The Demise of the Libs and the Ever Expanding Bernardi Team

As Malcolm Turnbull – who originally wanted to be a Labor Party politician – continues to destroy the Liberal party, the hope of true conservatives must be found elsewhere. And the best chance we have of seeing a genuine conservative party established and become a real force to be reckoned with is with Cory Bernardi and his new Australian Conservatives party.

The long list of Labor-lite policies and views of Turnbull and the moderate Libs increases by the day. Most recently we had several more clear indications of this. The Government had a chance to appoint a genuine conservative – Perth law lecturer Augusto Zimmermann – to replace Gillian Triggs as head of the Australian Human Rights Commission. But they went with a Triggs-lite appointee instead.

bernardi 22And we have just learned that moderate Liberal Christopher Pyne told folks on the weekend that the party is working to get homosexual marriage legalised. This despite the party promise to run with a plebiscite on it, and let the people decide. A news item on this begins as follows:

A rift in the Liberal Party has flared over same-sex marriage again after one senior minister bragged it could be introduced “sooner than everyone thinks”. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has accused Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne of being disloyal after making the remarks at the weekend.
Mr Pyne, a moderate member of the Liberal Party, had told party faithful that their “friends in Canberra” were working on getting marriage equality laws passed. “We took a policy to the election — it was a very clear policy — that there would be no change without a plebiscite,” Mr Abbott told Sydney radio station 2GB this morning. “To dump the plebiscite, to do anything without a plebiscite, would be a breach of faith with the people.”

Plenty more such appalling decisions and policies of the Turnbull Government could be mentioned. Now plenty of conservative commentators are discussing the implosion of the Liberal Party. For example in today’s Australian Greg Sheridan wrote about “Divided Liberals one spark away from crisis”. He begins his piece this way:

The Liberal Party today is in the grips of a terrible crisis of faith that could well destroy the Turnbull government. The financial membership and activist base of the party is substantially alienated from the Coalition government. The backbench is substantially alienated from the cabinet.
The situation within the party is much closer to tinder-dry scrubland before an oppressive summer than anything else. All that is needed is a spark. If Malcolm Turnbull misjudges action on the Finkel review on energy this could well occasion a party crisis. The biggest disaster for the government in the Newspolls is not just losing 14 in a row, but the steady rise of the vote for Pauline Hanson, now 11 per cent nationwide.
Senator Cory Bernardi and his Australian Conservatives are rampaging around the country, scooping up the non-Hanson conservative forces. He scooped up Family First activists, who did not return to the Liberals. He is in the process of scooping up others. If Bernardi gets any profile at all, he represents a deadly threat to the Liberals. Hanson provides an alternative to them on the populist right, Bernardi on the respectable right.

Bernardi left the Coalition and formed the AC in February. He is filling in a vacuum left by the Libs, and his new party is a grass-roots movement that seems to be going from strength to strength. Just today we learned of another big win for Bernardi: the move of conservative champion Rachel Carling-Jenkins, DLP upper house member in Victoria from the DLP to the AC. Bernardi has had a number of small-scale defections from other smaller parties so far, including:

-Members of the Australian Christians party in Victoria
-A number of Family First members and MPs in South Australia
-Kirralie Smith from Australian Liberty Alliance
-And now high-flyer Rachel Carling-Jenkins.

She said this about the move: “I have joined this party quite simply because it is about uniting conservatives across our great state. I think it’s time (to leave the DLP) and many voters have demanded this from me, that we unite as a conservative united front. I think that’s being faithful to the voters who voted me in.”

You can see her brand new AC website here:

And Bernardi said this about her addition to the team:

Rachel has a PhD in Social Science where she studied social movements supporting people with disabilities, Indigenous Australians and women in Australia. She also recognises that a strong economy is the key to attaining better outcomes for all Australians.
As a defender of our traditional freedoms, Rachel recognises the importance of civil society as the framework for sustainable prosperity. With her unique gifts and talents, Rachel will strengthen the Australian Conservatives voice supporting our agenda of free enterprise, limited government, personal responsibility and civil society.

Good move. As I have been telling many folks for some months now, the Liberal Party is now but an empty shell, a pale reflection of what it used to be. When the moderates and soft left Libs decided to stab conservative leader Tony Abbott in the back and run with the appallingly bad Turnbull, we knew the gig was up.

Thus it is great to see the courage of people like Bernardi who have had enough, and realise that true conservative principles, values and policies will not be forthcoming from the dying Libs. All that he needs to do now is win over some more of his colleagues, and his will be the conservative party we have all been looking for, and can cast our votes.

It is high time the remaining Liberal conservatives such as Abbott, Eric Abetz, George Christensen, Kevin Andrews and some others realise that staying on the Titanic will get them nowhere, and it is time to jump ship. The hope of the conservative future no longer lies with the Liberals, but with rising star Cory Bernardi.

And as hard as it may be for some, it may well be time that some of the other smaller conservative, family, and Christian parties also look at joining forces with Cory. And individuals can also get involved. If you have not already done so, I suggest to join the AC team. Their membership page is found here:

Also, please keep Cory and the team in your prayers. The party is overwhelmingly made up of Christians of various stripes, so the MSM, the political establishment, and the spiritual forces of darkness will all be pouring their wrath out on Cory and the team.

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  1. Identity crises all around the country today, when the truth comes out about Pyne et al. That’s on top of the energy crisis and LGBTI and Islamic turn for the ADF.

  2. I was one of the first to join Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives – in fact, I signed up as soon as Cory announced the official launching of the new party. It had to happen. As a nurse, I saw many slow, agonizing deaths take place (no reflection on my care, I can assure you!) and perhaps that’s why I prefer not to stay on a sinking ship.
    My introduction to Australian politics was when, as a young child, I often heard my Gran speak of a man named Robert Menzies. He seemed to be a person of some importance, but politics meant nothing to me back then. I later discovered that he was elected twice, from 1939 to 1941 and from 1949 to 1966. Altogether he was PM for over 18 years – still the record term for an Australian Prime Minister.
    Things have certainly changed since that era, and there are several reasons for this – including a steady decline in traditional moral values, a general social restlessness, and a distrust of the status quo. In such a climate, it seems that Australia needs a strong leader who is able to address these issues and hold our country together. It remains to be seen whether it is too late for such a leadership change to be successful. I sincerely hope not.

  3. The 2 major parties are finished, as they have both been moving to the left quickly. The Labor party are virtually now a Greens party and Liberal have lost almost all their christian influence.

  4. I’m another 60 something lifetime Liberal voter who joined AC the day I found out about it. The current Liberal and Labor parties should combine and maybe call themselves the Laborils? Nothing much ideologically to tell them apart these days. AC seems to be the only option for a true Conservative!

  5. It was good news when the call came to support AC in Victoria. It is VERY good news that Dr. Carling Jenkins is now on board. Strong, courageous, standing firm. She’s almost a lone voice for parental rights in Victoria, the state where paedophilic-style grooming has become institutionalised by the current incumbents of government.

    You are right: specific prayer, in spirit and in truth is required forthwith and into our troubled future. Let us be glad, but let us give God the glory, knowing that HE is our “blessed hope”.

  6. Nice. About time we had some Brexit / Trump news down under. It shouldn’t be too long in coming when you consider that nobody actually listens to the MSM any more. Perhaps the MSM are the only people who don’t know that yet, which is why they watched in abject terror as Trump won the election from right under their noses.
    Hollywood worked hard for decades to remove Christianity, and then they suffer major funding issues when people start pirating movies. The best warning they could come up with is “Don’t cheat or we won’t be able to make more movies”. The warning didn’t work. Go figure.
    The MSM works hard for decades to paint Christianity and conservative values as evil, and all things Marxist as the only way forward. Well, the MSM doesn’t control the internet, and they got crushed by well-informed voters who don’t watch the idiot box and were beginning to suspect they were being lied to.
    There’s plenty of junk on the net, but at least it isn’t controlled by a handful of Marxist social engineers.
    There may be still a little hope for the west…

  7. Not to mention that Malcolm Turnbull, both in his previous position of Communications Minister and now as Prime Minister, has steadfastly and blatantly refused to do anything about the highly illegal bias of both the ABC and SBS. It’s very telling when the leader of the Liberals is actually more left wing than a previous Labor leader.

    What is also very telling to see is the prophesies of the American founding Fathers, who stated unambiguously that democracy can only work in a moral society, come to pass. Worldwide we have seen democracy undermined and this is no different in Australia where the Senate, despite being extremely undemocratic in its election process, where Tasmanian votes are worth around ten NSW or Victorian votes, is now becoming the effective main legislative house. What this means is that the future of Australia has effectively been put in the hands of Tasmanians and South Australians.

    Something worth mentioning also is the belief by many people that a vote for a minor party is a wasted vote. Nothing could be less true in a system like the Australian preferential system where a vote for a minor party actually means you get two bites, sometimes more, of the cherry with the additional bonus of sending a message to the major parties.

  8. I am very excited about this news. My prayer is that there will be many more conservative politicians who will join this party. I understand that the Liberal party have little chance of winning the next election, and this is a worry for me as I would have great difficulty with having Bill Shorten as Australia’s prime minister. May God bless Australia. ?

  9. I remember some years back, a puzzled older migrant from UK presenting me printout of an article on a new political phenomenon, “Red Toryism”! The “reddening” of the major “right-side” parties of Australian politics has left them, in parts, more resembling the largely ineffectual UK Liberal Party – a party founded on the Utilitarianism of Jeremy Bentham and its partial offspring, the Classic Liberalism of John Stuart Mill.

    Sadly, the pursuit of happiness for its own sake has proven to be a clear and present danger to life and liberty. To paraphrase the sentiments of a character in T.S. Eliot’s play, The Family Reunion, happiness does not consist in getting what we want, or getting rid of what can’t be got rid of, but in a different vision. While politics remains a manifestation of the consumer society, few will sincerely pray that our Heavenly Father’s will will be done on earth as it is in Heaven…

  10. Well done Bill I am ever so glad that you openly back Cory Bernardi.
    As you say, the time for the Liberal party was virtually ended at the time of backstabbing Turncoat’s twist of dumping Tony Abbott. In fact for me my life long support for the Liberals went out of the back door. I joined Cory on his first invite to back him up in Australian Conservatives. I even go as far as to say that my support for other minor conservative parties has ceased and I now support Cory’s AC Party. Your constructive support, is also most encouraging. You do carry considerable clout in this area of politics.
    Bill Heggers.

  11. One prominent Liberal who needs now to jump ship and join with Cory Bernardi is Andrew Hastie, MP for Canning. I don’t know him, but I do know his parents very well (Peter Hastie is principal of the Presbyterian Theological College, Box Hill North), and the low-down they get from their son on what goes on in the Liberal party—the back-stabbing, the intrigues, the chicanery, and the blatant self-serving and disloyalty, are both distressing and demoralising. If Andrew were now to switch over it might well give the signal for other conservatives to do the same.
    Cory was dead right last night in his interview with Andrew Bolt: the old UAP had lost its way by the beginning of World War II, and so Menzies in 1944 launched the Liberal Party, for “the forgotten people”. But now that party too has lost its way, and I pray that AC will provide the way forward

  12. @Michael Weeks

    [the] Senate [is] extremely undemocratic in its election process, where Tasmanian votes are worth around ten NSW or Victorian votes…

    Under the Constitution, the Senate is a house of review, where the States meet as equal partners in Federation. As an Original State, Tasmania is entitled to the same number of Senators as every other state. Tasmanians don’t complain about NSW having ten times the number of seats Tasmania has in the Reps, as the number of House seats is based on a state’s population, whereas the number of Senators is based on a state’s statehood.

  13. The Church was never commissioned to run political campaigns and establish politicians but rather bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the community and save souls. However, when the conservative politicians in large numbers compromised their Christian principles it became necessary to raise the Conservative flag in the political arena and a number of Christian based parties were raised up to do just that. But now that Senator Cory Bernardi has taken this brave and principled stand I believe it is time for the Christian parties to seize the moment and help cement one powerful Australian conservative voice by joining the Australian Conservative Party and install many principled politicians in parliament.

  14. It is interesting that Christians who wouldn’t get involved or even interested in a Christian Party when it was speaking prophetically of exactly what is now taking place, can suddenly be interested in politics again when CDP predictions come to pass. Churches and Christians generally refused to be contaminated by an interest in politics while things seemed to be going well, and refused to support Rev Fred Nile or even allow any CDP information into their churches. But Fred has fought a good fight and God has honoured his godly stand in NSW Parliament in spite of the Church’s disregard of him. Sure support Cory Bernardi. He is a good man but not a professing Christian. Rev Fred has always said, ” It is when the good do nothing, evil prospers.” And his favourite scripture has always been, “If my people who are called by my Name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear their prayer and forgive their sin and will heal their Land.” 2 Chron 7:14 It is certainly only PRAYER that will get us out of the mess we have allowed our country to get into! CDP has held back the tide of anti-Christian Bills that have been presented by all other Parties and so NSW still has RE, Chaplains, Prayer in Parlt and a strong stand on Marriage, Abortion, and Euthanasia unlike Victoria and ACT and other States. Who said morals aren’t really important in politics? Fred has also refined all other legislature to protect families and churches. God bless Fred and the CDP.

  15. The biggest problem with forming a big, strong conservative party are the leaders of minor conservative (Christian) parties who don’t want to give up their position of power with a handful of followers.

    They would rather stay pure in their vision and stay out of parliament instead of uniting for the sake of offering a viable alternative and gaining seats in parliament.

    They need to sacrifice their personal campaigns and see the bigger picture.

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