On Christian Politicians and Consorting With Evil

An interesting discussion came up on the social media just recently. One terrific conservative writer spoke about meeting an Australian Premier and commented on her Christian faith. I and others quickly pointed out that just two days earlier she was happily hanging around with Malcolm Turnbull at the debauched Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

His response to this was, “Yeah she spoke about that mate. As Premier she said she has to represent everyone, even when in her conscience she disagrees.” Umm, sorry, but I really do not think this cuts it – not at all, and for a number of reasons.

First of all, I must admit to not knowing all that much about her. She was born to Armenian immigrant parents who were married in an Armenian Orthodox church in Sydney. She continues to be part of that faith tradition. But she also has supported things like fake homosexual marriage.

To be honest, that tells us a lot already about her faith – or lack thereof. In this news item she is quite outspoken and proud about this support:

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian has broken ranks with her ethnic church and declared she will be voting “Yes” in the same-sex marriage postal survey. Speaking at an event in Sydney, Ms Berejiklian described same-sex marriage as a “no brainer” and one of the most important human rights issues of our time.
The position has put her at odds with her Armenian Apostolic Church, which claims same-sex marriage would pave the way for “radical gay sex education programs” to be taught in schools. Ms Berejiklian, who was born in Australia to Armenian immigrants, is a regular attender of church events and has been to several this year.

Second, politicians are always selective about what, when and where they attend things. They would turn down many events for many reasons. They are always accepting or turning down invitations for all sorts of considerations. Plenty of other NSW politicians did not see the need to roll up for this decidedly anti-Christian affair.

Mike Baird was Premier before the current one, and he too claims to be a Christian. As far as I know, he never showed up and joined in with the decadent revelry of this march. Why should he have? So I give him credit for that. All politicians are, and must be, selective in what they attend and what they endorse.

And if we buy this line that a big cheese politician has to show up for everything to “represent everyone,” then where does that end exactly? Or does it end? Are there no limits? If a Christian politician claims he or she must attend an event celebrating what the Bible calls an abomination, where else will they show up?

Will this politician show up and represent drug users, rapists, pole dancers, adulterers, arsonists, sex workers, and bank robbers too? Sorry but I really don’t buy her line at all. By showing up or not showing up you are making a very clear statement. You are lending your endorsement to something when you go to an event.

You are showing your support and acceptance of it. Sure, it is one thing if, say, a politician who is a diehard Richmond Tigers supporter has to go and help launch the opening of a new Collingwood Magpies centre. Or a politician may have to go to a function with characters he or she might not normally associate with – perhaps members of the opposition party.

But to go to this blatantly ungodly, anti-Christian sleaze fest when one was under no obligation whatsoever to go is just not on for someone claiming to be some sort of devout Christian. But as mentioned, given that she threw her lot in with homosexual marriage, she seems to be sending out fairly clear messages as to where she stands with these things.

It was of course no surprise to see the Prime Minister grinning from ear to ear as he enjoyed the sleaze march. He has been there before, as has Opposition Leader Bill Shorten. But then again neither one is making any claims to being any sort of a committed Christian. So we expect them to not have qualms about all this, especially a small-l Liberal like Malcolm.

But if the Premier wants to give people the impression that her Christian faith means something to her, then she had better start giving clear, unequivocal indications of this. Enthusiastically supporting fake marriage – and thus denying biblical marriage – and attending these raunchy and decadent homosexual marches is NOT how you demonstrate this.

Anyone even remotely Christian should know some basic biblical truths, including the fundamental truth expressed in Psalm 1:1: “Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers.”

Sorry, I am sure she may be a nice person, and maybe has some sort of faith. But I will not call her an ally when she sides with those who so blatantly, arrogantly and angrily side against Christ, against Scripture, and against Christians. I know whose side I am on.

As always, only God ultimately knows the human heart, and who is really one of his children. In this case we can and should do at least two things. First, we must pray for her. Pray that she starts walking her Christian talk, and not defy God and Scripture on his clearly revealed will in these areas.

In this regard she needs to repent. By sending such mixed messages, she is indirectly at least causing many people to stumble, and perhaps sending many to a lost eternity. That is not something any true believer wants to be involved in.

Second, those especially in her electorate should contact her and let her know how disappointed they are that her Christian talk and her Christian walk are not in alignment. And even if folks are not Christians, they can still strongly protest her giving support and encouragement to such an unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle.

Would she march in a pro-tobacco rally to show her support for – and to represent – cigarette smokers? There would likely be far more smokers in NSW than homosexuals. Both are engaged in risky and unhealthy lifestyles. If she would not go to the one, then why go to the other?


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  1. “Ms Berejiklian described same-sex marriage as a “no brainer” and one of the most important human rights issues of our time”
    Two critical points in this comment.
    1.Is she suggesting that we shouldn’t use our brains to reason and think through the consequences of SSM? If more people did just that, there would have been an overwhelming “no” vote I might suggest. It just because people were conned into voting with their feelings and not their brains that the result was as it is. Or is she suggesting that those who voted “yes” were without intelligence?
    2. The most important “human rights issue” of our time. Um, no it isn’t- what about the rights of a child to a father AND a mother? Surely a more important issue and now with surrogacy being legalised for lesbian couples, the right to even paternal knowledge will be disallowed. And besides, without the knowledge and belief in the God of Genesis, where do these so-called “human rights” originate. You can’t claim a God0given right with one hand, only to dismiss the consequence of those God-given rights with the other. Another case of logical inconsistency on behalf of the atheist.

  2. By their fruit you will know them. It is a ‘no brainer’ to oppose sodomy. Marriage is between a man and a woman by its very nature. Tragic that we have godless reprobates running our country. She will one day stand before her creator. Let’s see her explain to Him that He got it wrong! Maybe He should have conversed with her before He spoke of His hatred of homosexuality. Not the person but the practice! A christian? I think not! A christian is a disciple of Jesus and they follow His commands and teachings. They don’t cherry pick.

  3. Now is the time in the middle of all this debauchery ( shame on our so -called leaders who collude with such debasement) to double down on our Christian faith. We need to be more outspoken; if enough were doing this there would be more protection for us. Thanks Bill for all you are doing and saying.

  4. Malcolm is appeasing and celebrating people of low moral standards, except for Barnaby, of whom he berates and divorces himself from for having much the same low moral standards. He can’t have it both ways. The Liberals will not lose many votes to Labor but lose far more votes to the Australian Conservatives, and National will side with them, along with Hanson, it’s wedge politics. Malcolm has publicly wrought this upon the Liberals, and after everyone said he would. He won’t last as leader by election time, as Tony can see, and the Conservative/National/Hanson polls will soon show. The private polling will already show it, the people are fed up. God Bless Bill.

  5. Bill, I agree with you 100%. The NSW Premier was under no obligation to attend a gathering of the most debauched & sinful people on our Planet (PM included) but as a purporting Christian she was under a higher obligation to stay away. Shame on you Premier.

  6. I don’t think any of this is going to change until we have a government that has the guts to instigate a royal commission investigation into the ongoing bias and bigotry within the public broadcasters. This is not going to happen under Malcolm Turnbull who is essentially of exactly the same mind as the ABC antagonists against truth and actually has the ABC to thank for his position. The current arrangements, where the obviously left leaning tribunal effectively has no teeth and its rulings are completely ignored by the ABC anyway and where you can only complain about a single incident in a single show at a certain time and with no effective consequences allowing the ABC and SBS to merrily go their own way with absolutely no controls on further breaches, is proving to be so easily circumvented as to be absolutely and completely worthless. Until we can have all the ongoing evidence from years of propaganda looked at as a whole and wholesale changes are forced on the public broadcasters to actually adhere to basic and fundamental principles of a secular society and fundamental procedures that prevent the ABC and SBS ignoring all and any arguments against their political position, such as occurred in the homosexual “marriage” debate which, of course, simply did not occur on the public broadcasters, then this sort of promulgation of lies and manipulation of the public will continue to the complete detriment of all, very basic and fundamental democratic and secular principles. We know that, even with the minimal amount of public exposure provided by a small number of privately funded advertisements, the public support for SSM went from over 70% to just over 60%. Had the ABC and SBS not been complicit and made out for over ten years that there simply were no arguments against homosexual “marriage equality”, then of course we would not be in this absurd position. These institutions are flouting all the rules and public mandates for basic fairness and basic secular principles. I even had an email regarding one of my complaints from a Kirstin McLiesh, Head, Audience and Consumer Affairs, trying to tell me that the only requirement on the ABC for truth and lack of bias was in news productions. Of course this is absolutely and completely false but this is the environment that Malcolm Turnbull in his previous position as Minister responsible for the public broadcasters and now as Prime Minister has nurtured and allowed to fester. The fact is that even the public news broadcasters were complicit by essentially ignoring events such as the one million people in France who took to the streets to protest the SS’M’ change and when they were forced, days after, to acknowledge the event it was very low key with the very snide caveat that France is apparent a very Catholic country. This and the various news and information services completely ignoring the directive to not refer to the marriage debate in terms of “marriage equality” were and continue to be completely ignored. This is what the public is now paying for. Not a news and information service to meant to fill the void of missing public information but an activist, publicity funded political organization with the very obvious intent of completely abusing its power and using its position for the manipulation of public opinion.

  7. Interesting how after the legalising and public display of euphoria on the floor of the nations parliament recently, how a lot of immorality and abuse is now being exposed in the media.

  8. I’m sad to say that our local Federal Member also has a foot in each camp. A while ago I confronted him about the fact that he has stated quite clearly that he is a Christian, and yet openly supports gay marriage. He also told me he is a member of our church, but I have only seen him attend on the rare occasion – usually before a political event. His qualifications are impressive. His ethical behaviour and commitment to the faith … perhaps less so.

  9. Thanks for the good work Bill.
    To Michael W., nothing will change until we take back the Liberal Party. Good Christians need to join a political party and influence them for the good, (Sue and I have) not the evil that they currently stand for.

  10. Thanks Mark. Yes I understand that overseas they have found that fake homosexual relationships are the ideal vehicle for circumventing immigration laws. That, of course, is not the major issue because, as the statistics all show, the vast majority of and worst cases of sexual abuse of children are not done by the Catholic Church, as the ABC and SBS would have you believe, but are done in the home which of course, the normalization of homosexual relationships facilitates. The ABC was given a good warning of this in the Mark J Newton/ Peter Truong case but they chose to ignore that and go with their bias and bigotry.

  11. Unfortunately the ABC and SBS play the tune and the politicians all do the dance.

  12. Mark Wong that is a cracking piece of evidence.
    I attended a training event at a large church in my home town, Bournemouth, Lansdowne Church, UK , in March 2017, where a “virtuous”, “Christian” homosexual, Anglican Minister, Sam Allberry, in February of 2017 said that, though he does not define himself as gay, he describes himself as having strong emotional, romantic and sexual attractions to other men. He also claims to be celibate (he means abstinent) and eschews same sex marriage. You can see why in this climate of churches wanting to appear tolerant, inclusive and non -discriminatory , they would grab a sex- lite clergyman to normalise “safe” homosexuality.

    During the Q&A I asked him and the panel what does a man do, who is married and who loves his wife and children, when he also has homosexual attractions? I was hoping that they would say, for the sake of his poor wife and family, he should seek counselling in getting rid of these filthy and detestable appetites. Instead of which Sam Allberry avoided answering the question and allowed the senior pastor, Peter Baker to simply say he should be open about it with his wife. Nice . So then what? Does she simply put up with it or face the fact that he was born gay and therefore should leave her and find a male partner? Clearly any kind of notion that one can get free from the slavery of homosexuality was considered off colour – if not homophobic, especially when Sam Allberry confessed later that he has no desire to change himself , even if it were shown to him the roots of his homosexuality.
    Have a look at the sheer bigotry of those who have swallowed the presupposition that homosexuality is genetic and fixed.

    David Skinner UK

  13. What a sad era we are living in when people claiming to be followers of Jesus spit in His Sacred Face so openly, so smugly, so sneeringly. All this He endured, carried and redeemed – if only they would turn to Him and truly ask forgiveness.
    And what about ourselves? Are we doing enough in reparation, in prayer, in public outcry? Lent is a good time for us also to “Turn away from sin and believe the Gospel/Good News”, and get real about standing against all this muck.

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