Is This the Day Australia Commits Hari-Kari?

It has just turned past 9 am on Friday here in America’s midwest, but in Australia it has just become Saturday morning. This is D-Day for the nation: election day. Will the Australian people throw away their imperfect but worthwhile past, or will they stand against the radical nihilism of the left?

We will soon know. In around 20 hours the voting will have stopped around the nation, and the counting will begin. Will Bill Shorten and Labor get in, and continue their destructive anti-life, anti-family, and anti-freedom policies, or will Scott Morrison and the Liberals and Nationals retain power?

The latter are by no means a panacea for what ails Australia, but they are still much better in many of the key areas I just mentioned. At least they will put the brakes on the downward spiral somewhat. Given just how degenerate and decrepit all of the West is becoming, a Liberal government will at least give Australia some breathing time.

And bear this in mind: at the end of the day politics will not save this country. Only a return to God will be of any lasting value. Indeed, we can say that a political fix to our problems must be preceded by a cultural fix, and that must be preceded by a religious fix.

But too many folks – including too many Christians – reverse this order. They put all their hopes in political solutions. But politics flows downstream from culture. And the culture is determined by the religious makeup of a people. A largely secular left populace which has no place for God and enduring truths and moral values will lead to a hostile culture. And that in turn will be reflected in bad political outcomes.

So at the end of the day, repentance and revival are our only real hope. But that does not mean we ignore politics or pretend it does not matter how we vote. It DOES matter. Indeed, try telling Israel Folau that the culture wars and the politicisation of sport – and everything else – does not matter. Just hours ago he was finally and officially fired, all for quoting from the Bible on his own social media page.

One writer just wrote this about him for the UK Spectator:

Perhaps the important wider question arising out of this incident is whether we want our athletes to be ‘blank slates’ when it comes to their views and beliefs. Much of the commentary on the Folau incident seems to conclude that he’s perfectly entitled to his beliefs, but he can’t talk about them publicly. Do we all think that star athletes should just shut up about their views and beliefs until they retire?

It’s also clear that sponsors should not be given an unchecked right to censor or shape the views of players. A recent example of a sensible compromise on this was when New Zealand rugby star Sonny Bill Williams, who is a Muslim, was exempted from wearing the logos of banks, alcohol brands or gambling companies on his club’s kit. On announcing the move, the general manager of NZ Rugby said: ‘Sonny holds clear religious beliefs in relation to this matter and we respect those’.

As a long-suffering Arsenal fan, I remember the days of Dennis Bergkamp, one of our better players, who had a fear of flying. He was affectionately named the ‘non-flying dutchman’, but it was a real pain because we generally lost away games in Europe that weren’t easily reachable by bus. However, it’s not a stretch to imagine an athlete saying that he wasn’t going to fly – not because he was scared, but because he thought that carbon emissions were destroying the planet. How comfortable would we be for that player to be sacked because his views conflicted with the interests of an airline sponsor?

Israel Folau could certainly have expressed his views in a more sensitive manner, but to be fired for expressing them is, in my view, an absolutely travesty for freedom of expression in sport. To suggest that the removal of Folau is in the pursuit of ‘tolerance and respect’ makes a mockery of the terms, and as some of Folau’s teammates have already noted, it sends out a chilling message to all those who share his views. Folau has said that he is considering his options, and certainly I hope to see a court overturn this decision in due course. If Rugby Australia’s management genuinely wants the sport to be ‘inclusive for all’, it needs to start by including players that it disagrees with.

Of course what happened to him is just the tip of the iceberg, and a Labor win will see this multiplied a hundred times over. We will all be at risk. Every Christian who dares to share his faith in public will be doing so at their own peril. Labor and the Greens have made this perfectly clear.

Freedom will take a hammering in the brave new world of the secular left, with religious freedom especially being greatly constrained, if not eliminated altogether. If you think things seem bad now, you will not imagine how much worse they will get if Morrison and Co are dumped today.

It really will be the beginning of the end. Of course I and others have been warning about these things for decades now. Sadly most of the warnings have gone unheeded. Now we stand at the crossroads. Today’s vote will have implications far beyond a possible change of political party.

Everything will change. All I can do is plead with you at this late hour to vote wisely. Our very future is at stake. God have mercy on Australia.

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  1. Sorry if I have said this before but the playing field may different for Muslims. Sir Trevor Phillips, UK’s first Chief Commissioner of the Equality and Human Rights Commission a Leninist was reported in the Times as having said ( admittedly in February 26th 2006), that non-Muslims must also accept the right of imams to denounce homosexuality in a way that many would find offensive….“One point of Britishness is that people can say what they like about the way we should live, however absurd, however unpopular it is…………”“That’s why freedom of expression — including Muslim leaders’ right to say they think homosexuality is harmful — is absolutely precious.”

    As we are seeing Britain, Muslim Parents and their children are coming out force to protest against their children being forcibly indoctrinated with LGBT ideology and yet none of them have lost their jobs, been visited by the police or any other kind of persecution or harassment.

    If Israel Folau perchance had been a Muslim, I would imagine that the Muslim community in Australia would have taken to the streets shouting, “Islamophobia!” since his Muslim moral values were being attacked. But Christianophobia carries no such value and the Christian population close their curtains and just turn the TV up louder.

    David Skinner UK

  2. Excellent article, Bill, and insightful comment by David Skinner. Posted to FB. If it works!

  3. Please share this election prayer (cf Lk 11:2 & Ps 66:7):
    “Our Father in heaven,
    Hallowed be Your name.
    Your kingdom come,
    Your will be done
    On earth as it is in heaven.
    You rule by Your power forever;
    Your eyes observe the nations;
    Do not let the rebellious exalt themselves.
    Let Australia serve the Lord. Amen”

  4. Hey Bill
    Interesting that no pro Folau protests have been seen in public or maybe the MSM ignoring them? seems like the former to me.. if it’s one thing christians don’t do well its coordinated protests against the secular gods/politics and worldview of this society..we christians have really let ourselves down when it comes to discerning and rallying against the gaystapo and all the other manifestations of the antichrist spirit..we are too timid and complacent.

  5. Concerning the Unethical and shameful treatment of Israel Folau
    Australians potentially committing Hari-Kiri in their voting preferences in this Federal Election.
    I am reminded of some lyrics from the song “Down Under” from the Australian Music Group Men At Work:
    I come from a Land [going] Down Under….


  6. Nowhere have I seen, anywhere in the media, anyone highlighting the shear hypocrisy of Australian Rugby, in vilifying Christianity and actually, in reality, excluding someone based on what Christianity and Jewish belief and even Islam say. Yes some people have pointed out that this oppression is diametrically opposed to the idea of free speech but what about the fact that this is Australian Rugby deliberately vilifying a Christian for standing up for very basic, Christian sexual morality? Israel Folau was not, in fact, being exclusive of anyone but Australian Rugby most certainly is. The hypocrisy and bigotry is absolutely profound and blatant and yet nothing is said.

    I had the misfortune of flicking through TV stations and came across “The Drum” while they were discussing it and, surprise, surprise, all of the “guest commentators” the ABC invited (to be obvious mouthpieces for their hypocrisy, bigotry and propaganda so they can get away with it more readily) all condemned Israel. The ABC host gave the only half-hearted support, saying it is in fact what the Bible says, clearly in an attempt to give the impression of not being completely and absolutely biased, while their selected guests made sure the message was hammered home. This is absolutely typical of the ABC’s standard propaganda techniques and yet, apparently, absolutely nothing can be done to prevent their constant bigotry and bias and misuse of public funds for obvious propaganda purposes like this.

    The ABC justifies its existence by claiming it is necessary to combat big business having all the say on matters broadcast but this situation puts the absolute lie to that claim. Here we have big business in the form of Alan Joyce, misusing QANTAS’ company funds to force his own ideas and extort his own personal agenda while ABC is on the sidelines cheering him on with absolute support without the slightest effort to allow anyone to have an alternate say or to attempt to give any alternate perspective to their obviously biased and bigoted position or any proper defense of Israel at all.

    The fact is while Labor was in power the culture at the ABC got completely out of control but the Liberals have done absolute nothing about it. Employing people like David Hill and now Ita Buttrose and having Malcolm Turnbull as the minister in charge has meant the Liberals have more than put their stamp of approval on the constant bigotry and atheistic religious indoctrination coming out of the ABC. If Labor gets in this election that could very likely be the last chance to get any balance back into the ABC and and the last chance to bring this nation back to reality and respect for the truth. If no one ever gets to hear the truth we obviously have a very clear Orwellian situation and that is in complete opposition to basic secularist and democratic principles let alone a blatant disregard for the ABC’s charter.

  7. Dear Bill it’s late Saturday Our Lord God is faithful. Praise the name of the Lord most High. Sorry to use your page for this –
    Fantastic to read your name Mr David Skinner – UK. You taught Art at Young in NSW 1971, do you remember the surname Eastlake? I married one but she was younger her older sister was in High school as were lots of cousins. Bill’s CultureWatch allowed me to read a post of yours from 2012 when I read his amazing testimony.
    May God bless and preserve both Bill and you Mr Skinner
    Mark Bryant ( originally from Cowra NSW )

  8. Hi Mark Bryant. Yes I taught John, Katherine, Jenny and probably other Eastlakes in 1970 to the end of 1973. I returned to Young in 1998 on a teacher exchange and taught William. It was in the course of having to teach history of art that I discovered Francis Schaeffer who proved key over forty years later in revealing the significance of the Sexual Orientation Regulations which came into force in the UK in 2006
    However, returning to the theme, there are no borders or boundaries when it comes to Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender pride and lust [1]. No nationality, no culture, no belief system, no need for an Australian rugby team , justice system, marriage, family, sanity, health or continued existence for a nation can stand in the way of the LGBTs forcing every single one of us to join them on the dusty and windswept plains of sexual anarchy and perversions. They are beyond the Gaystapo; they are the Pink Pol Pot leading us all to a Marxist Nirvana. Welcome your own oppression [2]
    When the British Government went through the charade of conducting a nationwide consultation, followed by sham debates in the Houses of Parliament, on same sex marriage in 2013, Lord Tebbit pointed out in the House of Lords that apart from the fact that LGBTs were not being denied the right to marry anyone (just so long as it was some one of the opposite sex), heterosexual couples were being discriminated against because their marriages were constrained by the need for consummation and divorce would only be possible in cases of adultery, conditions which do not apply the LGBTs [3] The solution is to degrade and bring opposite sex marriage into line with same sex marriage. Get rid of coitus and faithfulness and smash heteronormativity[4]

    David Skinner UK

  9. Bravo Michael Weeks! Well said, the ABC is a shameful misuse of public funds and we should be campaigning to have their funding removed.

  10. Dear Bill, through you, please excuse my rrply to David Skinner. Well done David, my wife & I have followed your activities in the UK. Your bravery to stand and continue to stand for the truth. May the Lord give you strength to continue your fight.
    I married Gillian whose older sister was Alison. The ones you mentioned all first cousins, then William next generation son of Neville junior.
    Amazing to be able to communicate through Bill.
    God bless you
    Mark Bryant

  11. Pita, I agree that “we Christians have really let ourselves when it comes to protesting…” only occasionally protesting and only then, within the protection of a group such as pro-lifers etc, very light heartedly via ACL and other such lobby groups. I was utterly dismayed to find so few prepared to assist Australian Conservatives in the election process, despite there being quite good web based system available, or were we content to leave the message to Kevin Baileys great forays in the The Senate count next week will be very interesting and extremely important.

  12. Dear Mark Bryant, I forgot to mention, the reason I say God bless Australia is because that was where Jesus Christ ambushed me as soon as I got off the plane at Sydney airport in February 1970. I was then a totally lost cynical disbeliever in anything, a £10 POM (immigrant), or more rather runaway slave like Onesimus. Unbeknown to me, the greatest Friend anyone can ever have was waiting for me. It really was coming home for me.
    Is Bill adding to his multitasking, being an agency for those looking for long lost relatives? It would be great if he could send our emails to one another. Please ask Alison to forgive my not remembering her first name.
    David Skinner

  13. You are a genius Bill;
    “…. politics flows downstream from culture, and the culture is determined by the religious makeup of a people”.
    What a brilliant line.

  14. Thanks Bill for all you do to keep us informed and challenged.
    It keeps us awake in the slumber of our society.

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