This is How We Take on the Trans Lunacy

Militant trans activism is so bizarre, so idiotic, and so completely illusory that it must eventually collapse under its own weight. It seeks to defy everything, including biology, DNA, truth and reality itself. Eventually such lunacy and delusion must self-destruct – either that or it is the end of civilisation as we know it.

And we can help this moonbeam movement to implode by playing its own game and using it against them. If they want to revel in irrationality, fantasy and moral and mental myopia, let’s just take what they offer and take it to its logical conclusion.

Here I want to offer a superb example of this, but let me first speak a bit more to the notion of something collapsing under its own weight. This can apply to various things, such as stars imploding and the like. But it can refer to other situations.

Consider the self-destruction of the Soviet Union and godless communism. The system was so bogus and so brutal, and so filled with internal contradictions, that eventually it had to implode. Sooner or later it had to collapse. And that it did in spectacular fashion.

Sure, having champions like Reagan and Thatcher on the scene at the time, and placing Cruise missiles in Western Europe, certainly helped in the downfall of that evil empire, but it was simply not sustainable. It could not last. It eventually had to collapse in a heap.

This is because socialism never works in the long run. The lies of Marxism had to finally bow to truth. And totalitarianism always runs up against our inherent love of freedom. So this system eventually collapsed, and the world is a better place because of it.

That should give us all hope, knowing that monstrous evil is not irreversible. Things can turn around. And madness and lunacy on a public, social, political and cultural level can also be turned around. So let me return to the loony trans agenda and how it was stopped dead in its tracks in at least one American state.

I recently read of this example of how this madness was shut down big time by this method of taking the trans madness to its logical and ugly conclusion. If it weren’t all so serious, it would be utterly hilarious. I still smile every time I read this. It is a winner, and it may be the start of a much-needed fightback, and a much-needed return to sanity and reality.

The story is so encouraging and so terrific that I must share nearly all of the article covering it. It thoroughly warms my non-PC heart each time I read it. Here it is:

Legislation to add a “Gender X” option to driver’s license should have been a straightforward task in the far-left state of Massachusetts, but one Republican lawmaker managed to derail the bill by taking transgender ideology to its furthest extreme.

The state Senate voted in June to approve the measure, which would have also extended the option to learner’s permits and state identification cards. No documentation would have been required to prove an applicant is neither male nor female. “It’s a milestone,” bill sponsor Sen. Karen Spilka, a Democrat, said at the time.

Despite the state House of Representatives being just as heavily Democratic as the Senate, however, it never got the chance to send the bill to liberal Republican Gov. Charlie Baker’s desk. In a column for the Boston Globe, New England radio host Howie Carr details how Republican Rep. Jim Lyons adopted a unique strategy for defeating the bill: forcing it to live up to its supporters’ own logic.

“Since all Democrats must admit that the number of genders is endless, how dare the commonwealth lump all the new genders together as ‘Gender X’?” Carr writes, summarizing Lyons’ facetious reasoning. “Every gender, he declared, must be listed on Massachusetts driver’s licenses! That was Lyons’ non-negotiable demand. No justice, no peace.” Lyons told Carr he settled on demanding recognition for 73 different “genders,” as that was the number he reached by tallying the number of custom gender options Facebook offers.

Knowing that his liberal colleagues couldn’t rule any of the genders out of order without undermining the logic of transgender ideology, Lyons introduced each as a separate amendment to the bill the evening of July 31, each requiring 10 minutes of debate and three minutes to vote on.

“Number 6 added as a gender ‘cis.’ Amendment 9 — cis female, 13 — cis woman, 14 — cisgender female, 18 — cisgender woman,” Carr details. “Amendment 21 — gender fluid, 22 gender non-conforming, 23 gender questioning, 25 gender variant, 26 genderqueer.”

Six hours in, Lyons had only filed 35 of the amendments, at which point House leadership realized he was running out the clock and there wasn’t enough time before the midnight deadline to pass both the bill and the other legislation on the docket. At 10:45 p.m., they withdrew the bill.

“By now, the few remaining sane Democrats in the Legislature realized that Lyons had done them a solid, sparing them from being recorded on a roll call vote on whether to recognize the genders of pangender, polygender and cisgender,” Carr wrote, “not to mention intersex, intersex man, intersex woman and intersex person.”

“One way or another, progressivism is always a death sentence. So we may as well turn it around and use it on its perpetrators whenever we get the chance,” Conservative Review’s Steve Deace said of the incident. “That doesn’t mean becoming like them, but understanding their con and endlessly harassing them with its real-world applications.”

Deace added, “We need legions more like” Lyons, following his example to make progressives “face the full foolish force of the filth they shove down our throats with barely any resistance (if not a subsidy). Lyons called their bluff, and they called it a day.”

Wow, way to go Jim Lyons – you are a legend! Three million cheers to this brilliant politician for dismantling the trans nonsense so effectively and so forcefully – and so humorously. Ya just gotta love it. And hopefully we will see much more of the same.

Reality and sanity: 1 – Trans lunacy: 0.

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  1. Great story, Bill. Thanks for sharing some good news.
    I like your score card at the end.

  2. Time to put them back into the asylum and throw away the warden.
    John Abbott

  3. Not only is this a brilliant response to the transgender craziness, but it shows up the lunacy of the whole transgender nonsense for what it is. Yet this is only one of many examples of today’s corruption of mind and morals. Romans 1:18-32 summarizes the rapid decline in moral standards very clearly – almost as if it were describing today’s culture. May God have mercy on Australia (indeed, our world) as we humble ourselves and look to Him for the redemption He has already paid for.

  4. You’re right Bill, these loonies will implode on themselves, like your communism implosion example. It’s a little worrying how progressive China’s style of Capitalist/Communism is striving and how South Africa’s bullying leadership is trying to simulate their favorite alliance right now.
    Bill Heggers

  5. Combat the Gospel of Self which is Gnosticism

    5 Build houses and live in them; plant gardens and eat their produce. 6 Take wives and have sons and daughters; take wives for your sons, and give your daughters in marriage, that they may bear sons and daughters; multiply there, and do not decrease. 7 But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare. Jeremiah 29:5-7


  6. I read about this recently and just about clapped! Maybe there is hope of normality, after all. ?

  7. What you are mocking and ridiculing is a real problem that is tearing families apart. I cry every day for my son who is so lost to this lie that you are laughing at. To hear such mocking from those who should be brothers and sisters is hard. I pray that you will leave the mocking to fools and rather offer to bring truth to the broken lives of those devastated by “trans lunacy.”

  8. Thanks Heather. But you seem to have missed the point of this article, and perhaps not read it very carefully. Not one single individual struggling with gender dysphoria was mocked or laughed at in this piece. What WAS mocked and laughed at of course is the lousy militant ideology which is causing so much damage to so many, including your own son. It is not only a ludicrous and laughable ideology, but for the believer, it is diabolical as well. It comes straight out of the pits of hell, and is entirely based on a lie, as you yourself acknowledge. So the point here was to show how one clever politician demonstrated what an utterly absurd agenda this is. More power to him. In this sense, it is perfectly true that ridiculous ideas deserve to be ridiculed.

    But had you looked at the other 146 articles I have written on transgenderism, you would have seen the numerous times I said that those in this condition are in need of help and counsel, as they are struggling with mental, psychological and spiritual problems. See here:

    So we can rightly do both things simultaneously: we can seek to help those caught up in all this, and we can fiercely oppose and resist the militant ideology driving it. And pointing out its utter illogic and absurdity is part of this rightful resistance.

    But thanks for writing and we will keep you and your son in our prayers.

  9. What a pleasant change to read an encouraging story about someone finally tackling the LGBTQI juggernaut in the US. Thanks Bill, and let’s hope we can do the same thing here.
    Another encouraging development this week came out of Canberra when Dan Tehan replaced Simon Birmingham as Education Minister. Hopefully, now we’ll have a Minister who puts our children’s welfare first, instead of the interests of the LGBTQI as Birmingham did.

  10. Hi Bill,
    I sent an email to M.P Greg Hunt (Minister for Health) regarding the legal problem of legal documents with sex as male, female and “other,” because there is no “other” biological sex or zz chromosome/gamete people, and lawyers are forcing healthcare professionals to believe in this fantasy of “other” sex. “Gender identity” is protected in Australian laws and this isn’t the same as biological sex which isn’t protected in any Australian law. My email was redirected to the attorney general M.P Christian Porter, and I received an email acknowledging that there is confusion between gender and sex in our society, and that they were reviewing the Australian guidelines for sex and gender which directly affect best-practice for government and government agencies.

    The current Australian guidelines have gender as a person’s social and personal identity…; and sex as chromosomal, gondola and anatomical characteristics associated with biological sex. This idea that the Australian Federal government can separate gender from biological sex is like separating the mind from the brain and the brain from the head. I contacted the attorney-general’s office and asked them to please explain how I should now interpret the words “gender” and “male” and “female” in the Australian diabetes guidelines for Type 2 Diabetic and chronic kidney disease 2009 – best practice:
    • The screening, diagnosis and monitoring of treatment is undertaken by measurement of albuminuria and estimation of the GFR (eGFR). AER and ACR are the most common and reliable methods to assess albuminuria, ACR values are affected by gender and thus different values are needed for males and females.

    It is obvious that these scientific guidelines are referring to gender of male and female based on a person’s biological sex because it doesn’t make sense that someone’s feeling of being masculine and self-identifying as a “male” could affect the ACR values in order to assess albuminuria.

    Bill, you’re not making fun of people who suffer gender dysphoria, but you’re highlighting a serious problem when Australian laws confuse the truth with a lie. Does the patient who self-identifies as “other” share a bedroom and bathroom facilities with a male or female patient? Men and women have different experience of chest pain, strokes, drugs, reproduction etc. What is the experiences of “other” biological sex/gender people because their experiences aren’t reported in any scientific medical/nursing textbook, journal, report, nor guideline. There will be a wastage of limited health resources for everyone to have a pap smear test in order to not offend xx female chromosome people who self-identify as a “male.” There is no surgery, treatment, procedure, nor therapy which can change xx female chromosomes/gametes into xy male chromosomes/gametes or visa versa. Men have never had to have a hysterectomy, mastectomy nor mutilate their hormone levels, as well as having a penile reconstruction to be a male.

  11. I think your reply to Heather was incredibly understanding and tactful Bill. Well said.

  12. Thanks Bill – Democracy at work. In the 60s there was the introduction a a pill for women to take containing hormones that would “prevent” conception. I remember wise men warning of huge ramifications for future generations. The opponents of this pill were in the minority and ridiculed. I think this “pill” will be seen as a disaster for many generations. Your article highlights downstream effects of women ingesting hormones.

  13. Hi again Bill,
    Apropos to Heather’s terrible predicament, I have learned this afternoon that Labor intends introducing legislation making it illegal for parents to affirm their child’s biological gender.

    This would completely hog-tie unfortunate parents like Heather from trying to rescue their child from the damage caused to them by the LGBTQI and Safe Schools Coalition! It beggars belief that anyone would sanction such legislation or support a political party introducing such heinous restrictions on families.

  14. Thanks Julian. Yes, we must resist this horrific agenda in every way we can, otherwise there will be a whole lot more grieving parents and messed up kids.

  15. Hi Bill,
    What an eloquent and knowledgeable comment made by J Sheryl Adam. And herein lies the insanity at the heart of this so-called transgenderism. That highly educated people including doctors and lawyers have fallen for this lunacy when every biological, physical and psychiatric principal exists as either male or female. That we believe we can change fundamentals of these elements is beyond belief to me at times. Yet somehow the world over, so many have fallen for this lie and are causing untold misery for many who find little or no peace after their ‘sex’ change. I wonder what would have happened, if in the past, we had declared those suffering from anorexia, were completely correct and as fat as they imagined they were? Maybe now that would have been the case, and people with this mental condition would have been dropping like flies because we would have to accept their ‘feelings’ of being fat.
    I regularly read your website and enjoy your informative articles and how much they’ve helped open my eyes over the years.
    God bless.

  16. Heather, I know you are hurting and I know exactly what you feel because I too have a son caught up in this lie.

    Sometimes the only way we can convince people of the absurdity of an idea is to push it to its logical conclusions. If we push transgenderism all the way to the end, it will lead exactly to the scenario that Bill writes about here – as Jim Lyons brilliantly demonstrated. Jim did not set out to mock and make fun of people dealing with this issue in real life but to illustrate the absurdity of the ideology and to demonstrate that ideas have consequences.

    Nor does Bill in his writing set out to mock and make fun of individuals but he also wants to make others aware of the ridiculous outcomes of such an ideology. The logical consequences of transgender ideology are laughable and should rightly be mocked.

    I, for one, am thankful for Bill (and others) who strive tirelessly to expose this lie. This ideology is destroying your son and mine, and we should be behind anyone who has the guts to stand up and make others aware. If and when my son sees the light of truth and reality, people such as Bill will be the first I remember to thank. For these are the ones who care enough to speak the truth.

    Bill’s articles on this issue do two things for me. Without fail, they make me cry. I cry for my son and grieve for him every time I read one, but I have never once thought that these articles were mocking of my son or others like him. And secondly, they keep me from caving into the secular understanding that is being pushed on us. Without such punchy, hard hitting confronting articles, I think you and I and other parents like us would have long ago thought we were the ones with the problem because everyone else is trying to tell us that. Bill’s writing reminds me that there is such a thing as truth and reality and I want to be aligned with that.

    If we love our children we must stand alongside those who speak the truth in love – not those who refuse to tell them of the consequences of their harmful choices. Your crying shows you are in touch with reality still, and I would encourage you to keep reading these articles and keep crying.

    You and I share a memory – a memory of being in a delivery room and having a doctor lift a squirming, screaming little baby by his feet, telling us ‘You have a son.’ We still do – our memories are not playing tricks on us. We are not the ones struggling with reality here.

    If your experience is anything like mine you are walking a lonely walk. Where I live, there are many other parents dealing with this situation but I have only met one other who believes this is a lie. Everyone else has told me that I should be celebrating my ‘daughter’ because this is who ‘she’ is but I refuse. My relationship with my son hangs by a tenuous thread because of it, but I will not contribute to his delusion. If you want to get in touch I’d love to hear from you. I’m happy for Bill to pass on my email address to you.

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