More on the Miracle Man Morrison

Ordinary Australians as well as biblical Christians were clearly delighted in Saturday’s election outcome. Instead of a progressive leftist government further coercively pushing all the radical causes, we have a government that should govern sensibly and responsibly for all Australians.

The people of Australia said ‘no’ to political correctness and all the radical special interest groups: the militant unions, the sexual radicals, the climate alarmists, the open borders’ crowd, and those who have declared war on religious freedom. They said ‘no’ to out-of-touch leftist elitists, and said ‘yes’ to normal Australian values.

Scott Morrison was seen as a man of the people, while Shorten was seen as someone who could not relate to ordinary Australians. His repeated refusal to answer honest questions – for example, about the costs of all his wild policies – turned off many voters. He even said such questions were “dumb”.

Some thought the death of the larrikin former Prime Minister Bob Hawke might help his chances. No way. The wealthy and aloof Shorten who disdained the common man had little in common with Hawke. ScoMo had more in common – feeling at home with the average Australian, and understanding their concerns.

The Labor Party of today – with Shorten, Wong, et al, and their bedding up with the loony Greens – is such a far cry from what it used to be. As Kim Beazley Sr. famously said way back in 1970: “When I joined the Labor Party, it contained the cream of the working class. But as I look about me now all I see are the dregs of the middle class. And what I want to know is when you middle class perverts are going to stop using the Labor Party as a spiritual spittoon.”

That about nails it. That is the modern Labor Party – and Beazley could see this happening already five decades ago. Just as Americans preferred Trump to the elitist, globalist Clinton, so Australians preferred one of their own to the lunar leftist agenda of Shorten and Co.

Indeed, one can ask if this might be part of a bigger global shift. We have now had wins for Trump, Brexit and Morrison. In all three cases the outcome was fully unexpected. Nearly all the experts and pundits predicted a Clinton win, a no-Brexit win, and a Shorten win.

Wrong, wrong. Wrong. Maybe we will see more swamp-draining take place – perhaps Macron, Merkel and May will soon be ousted by people power. And while we are at it, why not get rid of Trudeau, Ardern and the other radical leftist rulers as well?

So what happened in Australia may be part of a larger trend in the West. Let’s hope so. As I said in yesterday’s piece, this certainly was a miracle. Almost everyone sees it as a massive surprise – something that almost no one had expected:

The words of Australian commentator Daryl McCann are worth quoting here:

In my 2018 Christmas Eve post, “The Ghost of a Christmas Past”, I suggested – rather than predicted, to be fair – that Scott Morrison could win on Election Day if he adequately made a case that the Coalition represented some kind of respite from the remorseless PC encroachment of the Labor and the Greens. Morrison turned out to be a brilliant – and more or less solo – campaigner. The reason he was so dazzling, I suspect, is that he is an undivided and integrated person. Marriage has liberated him, not shackled him. The family life has not encumbered him but blessed him with two miracles. His passion for the Sharks has not limited him but given him a knockabout community to enjoy. And Christianity, contrary to Shorten’s appraisal, has not turned Scott Morrison into a narrow-minded bigot but given him the grace, humility and fortitude to address the real fanatics in our society. They revealed themselves during the campaign for what they really are, from Adani and genderless birth certificates to Shorten’s anti-Christian jibe. A majority of Australians realised that Scott Morrison – if not the Liberal Party as a whole – does constitute a potential respite from PC madness. Perhaps we might start with protecting Christian schools, Mr Morrison.

Responding to the religious left

While it was certainly a miraculous win indeed, one that so many Christians were cheering about, sadly some Christians were not. Some in fact were quite upset – they actually wanted the hard-left Labor/Greens in office! I kid you not.

I have even had some of these disgruntled Christian lefties come to my site, informing me of how unhappy they are about all this. I tried to reply to them as best I could, but sometimes you wonder how far you can go in these discussions. So often those on the left prefer to moralise and emote a lot, rather than engage with fact, evidence and the biblical data.

Thus there are various religious lefties who complained about things like climate change, actually believing the world is going to come to an end under a Morrison government. Never mind that the Shorten policies on this would have effectively destroyed the Australian economy, especially harming the poor.

Indeed, many have called this the “climate change election”. And the people have spoken: they did not want the radical Labor policies that would do basically nothing for the environment but do so much harm to our economy and standard of living – all to placate the globalist climate alarmists.

Indeed, we need simply to look at a few hard numbers here. A mere 0.04% (0.0391% to be exact) of the earth’s atmosphere is carbon dioxide (CO2). It is a natural trace gas in our atmosphere. But only 3% of this globally comes from human activity. And get this: 1.3% of this is contributed by Australia – that equals 0.0000156%!

We are supposed to bow down to the EU elites and others as we radically harm our economy, all to make leftist politicians in Brussels and Paris feel good about themselves – even though Australia would contribute almost zippo to ‘saving the planet’. It sure is a good thing we dodged that bullet.

As Andrew Bolt rightly pointed out, the global warming scam “is an obsession of the pampered rich, but a curse to the working poor.” And then we would have had the Labor/Greens failed border policies as well, with more boats coming in, and more people dying as a result. That is another bullet missed, thankfully.

But the religious leftists have also complained that the poor and needy will suffer so very greatly under a Liberal government. That bluff too needs to be called. Indeed, they are simply bearing false witness: regurgitating leftist lies about conservative policies.

As I said to one of these critics:

This is a false choice anyway. All political parties of course have policies to help the poor, so that is not the issue. The real question is this: which policies actually work? Which policies in fact will help raise the poor out of poverty? Leftist policies tend to simply create a burdensome welfare state run by distant bureaucrats and create a dependency culture which in fact harms the poor – and everyone else. Biblical compassion for the poor is far, far different. It is about individuals first and foremost helping the poor, not voting in secular left governments that confiscate the wealth of the productive to hand it out as it sees fit. See more on this here:

Or here:

And here:

But as mentioned, too often for those on the left – be they religious or secular – the facts matter little, as does careful thinking. It is all about grabbing the high moral ground, emoting, and thinking that we can save the world by embracing policies that have been tried and found wanting so often in the past.

All that these folks who want the radical left version of events to be run with need to do is take a good hard look at a place where the radical left has been in power: Venezuela. That sort of basket case is exactly where all the social utopians end up taking us. See more here:

So the religious left is unhappy about this Morrison miracle. Well, tough luck. As I said in my previous article, this was clearly the hand of God at work, giving us at least more time to get back to the things that really matter. At the end of the day Morrison and the Libs cannot save us. Only Jesus can.

But this is a reprieve, and one in which religious liberty will at least be preserved for a bit longer. How we use this time is another matter. If you prayed and worked like mad before the election, you need to pray and work even harder now. Let’s make wise use of this breathing space that God has kindly granted us.

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29 Replies to “More on the Miracle Man Morrison”

  1. Bill, We thank God for your clear thinking and expression and exhortation to us all to step out of our comfort zones and to live our lives as faithful ambassadors for our God and King – Creator of all.
    God bless you in your important ministry, we pray,

  2. I was quite shocked to run into some leftist christians before the election who were long term friends I had never discussed politics. What do you think is a wise approach to interacting with this suicidal mentality?

  3. Thanks Dehne. As mentioned in my article, it is often difficult to rationally and reasonably discuss matters with these folks. Prayer beforehand can help! But often it is hard to have any decent conversation with them.

  4. I think Christians and right-thinking people need to adopt a simple method for evaluating the suitability of leaders. Socialism, which goes by the name labour, is rejected, on the grounds it’s immoral. Whatever such immoral people offer you its just lying words out of liers mouths.

    Greens are nothing more than modern-day pagans, worshipping the created and not the creator, so are rejected on the grounds they care more about Gods creation than his chosen people do, thus making them deluded individuals.

    Any party that does not acknowledge its citizens have freedoms endowed upon them by God should be rejected since they think they hold your freedoms that may be given and taken away, such people may be found in the social media companies and far too often on the left.

  5. Thanks Bill for your words of wisdom and common sense. This election result has been nothing short of amazing, we see the word miracle plastered all over the media. I believe it is a miracle that both christians and non christians are grateful and thank God our Father for.

  6. Thank You Bill for very clearly articulating it all for all to understand and see.
    In the end each one needs to make their own conclusions.
    But You have been a clear voice shouting it out and calling us all to have a clear Biblical and Kingdom stand. You have certainly encouraged and prodded me on well.
    In the end it certainly was the hand of God that enabled the outcome of this Election.
    As Daniel says in chap 4:26 “Heaven Rules”. Over Australia that’s the word and outcome.

  7. I may be wrong, but I don’t believe any Australian leader has ever ended a speech with “God bless Australia”. And God bless good old Uncle Bob Brown and his Adani caravan. Gives creedance to the theory that everyone is put on earth to do at least one useful thing in their lifetime.

  8. Thank you so much Bill for your thoroughly and brilliant analysis of the political arena and I love it. Thanks God for sending you to Australia to assist us to understand cultural and political worldviews. Thanks God for the great win for our Prime Minister Scott Morrison, a man of the people – the common Australian people, who relates so well with gut level to ordinary Australians, and who is not ashamed of his faith in his Lord and God by raising his hands worshipping the Almighty God in the Church. To my knowledge I have never heard an Australian Prime Minister ending his speech saying ‘God bless Australia’ as PM Morrison did and indeed God truly bless Australia by giving Australia a good and fair dinkum prime minister, when asked by the media after the win speech ‘what he is going to do tomorrow?’ He answered, ‘I will go to church as usual’ so our Prime Minister went to Church on Sunday to worship his God, his Creator, Christ the Lord. May the Lord God of heaven use our Prime Minister Scott Morrison, his government, and the Australian people to make Australia great and bring back normal Australian values and Christian truth and values to Australian society with religious freedom, freedom of speech speaking our hearts and our minds? Australians in all walks of life need to stand up against dark powers and fight speaking our minds, protecting our nation, and not letting the progressive lefts (even the Christian leftists who have no fear of God) to threaten us or treat us like a doormat. We are facing a cultural war everyday. May the Lord God richly bless Australia, our great nation!

  9. A brilliant simmary of the situation. And Scott Morrison is going to need our prayers more than ever now as he negotiates the incredibly difficult task of bringing sanity, morality and decorum back to Parliament. With God’s guidance, he can do it, but he also needs he encouragement and support of the people. And yes, God HAS blessed Austalia, by making this man our Prime Minister, because this was His doing, not ours.

  10. I am thinking it would be good to use this reprieve to bring more persecuted Christians into our country. What do you all think? How could we do it? Thanks.

  11. After all the scaremongering about climate change the labor pundits actually had the audacity to accuse the Libs of scare tactics. Unbelievable. If it wasn’t for the Labor’s scare tactics about climate change they would have got very few votes indeed but what is really scary is that they are saying they were too up-front about their policies. Apparently people were put off by having some idea of what Labor intended to do so now, in future, they will be reverting to their old tactics of hiding everything they are going to do until they are elected. Of course all this demonstrates is that deception is their main weapon and from what I know, there was still a huge amount they were nothing like up-front about, yet we still have the ABC types scratching their head as to what they could possibly have done wrong. Incredible.

    What I find so astounding is that so few people were able to see through their lies and unworkable nonsense. It should have been a landslide with Christian parties ruling the senate to help protect real human rights – not a line ball result.

    The fact that Bill Shorten and his ABC supporters actually think that having an economic justification for what they were planning was “stupid” really just demonstrates their wicked ignorance.

    As for “socialist Christians” just point them to how well socialism has helped the poor in Venezuela or Cambodia or North Korea or China or Russia. Of course they think theirs is some special sort of socialism that won’t result in those effects despite every instance we have of socialism proving otherwise. Everywhere you see socialism you see ruling elites living in luxury while the rest just becomes an underclass not unlike what we saw under feudalism. It should be obvious by now that this is the inevitable result of the sort of complete socialist government control the Labor Party currently advocates. Combine this with the fact that socialists are pretty much all globalists these days, which of course completely undermines democratic rule, and that is what should really scare people.

  12. Dear Bill, you have done it again excellent analysis. I believe Penny Kerr’s letter yesterday is significant. Revival may have begun – thank you for sharing Penny. I continue to pray for revival in this land. It maybe Smith Wigglesworth prophecy coming into being?
    God Bless Australia indeed
    Mark Bryant

  13. Just want to say, from America, Congratulations Australia! Very happy for your hard-fought victory. Like you, we received a gracious God-given reprieve when our President Trump was elected 2 years ago. He is still highly favored by evangelicals and clear thinking conservatives across the country. We understand by prayer and steadfastly standing in the gap and not giving one inch to the enemy, God will keep this man in power to do His will for our country. Nothing less for your country as well. My prayers for protection and guidance are with Scott Morrison, his family, the liberal party and all Australians, especially those living in the faith of our good and gracious heavenly Father and His precious son, Jesus Christ.

  14. How is this a miracle? Australians didn’t want to be taxed more, didnt go in for all the woke identity politics etc. Remember Rudd only won in 2007 by ‘me tooing’ Howard’s economic conservatism.

    So if this is a miracle then what happened in 07? Did God lack the power to help then? Were we more wicked then and deserving of wrath? And what would the miracle be? Intervening to change the worldview of ordinary Australians? I dont think he works that way.

    This is a wonderful result of course but there is no evidence of anything miraculous.


  15. In addition.. the true poor are often poor for a reason: absentee fathers, addiction, violence, unresolved conflicts due to unchristian attitudes: pride and hardness of heart. They need Christ and his commands in their lives. There is no lack of any sort to those who sincerely seek God and in their actions to follow Christ – yes they may not be wealthy, they may struggle to pay a bill, but there will be just enough food on the table and a place to sleep and the love and care of good people – and oddly what is *needed* for each – which is different and not equal – just as some plants need a lot of water and others hardly any- and in the end that is all the matters! O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. O fear the LORD, ye his saints: for there is no want to them that fear him. The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing. (Psalm 34:8-10)
    As to climate – they need to teach all the carbon cycle! The staggering ignorance of science basic facts – well that is true poverty!

  16. Thank you Bill, may you sound words reverberate through the corridors of Parliament House. If they don’t, they should, so glad to see a grinding hold put on the madness that has been drowning us of late. Your writing has been like a tonic to our health. So glad to see a break placed on the extremist of P.C. and climate change madness. As Christians we must now unite and join forces that will do battle against the crazy lefties, as no doubt they will regroup and seek to do more harm.
    Bill Heggers, W.A.

  17. Dear Gail,

    I am thinking it would be good to use this reprieve to bring more persecuted Christians into our country.

    Great to hear a Christian supporting the resettlement of Christian refugees.

    There are so many who need our help right now. From Africa (Egyptian Coptics, Burkina Faso, Niger), the Middle East (Iran & Iraq), China and from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, there is so much more we could be doing for our persecuted Brothers and Sisters.

    What can we do? Write to Mr Morrison, Mr Dutton and Mr Coleman and tell them as Christians that we want action!

  18. What was the party of the Aussie worker – of the Aussie battler – has become an instrument of today’s academic, elitist devotees of the Neo-Marxist Frankfurt School.

    How can a party which endorses the elimination of potential members of Australia’s future workforce before they are even born really call itself a “Labor” Party?

    Would a railway locomotive driver like Ben Chifley get pre-selected as a Labor election candidate today?…

    What does it mean for a political movement to be “the light on the hill” in a nation’s darkest hours?

  19. Wisdom lives here amoungst us people of God.

    They will find that my opinions show deep insight (Wisdom 8:11).
    From generation to generation she enters the souls of holy people, and makes them God’s friends and prophets 27… evil never overcomes Wisdom30 (Wisdom 7: 27-30).

    I too was very pleased tshat the final words of the victory speech of the re-elected Prime Minister Mr Scott Morrison were “God bless Australia.”

    All glory is to the Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
    May God bless you and yours.

  20. We have indeed been granted a three year reprieve. However I think the cultural left are certainly not going to ease up and we need to continue to argue the case for conservatism (as you tirelessly and faithfully do Bill) throughout the three years up until the next election.

    I suspect that if we can convince our fellow Australians of the merits of conservatism throughout the next three years then this will lay a solid foundation to bear fruit when the official campaign period begins. We must prepare the soil well in advance.

    It was sad to see the left achieve its goal of unseating Tony Abbott – I fear that GetUp will be emboldened by this one particular success. We can however be thankful in regards to the election as a whole – we certainly seem set to avoid even a minority Labor government – and we all know how very culturally left Labor has become. However we cannot be complacent – the left will undoubtedly be emotionally hurt by this election and will be very eager to advance their causes – we must not take this election for granted – we may not be so lucky next time.

  21. I read Derrick Krusche’s article in the Herald SunMay 20th.
    It horrified me to read about many of the rich and famous celebrities, who value their own opinions and love to parade themselves before any camera that happens to be in their vacinity. Believe it. There are well known celebreties who make it their lot, to crack it big time when they dont get their way. You would think however, that grown men and women who covert the lime light would tamp down any display of nastyness in public that would cause damage to their well – crafted images.Tthese darlings pretend as real people and actually regulary crack Hissy-Fits.
    Their sudden burst of nastyness was caused by the result of the election, their side lost. With many tears they posted their displeasure every where. How plastic are their personas, I reckon if you scratsh their surface im sure you would get peroxide.

  22. Yes we certainly dodged that bullet! and should be thankful and not go to sleep at the wheel but redeem the time..The green Goblin brigade has many iniquitous faces and has a benighted is certainly time to wake up! I appreciate your insights Bill..let us hope that more of the bells will ring!

  23. What really struck me this time around was the amazing level of prayer taking place throughout our land. Christians of all stripes banded together and committed to praying for this election to an extent not seen before. It seems there has been an increased awareness that this election was crucial to Australia, and hence all other, comparatively minor, concerns fell by the wayside. Sadly, some of my own family have expressed their disgust with the results, whereas other family members – themselves committed Christians – have recognized the hand of God in all this. So in fact this election has clarified the meaning of biblical separation from those things that are ‘of the world’ in order that our focus should remain steadfastly on the values of the Kingdom of God. With this focus, there is bound to be persecution from those who disagree forcefully – something that we recognized even on election night. And we may as well get used to this, as it is clearly predicted ‘in the last days’ – whether they be few or many!

  24. One tiny criticism – not of your article, which, as I said before, is a brilliant summation of today’s situation, but of the title. Scott Morrison would be the first to say he is NOT the Miracle Man. That designation belongs to the Man he worships and follows – Jesus Christ. This result was not man’s doing – any man- but that of THE Man, Jesus. To Him belongs the praise and thanks.

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