest for truth should always be encouraged and should benefit from freedom of expression.

    According to the ECLJ, the right to freedom of expression of the speaker has been violated in this case, since she was convicted of denigrating a belief in itself, that is to say for blasphemy, even though the remarks were based on historical facts whose propagation, in a political context, contributes to public debate.”

    Interesting that it was the journalist, in this case, who objected and caused the prosecution. The Court is being invited to find that the criminal conviction of the speaker had been a violation of her right to freedom of expression, contrary to Article 10 of the Convention.{“itemid”:[“001-159843”]}

  10. Sonia, a breath of fresh air in all this political correctness. You restore a little faith in the media. you are natural and said what you felt. Australians are sick and tired of American Style television news. Lisa Wilkinson, your sarcastic comments towards people you are interviewing are very boring. No you are having a go at your own team mates. What religion does that male person on the panel follow. (who cares?) Sonia you deserve a promotion from the low life media you are employed by. Hold your head high.

  11. Why are we so intent on berating someone who says what she is concerned about. I lay odds on that Sonia has just said what the majority are thinking and to scared to voice themselves. Not every Muslim is a terrorist – however not every Catholic was part of the Spanish Inquisition either. I personally believe that this political correctness will eventually come to bite us all on the bum

  12. Totally agree with Sonia and all the comments here. We have a situation in Australia we need to resolve: our government has abandoned its people. The next persons harmed by this cult should launch a class action against Turnbull and his mates for dereliction of their duty of care to us the people of Australia.

  13. Australia is supposed to allow freedom of speech. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Whether you agree with it or not does not matter. Leaders of the Islam faith in Australia can have their say and do. Sonja verbalized her concerns… when we get to the point of character assassination for ones thoughts on a subject then it is a sad sad world that we live in.

  14. Isn’t ‘cultural differences’ the excuse of the day? Seems to be fine and dandy to brutally murder a young moslem women in Melbourne with not one moslem friend or family speaking out and identifying this poor woman, who remained unidentified for a month. Husband has now been charged after beating the three children. Yes we have domestic violence in our ‘culture’ but I’m pretty sure family, friends and associates would all not keep quiet and cover for the murderous thug. Then we have that ‘little’ snip known as FGM, which seems to be alive and well here in Australia despite it being illegal. A mother!!! and some so called nurse subjected two little girls to this pleasantry recently and have not even done jail time. The father who is a doctor was also aware, despite apparently not actually taking part. Don’t even get me started on the rapes, (probably deserved, after all it’s not the males fault if he can’t control himself). The disdain shown to females is not something we consider acceptable in this country, although none of the so called feminists seem to be making much of a noise about this subject, another case of let’s not offend the moslems. It is ridiculous that anyone who stands up to speak about these subjects and so many more need to be discussed is instantly labelled a ‘racist’. People are allowed to have a differing opinion and if all you can contribute to the conversation is name calling, like little children, perhaps you may need to grow up a little and start acting like reasonable human beings and accord others the rights you’re happy to have for yourself.

  15. I totally agree with Sonia. Stop Muslims now before Australia turns into another France.

  16. If Islam wasn’t being touted as a religion it would be outlawed without hesitation in every western or democratic society!
    When is the world going to wake up to the fact that Islam is teaching hate and murder.
    Any other organization that promoted this type of ideology would have been outlawed long ago.

  17. Totally agree with Sonia. She said what most of us are thinking & too afraid to say. Her colleagues & friends should be more supportive of her. They too can speak their mind if they have the guts. It’s about time gutless politicians & the ‘lefty do gooders woke up to themselves before it’s too late. Pauline Hansen speaks the truth about her feelings too, that’s why she’s so disliked by the leftist loonies too. I’m all for helping ‘true’ refugees but we should be much more strict on assessing them & their status. Families should get priority over single men, who’ve run away from their countries plight. There’s probably plenty of other Muslim countries that would be happy to take these people, what’s wrong with them & they can practice their culture without trying to ram it down our throats. Answer, probably not given anything as material or financial than they get here. If they don’t like what’s on offer, go back to where you came from. As an Aussie Christian I’m all for helping those less fortunate but what about spending some on helping our own. I’m not anti Muslim as like in all communities there are bad people giving their like a very bad reputation, we only have to look at WW2 Germany. We’re the suckers to the rest of the world & I like many have had enough. What happened to the freedoms of this country that young men such as my grandfather fought & died for in foreign lands? It’s being eroded by the lefties. I’m glad that I’m not a young person but I’m concerned at how my niece, nephews & their families are going to fair as the years go by as I can’t see a resolution & as part of Western society we can’t surrender.

  18. My family immigrated to Australia 20 years ago from South Africa. We were grateful to be accepted and made every effort to assimilate and embrace Australian ways. Sonia Kruger had the courage to speak for the silent majority of Australians. Her viewpoint is valid and should be respected. Viva, Sonia!

  19. Sonia Krugar is a courageous woman who simply voiced her, and the public opinion. If the politicians don’t muster up enough courage to do something, other than making excuses about terrorism/discrimination; this country will lose it’s ‘culture’ and peace…….Like, Schools and Shopping Centres have to adhere to the Muslim way of life!!
    Shame on our politicians; that seem to be interested, only with the votes – not in the welfare of Australia.

  20. But we are not safe here. Melbourne is under attack by the Muslim Apex Gang! The elderly, Aussies, Kiwis, Chinese, Indians, Jews …. no one is safe. Not on the streets, not in your cars and certainly not in your own homes. Most people in other states would have heard of this gang from the Moomba riot. But here in Melbourne theres daily attacks. And it doesn’t matter if you do exactly what they want, they still violently attack everyone. Most ending up in hospital. Melbourne is under attack!!

  21. Thanks Sonia for show the courage for talking up about closing the borders to muslims. I agree with you I am concerned for my kids, I love the Australia that I grew up in. I want this for my kids and what is happening around the world at large is not good. Like Sonia I don’t want it coming to Australia. That is all she said so get off her case. You are bullies everyone of you.

  22. Enjoy the ride Sonia. My wife and I have you in our prayers. Many blessings. Brenden and Lan Ying. And thanks Bill for providing the opportunity.

  23. Growing up in South Africa during the “evil” Apartheid era, we were threatened by the Marxist ideology to the north of us. A little book entitled. You Can Trust The Communists – To Be Communists, circulated around the churches. They stated clearly what they intended to do and did not alter their course. They wanted world “submission” to Marx and promoted conflict to attain their goal. Communism is not dead and the West fools itself if it thinks it is. In the same way, Islam has stated clearly what its goals are. Worldwide submission to Islam. We can trust Islam to be Islam, just as Communists can be trusted to be Communists. That is the brutal fact and I might add genius of Islam. Unless that fact is grasped, we will be sitting ducks. At the moment, most of our politicians are laying eggs and sticking their ostrich heads into the Islamic ground. Good on Sonia.

  24. Sick of loud mouth political leftist activist, most are the children of hippies, most on welfare , & are full time trouble makers …professional protesters many are on police records and lists also they hire so called actors to pose as crazy right right extremist to cause trouble, most right wing people are small business owners and middle class Australian’s.
    There are only about 20,000 leftist extremists , who have a devious agenda The 20 million or so Australians, don’t want Muslims, halal food, call to prayer, hate peaching, loss of liberty , and a race of men with no respect for women, the same sort of leftist cretins, brought Communism into Russia, and ruined the country, now these leftist indoctrinated radials are on a mission ….the downfall of the Western world as we know it …most middle class people are sickened by weak, gutless politicians around the world

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