Christians and the American Election

I am not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, but I am convinced that America is basically finished. Not only has it run with two of the most despicable, debauched, and diabolical candidates for president ever, but the American people have willed it to be so.

And even worse yet, those who claim to be Christians and conservatives have willed it to be so – at least with their undying support for the immoral pagan and lifelong lefty, Donald Trump. Yes I know, Clinton will destroy America. I get that, and have always got that.

But I also know that Trump will just as certainly destroy America, just as he has succeeded in destroying the Republican Party, the conservative brand, and what is left of evangelical Christianity in America. And I have made the case why I cannot support Trump in plenty of articles by now.

Yet I still get “conservatives” and “Christians” insisting I must run with this sham. I recently got an invite to join a “Christians for Trump” page. I wrote back saying it is exactly because I am a Christian and a conservative that I cannot be for Trump.

I assume my comment never saw the light of day on their site. I might as well have gotten a “Christians for Ahab” invite by those concerned about Jezebel. I might as well have gotten a “Christians for Mussolini” invite by those concerned about Hitler.

I might as well have gotten a “Christians for death by strychnine” invite by those concerned about death by arsenic. I might as well have gotten a “Christians for bowel cancer” invite by those concerned about liver cancer. Sorry, I will not shill for either devil – and devils they are.

Trashing Conservatism

But let me speak a bit more about these two candidates from hell – especially the liberal who is now pretending to be a Republican. This is the real tragedy unfolding here: the death of conservatism and worse yet, the death of Christianity. Historically conservatism has always been about key principles, values and beliefs which could not be jettisoned without destroying conservatism itself.

But that is exactly what we are now doing as we worship and support this lifelong liberal and Democrat supporter: we are disembowelling conservatism. I expect lefties to try to sabotage and destroy the conservative brand – but when so-called conservatives do it, you know we are now in big trouble.

A principled conservative I greatly respect, Ben Shapiro, has recently just written on all this. He offers four things being trashed as the “GOP Is Morphing Into Trump’s Fringey Troll Army”. His second is conservatism itself:

Conservatism Matters. It’s one thing to vote for Donald Trump while decrying his lack of conservatism, as Mark Levin does every day — that’s honest and praiseworthy. It’s another to pretend that his non-conservative agenda is conservative. Some high-profile conservatives have flipped on government paid maternity leave; a huge number of high-profile conservatives have flipped on free trade (leading to a massive drop in popularity among Republicans for free trade); an enormous number of high-profile conservatives have been warmed up to Vladimir Putin; virtually all major Republican voices have glossed over Trump’s ugly and nasty lie that Bush lied and people died in Iraq. Some heretofore conservatives have simply suggested that conservatism has failed, and we need Trumpian nationalist populism to replace it. Others have sighed and said that maybe the country has moved beyond conservatism altogether, so he’s the best we can do. So much for principle. Victory for a statist blowhard is more important, and if that requires sacrificing the notion of a conservative revival anytime in the near future, so be it.

And one of the key principles of conservatism (and of Christianity) is that character and integrity are vitally important. I have written about this for years now. Back in 1998 I penned a piece called “Character and Public Life”. In it I wrote:

Our real problems today are not economic problems. Nor are they political problems. Our real problems have to do with values, with character, with morality. A country can survive a current account deficit, but it cannot for long survive a value deficit. And the first place to begin in restoring this value deficit is to reaffirm character, integrity and morality, both private and public.
It is interesting to note that character was the only consideration enumerated by the American founding fathers as relevant to qualifications to serve in public office. A person’s politics, philosophy or ideology may be important, but the most important qualification is character. Without good character, good government is not possible.

In a recent column Jeff Jacoby puts it this way:

Would you hire a babysitter who lied with impunity? Would you choose a therapist who was a compulsive braggart? Would you want as your accountant or financial adviser someone who trailed the reek of corruption and bottomless avarice? Would you list your home with a real estate agent who routinely played fast and loose with rules that others must abide by? Would you attend the church of a pastor who spewed insults and threats and trafficked in delusional conspiracy theories? If so, you’ll have no trouble supporting Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president. But if you wouldn’t entrust your personal affairs to someone manifestly devoid of ethics and good character, how can you think of entrusting the nation’s highest office to either of the major-party candidates?
Over and over this year, Trump and Clinton have been described as the two worst presidential nominees in living memory — perhaps the worst matchup in US history. Both candidates espouse bad ideas and destructive policies, but that isn’t why they are so widely regarded as appalling choices for the White House. It is the candidates’ lack of integrity that makes so many Americans despair when they think of the upcoming election.

Or as Coleman Luck put it:

Conservative Christians hated the immorality of President Clinton. They hated the argument that what the man did in his private life, the awful, destructive choices he made, should not be considered when assessing his effectiveness as president. They want those destructive choices of the past to be used against Hillary Clinton right now. But they seem quite willing to accept the possibility of a different kind of immorality in their own candidate. They defend him without question no matter what he does or says, making the same kind of excuses for him that Democrats made years ago. Far worse, some consider a vicious way of treating people in business to be a strength that qualifies him to be leader of the free world.

As Shapiro concludes his article: “Trumpism corrupts, and absolute Trumpism corrupts absolutely. If Trump has done such heavy groundwork in tearing apart the conservative movement and exposing its principles for a hollow shell in just a year, imagine what President Trump will do.”

Trashing Christianity

trump-22As a Bible-believing Christian, this shocks me and sickens me most of all. Countless people claiming to be followers of the Lord Jesus Christ have effectively sold their souls to the devil in their irrational, unbiblical and shameful promotion of Trump.

They might as well rewrite the Bible to fit their Trump-worshipping image: “For me to live is Trump…” So many of these Trump zealots really are convinced that Trump is actually the messiah America needs. They actually believe all the ridiculous rhetoric coming out of his mouth.

“Make America great again”? Ha! All that Trump wants to do is make himself great. Yet countless Christians have fallen for this hook, line and sinker. The levels of gullibility, cluelessness, and the ability to be easily conned, deceived and hoodwinked are off the charts here.

They will believe anything this guy says – ANYTHING. We have seen demagogues come before promising everything the people wanted to hear. They ended up destroying half the world in the process. It seems we refuse to learn the lessons of history.

These “Christians” have simply chucked out everything they used to believe about the importance of integrity, of honesty, of humility, of godliness, of righteousness, and of servanthood. Instead they have eagerly embraced everything Scripture warns against and condemns in the strongest of terms: arrogance, pride, deceit, reliance on power and the flesh, ungodly alliances, etc.

If they simply read the prophets and let their truths sink in, there would be no way they could keep spruiking for this enemy of everything a holy God stands for. They would need to repent and renounce their false god. But it seems getting Trump into the White House is the only thing that matters to these folks

Well I have news for them. So does Jesus. He made it crystal clear that we can get everything we crave for in this world, yet still lose it all, big time: “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?”

I realise of course that even daring to say such things will enrage the Trumpites. I have seen them in action far too often. It is frightening in the extreme. Even those who claim to be Christians can be just as hateful, nasty, and ferocious as they rip to shreds anyone who dares to disagree with them on Trump.

I know this full well – I have been on the receiving end of this far too often. These are among some of the most obnoxious and idolatrous displays I have ever encountered. Diabolical really. I have lost count of how many friends I have lost over this.

And I am talking about Christians here. You know the ones that Jesus said the world would know that Christ is real by the love and unity they have one for another? I would have thought the only reason Christian friends would have a right to turn on me in disgust would be if I denied the deity of Christ, trashed the Bible, or slept with a thousand women.

But no, there is evidently something far worse than that, which means I must be excommunicated, I must be anathema, I must be forever rejected: daring to not idolise their hero Trump. Indeed, just minutes ago I had yet another “believer” angrily attack me for daring to have a different point of view on this. Hmm, so this is the test of Christian orthodoxy nowadays?

Sorry, but if believers want to scream, “We want Barabbas” that is up to them. If they want to put all their hope, trust and allegiance in this New York liberal, and turn against all who will not, well, that is up to them. But I will have no part in it. None whatsoever.

Concluding Thoughts

I take my Christianity with the utmost seriousness. And I seek to be a principled and consistent conservative. For those reasons, the thought of Clinton getting in makes me sick. But the thought of Trump getting in also makes me sick.

As one wit has quipped: “The real problem with the upcoming election is one of them is going to win”. Being a Christian and a conservative I must fully concur with the words of Coleman Luck:

What kind of country do we want? Do honesty and integrity mean anything? Should a person’s word mean anything? Or is it all just about winning, the Art of the Deal? Perhaps Mr. Trump is the right man for the job, a man who represents everything that this nation has become. If that’s true and if you are willing to set aside every “Judeo-Christian principle” to hire a man just because you think he will “get the job done” at least be honest. The principles you say you espouse don’t really mean anything at all.

And I also totally endorse the sentiments of Jeff Jacoby:

Clinton and Trump are practically defined by their cupidity, deceit, and self-righteousness. For Americans to elevate anyone so reprehensible to the presidency would be to humiliate themselves before the world. It would also be a sign that the great American experiment in republican self-government may have run its course.
At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, as Benjamin Franklin was leaving Independence Hall, a woman approached him with a question. “Well, Doctor,” she asked, “what have we got — a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin’s famous answer: “A republic, if you can keep it.” Well, we kept our republic for 225 years. Whether it survives the 45th president of the United States is an open question.

Yes exactly right. In my view here is the bottom line concerning this ugly and despicable election: Americans have rejected God and have preferred to put all their faith and trust in a pair of immoral, arrogant, decadent pagan leaders instead. Thus there can be no winner here. We all lose.

Regardless of who gets over the line on November 8, it will be a case of God letting the Americans have what they want, but sending them “leanness to their souls” as Psalm 106:15 warns about. I will not have blood on my hands by supporting either one.

Here I stand, I can do no other.

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  1. In what might be a vain attempt to deflect at least some of the haters who will want to come here and chew me out, let me say that if you want to vote for Trump, go right ahead. That is up to you. I have simply laid out the case – once again – as to why I cannot in good conscience (as a Christian and a conservative) vote for either of these two atrocious candidates.

  2. You’ve got it right, Bill. I’d hate to be facing this election as an American. There are others to vote for, I assume, but these main two are utterly unfit to be there. As an aside, I read that Obama is relinquishing control of certain aspects of the Internet, which may lead to increases in censorship. We really are up against it.

  3. What happened to faith in God. Is He not still in control? What happened to 2 Chronicles 7:14. Have we forgotten Cyrus? Ezra 1.
    Do not get lost in what we see now. Trust God. I am trusting in God not the Democrats or Republicans, not conservatism,not liberalism or any other ism’s I believe God raises leaders up and sets them down. God uses all things for His purpose.We perhaps cannot see now any good in what is currently happening. My prayer is that in these seemingly dark times that we as Christians will be the light, hope to those in despair. May we share the truth of the Gospel with faith and trust in God.

  4. Thank you, Bill, for such a clear and direct rebuttal to all those who profess Christianity and are throwing in their lot with Donald Trump. I became eligible to vote in 1961 when you had to be 21; have never missed voting for a president in all that time. My father instilled in us that voting was not only a right but a privilege since so many countries at that time were under communist control. This has been perhaps one of the biggest struggles I have had. But much prayer, thinking with a Christian mind and reading the Scriptures about the difference between the righteous and the evil helped me to come to the conclusion that no way could I vote for either of these people. We admire our Christian brothers and sisters around the world for not renouncing their faith and losing their lives. We here in America cave at the thought of being different and standing up for righteousness.. “If you have run with the footmen and they have wearied you, then how can you contend with horses…” Jer. 12:5. Can we not put our trust in an Almighty, Sovereign God? What if this is a test for God’s people to do what Spurgeon said about having to choose between the lesser of two evils…choose neither, he said. Good advice. Thank you for you words and encouragement. It is difficult to stand aside during this time. Friends and family think you are self-righteous, lofty and all that stuff. But they don’t realize they are not trusting God. They trust their vote. May God bless you and crown all your efforts with success.

  5. I have a different point of view Bill..that by trashing the RINO do nothing parody of conservatism, Trump did us a favor, If he breaks the back of the Dems too, good, The two party system exists to serve itself and conservatism as a principle, or really any moral or ethical choices, have long since departed Washington. We pray that God give us a chance for a return to some sanity. With our military taken down to a level approaching pre WWII, and having failed to keep up with technological changes,,China Russia, etc, we are no longer the country that can keep others from starting wars; we are no longer the country who “has Israel’s back,” We, in essence, have identity politics, and no idea beyond our own perceived good, that is, a national consensus,,on anything,

    I choose to NOT vote for Hilary Clinton.But not voting at all might be worse. ( we have a representative to Congress vote for.) As far as the outcome of the election, all I can say is..believers need to be on their knees in prayer.I know that number is rapidly diminishing,,true simple and authentic belief that Christ died for my sins, and being saved, is now rare, though I hope we are not to the level of Sodom, where God did not find even ten righteous men.

    Of hope, I see Israel with its younger population and more births per woman ( compared to American Jewish population). I see the Gospel spreading into areas where to believe is death and yet people are coming to Christ.I see parents homeschooling their children, including black children which means a handful will not be indoctrinated, numbed and scared by the present school system.I see the European block unraveling, God’s timing will not be altered, no matter what Satan tries to do,

    We killed the conservative movement by letting our voices be used, to enhance politicians that did not truly care and just wanted to push buttons to get votes. The dems do the same of course.This has been a generation. in the making,

    We thought that patriotism came before following God.

    So I have no answers except, if you cannot choose, use the write in function and go ahead and vote in your state and local elections,where you might actually make a difference,choosing not to vote at all,,is simply allowing these elitists to win,we are still citizens with rights,Paul pulled out the Roman citizen badge whenever he needed to.

    And God’s will be done, As it always is. I pray for more time, to spread the Gospel, to give our children some instruction in christian belief, before the end,

    And since the two candidates have been compared to Jezebel and Cyrus, where is our Daniel, where is our Elijah? I mourn that God has so little to say to us, which may be the most telling thing yet.

  6. Both terribly flawed candidates, but the undeniable fact is that one of these two will be president. Since Hilary is leading in the polls, no vote by conservatives will insure her election. She is pro abortion, pro gay marriage and pro euthanasia. She is also anti business which is important because jobs are the biggest social justice we face. The poor need employment more than anything. If you hurt businesses, you hurt the poor. Agreed that Trump would be an embarrassment for the conservative movement, IF he were our standard bearer, but make no mistake, he isn’t. Conservatives can recover from a Trump presidency. With the Supreme Court in play, our country may never recover from a Clinton presidency. Our country should come before the conservative movement.

  7. Thanks Mike. Our country may never recover from a Trump presidency either. And our country should NOT come before the conservative movement – at least before conservative values and principles, especially Christian ones. I am not a ‘my country right or wrong’ person. I am a ‘my country, if it remains with what is right and good and true’. So when I see a conman and charlatan smashing everything I hold near and dear, destroying the conservative brand, then no, I will not run with him, exactly because I care about my country so much.

  8. It seems that America is about to bring about its own demise.

    How? … because of the MORAL VACUUM it has allowed the nation to slide into:
    * There are now several states in the USA which embrace the “culture of death” (eg abortion, same-sex-‘marriage’, assisted suicide, etc etc.).
    * We must keep in mind that cultures who accepted SODOMY as “normal” have voted for their own SELF-DESTRUCTION — eg, Rome, Greece, Persia, Mesopotamia, Babylon, Egypt, Sodom and Gomorrah etc. So just like these mega-cultures of the past that “collapsed into a screaming heap”, it appears that the USA is racing headlong towards the same fate.

    * Why? because Democracy and even Civilisation itself is dying at hands of gays and those inisisting of living in a “MORAL VACUUM” where they are free to “make their own rules”.

    * The teaching in the New Testament on Homosexuality is very clearly for humanity’s own benefit. .. It tells us in Corinthians 1:6-10 “… the unrighteous shall NOT inherit the kingdom of God. Do NOT be deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, NOR NOMOSEXUALS, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, shall inherit the kingdom of God.”

    * This teaching confirmed by Romans 1:26-28 and Timothy 1:9-11.
    John 3:8 also tells that “Whoever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil”

    * Here it must be pointed out that SIN is a “rebellion against God.” Sin is a REJECTION of God’s Ten Commandments and IRRESPONSIBLE ABUSE of His gift of Reasoning Power and of of FREE WILL. It is – instead – a surrender to Satan. It is a VOTE for Satan to take EVEN FURTHER CONTROL of the world.
    So … It appears that Satan has UNPRECEDENTED POWER in the world of today.

    * Thus Christians have an ever-faster RACE AGAINST SATAN to put the world back into God’s hands. Why? Because God has given mankind Free Will … and if mankind chooses Satan’s way … all God can then say is “AS YOU WISH!” You know quite well through My teachings, that if you choose Satan, your ONLY destiny is SELF-DESTRUCTION — So … AS YOU WISH!”

    * Therefore the ONE and ONLY path is to REPENT of the sin and then REJECT any further temptation to sin and to conscientiously follow Christ in his teachings to be of pure mind and behaviour. If one has an inclination to homosexuality, the inclination itself is not a sin, BUT the tempted persons MUST “opt-out” at once and NOT declare themselves as “gay” … and INSTEAD declare themselves to be MERELY “HUMAN” with human frailties … AND – as a serious followers of the teachings of Christ – determine to RISE ABOVE and to ABSTAIN from the TEMPTATION to sodomy.
    * This is similar to the requirement of ABSTINENCE from sex as required from un-married individuals.
    * AND it is exactly this SELF-DISCIPLINE and SELF-MASTERY which assists the individual to also achieve a greater mental strength and greater holiness.
    * This same SELF-MASTERY also is an ESSENTIAL ingredient of CHRISTIANITY as well as being a VITAL ingredient in a genuinely DEMOCRATIC, truly EGALITARIAN, MORE NOBLE CIVILISATION.

    * It is a most interesting IRONY that it has taken an Atheist sociologist, Jürgen_Habermas
    to notice this fact:

    • “Christianity has functioned for the normative self-understanding of modernity as more than a mere precursor or a catalyst. Egalitarian universalism, from which sprang the ideas of freedom and social solidarity, of an antonomous conduct of life and emancipation, of the individual morality of conscience, human rights, and democracy, is the direct heir to the judaic ethic of JUSTICE and the Christian ethic of LOVE. This legacy, substantially unchanged, has been the object of continual critical appropriation and reinterpretation. To this day, there is NO ALTERNATIVE TO IT. And in the light of the current challenges of a post-national constellation, we continue to draw on the substance of this heritage. EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST IDLE POST-MODERN TALK.”
    (FULL QUOTE by Jürgen_Habermas) – Habermas (2006) “Conversation about God and the World.” Time of transitions. Cambridge: Polity Press, p. 150-151.

  9. It seems the USA – in allowing a “MORAL VACUUM” to pervade its culture so intensely – it has allowed the emergence of a choice of two mindsets. BOTH morally bankrupt in different ways; NEITHER ONE ESCAPING a severe SELF-PUNISHMENT of a once-great nation now abandoned to intellectual sloth. TRULY A TRAGEDY of colossal proportions!!!
    And then … will the Biblical “Kings of the East” feel free to invade and conquer nations which have proved themselves unworthy through their moral-bankruptcy?

  10. It is a good article Bill and I agree with it. But politics is about taking the lesser of the available evils and Trump is it. You could have said the same about Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten. WE live in an imperfect world.

    Things look bad now for America but they have looked bad before. America has a resilience. It can come good again. The problem has been the universities, Hollywood and the media.

  11. “… but I am convinced that America is basically finished.” Yep. God’s judgement on a nation that has turned it’s back on holiness (good character). Probably UK, and possibly Australia as well, but a faint pulse remains in both countries.

    Anyone with the slightest Christian morality surely must see Hillary (& Bill) as a bucket of evil, but I cannot understand how people cannot see that Trump’s MO is, and has always been, simply “It’s About Me” and he is purely whoever/whatever he wants to be at the time to achieve his own ends. IMO he was never Democrat or Republican – he is definitely immoral and amoral – morals don’t weigh in his decision making and morality is purely to be used as a tool to achieve his ends. I can certainly see why people wouldn’t want to vote for him. The only thing he’s got going for him is that he will go where the votes are – whereas Obama and Clinton are ideological, fanatical and definitely dangerous. But in practical terms, in this stupid US two-horse race, a vote for Trump *is* a vote against Clinton, since I don’t see anyone organising a ground swell of write-in votes for someone seen as moral that would be close to doing anything useful in this election – most US people probably wouldn’t even know what a write-in vote is.

    So, I guess, the dichotomy presented is whether it is ever right for a Christian, to work with or accept that which is offered, by those who are evil for goodness sake (a la “would you take money from the mafia” like Mother Teresa working with Clinton and accepting money from other such people) or whether it is more correct as a Christian to avoid contact/working with such people for any reason.

    I tend to think along practical lines. If I don’t vote in such a way to make a difference, where does that place me before God? Can I save one baby from abortion or possibly set back SSM for a few years? Does it even matter, since it is predominantly the spiritual that matters, and God’s plans will come about irregardless, or is that the stench of fatalism which I have at times been accused of?? If I were to vote for Trump will I be cast into hell for supporting such a (poorly pated) man, and am I actually voting against God’s wishes. Or am I voting inline with God – is Trump the chosen judgement to come? Or vote for someone whose character is (relatively) sound and ostensibly throw my vote away on a point.

    Not that Australia’s political scene is much better, but thank goodness, for now, I’m an Aussie.

  12. A very noble and heroic grab for the moral high ground but intellectually and civilly irresponsible. If you are going to wait for a moral Superman to come along before you consider voting you are going to be in for a long wait.

  13. Thanks Ron. If I were a leftist and an atheist, your advice would sound just peachy. But I not. I am a Christian and a conservative, so biblical truth and values, and sound principles and prudence, always trump mere political expediency and crass pragmatism

    And of course I am not waiting for a moral Superman to come along. I am simply waiting for a real Republican to come along. It is not a genuine election when all you have running are two arrogant NY liberals who have been good buddies for decades.

  14. Bill thank you so much for your very straight-forward conviction, and well stated commentary. You have said what many people strongly believe. I will be voting and participating in this election process without voting for Trump or Hillary. We are not responsible for the outcome of this election; or what people do because of it. Our responsibility is, in fact, to do what is right in the sight of God, have clean hands, a pure heart, and trusting God with all the consequences. The Bible does not tell us to accept or chose evil, so that good can come of It-Never. We do not have to choose evil because we have options, which include NOT supporting Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. The idea of choosing a lesser evil is still choosing evil. Our options are clear – third parties, write-in candidates, even not voting is really an option. Many people are insisting that others must vote against their conscience while rationalizing their own reasons for voting for DT as “there is much at stake” (supreme court, higher taxes, etc.) based on their own limited faith or point of view. We should always vote our conscience and do/or not do what we feel is necessary based on our faith in Jesus Christ and spending much time in prayer. Voting conscience is one of the outstanding privileges we have as Americans, and as believers, freedom of choice, and the ability to think and act for ourselves, which may include stepping out of line, and trusting God, to let the votes fall where they may- if you in fact, believe that the choices available are not acceptable choices. I feel the Republican party has progressively become more like the democratic party, and now they (RINO’s or others) have chosen a liberal candidate from the democratic party (go figure.) Principals, Character and self-control are essential for any person who would occupy the highest office of the free world-both are lacking in every area. Compromising our values and our beliefs is never acceptable for any reason. I wish we could scrape both candidates and start over. However, I believe God has allowed us to come to this place because he is uncovering, people, places, and things in order to reveal their true identity. Two quotes sum up my perspective perfectly on this matter the first says: “My conscience is held captive by the word of God and to act against conscience is neither right nor safe!” The other is: “Of two evils-choose neither!” My last point that I would like to make is that neither Our faith, family nor the future is in the hands of whomever God allows into the White House without His Omni-present overseeing. I seriously considered a Donald Trump Presidency, and thought of the damage he could do to this country and to the world at large with his recklessness, irresponsible behavior, and the possibility of further unknown issues/immoral clutter falling out of his closet, and it is unsettling. My hands too will be clean. Hillary and Donald are in the same ballpark!! Ephesians 5:11 say’s, “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”
    Blessing to you Bill.

  15. In your article on Christians and the American Election, it is clear that it’s a real
    worry who gets elected, Clinton or Trump. You’ve written a lot on Trump and
    the damage he might do if he were elected as the 45th President of the USA.
    My query is about what kind of damage you see Clinton doing if she were to be
    elected as the 45th President of the USA. You have not gone in detail on this.

    How do you see her trashing the USA and possibly damaging other countries if
    she were in power? You could, no doubt, write another article to explain all
    these things.

  16. Thanks Bill. Yes, I could of course easily write a dozen articles to explain such things. It should be fully obvious what I think she will do to America: she will destroy it, just as her mate Obama have been destroying it. All that goes without saying. She is in the same Alinskyte camp of cultural Marxists as Obama and the others are. So we know perfectly well how she will fare. Thus there is little need to keep restating all the obvious truths about this. One simply has to read the dozens of articles I have already penned on Obama to see what I think will come out of more of the same. And if you read what I post in the social media, you would see I am blasting her all the time. She is evil.

    And another obvious reason why I have mainly been harping on Trump is this: I am a Christian and a conservative, and for what it is worth, most of my readers would be the same. So in terms of my main audience, I do not expect many of my readers to run out and vote for Hillary. So then it becomes a question of what we now have as a Republican contender. And as I have said all along, he is a faux Republican. He is a lifelong lefty and Democrat supporter and buddy of the Clintons. He never should have run as a Republican, the Republican Party should never have allowed him to, and he never should have gained the nomination.

    As I have said over and over, Trump will destroy America and everything I value and care about just as much as Clinton will. Thus we have a devil’s choice here. Christian and conservatives can of course vote for who they like. I am simply stating why I will not be taken in by this conman, and why he likely will hand the White House to Hillary. That bothers me no end, and I will keep speaking out on this. But thanks for asking!

    PS: I just did a quick search of my site, and I have well over a hundred articles in which I discuss the Clintons, with at least half of them about Hillary.

  17. I understand that there are few redeemable qualities in Trump however this election goes beyond just Trump. The upcoming President will be able to appoint new supreme court justice and Trump’s list of those he intends to appoint are very strong on the pro life stance and so is Mike Pence. If Hillary gains the white house she will be able to stack the court. With such influence the next President could be a saint and I doubt it would make much of a difference at this point. I think this gives decent reason to vote for Donald; your thoughts?

  18. Thanks Reed. But why should we believe a word Trump says about anything, including SCOTUS picks? He is a master flip-flopper who tells people what they want to hear. Moreover, many of the names he has touted for this are moderates or lefties, so how will that be an improvement on Clinton? And he has already clearly told us that he believes his pro-abortion sister would make a great SCOTUS judge! Why should I shill for a guy like this?

    As to Pence, he is lightyears better than Trump, but he is not running for POTUS of course. And if the only way one can support a candidate for POTUS is by hoping he will die so the VP can get in, that tells us everything we need to know about how horrifically bad that candidate is. Plus Pence has been guilty of his own flip-flopping, including caving in to the homosexual activists over the vitally important issue of religious liberty.

    I don’t want a saint in the White House. I just want a conservative in there. Trump is not a conservative and has never been one. So he is as bad as Hillary in this regard. Indeed, some have made the case that if he gets in, he will cause even more damage than she will. See here on the “Hamilton Rule” eg:

    But if you want to run with this conman, feel free. That is up to you. But I cannot.

  19. Bill with respect, you say “I don’t want a saint in the White House, I just want a conservative in there.” as if to be a conservative is the one and only qualification. Maybe just maybe at this point in America (and the worlds history) God himself is not necessarily like you Bill, willing for a conservative to lead America.
    God is the Judge : He puts down one, and exalts another Psalm 75:7
    ……He remove Kings and raises up Kings…… Daniel 2:27
    Just a thought.

  20. Thanks Richard. When I said I wanted a conservative in the White House it was of course in the context of who and what I want in a Republican candidate. And Trump ain’t it. So no, it is not the only qualification, as anyone who has read my other articles would fully be aware of. Indeed, simply reading carefully what I wrote in this article should have dispelled that erroneous notion.

    We already know what God wants in a nation and its leaders: righteousness, integrity, honesty, justice, morality, etc. I have often discussed that and urged that, both in the above article and elsewhere, eg:

    As I discuss here, all things considered, I believe the conservative side of politics better represents the core biblical values and principles than does the left:

    And of course I often quote the same verses you do in this regard:

    But the fact that God is in control is to be no excuse for us to become fatalistic and apathetic about what is happening around us, as I detail here:

    So what I really want from a nation and its leaders is godliness, righteousness, biblical morality, and so on, and this may come more readily – but not necessarily – from someone of a conservative disposition.

  21. I do not want to vote for Trump or Hillary. The other choices, Johnson and Stein both support abortion. My conscious will not allow me to vote for anyone who supports abortion. This is the first thing I look for in a candidate. Trump is the only one claiming to be prolife, which I have a hard time believing that truly is his belief. I’ve been told it’s my Christian duty to vote but there’s no one to vote for. What do I do?

  22. I wasn’t even aware there were other candidates. Feeling embarrassed.
    Thank you.

  23. Perhaps the most profound and URGENT statement all voters in the USA can make is to NOT cast EVEN ONE vote for either Hillary or Trump… and instead give ALL votes to other candidates with integrity. This would at least save the USA from becoming a tragic clown.

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