No We Are Not ‘All In This Together’

As if things could not get worse in Victoria – now we have these wretched TV ads!

I have been saying for many months now that the hypocrisy of our leaders, media elites, and celebs knows no bounds. They keep lecturing us about how we are all in the same corona boat, when clearly, we are NOT. They may well be in luxury yachts and cruise ships, but most of us are in leaky row boats, getting nowhere fast.

And that is literally the case for so many of these snobbish elites who lecture us: they DO in fact have and enjoy their nice yachts, along with the fancy mansions, right on the seaside. So even if they were locked down just like the rest of us, who would not want to be in their shoes living like that? Hey, I would be more than happy to swap places with them.

They can go on nifty walks on their 200-acre properties, play basketball or tennis on their own personal courts, go for a swim in their own spiffy pools, or do a round of golf or maybe even some bowling on their own mini setups, all made possible by their lavish and luxury lifestyles.

But for us mere peons we must stay trapped in our 5km prison and under strict curfew. We dare not travel far from home, and we dare not go outside at 8:01pm for fear of being arrested. Do you really think all these bigwig celebs and politicians have to worry about this for one moment? Um no. They can go for a midnight stroll along their beachfront properties all they like. They can drive as far as they want out into the bush without fear of being stopped by the Covid gestapo.

Guess what Dan? I cannot see the beach and the crashing waves, like so many of you can. I cannot have a liberating stroll through the countryside like so many of you can. I cannot enjoy some laps in my indoor pool like you can. I cannot enjoy the stars at night like you can. So spare us the “we are all in this together” nonsense. You are not and you have never been in this together with us.

And yet these clowns have the gall to preach to us, telling us to just sit down and shut up and do as we’re told. We are to put up with whatever our benevolent dictators command of us. I for one have had a gutful of this, as have millions of others – Victorians especially.

And to rub salt into our wounds, we now have these wretched and irritating new television ads put out by the Victorian government. Good grief, how infuriating. More double standards from our clueless elites. Thankfully they are already being widely panned – and they have not even been out all that long. Consider this from one British newspaper:

Daniel Andrews has been blasted over a ‘condescending’ and ‘lame’ ad campaign set to feature The Project host Waleed Aly lecturing Victorians about Melbourne’s lockdown. The campaign also includes Kath and Kim’s Magda Szubanski, AFLW star Tayla Harris, and comedians Shane Jacobson and Nazeem Hussain, who encourage the public to wear masks and stay at home. The ‘Staying Safe is in Our Hands’ Campaign has been widely panned by Victorians, accusing the premier of being ‘tone deaf’ and spreading ‘propaganda’. The first video stars Szubanski reprising her iconic role of Sharon Strzelecki from Kath and Kim.

And a great piece was just penned on these deplorable ads by James Macpherson. He begins as follows:

Not content with locking citizens in their homes and destroying their livelihoods, the Victorian Government has now employed television’s most dim-witted character to lecture them about their behaviour. An advertising campaign launched at the weekend features comedian Magda Szubanski as the moronic “Sharon”, from Kath and Kim, telling Victorians: “The sooner we obey the rules the sooner this will all be over.”

The ad, which is about as funny as being fined by police for visiting your mum on Mother’s Day, shows Sharon playing a game of netball against herself. “I tell you what, I am so over this lock down,” she huffs. “Playing netball against yourself is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially when you still can’t even win.” This, of course, is hilarious.

Obviously the Andrews Government expects voters – having momentarily forgotten that they are banned from travelling more than 5km from home, or from being out after dark – to be rolling around on their sanitised floors, laughing uncontrollably through their face masks. But then comes the serious part.

The moronic Sharon looks down the camera and tells Victorians in a serious voice: “But you know what, it’s not the lock down that’s the enemy, it’s the virus and the sooner we obey the rules the sooner this will all be over and we can get back to the stuff that really matters ……”

He concludes:

What seems lost on Szubanski, and certainly on the Victorian Government, is that it’s galling to be told “the sooner you obey the rules the sooner you’ll be allowed out of home detention” by a government whose own bungling has spread the virus. And even worse, when the “tut-tut” message is delivered by the stupidest character on Australian television. It implies the long-suffering public, whom Premier Andrews has repeatedly blamed for spreading the virus, are even stupider. It is patronising and it is misguided.

Yes exactly right James. These lousy ads are just another waste of our tax dollars by these big cheeses who do not have the slightest clue what life is like for the masses of enslaved grubs like you and me. All that Andrews and Co are doing is turning most Victorians off even further as we see daily the ever-widening divide between our arrogant and out of touch political leaders and celebs, and the common man who continues to endure these dreadful imprisonment conditions.

Thanks again Dan.

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19 Replies to “No We Are Not ‘All In This Together’”

  1. This is the same propaganda touted by fascist dictators when the Germans lulled their own people into conformity, followed by brown shirt enforcers.

  2. And Dan Andrews has just announced he intends to extend the State of Emergency another 12 months. The disconnect these politicians have from ordinary people living ordinary lives could not be more obvious. By any objective standard, this is a dictatorship.

    Yesterday I saw a frightening vision of what Melbourne could be very soon if Andrews has his way – this short video of the streets of New York – ostensibly the city that never sleeps – shows us what happens when our elites make monumentally stupid decisions like this. There are long-term residents leaving and saying they cannot see how it will recover. It may become the next Detroit or Baltimore. Leftists simply cannot govern competently.

    Note three things about this video:
    The boarded up shops
    How few people are about
    How few cars are about – one car even runs a red light without trouble.

  3. Hi Bill, totally agree with you.
    How can these Cretan a be allowed to enslave us and poison us with their propaganda and mockingbird leftist Hollywood movie ads.
    Funny how football is ok, pity “the virus” didn’t really unmask the masked singers because that certainly really isn’t essential services. Wonder who and why the books are being cooked?
    It seems that there is someone who is pulling the strings that really is evil and satanic and needs to see more than a shrink. This enslaving and mockingbird behaviour belongs back in history. Brown shirts, rainbow shirts they are the ones that have a huge issue.
    The farmers that cannot tend to their stock across the border, this is outrageous and all part of their getting rid of meat to bring in chemically induced plant based poisonous food. We should not be told what to eat or how to cure our diseases by sloppy and dictatorial heartless bureaucrats should have only one thing in their mind and it isn’t logistics or looking after or providing services for the people. They should stop thinking with what’s between their legs and step aside and let the real humans with humanity take care of our earth. May their consciences eat them alive and never recover. That’s my wish for them because they don’t deserve the goodness from our people. There is no deadly virus it’s all about fear, compliance and control. May their day of judgement come and not even the angels will be able to save them. God bless all the good people.

  4. What the heck is wrong with Dan Andrews?
    Why leave all the decision making that affects 6 million people directly to a guy who behaves like a dictator?
    Like sheep we have all become.

  5. Dear Bill, excellent work again. Toni Doniettai I see you view/read the same as me good on you.
    George Salapatas : The Hasbro Troll doll -Poppy (?) withdrawn because of the button you know where and netfilx’s cuties release plus other kids toys that do obscene things in cold water is a clue as to where we are headed in the pedo arena. Very sad only prayer and the actions of the courageous, like Bill Muehlenberg , will save our young in Australia and everywhere. There are thousands of males flying to Thailand, annually, prior to the lockdown, shamefully no says a word.
    God save us
    Cheers Mark Bryant

  6. Hi Bill,
    What are your thoughts on protests?
    I have never protested on the streets before in my life but our whole life has been turned upside down this year and the thought of an extended lockdown is devastating especially to my 12 and 13 year old. My husband and I are trying to roll with the punches but it is very difficult to give kids hope with all this uncertainty and trying to expend their energy with only 1 hour allowed per day is impossible. Just as you said we are certainly not in this together and some of us are in very different boats.

  7. Thanks Jen. Well, peaceful protests have always been a fundamental feature of life in a free and democratic society. But of course in Victoria under Dictator Dan we are losing our basic human rights and freedoms at an alarming rate. Sure, he was quite happy to allow the BLM protests to go ahead. But any protests to demand our basic freedoms will likely be hit hard with his heavy fist. A very good new article worth reading is this:

  8. “the sooner we obey the rules the sooner this will all be over” reminds me of another false saying: “Arbeit Macht Frei”….

  9. …the sooner we obey the rules the sooner this will all be over…
    “Now wouldn’t a nice refreshing shower feel wonderful after that long boxcar journey? Right this way, one at a time, no crowding please…”

  10. It’s ironic that Dan’s online bio describes him as a practising Catholic although he promoted legal abortion contrary to orthodox advice saying he wanted to be a Victorian Governor not a Catholic Governor. He also insisted that homosexuality cannot be reversed to one’s original sexuality which is also un-orthodox. He sure isn’t listening to Victorians now!

  11. Thanks Rachel. People can call themselves whatever they like, but it means nothing. If he is a practicing Catholic then I am a practicing pepperoni pizza.

  12. Probably trying to make the “point” that even this person is smart enough to know what to do. With an added “point” of are you dumber than her???

    If you’re going to kill us just get it over with. Stop torturing us first!

  13. Hi Bill
    Thanks for being a breathe of fresh air as always.
    Here is a new petition to end lockdown.

    Also please be aware of vote Thursday afternoon to bring radical conversion therapy rules to the ACT.
    Please pray, they currently have the numbers to pass this.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  14. I see Waleed Ali is one of the celebrities involved. It’s a pity they didn’t have him preaching before the Al-Taqwa college Covid outbreak.

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