Miracles and the Australian Election

On Saturday May 18 Australia decided who should run the country: Scott Morrison and the Liberals, or Bill Shorten and Labor. Although there are still more votes to be counted, we now know the results: the Liberal/National Coalition will get back into office.

This will add to the past six years that they have already been running the country. This will be, as I have written about so often now, very good news indeed, all things considered. It would have been real bad news for those who care deeply about faith, family and freedom if Labor had gotten in.

Politically speaking, this would have proved to be disastrous for other important things, including the economy and international relations. That too I have discussed elsewhere. But now we have a rejection of the radical left’s agenda, and a return to more sensible government.

Much can be said about this incredible win. Bill Shorten seems to have lost the unlosable election. Everyone thought it was a shoo-in. Hardly anyone predicted a win for Morrison. But it has happened, stunning pundits and political observers alike.

As to the actual election details, this seems to be the current state of play: The Liberals appear to have won at least 74 seats so far out of 150 total seats in the lower house. A few more are expected to go their way in the hours ahead. The Libs got around 42 per cent of the primary vote, which is very good indeed. Around 33 per cent went to Labor and 10 per cent to the Greens.

Hmm, just a third of the electorate voted for Labor. That is a very telling figure. There was a 1.5 per cent swing to the Coalition around the country. There were five seats gained for the Libs, only one for Labor, and one for an independent. Queensland was especially strong for the Liberals and Nationals. The anti-Adani mine move backfired big time up there, with big wins for the Liberals and Nationals.

Champions such as George Christensen were easily returned to office. But a big loss for the Liberals was Tony Abbott. He had won in a landslide six years ago, leading the Libs to a big victory then. But he was diabolically undermined by Turnbull. So now he is gone, but so too is Turnbull, and Pyne, and Bishop, and some other lefty Libs. That will make things a lot easier for the Morrison government.

Labor losses include the following: Shorten has now lost two elections and has stepped down as Labor leader. Like Hillary Clinton in America, he is the twice-failed candidate, and a new leader will have to be found. Also, lesbian activist Kerryn Phelps may lose her seat.

The traitorous ex-Liberal Julie Banks is also gone. And Clive Palmer did not pick up any seats. All up it was also a bad night for the Greens and GetUp! All the hoopla about climate change that Labor ran with was a real fizzer. Like the Trump and Brexit wins, the people preferred to go in a conservative direction, and they may not have told the pollsters their exact intentions.

Common sense and a conservative mood prevailed in this election. All the loony climate change activism of Labor which would have cost Australia and Australians so very dearly economically and in other ways was clearly rejected by the Australian people.

People saw through the Labor spin, seeing Shorten for what he was: NOT a man of the people, but a wealthy, remote and removed elitist. He was a thorough-going leftist who would have done so much damage to Australia. The Australian people have said ‘no’ to that.

And this election was also a big win for religious freedom. As I and others documented countless times, a Labor win would have spelled the end of religious liberty, and would have resulted in a massive crackdown on Christians and Christianity especially. Now we can breathe a bit easier, but we still must be ever vigilant in this area.

Finally, it needs to be pointed out that one of the greatest highlights of the whole evening was to see all the leftist true believers commenting on ABC television get more and more glum and depressed as the night went on! That in itself was a huge plus!

Spiritual considerations

Given that almost all the pundits and pollsters fully expected a Labor win, one has to ask if this was not a miraculous win – a major God thing. Of course there were so many Christians who were praying and fasting, knowing how significant and serious this election was.

This clearly had to be the work of God. There really is no other explanation for it! This result had caught almost all the experts and commentators by surprise. But our God is a God of surprises, and a God of the miraculous. Indeed, Morrison began his acceptance speech by speaking of how he believes in miracles.

And this win is a clear indication of the overwhelming mercy and grace of God. We surely did not deserve this. Australia is so far from God that he had every right to throw us under the bus. We deserve his judgment, but instead he granted us some wonderful mercy. Thank you Lord.

But as with all the election results we have had of late, I keep saying much the same thing, regardless of which election it is, or who gets in. At the end of the day we need much more than politics to save the nation. Our problems at root are much greater than mere political problems.

They are ultimately spiritual and religious in nature, and until we make spiritual and religious changes, the political changes will not go deep enough to improve our dire situation. Sure, it is terrific that the dangerous and destructive Labor/Greens alliance was knocked back, but politics alone will not save us.

At the end of the day only deep repentance and revival will turn around this nation. In many ways this victory is only a reprieve. It has given us some more time – more time to do what really matters. Getting on our faces before Almighty God would be a good thing to do in this interim period. Thanking him, praising him, and renewing our commitment to him would be a good place to start.

But don’t get me wrong: this is still a wonderful victory and we need to thank God for it heartily. Churches that are still true to God and his Word need to proclaim a national day of thanksgiving. We all owe so much to God in this win. We certainly did not deserve this divine mercy, but we got it.

Pray for Scott Morrison and what will be his new team. Pray that they all will serve God humbly and bravely, and seek to put God first in all they do. Pray also for their families. And please engage in spiritual warfare as well. Satan and his minions are now furious with these results, and they will be working overtime to subvert and destroy the Morrison government.

The battle has now just begun. It is at root a spiritual battle. We all must pray as we have never prayed before. Things will now only intensify, and the hatred and bitterness and divisiveness will only get worse. If you thought things were bad before the election, wait till you see what will follow. So please pray and keep alert.

But thank you Lord for granting us this merciful reprieve. Thank you!

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  1. Indeed, whilst I’m grateful a disaster seems to have been averted for now, I wish the nation would go the extra step and turn to God and let Him be the one who we expect salvation to come from. Either you can be ruled by men or God, which actually makes the choice easy to decide.

    But for tonight I am breathing a sigh of relief. My mind boggles that leftist agendas still have supporters when those ideas always fail and leave a trail of misery and death behind them incomparable to anything else in human history. So many seem to be blind to this.

    I handed out how-to-vote cards in the afternoon for a friend running for the DLP, and I couldn’t help noticing the irony of ALP/Greens/Animal Justice people pulling out their mobile phones 10 mins before closing to order dinner.
    “You want garlic bread?”

    Pardon me, but would that be capitalism you are using?

    Maybe they can ask the starving in Venezuela if they’d like garlic bread too. The level of cognitive dissonance in people these days is astonishing. That blindness is spiritual blindness; we must continue to pray for our nation and that people would wake up.

  2. Amen. The Lord Almighty will graciously grace and exalt this nation Australia because the righteous rules. Amen.

  3. Thank you Bill for these balanced Christian comments. We must now truly be thankful and give all praise to God our Heavenly Father for stabilising our National heritage and giving Christians an extended opportunity to strengthen faith based credentials into numerous organisations that need to remember first of all give thanks and followup with the good work of proclaiming salvation through the blood of Jesus our Lord only.
    Bill Heggers, W.A.

  4. Shalom brother Bill and thank you.


    Below is a word from the Lord, that the Lord impressed upon me to send to a prayerful brother in Perth on 29/04/2019 about the outcome of the Australian election and God’s plan for Australia and I note God’s focus on RIGHTEOUSNESS…

    “Brother Simon, the Lord keeps impressing upon me, that HE has heard the cries of the righteous (past, present, future) from the Southern Realm of the Holy Spirit and will extend God’s favour over Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Australia.

    The Lord impress upon me – Just as a righteous head of a household brings God’s favour upon his household, so does a righteous national leader.

    Let’s praise the Lord for God’s outpouring of the Holy Spirit and purposes upon this land.

    Your brother in Christ.
    ?? PJ

    God and the prayers/praise of the saints have disrupted the plans of the enemy and established God’s plans. We need to continue in prayer and praise God, for the fulfilment of ALL of God’s purposes for Australia.

    Our righteousness is like filthy rags, let us invite and live in God’s righteousness.

    Enjoy and experience God’s presence and intimacy with God.

    Even as corporate revival is fast heading to the Southern Realm of the Holy Spirit, it starts with our personal revival with the Lord. Pursue after God, not man/woman or institutions.

    SHALOM and to God be all the Glory.

    Your brother in Christ.
    ?? PJ

  5. God bless you Bill.

    As I was praying leading up to the elections, I couldn’t help thinking that God raised Israel Folau to expose the intolerance of Rugby Australia, the left and by extension the Labour and Greens.

    I also thought that Clive Palmer was prompted by God to spend his millions, whose message hurt Labour and Greens more than LNP.

    The miraculous election results this evening perhaps lends testimony to these conjectures.

    Our God is a miracle working God.

    Let’s declare that justice will prevail and our Father will honour Israel Folau’s faithfulness in a visible manner for all to see.

    God bless Australia indeed. Father as You have given us reprieve, help us Father to continue praying that our people will repent and turn bqck to You.


  6. From Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee, we closely followed the election results. My husband didn’t want to hear the blow by blow commentaries but I just had to. I must confess I was not optimistic but praise God Labor did not win and our prayers were answered. We have won a reprieve people, the fight has just begun. Thank you Jesus. Praise the Lord!

  7. A miracle indeed.

    Not the least of which considering all the turn coating and rug pulling. It won’t be long before Morrison becomes the longest standing Australian Prime Minister in a decade.

  8. I am convinced that the win last night for the Liberals/ Nationals and the win two months ago in NSW were both pulled off by prayer. I don’t know how many churches answered Margaret Court’s call for 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting, but it was a significant factor.

    When elections vary so wildly from the indications of opinion polls, you know that God is at work.

    We can be thankful that the Lord has rescued us from a radical left-wing agenda.

  9. Thanks Bill. If it takes a crisis to turn His remnant to the prayer closet to fast and pray, so be it. There is an atmosphere of sheer joy in those who battled this through in prayer. Australia’s Christians, and the onlooking world, have seen a miracle and the church has learned by experience and not just head knowledge, that God really does answer united, fervent prayer. I believe this is a turning point for Australia in more ways than we realise.

  10. What a mighty God we serve. I am first to admit that I didn’t at all want to watch any of the new coverage because of all the ‘It’s a shoe in for Labor’ messages. In the back of my mind I was thinking well ‘what if ‘ ? it ending up like the United States . After visiting the States for the first time and travelling to Wisconsin and California and Washington I got a feel from staying with our friends of true divine sovereign miracle .
    Now , just like to Hilary Clinton brigade the noise from the left is about to get quiet loud . And of course the commentary on social media is pretty much the same as the US …. you know , just ‘speak your mind ‘ and attack people verbally and all will be well .
    Interesting to see what the young folks think . Our 18 year old voted for the first time and was very very concerned if Labor got in for his future. He is now praising the Lord

    Finally what really disappoints me is that Churches no longer talk about the political landscape . I can’t see a ‘real ‘ born again believer supporting Labors policies. But what really gets up my nose is that Pastors new talk about it …. ie Their agenda

    But Praise be to Almighty God . I think this miracle needs to be shouted from the rooftops

  11. Let’s hope this puts an end to poll driven government and a return to the idea of doing the right thing and having faith enough in the Australian people to see that right has been done.

    If the Liberals manage to keep corruption at bay and can do something about the public broadcaster’s constant propaganda we may have some hope of the light shining. With a Christian Prime Minister and testimonies like Israel Folau’s, perhaps a little light will be shed again and we will have some hope of overcoming the huge cloud of darkness that has enveloped and oppressed this country. We can only hope that respect for truth, righteousness, basic human rights and freedoms and decency will again have some chance of having effect in this nation so sorely battered by deceit.

  12. God is always in control!

    But we must not be satisfied just by a re-elected Liberal Government.

    We must make sure the Liberal Party is the natural home of Christians.

    We must make sure a expressing Biblical beliefs like Peter Killin did will never again result in disendorsement as a Liberal candidate.

    We must hold Prime Minister Mr Morrison to his promise to legislate to protect Christian Religious Freedom. And no, we can’t wait another year for another report. How many more will suffer like Israel Folau if we have to wait till after April 2020 for still another report before the government will act to protect our freedom?

    Last night was a great first step, but it’s only one step and we have a long way to go and we must stay the course.

  13. Dear Bill, I haven’t read your whole article or all the replies but I have been participating in the 21 Days of Prayer and fasting leading up to the election. It was called by Pastor Margaret Court and was taken up by the Canberra Declaration. So many churches across the nation of all denominations joined in and it resulted in a mighty time of prayer and intercession across the nation leading up to the election. We believe it’s the beginning of a big revival across Australia that will also spread out to the world. We knew the election results would be an answer to pray and an act of God. Thank you for being a watchman on the wall and for your brilliant exhortation to the Body of Christ. Penny Kerr

  14. Amen and amen.

    Raise up Your people to faithfulness, not self focus . . .

    And bring revival, Lord, we pray!

  15. Soooo grateful on this freezing cold morning!!! Can’t stop rejoicing in this glorious victory of the Almighty God!!!
    Church of Jesus: keep praying and keep pushing His Kingdom! We can’t stop here, the war is still on, on many levels.
    God bless Australia!! And God bless you Bill thank you for your hard work.
    Angela, Perth

  16. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
    Yesterday while working at the polling booth for the Australian conservatives I heard many boasts from the red crowd that Labor would win and indeed that seemed the way it was going in my electorate. I decided to prepare for the worst and pray for good candidates in the Senate. I am so pleased that arrogance has had a mighty come-uppance. I talked with all the other party representatives. One Labor rep can’t believe I am a conservative, apparently I am too lively! The green’s volunteer had never heard of Agenda 21 and thought Tim Flannery was authoritative and ‘of course all those cars are going to cause climate change’. I could agree with much of the ideas of the Labor volunteers, for example improving our hospital system and upping newstart. They do not have a clue where Labor is heading. I did not see any Greens recycling their how to vote pamphlets but I did see plenty of conservatives doing so.

  17. Thank you Bill for your overview in this Post. You have captured well what was at stake. I am so grateful for God’s intervention. Australia has been given a reprieve. We now must pray for the progress of the will of God through the government under Scott Morrison. May His will be done.

  18. Dear Man of God Bill,
    Cannot tell you how overjoyed we are here. All praise to the King of kings and Lord of lords. So wonderful to read the comments above and know we have a band of Saints here spread across this Great South Land of The Holy Spirit. What an awesome God we worship and serve. And you Bill are such an inspirational witness, and appreciated and prayed for by many.
    All glory to Jesus Christ our King
    Mark Bryant

  19. may you use your reprieve better than we in the states have used ours. yes politically we are fighting but spiritually we are still lacking. I fear the reprieve we prayed for was all for naught and the judgment will be worse now than if we had not had the reprieve and received the righteous judgement in 2016 after Hillary was elected.

    this was my worry all along that the church would put a good man in office and roll over and go to sleep. I told people then it would be better Hillary be elected and God’s swift and righteous judgment come and we try to build something from what remains of America then to elect trump and do nothing and receive worse. Reprieves are nice when you used them otherwise it is just a delay of the inevitable and makes things worse because you squandered a chance to do right rather than simply accept the fire that awaited you. America’s Judgment will now be harsher and more extensive but still I pray that what remains will turn to God.

    The fire that awaits America has grown hotter because of our inability to act may Australia act so its fire grows colder. Don’t confuse the ballot box and the pulpit. victory in the former means nothing without action in the latter. religion creates culture culture creates politics.things flow down from religion NOT up form politics. the church used to know that. I pray Australia rediscovers that.

  20. It is indeed wonderful and miraculous that the Liberal/National coalition under Scott Morrison have won the latest Federal election. The Christian prayer and Christian involvement behind the scenes have certainly played an important part. I would like to suggest that Christians continue and increase their involvement in-between elections by firstly taking 1 Timothy 2:1-3 much more seriously. This could include “adopting” their elected Federal and State members of Parliament and building a relationship with each one during the 3-4 years they will have in office, praying for them and their families and reaching out to them with Christian love as well as speaking the truth to them in love so that they come to understand and potentially appreciate the Christian viewpoint on issues of concern. Each elected member is supposed to be representing the views of the electorate, but how can they do so if they do not hear the Christian viewpoint, and only hear from a noisy minority?

  21. One of the results that pleased me greatly, was the failure of both GetUp and CFMEU. They poured millions into the election campaign and got no result They virtually emptied their coffers in an attempt to unseat a few senior coalition ministers.
    One might call all that poetic justice and that’s so true, didn’t God inspire the book of Psalms?

  22. Yes and YES!
    Thanks Bill and contributors, many great observations.
    My contribution is to ask wherein was the miracle?
    Miracle it was, certainly, but we might be benefited by knowing its nature.
    It it not yet apparent, but what ever it was we need to multiply the opportunity it brings.

    As I see it the miracle could have come by a number of factors;
    1. Our Father, especially intervening by doing some surprising and timely things as has been suggested; Israel Folau, Clive Palmer, Adani, even uncle Bob.
    2. A change in the heart of God’s people sufficient to become aware of the issues and change the way they normally vote.
    3. A change in the heart of many citizens of the nation so that they changed their vote.
    It was probably a combination of all these three things.

    We need to ensure that each of these things continue, for we want more than a reprieve, we want to see Australia turn more and more away from lies, darkness, and evil, and toward the truth, light and righteousness.

    God’s direct intervention is much more likely to happen when His people cry to Him, with desperate but purified motives.
    We are much less in need of that intervention when the Church rises up to be salt and light and proclaims the Gospel in the way that it should.
    How blessed this nation would be, if it had turned its heart back to God.

    These three all need to be worked on very seriously and energetically.
    If not I believe that what we have is a glorious reprieve, but only for now.
    May God Help Us

  23. To sum up Labor’s loss is simple really.
    Their economic policy was based on an uncalculable energy policy which was unpredictable in both its fiscal and social outcomes.Their leader said “Trust me to deliver”. Trouble was, Bill Shorten was the leader least trusted by the electorate. He had too much dodgy baggage.Labor lost this election when their toxic climate change policy combined with a toxic leader.
    Could it be said that the people saw Shorten as an adulterous, lying, cheating person, unfit for the nations highest job.

  24. Some of my left leaning Facebook friends are distressed by the result, and feel ashamed to be Australian. I’m not at all ashamed. I am glad to once again have a Prime Minister that I respect. There’s only been a handful of them in my lifetime, both Labor and Liberal. I will certainly be praying over the next three years of this government, and using your blog to keep up to date with the political and spiritual situation in Australia.

  25. The Spiritual Stronghold of Evilution is the Present Curse of the Christian Church and I think the main reason the Christian Church of Australia has taken the ‘Go’ out of Gospel resulting in this present situation of the Marxists trying to Ram their Evil doctrines down our throats. What is left from the Gospel if you take the ‘Go’ out? – Spel! (Foolish Galations who has Bewitched YOU?)
    My wife and myself have a Standard Question we ask people, “Do you believe in Evolution?” Reply generally “ErrrYes”, then we say, “Evolution Claims we Evolved from Monkeys, do you believe that?”. Responses range from “Oh No!!” to “Err Maybe?” to about 1% who claim they do. There must be more people in Churches that believe in Evilution than there are in the General Public. These sort of questions get under the Cultural Guard promoted by the Media’s abhorrence of Christianity and the publics abhorrence of Church. You can then tell people of Marine Fossils on the Top of Mount Everest which amazes most people and is an Ice Breaker into further witness.

  26. I believe for the first time the Church really got down on its knees to pray for the elections. As God states, “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”
    II Chronicles 7:14 NKJV. This is what happened. Christians must realise that we must get together and stand up for Believers who are persecuted when they quote Scripture without trying to be PC. Jesus Christ was never PC.

  27. I have to say Bill, that I truly believe Scott Morrison’s win last night was a total act of God and God alone. There is (as you are no doubt aware) a desperate battle between good and evil currently raging across the world at present. Not many people unfortunately, are aware of this. Mr Morrison’s win was stunning! It simply was not expected by anyone, either by the leftists or conservatives. Poll after poll had Labor well in front. So what does this remind me of? Well of course, President Trump’s win in 2016. In both cases, the odds were seemingly stacked against both these men. There was no force on earth that could help them. But there was a higher force that could. So relieved that Mr Morrison has won as it has averted the absolute destruction of Australia on so many levels.

  28. Thanks, Bill, for this perceptive article.
    It’s also encouraging to read the comments from brothers and sisters across Australia, and around the world.

    Tasmania’s Mercury newspaper yesterday predicted a Labor win of at least 77 seats, but today’s front page headline was “Morrison’s Miracle”…!

    Bill Shorten’s defeat should remind us that no adulterer or divorcee has ever been elected prime minister of Australia. Surely that is a factor in some voters’ minds, even if they don’t realise or acknowledge it. (Before someone mentions Julia Gillard, strictly speaking, Labor didn’t win the 2010 election, but clung to power with the help of the infamous three independents, who all lost their seats in 2013, because they weren’t truly independent.)

    Yesterday’s Mercury ran a story with Bob Hawke’s “widow” Blanche d’Alpuget saying Australians should “go out and win for Bob”. The front page of Friday’s Mercury had a full-page photo of Mr Hawke, with the headline “see ya mate”. Not satisfied with that, there was a two-page obituary with the headline “we all loved him”! — Yuck!

    Labor has a knack for choosing leaders whose monumental arrogance can scarcely be contained by this vast Australian continent. A decade before Bob Hawke, there was Gough Whitlam; after Hawke came Paul Keating. Bill Shorten showed himself the rightful heir of his forbears, with his comments on election eve that he was confident of a Labor victory, and his earlier instructions, broadcast on ABC news, to “vote Labor in the Senate”, to spare him the tedious process of negotiating legislation, called democracy.

    Another factor that counted against Bill Shorten was his promise of $50,000,000 to David Walsh’s Mona setup. I e-mailed Mr Shorten:–

    How dare you reward David Walsh’s bloodshed, blasphemy and bigotry in this way!

    In 2017, Mr. Walsh had a bull killed on his orders, and then watched with pleasure as its carcass was torn to pieces in front of him.

    Last year, Mr. Walsh took over Hobart’s waterfront to express his personal bigotry and hatred of Christianity with three 20-metre high upside-down crosses.

    He also had Macquarie Street dug up right in front of Hobart’s town hall, so a “performance artist” could stage a mock burial and resurrection.

    Mr. Walsh’s midwinter festival has a revolting and misogynist name — do you really not know what the word “mofo” means, or do you think it’s funny for an Australian “tourist attraction” to be named after the sexual abuse of one’s mother?

    Do you really not understand that even as he was meeting you, Mr. Walsh was just laughing at you behind your back, at how he was able to fool a stupid and gullible politician into promising him even more public cash?

    Anyone who wants to reward Mr. Walsh’s sordid activities with $50m of public funds, has no right to be prime minister of this country.

    My local polling booth was plastered with ALP propaganda, with the name of the Labor sitting member, and the words “money for hospitals”. I told the Labor volunteer that this was dishonest, as they’re hiding their policy of making health funding dependent on public hospitals doing free abortions of healthy babies until birth, for “economic and social” reasons, as per Tasmania’s Reproductive Health Act 2013.

    The ALP woman said there wasn’t any room on the posters to print their actual policies. So I said again, it was deceitful of Labor to run full-page ads in the Mercury saying “Only Labor has a plan to fix the Royal Hobart Hospital”, when they’re hiding their policy to make the Royal’s funding depend on them aborting healthy babies until birth. “It’s on page 254 of your National Platform”, I said, “I’m putting Labor last for that reason.” She had no response to that, and I went inside to vote, feeling quite empowered.

    Perhaps there should be “safe access zones” around polling booths, so that voters don’t have to look at political signs, or be accosted by activists brandishing brochures. I suggest zones extending 150 metres in all directions, with maximum penalties of 12 months in prison, and fines of $11,550, just as the same as for abortion clinics!

    P.S., sorry for the length of this comment.

  29. Pollsters got it wrong partly due to the demise of White Pages and land-lines. Hence pollsters over-represented people tied to smart-phones (those more likely to be living in the ABC/SBS/Left-Wing-Media-Bubble) and under-represented quiet Aussies too busy to be on their mobiles all day.

    The first hint of Labor loss was the expression on the faces of ALL the ABC faces on camera. The only grins and smiles on “OUR” GAY-BAY-SAY TV presenters was at the defeat of Tony Abbot. The political bias of this tax-payer funded media was palpable. It needs a shake up. But this is unlikely without revival to clean out the apostasy in the church which has offered little resistance to the Marxist God-haters’ takeover of academia and media.

    Paul Wilson is right: we should not go back to sleep.

    We have a 3-year reprieve from judgement for our apostasy. One reason we lost the Same Sex Marriage debate, is the failure of church leaders to telling the truth that same-sex relationships tend to result in worse outcomes, on all measures, for adults and children involved; not worse because of discrimination, but worse because such relationships cause the problems.

    But some actively suppressed that truth, with the result that the public heard about “LOVE”, acceptance and diversity – rather than the truth about the physical and mental health problems that SSM often inflicts on adults and especially on helpless children. If we truly love LGBTs we should explain and defend the truth in love, only the truth and the Truth can set them free.

    Similarly, the church as a whole has accepted Climate Change dogma rather than speaking the truth that the climate has always varied and we can not control it. Instead we have what amounts to worship of Gaia, Mother Earth, which fits in well with child sacrifice to Molech – in its modern form of abortion.

    So what do we NEED? When do we NEED it?
    We need to recognise the root cause of the problem: The church has largely withdrawn from public debate and is no longer effective salt and light.
    So right NOW we NEED to humble ourselves and pray for forgiveness, for healing our land, and for the church to actually believe the whole Bible, not just the convenient bits. The slow decline of the church, and of the West, closely correlates with our accepting millions of years of godless evolution and the rejection of the Bible as authoritative, not only on spiritual matters, but also on history.
    We don’t defend the Bible, and the world logically pinpoints our weakness and argues to the effect that “You don’t believe the start of the Bible, so why should I take any notice of the rest?”

  30. I suppose someone will condemn or verbally attack me for my comments, but I am a born again Christian. I preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and proclaim him as Lord and Saviour. I am washed by the blood and I am filled with the Holy Spirit. Last night, I, along with many others who claim the name of Jesus, were devastated by this result! We are called to be good stewards of the land, not it’s exploiters. We are called to love others and yet we keep people incarcerated in deplorable conditions. There are no illegal people in God’s economy. There is much more I could say, but I’m too upset at the moment and I keep wondering how a party that had no real policies to help the poorest among us, that focussed on isolating and excluding others, on bribing gullible people with a promise of tax cuts, and getting into bed with Palmer and Hanson, can claim any kind of moral high ground. I can almost imagine Jesus saying to them, “Depart from me. I never knew you!”

  31. Thanks Peter. Yes it is quite clear that you are upset, as you simply have emoted here instead of offering clear-headed biblical thinking. Indeed, you seem quite happy to bear false witness as you inform us of your Christian credentials. It is of course simply untrue to claim that the Libs/Nats have no concern for the environment, the poor, and so on. That is merely leftist rhetoric. All parties are concerned about these matters. The real issue is which policies of which parties will best deal with them. The hyper climate change hysteria of Labor/Greens would not only NOT have helped the environment, but would have hurt the poor especially, while keeping wealthy Labor/Greens politicians in good standing. But I have often spoken about these matters in more detail, eg.: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2017/11/12/socialism-social-justice-church/

    Or here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2010/08/18/why-a-conscientious-christian-could-not-vote-for-the-greens/

    And your rather silly and unbiblical comment about ‘no illegal people” is another indication of vacuous moralising instead of biblical thinking. Of course there are. See the 47 articles I have devoted to these issues here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/category/ethics/immigration-asylum-refugees/

    The biblical Christians commenting here knew full well how dangerous things would have been if Morrison and Co had not gotten in. And I would think that the warning of Jesus in Matthew 7 certainly does NOT apply to level-headed, Bible-believing Christians who do not buy all the climate alarmism and the spurious claims of socialism, but to those lefty Christians who seem to think that God does not give a rip about the sanctity of life, the importance of God’s institution of marriage and family, and the importance of being able to freely proclaim the gospel. All that would have been further undermined by the secular left parties you seem to so heartily enamoured with.

    And no, to point out these basic truths is not to condemn or attack anyone. It is simply to uphold the Ninth Commandment. So we will have to differ here. But thanks for your thoughts.

  32. There seems to be a presumption here that all Christian’s vote for the L/NP, that is not the case. I went to a Pentecostal Bible college, I go to a Pentecostal church. But I also work as a Chaplain, and that means working day in day out with the poor and disadvantaged. I’ll admit I’m not keen on some of the extreme left ideas of the ALP but at the end of the day I felt that I had to choose between what would help the poor (think benefits, housing policy) or if I want to keep my own religious freedoms, I chose the former, even if it meant electing a mob that could soon have me out of a job. There is only so many times you can see kids without lunches or families in need of crisis housing that is woefully inadequate before it changes your heart and in my case how you vote. I like Mr Morrison, I really do, it’s refreshing having a PM that shares my faith, I hope he does well but I’d ask anyone reading this to consider praying that God softens his heart to the poor and helps him find a way to look after them.

  33. Thanks Suz. Given that my commenting rules clearly state that I need a full name to allow comments on here, you are doing well to be allowed through. I refer you to my reply to Peter C. just above, but let me say a bit more. I find it a very odd sort of Christianity that says ‘I am happy to have a pro-death, pro-homosexuality, anti-Christian government in power as long as it (supposedly) helps the poor.’ Those are some very odd biblical priorities.

    And as I commented above, it is a false choice anyway. All political parties of course have policies to help the poor, so that is not the issue. The real question is this: which policies actually work? Which policies in fact will help raise the poor out of poverty? Leftist policies tend to simply create a burdensome welfare state run by distant bureaucrats and create a dependency culture which in fact harms the poor – and everyone else. Biblical compassion for the poor is far, far different. It is about individuals first and foremost helping the poor, not voting in secular left governments that confiscate the wealth of the productive to hand it out as it sees fit. See more on this here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2018/08/14/actually-no-jesus-was-not-a-socialist/

    And here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2011/08/08/social-justice-part-one/

    So if you are proud of your Christianity, then you really need to think carefully and biblically about these matters, and not just run with the latest trendy secular left “solutions”. Indeed, you need to think a bit more logically here: you claim you want to help the poor and jobless, yet say you will happily vote for a party that will result in you being jobless – and many, many others. That is a very strange way to show Christian compassion.

    So instead of praying for Morrison to have a soft heart for the poor – he clearly already has that, and his policies will actually help them, and not hurt them – maybe we should pray that leftist Christians start taking Scripture much more seriously, and not just parrot fashionable leftist nostrums. But as with the above commentator, we differ – big time. But thanks for your thoughts.

  34. Hmm, Mr M had his prayers answered. We Bible girls were completely confused how liberals could be somehow associated with Conservatives; however, our prayers were answered too, as we prayed that Mr M’s, will be done, which knowing Mr M would be Gods will also.

    Aussies, you have been given a commend that has not changed over millennia and would not have changed whoever had taken over governance in your location. Far be-it that teen girls have any right to tell our seniors what they should or should not be doing, but Matthew 9:37 needs accomplishing after prayers of thanks and acknowledgement of God’s mercy on your nation, and we can think of none more qualified to bring in the harvest than the CultureWatch people.

    I, Sarah, watch Dr Steve Turley YT channel as it reports on the trends for conservative and nationalist interests. Even the great Dr Steve Turley didn’t think you guys could overturn the growth of socialism in Aussie land, but you did, so enjoy his recognition of his failure and hence your success- https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=iLAuDh2tGrk

    I think the footballer who spoke truth to a nation and was pillared for it, probably now realises that he has a great many who agree with him and celebrates with you guys. Your support for him may have seemed like you were few and insignificant, but history tells us a few changed the world 2000 years ago by merely speaking the truth, but we must also remember that those who wish to destroy and propagate hate do so with words too. Let our words be bold, and those of an ambassador for our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

  35. I’ve been encouraged about how churches have come together to pray in unity for this election and I hope that these prayer times continue. Mercy has been extended to us and we must not waste the opportunity.

  36. I applaud your wise comments, Bill that politics alone will not turn our nation around to its former dependence on our God! On Thursday before the election I finished reading Dr Ed Silvoso’s latest book ‘Ekklesia’ which is a masterly treatise on how we can rediscover God’s instrument for global transformation. In essence, it shows how the ‘Body of Christ’, even in groups of 2 or 3, are the ‘river of life’ carrying not only the words of the gospel but transformational expressions of sacrificial love in obedience to our Lord’s command to ‘Disciple the nations’. If your readers will invest in a copy they will be rewarded with huge encouragement to be part of that river and see our streets, suburbs, cities and nation turn to God!

  37. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance as I have said before Bill. Yes it is a great victory, by tt like you said we must pray for Scott and his government. He is a leftist however there are a few good conservatives in his party.

  38. Praise God . He is so good . Just showing us His love once again in these very dark times when His coming is so imminent and like a previous writer said the churches prayed in unity as in Chronicles if my people will seek my face and humble themselves and pray I will heal their land . Our God is a promise keeper, a miracle worker and light in the darkness . Now we need to unite in prayer for a revival in this land

  39. Once again, Jesus is the star of the show! He came through, for us all! Thanks to Bill and to everyone for their prayers, as I believe that this could just be the start of something much greater, in the sphere that Mr Morrison speaks of! Hint: “miracles”!

    Yes, and thanks to our Lord Jesus, since this nation has been beaten down for long enough! Let there be many more miracles, healing and a blessing on the people, for when we, as Australians, come together in unity, then the Lord commands a BLESSING! All glory and honour belongs to our Saviour Jesus Christ, for Godly administration and guidance from the heavenly host for all the people and our Christian nation (I thought I would not ever be able to say that again)!

  40. Bill did you see Tanya Plibesik’s speech in the 2 weeks before the election where she enthusiastically spoke about her plan to provide free abortions in public hospitals?. I have no doubt that she planned to extend the age of the foetus to over 20 weeks as apparently it is in Victoria.

  41. Interesting read. It is obvious the politicians have their limitations plus the fact that they are humans too. We pray for good guidance of the leaders.

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